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Remember this room?

This is what the living room looked like when we moved in about seven months ago.

Here it is at Christmas.

I seriously need to send Christmas a thank you letter because it made it so much cuter.

Once you took the greenery and the tree away it looked a little forlorn.

Like this.

I liked it.

The room was fine.

But in my heart?

I wanted a little color.

So I added a blue rug.


And then I asked all of you for your fabric opinions on this post.

729 of you responded with heartfelt, thoughtful, amazing, incredible advice.  I read every comment.


Every. Single. One.

You gave me your opinions, but more importantly, some of you gave me a new way of looking at things.  Some of you helped me change my perspective a little and gave me new thoughts and ideas.

It takes a village to decorate a room.

Let’s start with a review and looking at what I DIDN’T choose and why.

This was one of the top favorites.

I loved it because it introduced a new color to the living room and helped blend the blues.

When I looked at it in the room (through the magic of photo editing) it was too dark.

There’s more navy in the pattern and it made the room feel darker.

Not too many of you chose this one.

I don’t think that the blue is right and it’s a little too playful for the room.

The room feels a little more grown-up than this pattern.

A great option.

This was the one I was thinking about choosing.

It was in my top 2.

But I changed my mind for reasons I’ll explain a little later in the post.



When I ordered the swatches, this was my original first choice.  It introduces a new color palette to the room.  I actually ordered two yards of this for the dining room.  But when I looked at the fabric in the room (through the magic of photo editing) it just didn’t work for where I wanted the other rooms in the house to be.  It was a big commitment as an overall curtain pattern in the room.

This one was one of your top favorites, too.

It’s SUCH a pretty fabric.

On a big scale, the blue wasn’t exactly right for the room.

Hello beautiful.

This was one of my original top two.

However, when the swatch arrived, I realized that the background is a little too creamy for all the white in the room.

Which leads me to the one I was going to choose.

This was my fabric.

You loved it.  I loved it.  It was the right blue.  It was a fun pattern that mimicked the rug.  It had a white background.  I was about to order it.

And then?

Out of the blue (no pun intended) I found this painting on Etsy.

Remember when I asked you about art for the stairs?  You always told me when I found a piece of art that I loved I would know it immediately.

And you were right (obvi).

I was smitten.

The colors.

The amazingness.

It was PERFECT for the room.

I ordered it in a canvas print and it has to be stretched onto a frame at the framers.  I was ready.  The room was set.  But that meant I had to change fabric directions.  The painting needed an allover smaller pattern that turned into a neutral when used on a big scale.

So I chose this fabric.

It’s called Waverly in the Frame Blue Jay Fabric.

This is a close-up view of the fabric I took from a pillow I made.

It’s the perfect blue.

(total decorating aside:  it also comes in Silver, Kelly, and Graphite)

The pattern is smaller.

It’s an ode to all the fabrics that have gone before.  I sewed it into long curtain panels and used twin sheets as lining (more on that later in a DIY) and spray painted a set of curtain rods gold.

And now?

Drum roll, please.


These curtains MAKE ME SO HAPPY.

I wish you stop by the living room and have sweet tea.

It is even prettier in person.

And look what made it’s way to the wall by the door?

The vintage map of the platt where I live from the 1800’s.  I found in the drawer of the pine dresser.

Here’s its story here.

You can see how the navy painted bookshelf fits in now.

Here’s the DIY on that project.

And when the painting is hung over the fireplace, it will pull all the blues together and give a little color to the room.

I found this bench at a yard sale a couple of weekends ago.

And here it is now in the space.

Here’s a close-up of the curtain rods.

They were silver, but I spray painted them gold with this amazing metallic spray paint.

And a full length view of the curtains.

And one more view of the space.

Thank you so much for all your advice and your help.

I cannot even put into words to let you know how much I appreciate you joining me on this decorating journey.

The house is getting cuter.

One curtain at a time. 🙂

PS  Way more pictures of the room once I get the artwork back from the framers.

PPS Here are a few beginning sewing tutorials from Online Fabric if you are interested in making curtains for your house:

How To Make No Sew Grommet Curtains

How To Make Rod Pocket Curtains

How To Sew Lined Back Tab Curtains

How To Make Tab Top Curtains 

How to Make Pencil Pleat Curtains with Shirring Tape 

total disclosure: sent me the fabric for this post.

All opinions are my own.

Please see my disclosure page for more information.

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  1. Image for Jo Jo

    The smaller pattern is not only a smart choice but a lovely, lovely choice. I need to make some new window treatments for a couple of rooms and will check out!! I love the touches of gold throughout the room. #touchofformalnotboring!!!! Once again you nailed it with fresh and new meets our need for a connection to the past.

  2. Image for Edie Edie

    What a great choice for the curtains - this print is perfect in your room. Love the addition of live plants for a touch of color. Your home is so pretty!

