Welcome to the kitchen here at thistlewood farm.

Now….I wish I could tell you that there were yummy smells coming from that freshly scrubbed oven.


Just a lot of “hot dog pot pie.”





With four children there is always plenty of activity going on in the kitchen…..

……plenty of glitter and tiny scraps of paper and dried glue and a few Cheerios stuck to the floor.


And a complete and utter absence of any gourmet cooking.


Remember….macaroni and cheese is my favorite recipe.

(And really…..does that actually even fall into the recipe category?)



Now, don’t get me wrong.

I don’t have anything against gourmet cooking.

I would love it if Giada from the cooking channel and I were best friends or the Barefoot Contessa stopped by for tea.

I just don’t think it’s in the cards.





So for now, I won’t concentrate on what I should or should not be cooking.

I’m just going to work on making it pretty.


No worries about gourmet dishes or fancy foods or puffed pastry shells made from scratch.

I’m just going to be content with my macaroni and cheese kitchen.





And concentrate on my displays for the hutch in the kitchen with white plates and white platters and a cloche tucked in with plenty of milk glass.

And that iron piece over the hutch that came off of an old house.

And my vintage toolbox filled with book page flowers.


I mean….who cares about cooking when you have book page flowers.

And a yard sale find or two.





Now I’ve got to go.

You see, the academic team is on its way.

And soon they will descend on the kitchen to celebrate their win and eat  tiny little puffed pastries and homemade lemon meringue pie cookie cake from Kroger 😉

And really…..who doesn’t love a cookie cake?


PS  If you liked the kitchen, you might enjoy my house tour.

PPS  If you are interested in the light fixtures in the kitchen….click here.

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  1. Image for Diana Kotecki Diana Kotecki

    Oh my goodness KariAnne, your kitchen is so beautiful. Since I am a new follower I went through your home tour too and I really enjoyed it. Your home is so amazing! How long have you lived here? Everything seems to be "just right". I loved the high backs on the wing chairs in the master bedroom and of course the Art room is so clever and fun. You have done a fabulous job!

  2. Image for Becca Becca

    You know I love seeing your fabulous kitchen in all of its "mac and cheese" glory! Your vintage pieces are too fun (love the Bingo cards) and your vignettes splashed around are beautiful! And, of course, your chandies are perfection!

  3. Image for Kim Kim

    Kari, I love your kitchen and could spend all day in it. I doubt you need to join that party to get recognized for a magazine. It is only a matter of time before you are found and then I will be able to open up the mag and there your home will be.

  4. Image for Beverly Beverly

    Good morning, dear Karianne. Macaroni and cheese would be perfect in your lovely kitchen. and, we all know that at least one loaf of homemade bread came from your kitchen, too. You still haven't tempted me with hot dog pie, but you never know.

  5. Image for Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

    Your kitchen is beautiful, Karianne! Good thinking ~ make the kitchen so beautiful that everyone will be too busy "oohing" and "ahhing" to realize they are eating macaroni and cheese. You are a clever one! : ) It's hard to make much more than easy recipes when you have young children. It's only since my kids are older that I moved away from those easy dishes because I have the time now to get the ingredients and actually follow a recipe in a cookbook. Although, they do consider some of those recipes their favorites and ask for them now!

  6. Image for Jillian Jillian

    Well you have achieved success! It is very very pretty....I would hate to "mess it up" but I guess with four kids it is bound to be lived in! That is one of my big frustrations...no sooner do I clean it...it is "lived in" by just a family of three! Sigh. That is what a snapshot is for, to capture that wonderful moment in time....the clean and serene look!

  7. Image for Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers

    Well, you kitchen is beautiful even it you just serve cheerios and mac and cheese...I do love to gourmet cook and I would love to do it in your kitchen!

  8. Image for "Auntie" "Auntie"

    You have such a gorgeous kitchen, that I'd not want to cook in it! If it were mine, I mean. I even hate to have my kitchen used, when it's all cleaned up. And my kitchen is no where near as lovely as your is. But then, I've never liked to cook. Bake some, yes. But daily meals, no. -sigh- Lucky that my husband does like to cook. He's a pharmacist and he likes cooking up a recipe, to mixing up meds in a compounded Rx. (Which they used to do, way back in the day, when he began. And which our son is doing exclusively now.... Compounding, I mean.) Guess what? How about a couple of pics of your kitchen, when it is covered-in-glitter-and-bits-of-paper? :-) After use by the children...? Betcha' those would make great shots too. :-) "Oh, the lovely fickleness of an April day!" ~William Hamilton Gibson

  9. Image for BB BB

    So beautiful. I could look at your spaces over and over. I saw your outdoor area on pinterest and had no idea it was yours! Gorgeous. Mac n cheese is one of the most delish southern dishes eva! It'd be a dream to eat it in that kitchen.

