Random thoughts on a Saturday morning:

1. Do you think hair highlights should be a DIY project?

2. My oldest son built his father a tool box out of random scrap pieces of molding.  It is literally the most random beautiful thing I have ever seen.  Pictures next week.

3. I was interviewed on a podcast yesterday for the book and I’ve decided that there’s nothing more fun than talking about yourself for an hour.

4. This week we went to a friend’s farm for a cookout.  As the night fell, we cooked marshmallows and made smores and giggled and laughed and told stories around the campfire under the stars.  It was amazing.  I looked up at the Big Dipper and realized something awe-inspiring.  There are stars behind the stars.  Millions and millions of stars all layered into that night sky.

Something like that puts so much of life into perspective. 🙂

Ever want a little porch appeal without a green thumb?

This is actually a faux shrub.

Can you even believe it?

Details found here.

Hello, bicycle wheel.

Nice to meet you.

Bicycle wheel table DIY found here.

Ever wonder how to transition from style to style?

Great ideas on changing your design.

Tips found here.

See this beachcomber basket?

It’s so much easier to make than you think.

DIY found here.

And in random news this week:

These flower photos

This outdoor space

Cutest camper EVER

And the winner is

This simple summer table

Love this new trend

Nothing is cuter than a haint blue porch

Turn any bag into a camera bag

This house tour

And I love this summer tour of my friend Melanie’s house….

…she had me at the entrance sign. 🙂

One more for the road.

This Cape Cod house tour.

And then this happened.


It’s a multi-exclamation point moment.

So Close to Amazing is number three and it’s ALL BECAUSE OF ALL OF YOU!  Thank you from the very bottomness of my heart.

You can read all about the book and pre-order your very own beautiful hardback copy here.

Happy random Saturday to you. 🙂

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  1. Image for Sue Sondker Sue Sondker

    I can imagine number ONE! Have done my preorder. You are touching hearts. So very much needed in these days and times. Simplicity, Laughter and Love. Thank you and God Bless.

  2. Image for Yvonne Shafer Yvonne Shafer

    Good Morning! Love the toolbox idea -- made by a chip off the ole block! I've been watching the PBS series Secrets of Deep Space. Talk about perspective! Light from some stars takes millions of years to get here. Love your Saturday blog because it features lots of things you've discovered for us! Happy Fathers ' Day to your sparkling eyed guy!

  3. Image for Anne-Marie Anne-Marie

    I love talking about myself too. But nobody cares or listens so I talk to my cat and dog and look like the crazy cat lady on the Simpsons ...... Happy weekend to you !!

  4. Image for Ellen Ellen

    I knew it - the BOOK just has to be a bestseller!!!!! Can not wait to read your book! Also, really want to see the gift your son has made. Thank-you for another fantastic Thistlekeeping!

  5. Image for Shirley Shirley

    I'm so happy that your book is available to preorder on the English Amazon.Although they have mis spelt your name as Marianne! 😬

  6. Image for Susan Susan

    Happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, let me share that high-lighting your own hair is Not a DIY project ..... unless you want to look like me when I couldn't quite see the back while high-lighting my dark brown hair with blonde......

  7. Image for Claudine Pender Claudine Pender

    I laughed out loud about how fun you find talking about yourself! I love talking about myself hahahaha!!! There is so much going on, so fun to talk about it! I love the idea of the fake tree on the porch. I have killed a few, so I will give it a try! I read her post so next is to browse stores to see what's available:) thank you for sharing, darling!

  8. Image for Patricia Patricia

    I can't get the link to "Great ideas on changing your design. Tips found here." I keep getting linked to the bicycle table. Not that it's not interesting, it's just not what I'm looking for ...

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