  3. Image for betty in Arlington betty in Arlington

    Ah, Perfect! And, not overpowering either! It's actially a smaller print than I had thought as a long piece! Nice! 'Kinda like my curtains which never get drawn, but just "hang around" embracing the sides of the window. Love the navy alvoce and white collection of vases and cups. Hope the family enjous the room with the blue accents now.

  4. Image for Deb Pelton Deb Pelton

    Well, Karianne, you did it again! Perfection...ahh. I was one of the chosers of the crewel for the same reasons you stated, to bring in color. Your beautiful abstract will fill that bill nicely. As always, I live your decorated spaces and your thought process, explained in the Karianne inimitable way, of How you got there. Can't wait to see, and hear, your next decorating adventure!

  5. Image for lisa lisa

    wow! I love what fabric you chose for your curtains. I have always preferred smaller prints that become more of a nuetral for curtains so I could decorate more freely on the walls. I love the print. Would you mind sharing the pattern name of the fabric you chose along with the one that was more creamy. If you have done this already, I am sorry...just let me know and I will go back and search for it. Thanks and I love how your living room is coming along.

  6. Image for Laura Harrie Laura Harrie

    KariAnne you pulled it off again! Way to go girl! Those curtains are just right! light and airy and a small pattern, the curtains make your room wonderful!

  7. Image for Donna Donna

    It is a lovely room! The addition of color is wonderful. My question is what kind of lighting do you have in the room? Maybe I just don't see it in the pictures?

  8. Image for Rev. Suzanne Rev. Suzanne

    We all knew you would come up with the perfect curtain fabric, and you did! It looks great. It has just enough... Your room is gorgeous. Can't wait to see the painting.

  9. Image for Linda Linda

    Love the room and all the little pieces that make it YOUR home. Just a great example of slowly adding items to make it perfect! The little stool is an adorable addition also!

  10. Image for Sherry Sherry

    Did I miss the post about new couches and chairs?? I love it all together and your curtains look great but the new furniture is perfect. I always need a ton of seating and was having trouble figuring out how you did it with only 6 seats but now it is ready for 9 or 10.

    1. Image for Heather Heather

      I was wondering about the furniture change too... I saw a blue rug added with old furniture and then suddenly it's a whole room of new furniture... Would the rug and curtain change have been as effective without the new furniture? Especially the blue and. white stopped chairs? I love the room but a whole lot more happened here.. Love the painting!

      1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

        Heather, I should have clarified more on the post! Here's the link to the post where I asked for the opinion. It shows the room with the new striped chairs before I added the curtains: I've been changing it gradually over the last seven months. The pictures don't accurately reflect that---sorry for the confusion! Happy day friend! karianne

  11. Image for penny grieco penny grieco

    your house isn't getting cuter's getting more and more BEAUTIFUL every day! you have exquisite taste...luv it!

  12. Image for Susan Ronnfeldt Susan Ronnfeldt

    OH WOW!!!! The living room is so pretty! I am incorporating blue into my home. as well, and this room of yours is now my inspiration. Awesome!

  13. Image for SheilaP. SheilaP.

    It’s beautiful KariAnne. Where did you use the abstract painting? I love it but I do not see it. Also, of course, you found that on point ottoman at a yard’s sooooo perfect for this room. 🙂 But I wonder...why do I only find dusty dried flower arrangements and mauve and blue country heart decor items at the garage sales I frequent? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  14. Image for Shelly Shelly

    Hello beautiful! Love everything you do! I thought I would share this with you.... Your lovely map appears to get a lot of sunshine on it. This will fade the map over time. You could copy it, and frame the copy, or frame it with glass that prevents UV damage. It seems that it is something to save forever with the house for all the future owners or your family. Blessings

  15. Image for Sher Sher

    Beautiful! You are my inspiration as we recently moved and I need to also make drapes for Great Room. Could you share the brand/type of awesome gold spray paint you used? It’s not linked when you made mention of it 😢

  16. Image for Yvonne Shafer Yvonne Shafer

    I want to copy everything!! I love, love, love blue and white decor and this room is fabulous!! This is a stunning, grownup, but still family and dog friendly room. I absolutely love it! Brava, KariAnne!

  17. Image for Cindy Cindy

    Beautiful! All grown up! Btw, just my thoughts, but I think the coffee table would look good as a light colored wood, similar to the color on the legs of the striped chairs. Or maybe you could distress it a little?Also, a diy on the curtains would be fabulous!

  18. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    AWE-SOME! Totally! Love those curtains. Excellent choice, KariAnne! Your room looks beautiful and amazing! And I love that painting you found. It's wonderful and will be a great addition to the room. Don't forget photos when you hang it!

  19. Image for Ceciia Ceciia

    ahhh, beautiful! I love that you found a color you love and then transformed your room! You know I love color. This makes me smile. It has come to life. That painting will definitely pull it all together and make the room really sing. Way to go!

