I know this looks like a room with accents of purple and a couple of nail-head chairs and wicker ottoman and a plum colored coffee table that would have looked so much better with a wood-grained top if I were brilliant enough to make one….

….but it’s not.

It’s a lesson.

A lesson that I know…..that I talk about all the time….that I’m always telling others to do.

But somehow….when it really mattered….I forgot.



And so I told myself….self….teach thyself.

A little lesson that looks like this.


You see….when I was planning the room and designing it in my mind…I was fresh off a round of Christmas decorating with the glitter and the tinsel and all that stuff…covering every square inch of the room.

And my heart longed for simple.

No fuss.

No frills.

Definitely no glitter.

Simple and without a lot of color or pattern…..or stuff.

A room that didn’t use an outside voice.


And so I shopped the house and added the tiniest bit of purple with some flowers and a little paint and a few fabric swatches and when I finished….I sat back in my simple non-pattern, non-over-the-top color room in all its simplicity….

….and I didn’t like it.


I know.

Are you rolling your eyes yet?

You see….I’m a pattern and graphic and bold and full-of-life girl.

I wear red lipstick.

I talk in an outside voice all the time.


And then I realized….in my haste to be simple and classic and a little non-color….

…I forgot the most important decorating lesson of all.

Be true to yourself.

You see….you can copy rooms out of magazines or blogs or your best friend’s house or a mansion on the Champes-Elysees…

…but it won’t feel like home unless you put YOU into it.

If you love doilies and they just published an entire article on the fact that doilies are so 1990….

….doily up your house any way.

If you love pink with orange and your mother-in-law tells you those colors do not go together…

….cover your house in pink and orange any way.

If you like stumps or plastic tables or exit signs or 50 clocks on a wall and no one else agrees with your design choices….

….design it anyway.


Be inspired by others….yes.

Read magazines and blogs for inspiration….of course.

But there is only one you.

And you are amazing and wonderful and fantastic and definitely one-of-a-kind….

….a total rock star.

And your home should truly be a reflection of you.


And I climbed down off my soap box just in time to rework the room with a little more color and pattern.

Here’s a few fabric changes.

I think we all can agree that while the burlap curtain are amazing….I needed some more pattern on those curtains.


And a little more pop of color on the chairs and the sofa.

I like the both of these options.

But the first is….well….a little too little.

And the second is….well….a little too much.


But this one?

This one is just right. 🙂

The moral of the story….surround yourself with things that make you happy.

Things you love.

Things that make your heart smile….and your home will be perfect….

….just like you. 🙂

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  1. Image for Kris Kris

    You know, I think you'd be really happy moving next door to me and giving me encouragement. :) THANK YOU for what you said today. We did a kitchen renovation this past fall and now that things are back in order and the dust has settled, I am working on the "fun" stuff, mostly window treatments. I played around with burlap/drop cloth ideas and, well, they were just too bland. I love how they look in other people's homes, but they just.aren' It's a white kitchen and needs a little (but not too much!) kick, ya know what I mean? So I'm getting brave and have bought a tablecloth from Target in a pattern I love and am going to try a diy window cornice (with foam core boards). Wish me luck.

  2. Image for BrocanteuseRose BrocanteuseRose

    Yay for color, pattern and talking in our outside voices! I love all the options but the second and third one are my favorites.

  3. Image for myforeverchanginghome myforeverchanginghome

    I really needed to hear this today. I feel like a hodge podge decorator. I get stuck!!! on certain things. I painted my walls a blue gray, so happy with the color. I want to use green accents. Easy enough, but I have this whole gallon of green paint that I keep trying to use (because I bought it a while back and I have it) but its not the right color, I don't love it.... a 25 dollar gallon of paint is stopping me dead in my tracks. After reading this post and hearing myself type this nonsense, I'm putting the paint back in the cabinet and I'm heading to Lowes for a new perfect GREEN gallon of paint. Duh.

