In OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD weather news, we are sitting here in SEVEN inches of SNOW at the house today?

And did I mention that I’m in TEXAS! It’s a February miracle.

And in other amazing February news? Did you know most of my house is on sale?

Happy President’s Day.

I love it when that happens.

And the best part?

It means I can answer all of the e-mail questions you send me with the word SALE in my answer.

Have I ever mentioned how happy I am that you e-mail me?


I love when I open my inbox and see an e-mail in my inbox from you. My heart skips a beat and I start smiling.

Most of the e-mails are all about paint colors and things that you see in the house that you want to know where they came from. So today I thought it might be fun to answer those questions. I thought it might be fun for you all to see what some other friends like in the house and see if you might like it, too. Today I’m sharing all the finds and where they came from.

BECAUSE IT’S ALL ON SALE right now for President’s Day.

Grab a cup of coffee and come shop the house with me.

Q: Where did you get that rug in your living room?

This is the NUMBER one e-mail that I get.

Which is good because I love this rug so much.

And brace yourself.

Because this rug? An 8′ x 10′ is on sale for only $121.03 (the CHEAPEST I’ve ever seen it) at Walmart.

You can see it here.

Q: Where did you get the coffee table in your living room?

This is the coffee table that I never knew that I needed.

I love it in this room because it opens up the space and you can see the rug pattern through it.

It came from Walmart.

And it’s on sale right now for only $110.

You can see it here.

Q: Where did you get the blue and white striped chairs in your living room?

This is the second asked for item in my home.

I LOVE these chairs (I have six of them in different colors).

The legs are super authentic looking. They are comfortable and there’s not a back cushion, so they always look neat.

They come in khaki, black, green and blue.

Almost every time I post them they sell out. They are back in stock now and they are on sale today for under $250.

You can see them here.

That bar cart behind the chairs? It’s at Walmart, too.

You can see it here.

Q: Where did you get the tufted couches in your living room?


I bought them three years ago and they still look just like this.

They’ve been sold out for over six months, but in AMAZING news?

They are back in stock at Walmart.

You can see them here.

photo credit: Kenna Lynn Photography

Q: Where did you get the rug in your dining room?

This rug goes with EVERYTHING!

It’s the perfect rug to balance a dark wall color like this SW Naval.

The rug is on sale today. An 8′ x 10′ is under $125.

You can see it here.

Q: Where did you get the glass lamp beside the bed in the room with the wood ceiling?

This is one of my most pinned rooms of all time.

I took the picture at a local showhouse.

I fell in love with that lamp, but I couldn’t find the original source, so I found one that’s super similar.

It’s only $65.99 over on Wayfair.

You can see it here.

Q: Where did you get the bedding in this room?

I love, love, LOVE how the designers layered the bedding in this room.

I don’t know the sources of the original, but I found bedding that is super similar.

You can see the quilt here and it’s on sale today.

Q: Where did you get the rug in your office?

This rug is AMAZING. It’s such an incredible value for the price.

It comes in this color as well as blue and white, too.

You can see it on sale here starting at $54.37.

Q: Where did you get the wood stools in your kitchen?

The best part of that question?

They come in so many different colors and options.

They aren’t on sale (yet), but they were SUCH a good buy and I found the best price at HomeDepot. I shopped all over and ended up finding TWO of these barstools for the price I was going to pay for one.

You can see them here.

Q: Where do you find all your whiteware platters?

I collect them from everywhere.

Yard sales, thrift stores, the attic, my mother’s attic.

If you want to start your own collection, I found this one that’s super affordable.

They are on sale right now and you can get two for under $35.

See the platter here.

Q: Where did you get the planters on your porch?

I can’t say enough about these planters.

They are the PERFECT planter for spring.

They have a false bottom that moves up and down to accommodate your plants.

They come in different colors and they were originally $99, but I just found them here for $69.

I hope you had fun touring and shopping today.

You can see the rest of my home resources on my Shop My House page here and you can shop my favorite home decor finds here.

I would be more than happy to source anything for you, too, so if you have any questions about anything else?

You know I’m just an e-mail away.

PS Here’s a picture of the house in the snow.

Can you even believe this is TEXAS? 🙂

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  1. Image for Julie Julie

    KariAnne, your home looks great in snow! =) Here in a Chicago suburb we've been having our share lately. Hubby and I shoveled the driveway/walk this morn only to have more snow coming down when coming in. It's definitely become our morning routine and form of exercise!! I know it's surreal for Texas to get snow. My sister/dad live in north central Arkansas and my sister was shocked to find inches of snow when she woke this morn. Go out and build that snowman or enjoy from the inside of the comfort of your home and a fireplace burning........... =)

  2. Image for Elizabeth Elizabeth

    Your house looks beautiful in the snow! I'm from Ontario, Canada and we've got a heavy snowfall warning for tonight and tomorrow.

  3. Image for Renee Bayes Renee Bayes

    KariAnne, You should be a spokesperson for Walmart! You make your rooms look so expensive on a very low budget. And your home looks beautiful in the snow. Here in VA, we are finally melting from a big ice storm.

  4. Image for Carol in Texas Carol in Texas

    I had no idea Walmart carried such furniture items......I gather you shop online there. I am curious where you are in Texas. I live in outside a small central Texas town where our temp this morning was 0! You are right.....this is NOT typical Texas winter! We had our SECOND snowfall! We hardly ever have snow, and certainly not that blankets the ground. Your home is lovely and you are great to share your shopping finds. All it takes is good taste! Money cannot buy that.