  20. Image for Susie @ Chelsea Project Susie @ Chelsea Project

    Did you say drapery panels lined with twin sheets??? Well, shut the front door!! Why have I been buying and cutting liner all these years??? Gah! Looking forward to that DIY post! In the meantime, your room is totally lovely and calling for us to stop by for sweet tea. :-) ~~ Susie

  21. Image for Stephanie Stephanie

    I was having trouble deciding between the original choices of fabric you presented for all the reasons you gave. These are perfect! Just the right amount of color without being overpowering. I'm loving your new living room!

  22. Image for Alice Genzlinger Alice Genzlinger

    It's beautiful! Love your choices and your imagination. You do have a lot of light in your room so was wondering if a lining in the curtains to keep the sun from fading them would have made them look fuller and would have kept them from fading. Anyway it's perfect.

  23. Image for SandyF SandyF

    YEP-you nailed it. And the striped chairs-perfection. Bravo. I didn't like any of the options you asked us readers to chime in on-and you finally found the prefect fabric. Love it.

  24. Image for Jeanie Jeanie

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner! You did good, girlfriend. The room looks amazing!!! The red flowers on the coffee table are like a touch of red lipstick. Perfect!

  25. Image for Kris Kris

    You know, I wasn't completely sold on any of your original options, although I thought most (well, except the polka dots--that seemed wayyyy to casual for the space) were pretty on their own. Now I know why--none of them were exactly right. Is that a matching pillow I see????

  26. Image for Kris Kris

    Hmmm, I think my comment got lost. Or you'll end up with two comments from me. :) In brief--none of your original choices seemed "right" to me but I couldn't put my finger on it. You done good! Is that a matching pillow I see???

  27. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Oh my lanta!!!!!!! Those curtains are perfect! The curtain rod paint color leaves me gasping for air right now! Bravo

    1. Image for Patty Rusin Patty Rusin

      I love the gold curtain rod. Can you share which paint you used? I have looked at large brass rods and they are so costly, but I could just spray paint the one I have now. Thank you for always being an inspiration!

  28. Image for Louise Louise

    Oh goodness! You proved me wrong! I was all team add a little red with the fabric choice that had red in it, but i truly love what you picked. Everyone has a different way of arriving at a beautiful home. There is no right way to decorate!

  29. Image for Denise Cox Denise Cox

    Well, I wasn't sure about the curtains until I saw them hanging on the rods. And then.... I really liked them!!! Good choice, Karianne!!

  30. Image for Sherry Sanders Sherry Sanders

    IT is perfect and I cannot wait until you get the picture up and add a bit more color. When can I come for tea? I might be late though since the drive is so long. Loving you from Ohio sister.

  31. Image for Beth Beth

    I love the fabric!!! Isn't it amazing how when you think you have found the perfect fabric for a room something even better comes along?

  32. Image for Leslie from Fairview Leslie from Fairview

    Perfect fabric for your windows! Even better than any of the other lovely choices you showed. The art piece/painting is a stellar choice. Not only does the abstract give the room a delightful unexpected pop of modern, but it introduces a rainbow of possible accent colors - red, coral, yellow,etc. - to be changed with assessories as often as the mood strikes you. I LOVE it! You could call this room Serendipity. Each piece just showing up at the right time. Would love to know which gold spray paint you used.

  33. Image for Brenda Thompson Brenda Thompson

    Now those are great curtains. They blend but allow the room to stand out without the curtains shouting look at me first. I love how you finally found the perfect ones to pull it all together. Can't wait to see it complete with the painting.

  34. Image for Dee Dee

    Great choice!! I love that you took us all on your thought process journey. On a side note....what can you tell me about the love seats with the tufted backs?

  35. Image for terri (ditto) terri (ditto)

    Karianne, your picture is worth a thousand words! Thank you for sharing a piece of your beautiful house~

  36. Image for Hope Ettinger Hope Ettinger

    great fabric choice. hoping you lined them, otherwise you will have lots of fading. also makes them hang nicer. many years in window treatments has taught me this. also good choice on having them touch the floor rather than puddling.

  37. Image for Jo Gallivan Jo Gallivan

    Although I loved all the fabric choices you originally posted, something seemed off and I figured out why after looking at the pictures with the new curtains. The small pattern of the fabric lends itself to being a "neutral", but still provides the color you want without being over-the-top. It pulls everything together now! The room looks LOVELY! You did a wonderful job...but then, you always do!!!

  38. Image for Janette Janette

    Beautiful, gorgeous love it mum always said, stop searching for it, you'll know it when you see it....I think you SAW it and it's perfect....enjoy

  39. Image for Sherry Coleman Sherry Coleman

    Perfect choice! I like the smaller pattern better than the larger ones. The material looks lighter, as in easy, breezy? Great look!! (Love the painting also.).

