Do you remember the Village People?

I sit out here on the back porch sometimes and think about them.

I wonder where they are and what they’re doing and if they are still wearing cowboy hats
and Indian headdresses and staying at the YMCA.  Did they end up starring in their own videos or
ABC movies or start an exercise craze or maybe become CEO of a leather chaps company?

Or just join the Navy?



And sometimes I feel like the Village People live here.

Except instead of cowboy hats and construction gear they are wearing pearls and high heels and a tutu or two.

Or a pair of knee-high water boots.

Or they are carrying a skate board.



But there are so many projects and plans and inventions and tiny pieces of paper floating around that it wouldn’t surprise me if
one day my “villagers”  formed their very own group and took it on the road….tutu skirts, skateboards knee hight boots and all.

The other day I sat on the porch and watched as my husband calmly directed the antics and general pandemonium of our “village people” starter kit.



In one corner someone was starting  a wildlife sanctuary with cardboard boxes and “natural habitats” for a frog and a daddy-long-legs and
a turtle.  There were heaps of grass for the residents to eat and a few dead bugs and fresh water and I think one of the twins even gave their brother
a chair from the dollhouse for the turtle to sit on.

I know the Nashville zoo would have been proud.



Over here another “villager” was constructing the longest genealogy chart known to man.  There were grandparents and great-great grandparents
and cousins and second cousins and eighth cousins twice removed.

All on a lime-green chart.

That stretched from one end of the porch to the other.

In Spanish.


You heard me.  Spanish.

He definitely likes a challenge……that miniature genealogist of mine.



So there I sat.

On my back porch.

Drinking tea.

As my husband directed the egg project and the skateboard ramp and the wildlife sanctuary and went and looked up how to say great-great -great-
great-great grandmother in Spanish.

All the while looking so handsome and calm and collected and generally in charge of all the village people  goings on.

And my heart smiled.



My heart smiled because I knew that one day, when the village people had their reunion tour.  The would never forget these
carefree days in the backyard and the gift of the ability to create.



Then they would remember when they could feel the grass between their toes and the wildlife sanctuary looked like it had great potential
and they could speak Spanish and there were all the pieces of paper they could ever need or want to for any project.  Ever.

And as my husband stood there in the midst of such utter pandemonium, our eyes met and I saw that twinkle that made me fall in love with him and I couldn’t help but tell him….

“You look just like a CEO.”



He looked back at me with a grin and laughed the laugh of a father who has seen it all…..

…..standing in the middle of that green field with the sun shining and the wind blowing and the birds chirping.


Then he shrugged, winked and without missing a beat replied,

“The CEO of chaos.”

And turned his baseball cap around and walked away to once again, direct the pandemonium.

Chaos.  Hmmmm.

The CEO of chaos.  Maybe he’s right.

But from where I’m sitting chaos looks pretty wonderful to me 🙂

PS  Thanks for all the sweet words about the new website.  It has been a work in progress with a few bumps along the way.  Unfortunately,
I lost all the e-mail subscribers from the other feed.  If you want to continue to read about the village people and wildlife sanctuaries and
turtles and the people who love them, please sign-up on the sidebar in the e-mail box 🙂

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  1. Image for Mary Mary

    sigh. this is beautiful. a little piece of Heaven on earth. i love your new design, too. you can bet your bottom dollar i'm headed over to the email box, stat. :)

  2. Image for Lynda Lynda

    By far - my fave combination for inside or out! LOVE the crisp pattern play mixed with natures shades of green! Looks lovely - Thanks for sharing over at Susans BNOTP. Have a wonderful week! xo Lynda

  3. Image for Amy@BuffaloRoam Amy@BuffaloRoam

    Sometimes when I start reading your posts, I assume you've taken some pictures out of a magazine to use as inspiration for one of your projects... but then I realize that nope, that's YOURS and it's completely magazine worthy. Beautiful. Wonderful post, too... CEO of Chaos.. hehe!

  4. Image for Beverly Beverly

    Looking good, Karianne - your home - and your new blog look. Wonderful husbands are such a blessings. I have one, too.♥ And, I love feeling the grass between my toes.

  5. Image for Gwen Gwen

    Chaos? That's Bliss... I'll show you chaos... Just go upstairs to my boys rooms and the true definition will be understood... I'm still getting emails...

  6. Image for Anne Presley Anne Presley

    My heart smiles as I think about my "Village People" all grown now raising their own "Village People" and remember fondly those days when Dr.Mark was the CEO of his own chaos - nit picks and all! I hope your village people have the same sweet memories that mine have of GG adventures, etc. Enjoy your private space today!

  7. Image for Anne Anne

    You are so adorable! You and your village people and your freshie husband with a twinkle in his eye. I love it and you and I'm so glad I met you. Thanks for the post reminding me once again that life is about the little day-to-day things. So happy for you that you have such a beautiful family and a lovely man to share your life with. love you to bits... (and here I am listening to Sirius 80s on 8 which seems to be on a complete loop of the same series of songs, over and over and over as I spend 4 days painting the rest of my trim - no village people here. Bananarama and Madonna and the Go-Gos ALL THE WAY BABY!!!)

