If you happened to be in a one-horse open sleigh and you took a left at Tennessee, past the chicken barn, past the cows chewing their cud in the pasture, past the gas station with the most amazing pizza and turned left at the barn with all the hay bales, at the end of a winding country road….

….you’d see the farmhouse with its twinkle lights on.

And if you tied up your horse to the hitching post.

And trudged through the snow.

And knocked on the door.

You might see this.


Five Christmas decorators almost ready for the holidays.

(Buddy and Bonzai helped, too).

With grins on their faces and hot chocolate on their upper lip and happiness in their hearts.

(total aside:  can you believe we are all the same height now and my hair is oddly so much blonder than theirs now?)



And right inside the door, you’d see this.

A blue and white living room ready for Christmas.

With red ornaments spilling out everywhere and a blue gingham rug.

(total aside:  It’s just this rug flipped over).



There’d be a tree decorated with rag garland and a sleigh full of ornaments and plaid ribbon.

With blue dishes stacked everywhere with evergreens and pops of red.

Even the coffee table would be painted to match.



The tree would be decorated with tiny felt houses and plaid poinsettias and painted “merry” and “believe” and “joy” ornaments.

And my Christmas helper would rest his weary head waiting for Santa to hand him a treat.

The tree skirt would be plaid and trimmed with fur, ready for presents wrapped in polka dots and stripes and tied up with ribbons and bows.



The red cable knit stockings trimmed with fur would be hung by the fireplace.

Snow tipped trees would line the mantel.

Tucked in the corner of the room would be a vintage advent calendar ready for December 1.



Outside on the porch, there’d be a little pop of red.

And a tiny truck ornament and an evergreen wreath.

Tucked beneath the bench would be a galvanized tin filled with greenery.



We’d sing carols and pop popcorn and drink hot chocolate and laugh and giggle and the dogs would snore and we’d top it all off with a Hallmark movie.

The best kind of movie.  You know.  Where you know the ending before it even starts.

The and they all lived happily ever kind of ending.


When it was time to go, we’d raise a cup of hot chocolate to you and wave Merry Christmas as you drove away in your sleigh.

And wish you the joys of the season.

From our house to yours. 🙂

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  1. Image for Megan Walsh Megan Walsh

    JOY! But here is the real burning question every pet owner wants to did you train your sweet dog not to eat the ornaments off the tree? ( I have a 10 month old) Grateful for any advice. Megan

  2. Image for Leona Leona

    Thanks for the directions, but I don't have a horse or a sleigh, and I'm afraid I would be staying too long at the gas station eating pizza. So happy to see the house tours as well. As usual your decorating is awesome and that your girls are better. I too believe in happily ever after.

  3. Image for Terri Terri

    I absolutely love to start my day reading your post! Your fun, loving and spirited writings reminds us all that it's not what you do, it's how you do it. Thanks for sharing your sweet world!

  4. Image for Terri Terri

    The colors are gorgeous!!! Absolutely love that rag garland !!!!! I'm so Jealous... Could you hop on a flight and come on down to the Sunshine State and wave your magic wand at my house ???? lololol...... How precious is the picture of you and your girls at the front door ....( and the pupsters too of course !!) cannot believe they are so tall !!!! Beautiful !!!!!!! Cup of hot cider please and some good holiday time conversation !!!!!!

  5. Image for Robin Stephens Robin Stephens

    Great writeup, beautifully decorated home. Love Kirkland's. I've gotten most of our clocks and lamps there over the years. They always seem to have just the right style and price when I need one of those items. Thanks for a chance at some loot! P.S. The mystery of the blonde-haired mom exists here, too. We won't think too hard on it, though.

  6. Image for Joell Joell

    For sure, it's Christmas at your house.....looks so charming and cozy. I have a Kirklands store just about 8 miles from my home in Florida.....Would absolutely adore a chance to win and begin the transformation in my house. Thanks for the opportunity. Merry Christmas and a blessed Thanksgiving.

  7. Image for Carole @ Garden Up Green Carole @ Garden Up Green

    Beautiful and love the boxes on the wall. Blue pillows are so neat addition along side with those amazing curtains. I'm still in the, need to clean house stage of pre decorating. Jazzing it down a bit this year as goodness I got rid of most of our decorations when I was downsizing.

  8. Image for Cathy Farmer Cathy Farmer

    Beautiful!!! I love how your home looks like I could just curl up chat and sip coffe. Where did you get the rug I love it!

  9. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    I adore your farmhouse dressed for Christmas! Mine is getting its finery on this weekend! Your Buddy looks so cute! Seriously loving plaid this year - I like the touch you added. And Kirklands! Best store ever. Now I'm off to go shop at ours...I saw some of the best things online. PS I can't believe the twins are as tall as you! They are adorable as always. Hugs

  10. Image for Barbara Barbara

    Love love love it all!! The reds really pop. I'm assuming the big dog is Buddy- looks so huggable:) Bonzai too:) Your little thistles are growing up and beautiful! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you!!

  11. Image for Beverly Beverly

    And, my heart would be joy filled to find you and all the wonder there. Thanks for sharing the beauty, hospitality and hot chocolate. Now, come on over and help me. haha

  12. Image for Candy Candy

    Thanks for the posting everything looks so beautiful! Love all of what kirklands have in the Christmas line and especially their nativities.

  13. Image for Kris Kris

    Hahaha. You BOUGHT the adorable felt houses. I thought you made them and I clicked on the link to discover the directions. My daughter is big into sewing these days and it looked like a fun project. But definitely easier to buy than to make. ;)

  14. Image for Jill Wendt Jill Wendt

    Your room is so inviting and cozy. And...I love all the blue and white you have added to it. That is a sweet picture of you and your beautiful girls.