  40. Image for Michele (Finch Rest) Michele (Finch Rest)

    Well done, KA - it really looks absolutely fabulous. (And I ADORE that bowl on the little round white and gold side table.) It's super cute.

  41. Image for Sarah Sarah

    Love it and your new print from Etsy. I think your room just out grew the coffee table. It’s big sister is gold or brass and glass.

  42. Image for Rebecca Turner Rebecca Turner

    Your living room is looking good, KariAnne! The drapes are great, but what’s even better is the fact that you painted the background of the built in niche! Love it! And the painting you chose is so colorful and really adds an exclamation point to the room!

  43. Image for Sue Sue

    Your curtain fabric choice looks great along with the whole room. And even though you didn't pick my choice; the fabric with a little red, you added red flowers in vases to the room!!


    The curtains are so pretty, KariAnne! I just love the fabric for the curtains, You aways do such a fabulous job of everything! The painting you are having framed is going to look beautiful! Hope you can just enjoy your Living Room now! It's absolutely amazing -- just like you! Blessings!

  45. Image for Karen Karen

    It's so fabulous! Blue & White is my absolute favorite - classic. I would love to visit and eat snacks and giggle all day! I really appreciate you, sweet friend. You are so amazing and make us feel like we can do anything. Your creativity is so refreshing. I love how you always encourage us to make our spaces more inviting. Blessings,

  46. Image for Carol@BlueskyatHome Carol@BlueskyatHome

    KariAnne, I"m so glad you chose a smaller geometric. It's the perfect scale, not too overpowering and the blue is just right. I really like that you chose gold for the hardware. (In my new dining room we used gold, so I'm partial.) Great job.

  47. Image for Cin Cin

    PERFECTION!!! Can't wait to see the artwork over the fireplace. I, too, couldn't find the link to the specific gold spray paint you used on the curtain rods.

  48. Image for Tammy Tammy

    Wow! I am in love with the painting. So beautiful - and it adds the perfect amount of color. What a transformation the curtains make! As always, such a beautiful room!

  49. Image for Missy Missy

    THAT PAINTING!!! Those are my colors, I love it and I love the curtains, but back to the wonderful, bright, happy's joyful!!!

  50. Image for LaDonna Tolbert LaDonna Tolbert

    I need help in decorating my living room I want to use navy I have a has Navy Perfect Touch red and yellow I have grey and white chairs I need help. I love how you did it so white and navy such a beautiful room would love to try to duplicate.

  51. Image for Sherrie Mock Sherrie Mock

    Perfectly patterned plainly pretty! It looks ah-maxing! We all knew it would. Cause that’s how you roll❤️

  52. Image for Julia G Julia G

    Very pretty!! The blue is so calming and the fabric for those curtains is perfect! Don't you love when all the pieces fit so well together?

  53. Image for Karina Karina

    I love your fabric choice and I am falling in love with navy blue!!! Curious.... where did you get your Fiddle Leaf Fig tree?

  54. Image for Debbie Nisson Debbie Nisson

    I love it and am so glad you got the loveseats. There were too many chairs in my humble opinion. I also LOVE that bench!! OMG what a find!! Blue is my lifelong favorite color so naturally I love the whole room and that rug is to die for!. Thank you for sharing with us.

  55. Image for Pamela Griner Pamela Griner

    Love it!! My only complaint... My entire home, except for my amazing art studio, is decorated in warm colors. But now....thanks to you and Fixer is reaching out to me. Blue and white are whispering my name. Lol.

  56. Image for Zolane Zolane

    Perfect! Thank you for also explaining why the others didn't work. That alone gave me advice and perspective with my own projects! Just beautiful and I LOVE your rug!!!

  57. Image for Elaine Elaine

    Looks beautiful, I too just redo my living room in blue, navy, cream and gold. I love it! I missed where you gave the name of the gold spray paint. What brand?

  58. Image for PJ PJ

    Great choice, KariAnne! The smaller print is perfect for the room. That little bench is too wonderful. Did you recover it, or did it come with that great fabric?

    1. Image for Bonnie Holland Bonnie Holland

      Love the new look! Awhile back you mentioned piano nnards for the wall. Did I miss the DIY? Have an old piano Ive been trying to sellor gve takers. I need the room and thought this might be the solution. Maybe a take out your frustations party? Anyway I hope to see your DIY herr soon

  59. Image for Joyce Joyce

    What a FABULOUS room!!! I LOVE blue...and you've coordinated EVERYTHING perfectly. I just want to be sitting there right now!!!

  60. Image for Nancy Nancy

    I love this! I am moving to a new home! Can you tell me the source for the rug in your room? I love it!! Many years ago when I started following you I hung plates on my shed!! Thank you for that idea!

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