  10. Image for Teresa Teresa

    I seriously am in love with your kitchen and while I'm not a fan of mac and cheese, I'll take Cheerios any day of the week! Did you make those book page flowers? You must show us how!

  11. Image for Mary Mary

    Karianne! Your kitchen is STUNNING! As is the rest of your home. Who cares about macaroni and cheese when you have the freshiest decorating ever!!! {heehee} And I mean that in the VERY BEST WAY possible! :) I HEART freshy decorating. much love to you today! ps and i LOVE that wire stand! please tell me that it's not from a garage sale for .$05. xoxo

  12. Image for Peggy Peggy

    OH Karianne, I LOVE your kitchen! It is so big and airy and looks like it would be so much fun to cook in, especially if I could convince someone else to clean up. Now I have to ask you a very, very important question.... where did you get your wire stand? The one you have your plates in... the one that calls out to me a like a siren calls out to a sailor.... Sorry, I digress! Well my dear I am off... to finish it up the post that has been started numerous times... no nothing bad or earth shattering, just a little distracted but in a good way. :) Ta ta! Have a wonderful day!!

  13. Image for Tina Tina

    I just love your kitchen. It is so pretty. Yes, I do believe mac and cheese qualifies as a recipe, especially if you pretend to be a gourmet cook while preparing it!!

  14. Image for Diane Diane

    Love both of your homes (new blog being 1 of them). Your kitchen is gorgeous, I wish I had your flair for design! We are struggling with the next to last step of our home remodel and my sweet DH and I can not even come close to agreeing on the color of the wood floors. I love contrast, light and dark (I want a black bamboo floor) he wants to stay safe and go mid tone, I hope we can somehow come to a compromise that makes us both happy.

  15. Image for Angie Angie

    What time is dinner served? We have Mac n cheese almost daily at our house. My youngest informed me that it's officially a vegetable. Hmmm. I dunno about that, but I do know that your kitchen is awesome. Thanks for sharing another gorgeous space. Angie

  16. Image for Vanessa Vanessa

    Oh....swoon...I found myself sighing happily as I looked through these photos of your gorgeous kitchen Karianne! I totally agree with you that you shouldn't bother coming up with some amazing food concoction when it is only going to pale in comparison to all of those beautiful details. ;-) If I bring over a box of Mac-n-cheese can I come hang out in there with you? Vanessa

  17. Image for dee dee dee dee

    I'd be more than hapy to join you for mac and cheese in your fabulous kitchen anyday! And if the Barefoot Contessa join you for tea. count me in too! dee dee

  18. Image for BethM@Under A Pile of Scrap! BethM@Under A Pile of Scrap!

    Well, let me tell ya. You can't have a kitchen THAT pretty and use it too - unless you have staff! LOL! I'm not a gourmet cook, but do a lot of home cooking and my kitchen is never that pretty or even that tidy. I'm going to have to go check out your outdoors now that I've seen someone else mention that.

  19. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    There's my favorite kitchen!!!...Giada and "the lady with bare feet" would be honored to sit in your kitchen, have a cup of tea, and watch you make the "real mac and cheese".....the number one food group of all kids...so as you continue to make the highly acclaimed number one food group, you can also be rest assured you are making it in the "number one kitchen".... Your kitchen screams, "come sit with me and have some tea"......

  20. Image for Sileandal Sileandal

    Gorgeous! Where did you get the drum lamp shades? I want to do this with my crystal chandelier, but couldn't find lamp shades the right size.

  21. Image for Barbara F Barbara F

    I'm running out of adjectives to use when I want to comment about your home. Let me just say that your kitchen is one of the most beautiful I've seen! I never knew whites and creams could look so spectacular together!