    1. Image for Vicky Vicky

      Do you use rug pads under the Living Room rugs, if so what thickness do you use? Love all the items you’ve featured today, of course they were highlighted by your beautiful and unique style of decorating!!!

  5. Image for Rebecca Hackman Rebecca Hackman

    Hi KariAnne, I love all the things you have in your home that actually come from Walmart. Although I'm currently not in the market for any new furnishings, I'll certainly keep that in mind. I just had to tell you several months ago you told us about the best mascara and I ordered some (from Amazon) and did not use it until yesterday and wow, you are so right!! I'm smitten. lol. Thank you for giving your opinion on these things that we need to know about. BTW, we are in southern Indiana bracing for 8-12 inches of snow starting late this afternoon. And we already have about five inches!

  6. Image for Regina Rudd Merrick Regina Rudd Merrick

    Love your snow pic!! So, so pretty!! We got about 2 inches last night (on top of the ice we got last week), and it's picking up again! Expecting up to a foot!! Sounds like a good day to brainstorm a book and look out the window! :) Thanks for the tips!

  7. Image for Sally Kirk Sally Kirk

    Yay! Thank you for the wonderful info! I went on each site and saved them all as favorites. Now, I just need a house to fill. God is asking us to wait and trust Him. (Patience is NOT my strength). So happy for you and the snow. I am missing it in Indiana and love getting snowed in, but only rain here in Chattanooga. Have a fantastic day!

  8. Image for Carol@BlueskyatHome Carol@BlueskyatHome

    Can you believe we have this much snow in Texas!! And it’s so darn cold. Question about the rug, which is so pretty. I rarely buy things for our home without seeing it in person; I did buy an entry rug at Wayfair. I've never bought anything like that at Walmart. If it doesn't work, can you return it?

  9. Image for Tami Tami

    I finally bought the rug!!! I absolutely love it and it's so soft underfoot !!! Thanks for showing us affordable options! I'm in Florida, so I really enjoy the snow pictures! Our temperature is 82 feels like 90!

  10. Image for Kris Kris

    Your house is pretty in the snow. I know you don't love winter once Christmas is done but I hope you are finding a way to enjoy your unusual weather. We are having a rare glimpse of the sun in west Michigan today and it sure is cheery.

  11. Image for Cristie Morton Cristie Morton

    You've out done yourself today, girl‼️ I went ahead and ordered the planters Because I've wanted them ever since you showed the first time. And although we are also knee deep in Snow and - 6 degrees here in Kansas City.. I know Spring will come and I'll be all ready to put my Geraniums out in my New Planters ‼️

  12. Image for kim kim

    Hi Karianne, there is no doubt we all love your style and want your whole house, but the 1 thing I want well no I am not being truthful I want it all but I really love your dining chairs. They arent on here :( Oh well maybe they will be next time. Have a great day Kim

  13. Image for Lauren S Lauren S

    Your home always looks so pretty. I have long admired your dining room chairs. I did see them on Wayfair but my question is, are yours the blue stripe or the arctic blue stripe?

  14. Image for Carrie Carrie

    Ordering the blue/white carpet (again!) we love it!! Thank you! Love the blue skies and snowy yard, too. Stay safe!

  15. Image for Gina Gina

    The house looks amazing with snow!!! I would be tempted to take a photo with a Christmas wreath and use it as a future Christmas card. And p.s. Happy Birthday 😊

  16. Image for Teresa Teresa

    I ordered two of the khaki chairs today. We are restoring our guest home after Hurricane Sally and needed smaller sized chairs and my husband even liked them too. Can't wait for them to arrive! I love your rug too with the brown and white raised design. It's on my future radar.

  17. Image for Dee Turk Dee Turk

    Mascara question aside, I just love it when you provide these resources! Seriously, it makes finding things you love so much easier! Thanks so much for sharing!


    Oh! My! KariAnne! Snow in Texas is unbelievable! Are you enjoying it?! The picture of your house and the snow is amazing! We usually winter in South Padre Island and I can remember the second year we were there, we had snow in January! We couldn't believe it! Even the bridge was closed between the island and Port Isabel for 2 days! We took pictures of all the snow to send back home. Everyone said: "You should have just stayed home and enjoyed all the snow here!" It melted in a few days. The restaurants and shops on the island were all closed. It was really something! Thanks for sharing all your items in your gorgeous home with us! I only wish we were in Texas so we could cash in on some of these sales! Your home is so beautiful, KariAnne and you always have so much to share with us! Thanks for taking all the time to do the research for us! We are still in lockdown mode here due to covid but hopefully, things will start opening up soon! Have a great week.

  19. Image for Teresa Teresa

    KariAnne, I have always admired your blue/white decor and the rug is is the icing on the cake! However, I really love the the two navy and white pillows you have on each striped chair and wonder if you share where you found them? Yes, its a strange sight to see this kind of winter weather in Texas all the way down to El Paso with single digit weather. I have friends in Irving, TX outside of Dallas and they just got back power this morning after being without for almost 24 hours. We had a major ice storm in central VA this past weekend and it was a mess. So many trees down everywhere! We lost power for a few hours but so many were out for over a day and some in more rural areas still dont have power. Stay warm my friend and think Spring!

  20. Image for Laura Dalton Laura Dalton

    Thank you! For taking the time to share all this info. I love your sofas also (and am thrilled to hear that you do too, even 3 years later). The website says beige but yours look like a creamy off white or ivory (which is what I'm looking for). How would you describe them? Thanks again for all you do and share.

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