Looking for cozy window seat ideas? Here are the cutest (and super affordable) pillow covers I just discovered.

We have a window seat on the landing at our home and here’s how we transformed it with a few budget decorating options. Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive to look high-end.

window bench decor

I found these pictures from when we first bought the house back. It looks so different now that I had totally forgotten it used to look like this.

I forgot about what the window seat used to look like without the roman shades.

I forgot that the walls used to be white.

And I forgot all about those cushions.

When I was younger I sat on these cushions in this window seat with books and snow cones and hopes and dreams…

…and watched the seasons pass.

Summer would roll by with its fluffy white clouds and blue skies and lazy afternoons.

Fall tiptoed in with its crisp afternoons and tumbling leaves and pumpkin spice smells.

Winter blew past the windows in a brilliant blast of cold air and gray skies.

Spring arrived with tiny flowers and chirping birds and green grass that smelled like a picnic was just around the corner.

I saw it all.

All from my view out the window.

window bench decor ideas

Before I get to how we transformed this window seat nook on the landing?

Let’s talk through a few things to consider for this space.

Here are a few of my favorite window seat decorating ideas:

  1. Fluff it up: Add a little cozy to the space by adding some fluffy cushions. Mix and match different textures and colors to give your space some personality. Show a little of your personality with some quirky throw pillows with pom poms and tassels.
  2. Storage: Don’t let your window seat go to waste. Incorporate some extra storage solutions by adding drawers or shelves underneath. Now you can keep all your linens and extra bedding in one place. I have all mine organized into tubs inside our window seat. I access mine with lift up tops.
  3. Curtain and roman shades: Want to add a little extra to your window seat? Hang up some curtains or drapes. I made no sew roman shades for this space. You can see how I made them here.
  4. Add a side table: Need a spot to set your snacks and electronics while you enjoy the view? Add a table or tray to your window seat.
  5. Plant Party: Bring some life to your window seat with some indoor greenery. Pick out some low-maintenance plants that love natural light, like a chill succulent or a laid-back spider plant. We have a hook at the top of our window seat that I can hang hanging plants from.
window bench decor cushions

Here’s where we started with our window seat decor makeover. These were the exact cushions I sat on when I read every Nancy Drew book I could check out from the library.

They didn’t always look like this—kind of flat like cushion pancakes. They were fuller and plumper and cushionier.

But over the years, somewhere along the way they shrunk.

Maybe it was all the sitting. And dreaming. And hoping. And Nancy Drew reading that made them flat like this.

It wasn’t their fault.  Really.  They couldn’t help it.  There was a lot of cushion throwing and sitting and drinking a drink that spilled or accidentally rips with a notebook.

And then there was the whole flipping-them-over-thing in the hope your mother would never notice.

window bench decor stairs

When we first bought the house back from the family my mother sold it to and I walked up these stairs—it was incredible.  I walked up the first flight and paused and looked out this window.  I couldn’t believe it.

It was as if time had never passed.

Like I was about to run downstairs for breakfast.

Like I forgot my backpack in my room.

Like my friends were about to show up in the driveway and honk.

I wanted to honor it all.

All the seasons.

All the sitting on that window bench.

All the dreaming and life-living and hoping and planning and cushion throwing.

So now after living in the house for a couple of years?

window bench decor pillows

|| quatrefoil pillow covers || down alternative inserts ||

window bench decor pillow covers

window seat ideas landing
window seat ideas seating

Cozy Window Seat Ideas

This window seat landing looks like this.

We painted the walls Sandbar SW 7547.

We added the new runner that wraps all the way up the stairs with the cutest stair rods.

I made these no-sew roman shades that are SO EASY.

And I had new cushions made for the window bench decor. Those other cushions had lived a life other cushions only dream of, but it was time for a change.

window seat ideas pillows
window seat ideas quatrefoil pillow

|| quatrefoil pillow covers || down alternative inserts ||

I just found these 20″ x 20″ pillow covers online at Walmart.

They are SO BEAUTIFUL. Can you see the detail on them? They are raised quatrefoils with woven cotton that creates the prettiest dimension on the pillow cover. They come in this cream and oatmeal color combination and two other colors, too.

And the best part?

They are 22 x 22 (and SO AFFORDABLE for the size). It’s such a great size to make a pillow statement and perfect for a window seat or bench or even Euro shams on a bed. They have a zipper closure on the bottom.

You can see them here.

I added these pillow inserts to them as a great down alternative.

window seat ideas roman shades

window seat ideas bench

|| XO XO pillow || tufted bench (similar) ||

|| quatrefoil pillow covers || down alternative inserts ||

Here’s a close-up of the window seat from yesterday. It’s like time stood still (except it got a little better).

Same place.

Same landing.

The cushions are new again.  I had them remade from drop cloths and stuffed new thick, cushiony, fluffy foam.

With these amazing new pillow covers.

And now once again….

….the window seat is ready.

Ready for cozy pillows and sweet tea and dancing sunlight and lazy afternoons.

Ready for a new chapter.


I’ve got the books lined up. 🙂

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  1. Image for Kathy Menold Kathy Menold

    Have always wanted a window seat but alas it was never to be. Love the story of yours and the redo you did.Only one question. Where do all those pillows go when one wants to curl up with a good book?

  2. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    What a great place for a beautiful window seat. I would love a window seat but not possible so I will just admire yours. So pretty, so many memories.

  3. Image for Patricia Patricia

    Sigh, I love a window bench. I have my own version, a three sided niche with windows on two sides. I found a wrap-around sectional that fits the space perfectly (with room for a large book case stuffed with mysteries. My couch is beige with blue and white pillows in different patterns. I know you've gone blue and white again on the first floor. Do you ever dream of it sneaking up the stairs? What am I saying! You're KariAnne. Change is always in your future.

  4. Image for Diana Clark Diana Clark

    I have a window seat to work on also. I considered making the bottom part storage but it is a 100+ home and there would be insulation etc involved. I can tell there is nothing between it and the outside wall. It is not a priority right now so I have time to dream. Thanks for the ideas.

  5. Image for Jean Fettig Jean Fettig

    Love the look and love the pillows even more. Could you tell me where you got the pillow cover for the one furthest to the left in the pictures...cream dot raised vertical pattern on a darker back? The link only goes to the quatrafoil covers. Thank you.

  6. Image for Kris Kris

    I can only dream of a window seat. Sigh. But it's good to know that Walmart has pillow covers. There are a couple of covers under the Bird Song collection that I'm thinking about now. Hmmmmm.

  7. Image for Kay Roberts Kay Roberts

    It’s a great cozy place..I would love one…but I think its too mundane and needs a little pizzazz..that’s just me though..and that being said, I love your beautiful home.


    Such great memories, KariAnne! You have made this window seat look so pretty with the addition of those beautiful pillows. I'm sure there will be many more great memories made here as time goes by. I always enjoy seeing the changes you make to your beautiful home. Have a wonderful week! Thanks for sharing with us!

  9. Image for Toni Toni

    I love the new look and fabrics. My only concern is that with so many pillows it doesn’t look inviting to sit on? Am I the only one? Other than that, your taste is always impeccable!

  10. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    KA, you do your childhood home justice, my friend. You took that awesome nook to a whole new level. I love you have those forever memories. ♥

  11. Image for Carol Carol

    Such a small thing but the cushions and pillows make such a difference. Those pillows are everything. Where can you have cushions remade and what would we expect to pay for them. My dtr just had a bench built in eating area but no cushions yet but I think she will need them.

  12. Image for Atesh Stahl Atesh Stahl

    Can you share who made the seat cushions please? I will need some made when I have my banquette made! 😀

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