  22. Image for Angie @ Beneath the Magnolias Angie @ Beneath the Magnolias

    Karianne, Mac n cheese and chicken nuggets are a food group here. I can't watch Giada because she's too beautiful to look at and I only watch Barefoot Contessa when I can see good shots of her barn kitchen and garden. I LOVE your kitchen. I'm am going to make myself paint my cabinets white! It's makes your kitchen so bright, yet cozy! All of your dishes and antique finds are so beautiful. It gives the room personality. :) Angie :)

  23. Image for Lisa@budgetdesigngirl.blogspot.com Lisa@budgetdesigngirl.blogspot.com

    ***SIGH*** I love your beautiful white kitchen! The new website looks fantastic too! You've been busy as usual, my friend! I would love to sit in that kitchen for some girl chats! Love the hutch, and the bunny on top, with the old salvage iron on the wall. So pretty! Hope you had a nice Easter with the family! xo-Lisa

  24. Image for CAS CAS

    Well, your kitchen looks a heck of lot more impressive than any macaroni n' cheese I've ever seen! And as for "hot dog pot pie," when The Man & I were first married, we called it "Weener Bean Pot".....lol! It is truly beautiful & would be wonderful to cook in if you should decided you wanted to do that! CAS

  25. Image for Whitney @ Drab to Fab Design Whitney @ Drab to Fab Design

    Your kitchen is so bright and cheery and I'd probably spend hours just sitting at that table. Actually I remember you saying that's where you write all your posts....I'd do the same thing! Who cares about gourmet cooking when you have a kitchen like your's!! :)

  26. Image for Jen Jen

    I adore your kitchen, hot dogs and macaroni or whatever is coming out of it. Can you come over and redo mine? LOL. One day.... Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  27. Image for Deborah Deborah

    You could serve me macaroni and cheese Every. Single. Meal. in that kitchen and I wouldn't even care! I love the whole thing. The trim over those windows is gorgeous...and the wood topped island...and those high glass cabinets...and, and, and. You're macaroni and cheese is delicious. ;)

  28. Image for Vanessa Vanessa

    Hi, Karianne I am in love with your kitchen. Every detail you have put into the kitchen is just amazing and I would love just to spend hours in there. LOL Just lovely. Have a Bless week. Vanessa

  29. Image for Kelly @ View Along the Way Kelly @ View Along the Way

    This is different from my kitchen, where we regularly make gourmet meals. (Except for us, going gourmet means adding some frozen spinach, extra cheese and salt and pepper to the box of mac-n-cheese.) As long as it's not exactly as the box recipe states, it's gourmet.

  30. Image for emily@thefrenchhutch emily@thefrenchhutch

    Wow, you have kids and a kitchen that looks like this……..amazing! Your kitchen is so GORGEOUS! Such a lovely blog, i look forward to taking the tour. Happy belated Easter to you too……… ~Emily The French Hutch

  31. Image for Karen Karen

    Hi Karianne Absolutely beautiful I used your dresser as inspiration for decorating mine. Please come and visit the candles are lite. Kind Regards Karen

  32. Image for Barb @ Grits and Glamour Barb @ Grits and Glamour

    KariAnne - what can I say but I am just drooling over your kitchen. I have always wanted an older farmhouse and yours is the perfect example. What a blessing. But, your personal touches is what makes this home so special. You have a definite decor and I just LOVE it. I agree, its just a matter of time before some magazine comes a knocking at your door. In fact, I know the Editor of Country Woman magazine where my kitchen was featured and I am going to write her and tell her she doesn't know what she is missing out on. LOL Who needs to eat in this kitchen when you can just stare and breath it all in. aaaaaagh

  33. Image for katherine katherine

    Your kitchen is gorgeous. It look like that with four kids! You rock!! Okay off to take the house tour. xo leaving a comment from my other blog today :-)

  34. Image for Laura Laura

    I am having the sense that at any moment Giada will be swooping into your kitchen just for the pleasure of cooking in that beautiful space :)

  35. Image for Karena Karena

    Wow KariAnne I adore Everything about your kitchen; everywhere you look there is something special!! Can you share your fave Macaroni and Cheese recipe? I hope you will come see my Annie Sloan Projects revealed! xoxo Karena Art by Karena

  36. Image for Kelly Kelly

    I love your kitchen! It's so open and airy and cozy at the same time. I love that it's not a "cookie cutter" kitchen. I guess that's what you get when you renovate an old farmhouse. You get fabulous charm. My kitchen has been known as a macaroni and cheese kitchen from time to time too. My husband cooks great and I will sometimes bake, but we don't have special gourmet skills going on in our kitchen either. I think I would need a stove/oven upgrade then. Ha!