  8. Image for Becca Becca

    What a gorgeous outdoor space! It is making me homesick for the greenery of the East Coast! Everything here is so broooownnn! I love the way you tell a story, Karinanne. {And the village people make me think of college dances- another fun time in life!} xo Becca

  9. Image for Bristol Bristol

    Well the view from the porch is great! There is nothing better then days on our front or back deck. Last night we chose the front porch to score a wiffle ball tournament in the front yard. The sweet couple we purchased our house from had a beautiful green front yard... he was so proud of it. Now he probably drives by in shudder of the home plate and bases where grass will grow no more! Sweet post. Bristol

  10. Image for Heidi @ Decor & More Heidi @ Decor & More

    Website looks extraordinary! But even more, your village people are indeed blessed to have you and the CEO that allow them to grow, thrive, explore. I've always called my people... well -- My People. CEO of Chaos, hmmm? Must make us the Chairmen of the Board. :) Happy Monday! xo Heidi

  11. Image for Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers

    You have a beautiful back porch and land.....this was such a lovely post. Thank you for sharing it with me.

  12. Image for Diana Kotecki Diana Kotecki

    Thanks for the tour of your back porch and a part of your property. It is stunning and you are too funny writing about the Village People! What a great title for your hubby, the CEO of Chaos! Sounds like a father's day t-shirt to me!

  13. Image for Laura Laura

    Love your new website and your porch is Awmazing. I could sit there all day. Of course I have re-signed to your email list. I don't want to be left out for a single minute. Laura

  14. Image for Karah @ thespacebetweenblog Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

    This is so great. I can picture it all now ... the pure bliss of your chaos filled yard on a lovely holiday weekend. I love the new pictures, what an awesome space. I could sit back there for hours taking all of the chaos in. :) I can feel all of the love you have for your family, it is extraordinarily beautiful Karah

  15. Image for Whitney @ Drab to Fab Design Whitney @ Drab to Fab Design

    I could just sit out there all day everyday and watch the chaos with you! That porch is amazing. It's also so refreshing to hear you say such sweet words about your hubby! It seems like in today's world, the "norm" is everyone complaining about marriage, and it makes me sad. Your hubs sounds like a great CEO!

  16. Image for Cindy Cindy

    God did us such a huge favor when He created families. Sounds like you have a wonderful husband and very creative children. Your yard is very expansive, I love it!!! Your porch and little cottage are beautiful. Glad you had a good Easter weekend. Hugs, Cindy

  17. Image for katie goldsworthy katie goldsworthy

    Your porch and backyard are GORGEOUS!!! You and I both have a thing for black and white. --Katie @ Creatively Living

  18. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    OK...I am weeping.....I can actually hear the sounds of the "village people"...scurrying here and there...throwing caution to the that gorgeous property of yours...Looks like your day was just beautiful....the sweet sounds of chaos..what better sounds are there?... The Original Village People?...yes, I can imagine those characters in tutu's...carrying skateboards, chasing the turtles... p.s. Received your post just fine thru email....:)

  19. Image for Kim Kim

    I love reading what you write. I am not good with words like you are. Sounds like the perfect weekend. Enjoy your family while you can. They grow up sooooo fast. Of course now there are the grand kids. At least you know how to use Word Press. I may eventually try that road, but this computer stuff is hard for me. I wish I was like my kids and grew up with it. My grands will know more than me before long.

  20. Image for Jo-Anne Jo-Anne

    Do I remember the village people I sure do and they would love the view from your poach like the rest of us

  21. Image for Kelly @ DTTDidc Kelly @ DTTDidc

    Yep, I remember the Village People - YMCA, baby! I love your view from there :-) It may be chaotic, but it sounds like a wonderful place filled with lots of love and fun and happy surprises :-) Congrats on the new blog design - I've re-subscribed via e-mail (I have no idea what all the other options are!)

  22. Image for laurie laurie

    lol! Oh my gosh, Karianne! I just LOVE visiting here! I always leave with a smile on my face and a giggle in my heart, girl! I adore the way you tell a story. You should consider a career in writing.....seriously! :) xoxo laurie

  23. Image for Betsy(@coastal-colors) Betsy(@coastal-colors)

    I love the look of your blog! It's amazing! You porch is wonderful and your yard is gorgeous! I'm ready to have a glass of tea and I'll stay a while! This is so inviting! Your story is precious! I hope your Easter was full of blessings!

  24. Image for Anu Anu

    Wow, this is beautiful. You have a lovely blog. I am visiting you via Tuesday Treasures. I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas.

  25. Image for Peggy Peggy

    The view from your porch is simply stunning and the "village people" crack me up! and.... I found my way over from "the other blog!" Have a wonderful day and continue to enjoy these moments like I know you do! Toodles! I'm off to attack another room or maybe I'll just work on tidying up the remnants of Spring Break. Have a great day!

  26. Image for kristin kristin

    Oh my this is a dreamy space, every inch is just gorgeous! I started redecorating the patio in black and white and love the colors :) thanks for linking up! XO Kristin

  27. Image for Barbara F Barbara F

    Hi Karianne! Another delightful post - glad your hubby is getting some recognition as CEO of Chaos - what a fun concept!! Your porch and yard are idyllic - wish I could clone them. I'm sure your children will look back on these times with the fondest of memories, I know I would! Thanks for transporting me to another world, even if just for a little while... Barbara

  28. Image for Mrs C Mrs C

    This post...made me cry! Seriously! It's so sweet, so heartfelt and genuine! I love everything you shared, your little village sounds wonderful! What a beautiful place you and your CEO have blessed your village people with, just gorgeous! Those memories they're making will live in their little hearts all their live-long days! God bless your family!

  29. Image for Tammie Tammie

    I so remember The Village People! Loved your post and noticed you mentioned The Nashville Zoo. I live outside of Nashville, we just may be neighbors!

  30. Image for Jackie Jackie

    I absolutely love reading your blog. You pull me in with beautiful pictures and when you think you will read about the hows, and whys, you get to read about something like the Village People!! lol. The pics for the other type of blog is there, but there is so much more. Thank you for making me laugh time after time and sometimes getting the hows and whys. \:0)

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