  15. Image for beverlee beverlee

    Every single thing! Every one thing! I love it, love it. And your girls are simply adorable, sweet little you girls.

  16. Image for Jolyn Jolyn

    This post makes my heart happy! Good to see the girls up and about; and "can you believe we are all the same height now" makes me smile; and now I am headed to our local Kirklands to check out the goodies!

  17. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Mom bought a silver Christmas tree and blue ornaments in the 60s. Big thing then. And it was silver and blue every Christmas thereafter until I graduated High School ten years later. But I missed the real trees we used to pick out every year as a family, that made the whole house smell like pine and was tons more fun to decorate. Now that it's just me, I thought I might not get a tree this year but your post inspires me. It brings back so many memories before the silver and blue Christmases...I especially love the plaid on your tree! I think I will get a real tree this year, even if it's only a Charley Brown version. With plaid. :-)

  18. Image for Colleen@LilacDriveDesigns Colleen@LilacDriveDesigns

    This room is so cute! I was literally just thinking this morning on the way to work about how I was going to run with my red and plaid theme this year and make it work with all the blue and white I have going on. Did you decorate this room for me? I'm pretty sure you did, LOL! I'm excited to get started on my living room this weekend. Love the picture of you and the girls with your little dog-elf helpers :)

  19. Image for Angie Angie

    Everything looks gorgeous! I especially love the rag garland. Do you mind my asking how many of them it took on your tree? Thanks and God bless you and your family!

  20. Image for

    Sweeeet! Sweeeet! Sweeeeet! Love the color combos. And such a great photo of you and your girls (and the dogs, too)! If I'm ever in the area, you can be DARNED sure that I'll stop in -- no matter what the season. Would love to sit at your kitchen or dining room table and drink coffee, eat cookies, and laugh until I cried with you. We are decorating our house for the holidays this weekend. Cannot wait! Hugs, Michael

  21. Image for Loryl Loryl

    OMG such cutie patooties! I thought just what you wrote about the twins being as tall as you! LOVE the room . Such a classic combo. You are blessed.

  22. Image for Bonnie Bonnie

    I love everything that you and the girls and your puppies did. I really like the idea that you were able to flip over your new rug to the blue gingham side. I have a "thing" about blue gingham. I have chandelier shades and chair cushions in my dining room made with blue gingham. I've kept my eye out for a blue gingham rug forever but have never found one that I like. I'm still praying for the girls recovery.

  23. Image for Jayne Jayne

    you have such a lovely and loving home for Christmas ...thank you for letting me enjoy a peek in !! (I am such a blue & white fan) Enjoy the SONshine...Jayne

  24. Image for Ellen Ellen

    Some mornings I just can not get this computer to co-operate and this was one of those times. I tried and tried, but it would freeze and tell me the page was "killed"(what?) and I would close and try again. FINALLY- success this evening! Just a note to say I love this Kirkland Christmas decor. You and your elves have created a spectacular presentation in the most beautiful color scheme yet! Thank-you for this delightful post and for the lovely welcome to the tour. P.S. LOVE the photo, those Twinthistles are gorgeous just like their Mom and the furry kids too!

  25. Image for Suzie S. Suzie S.

    Hi, this is soooo beautiful!!! I love everything about it!! We used to live in Lexington, Kentucky. Its such a beautiful state. Your blog is wonderful and I love the decor. I am a blue person and have been looking everywhere for ribbon similar to your plaid ribbon, but haven't been able to find any. May I ask where you found yours? Thanks, and have a blessed holiday season in your gorgeous home!!

  26. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    I mentioned something I might like after visiting Kirkland's website, then on their Facebook page, I saw two decorated wooden windows! I love those! I've given all my vintage windows away, and now it seems they're popping up all over again! But I would be happy to select any number of other things from Kirkland's, too, with a gift card! And as usual love what you chose, and how you used everything! Thanks for the opportunity, KariAnne!

  27. Image for Tracy D. Tracy D.

    I love the willow and cedar branch wreath. My friend has one like it and I alway love how she changes up the decorations for each holiday/season.

  28. Image for Finny Finny

    Love the felt houses and your tree! And the blue - really like those curtains. My daughters are coming from Minnesota and Kentucky for Thanksgiving (hubby & I are in KC) and we're going to decorate for Christmas. I can hardly wait!

  29. Image for NormaJean NormaJean

    Can't believe you have already decorated for Christmas! It looks beautiful! My first thought when I saw the photo of you and the girls in the doorway was, "Wow, they have grown a lot since I saw them in the Spring!" It's official, you will once again, be the shortest in your family!! It was good to see them looking healthy again!

  30. Image for Laurajj Laurajj

    Oh they have such nice things at Kirklands! I have not shopped there before, I have to go and check it out! I would love to get the Red Jute Santa Belt Wreath!

  31. Image for Cindy A. Cindy A.

    This outdoor bench is so cute!

  32. Image for Dayna Eaton Dayna Eaton

    Please can you give me information on the blue and white curtains and pillows,. I love, love and have been looking for exactly these curtains. love the big blue and white pillow too. Actually love everything

  33. Image for Terry Cross Terry Cross

    Oh you made me laugh out loud (AGAIN!) and sigh (AGAIN) and SMILE (sweet girls, and their beautiful mom,,, OH BONSAI! (Tell him and Buddy that Santa's sleigh will arrive soon!). Honey, thanks for the spot of comfort on a snowy and most busy day here in Ohio... Ho Ho Ho! Agatha is snoring under my desk, she likes to help in any way she can! Hugs Hugs, terry AND agatha : )

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