  37. Image for Cindy Cindy

    I love your kitchen, it is one of the prettiest in Blog Land! Have you continued to bake bread? Now that you know how, you should keep it up. I love cooking and baking and can't imagine someone not enjoying it, but that's okay! We still love you! Hugs, Cindy

  38. Image for Sonya Sonya

    Hi, Karianne! I loved this tour of your kitchen! Absolutely beautiful! Once, when visiting my parents in NC (with lots of siblings and cousins around), my husband asked me "Why are we having macaroni and cheese with every meal?" I hadn't even realized it! It's just a staple! You know if anyone doesn't like what's on the menu they'll eat the mac and cheese! Enjoy your weekend!

  39. Image for Des Des

    Your kitchen is sooooooo beautiful..... I just adore your plate rack!!!! I have complete kitchen envy since mine is so itsy bitsy!!!! LOL Have a great weekend :o) ~Des

  40. Image for Betsy(@coastal-colors) Betsy(@coastal-colors)

    This is a dream kitchen! It's gorgeous Your Bingo cards and Bingo pillow are awesome! Your kitchen is the perfect place for Mac and Cheese and hotdog pie! I also love the Barefoot Contessa! I would hope she would do the cooking for me!

  41. Image for Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy

    hello my talented friend! I was just taking a minute to re-visit your kitchen.... if only I could come over and drool over every detail in real life! Buttt since I am excitedly planning and plotting for my new {first} house.... I am going crazy over lighting.... and I really really like yours, any chance you remember where it is from?? :) thank you!!!! Jaime

  42. Image for Alycia Nichols Alycia Nichols

    Hi! I am a tablescaping buddy of Shirley's (Housepitality Designs), dropping by after reading her mention of your famous hot dog pie. I came over in search of the recipe. Couldn't find it, but am so glad to have made the trip so as to see this gorgeous, pristene kitchen!!! And you have 4 kids there at home?!??!?!!! Wow! You get the "Clean Mommy of the Year" award!!! :-) This is a kitchen I could latch onto for life!!! Between the all white palette, the dish pantry (with a pocket door, isn't it?!??!), the lovely hutch (love the feet on it!), the chandliers (bling in the kitchen...gotta love it!) and those cool windows, I think I passed out 2 or 3 times!!! Just fabulous!!!!!!!!!! This is an inspiration to start saving my pennies so that we can get the conversion to our kitchen sooner than later! An all-white kitchen just LOOKS cleaner all the time, not to mention that it is just plain ol' pretty!!! Glad to have popped over here!

  43. Image for Betsy(@coastal-colors) Betsy(@coastal-colors)

    Congratulations on being a finalist!!!! I'm so excited for you! I just saw this on Whisper Woods' Facebook page! Good luck!!! Fingers and toes crossed and prayers going up!

  44. Image for Misti @ Living on Cypress Hill Misti @ Living on Cypress Hill

    I love macaroni and cheese! Actually, Velveeta shells and cheese is my favorite. My friend makes hers from scratch. Mine, a box. And I bet mine are just as good as hers. Other people find it funny though.... cause I'm always getting "you look just like Paula Deen." (I don't know what they're talking about.) Anyway, it's very disappointing to them that I do NOT like to cook. Now I'm not saying I WON'T make simple recipes, but I do NOT enjoy it. Therefore, I think your macaroni kitchen should set up a play date with my "macaroni" kitchen. Because if that's all we have going on in there... they're probably a little bored. Whatcha say? :)

  45. Image for natalie malan natalie malan

    Love your blog! I have a similar wall color and I'm trying to pick a color to paint my grandmother-in-law's hutch, do you happen to know the color of yours? Thanks so much in advance! Love it all!

  46. Image for Nancy Christian Nancy Christian

    Oh my....your kitchen, your house...they are amazing! You have 4 children and can actually keep the house that clean??? My hat's off to you there....LOVE the color combos...white and cream? Whatever the scheme, it works....Ah yes, I can smell the mac and cheese now!

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