Random thoughts on a freezing morning:

1. Mark your calendars. I have the best surprise for all of you on January 2.  I’ll give you a hint.  It rhymes with mocked curlap burtains.  It also rhymes with shimithaway.

2. I’m almost done with all of the edits to the book and I hope you love it as much as I do. One chapter and some change to go.

3. The twins and are are no-baking this Saturday.  As in no-bake cookieing it.

4. The news just mentioned two words I never want to hear again….

….polar vortex.

Should we all tell Santa we want warmer weather for Christmas?

Just when I thought I had seen all the Christmas trees there were in the world.

This one shows up.

You can see it up close and personal here.

When you are looking for Christmas table ideas, why not add a little blue and white.

I love the pops of blue on this table.

Table decor found here.

Aren’t these tiny frosted trees the cutest?

And I love the burlap wrapping.

You can see the rest of the details here.

And the winner for the cutest idea of the week?

Writing on galvanized buckets with chalk pens.

Details found here.

And in seriously the cutest news ever….

…one of my readers (and favorite bloggers) wrote a story about our rescue Yorkie, Bonzai.

The drawings are adorable.

If you are a dog lover or have a dog lover on your Christmas list, this is the book for you.

You can read more about it and order it here.


And in random news this week:

This Christmas snack

Love this before and after home

This stair garland

This wreath

These gingerbread decorations

This adorable pillow

These things you didn’t know you could dye

This DIY project

And this…this beautiful home tour

One more for the road.

This simple, free, beautiful Christmas to winter twig wreath.

DIY found here.

Merry Saturday to you. 🙂

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  1. Image for Meta Meta

    I just got home from Walmart and I found every galvanized letter I needed! You can look at the little cuts on my fingers and tell it! Then Dollar Tree and bought all their brown wrapping paper! Now it's off to the Leipers Fork Christmas Parade! With my three year old granddaughter!

  2. Image for Maureen Maureen

    You always have such amazing links! I am going to try the chalkboard idea. I even have a brand new chalk pen! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

  3. Image for Terry Cross Terry Cross

    Oh Bless Your Cotton Socks! Thank you so much for the sweet comments and telling your people about sweet Bonsai's book. Your amazing photos just captured his heart, I had to share him with everyone. Warmest Christmas Wags, terry & agatha

  4. Image for Loryl Loryl

    I was just at Target and they have coppery/gold letters in their wrapping section! I had an old alphabet garland on a tree in the basement that I salvaged for letters on stockings! Perfect! Free and cute! Great ideas as usual but I love that coastal dining room. Wouldn't work in my house but beautiful.

  5. Image for Sheia F Sheia F

    There's a few inches of snow on the ground here, in Eastern WA. A brisk winter day at around 25*. Not too cold, but cold enough!! You got me with "Polar Vortex". I'd never heard of such a thing... for real! Sooo, of course I HAD to look it up! Omg! LOTS of information... too much info to take in on this cold random Saturday! I'd MUCH rather browse through all of the fun and inspirational links you found for us! I'm loving those adorable marshmallow snowman sticks! The "free" twig wreath? Imperfectly perfect! And the Bonsai book... be still my heart! The Coriolis effect, Rosby waves, and Arctic oscillation in the middle and upper troposphere will just have to wait... maybe until FOREVER! I'd much rather head down the Chritmas Blogosphere Rabbit Hole! A Merry Saturday to you! ❤️

  6. Image for Kris Kris

    I also heard the words "polar vortex" but I decided if I am in denial, it won't happen. Ooh, love your twig wreath. The cookie cutter wreath was a fun idea, too. The Christmas tree I am swooning over this year is Lucy's at Craftberry Bush.

  7. Image for Lisa at celebrate creativity Lisa at celebrate creativity

    Happy holidays, Karianne So nice to read you've made such progress on your book. That went fast, didn't it? Well, maybe not for you but for us... the time flew. I'm looking forward to reading it. Love all the pretty selections today and I really like the use of the galvanized bucket. I'll definitely keep that in mind for future reference. You're so sweet to include my marshmallow treats too. I have a big day of baking tomorrow. My whole house is going to smell like gingerbread. Wonderful. Enjoy your weekend, Lisa

  8. Image for Ellen Ellen

    Thistlekeeping is exactly what I need right now and you never disappoint!! I am so excited to learn that "The Book" is nearly completed- I can't wait! The book about your dog is too cute, a must have. The galvanized bucket with the chalk pen writing is lovely, but the link doesn't seem right as it's the link for the burlap wrapped trees( which are sweet too). Thank-you for another splendid Thistlekeeping. I'm off to check out the random news!

  9. Image for Cindy Brown Cindy Brown

    You are just my favorite, KariAnne! This evening I took my 86 year old mom to a Downton Abbey tea and a carriage ride for Christmas. It was a marvelous time and a memory that I will have forever. Just wanted to share.

  10. Image for Megan @ Adventure & Home Megan @ Adventure & Home

    Oh, polar vortex huh? That sounds fun... in the sense that it sounds like the perfect opportunity for hot cocoa and a good book (or editing yours!). The weatherman here in Maryland says it's snowing in my area, but I have yet to see any evidence of that. Anyways--- You always have such cute link inspirations. I love the pops of blue in the tablescape and the burlap covered trees! Definitely have to incorporate some of those ideas into the winterscapes in my future. :D Thanks for another amazing post!

  11. Image for Peg Peg

    Merry Monday morning to you!! Just catching up here. Wanted to tell you that I made your twig wreath several years ago and it's one of my favorite things! Can't wait for the book to come out!! : )

  12. Image for Mindy Mindy

    I have been away from blogging and have so missed your posts! I love the white tree. We keep ours green but have been decorating with natural starfish and sand dollars for a few years now. This year I added some feathers for a bit of fun. The twig wreath is lovely! Merry Christmas Karianne - to you and yours!

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