  4. Image for Suzan Suzan

    Amen !!! I keep telling all my friends that - they keep saying they don't know what their " style " is - and I keep telling them it's already there - your home is your style !!! And you my friend - are one stylin' red lipstick wearing girl ! XOX

    1. Image for Mary Mary

      Hi Suzan, When people tell me they don't know their style, I tell them to try not to put a label on it & just use/buy what they love.

  5. Image for Robin Stephens Robin Stephens

    "Love" is The Rule I follow, too! The things that get my (few) dollars better be the things that I love....not like....not like a lot.....but love. If I don't love it when I buy it, I'm never going to love it. Yep, learned that the hard way. Several times. Okay, many times. Sigh. Thanks, Mz Very Good Advice Giver Blogger. You're always spot on; I *love* it! ;-)

  6. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Exactly! Perfect! We must express ourselves! Couldn't have said it better myself! I can't wait to see the room all "Karianne'd" out...or should that say "Thistled" out? ;)

  7. Image for

    Yes indeed, I just bought a wonky, over the top, chippy white iron 8 candle candelabra AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It is oddly & proudly sitting on the coffee table. Every time I walk by the living room it makes me smile. Be YOU everyone else is taken anyway!!

  8. Image for Lisa Rogers Lisa Rogers

    I am so happy you went back and took another look. I was confused by the window treatments….didn't seem to go with the "mood." Goes without saying that you rock girl. Keep up the good work!

  9. Image for Gee Gee

    Thank you... thank you Karianne! I just had a LONG conversation with my sister about this yesterday. That it is ok to be inspired by others, but your home has to reflect you. Now that I have back up.. I will forward this to her :) Hugs, Gee

  10. Image for angela@spinachtiger angela@spinachtiger

    I agree totally, which is my house looks like no other in this suburb. As a former faux finisher, I was able to tranform rooms in ways most people can't just by doing expensive wall texture. Having said that, I love the first room you showed, the simplicity, the peacefulness and the order. My idea of changing it would be to put a grey venetian plaster or lusterstone and while subtle it would bring depth. But your point is well taken. Rooms with personality. So often missing here in the South, as one person's living room looks like everyone else's. I hope you are changing that.

  11. Image for Becky Becky

    I couldn't agree more and incorporate a funky mix of things I love, trendy or not. I love that you always use an outside voice...sigh, same here and I have been told my whole life to talk quieter. I am using this outside voice line for now on. Have a fabulous day!

  12. Image for Heather Heather

    Thank you! When I saw your original "purple" post I was very confused by the room. Having read your blog for a while now that room just didn't seem "right". Seemed like you'd headed off in a direction I wasn't expecting or excited about - and I'm alwasy excited about your posts. I kept looking back at the before yellow and grey room and I liked it more - it was more YOU. Love your new plan. The curtains are SO much better - they make the whole room sing. Glad you decided to change it.

  13. Image for Sandy Sandy

    Simply LOVE this room! I must have a metal (or wood) band ball like yours. Did you make it? Where can I find one please?? Very very lovely! Thank you!

  14. Image for Shelley @ Calypso in the Country Shelley @ Calypso in the Country

    So true! I actually became even more aware of that while decorating my son's room. I had all these grand plans and he was like - but I just want "my stuff". His "stuff" is what makes the room unique to him. We all need to remember our own personalities and try not to get caught up in what we "should" do! Great post! -Shelley

  15. Image for Jane Jane

    Need I add to the long list of "Thank You's"? YES! You always have the right touches of everything in your rooms and I missed the patterns in this makeover. You give me courage to add some to my ho hum never to be finished living room! And the comments...I am SO glad to hear I'm not the only one who needed a push! XO, Jane

  16. Image for Pat Pat

    Hi, I want you to know how much I enjoy your blog and getting the emails. Your words of encouragement, humor and love of family are so encouraging. My little home is a small apartment, but it makes me happy. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  17. Image for Heather Heather

    I totally agree Karianne - it's so important to decorate our nests the way we each love to! Thumbs up on your third choice it's the perfect blend of large and small scale prints/patterns to add interest and you repeated the plum, grey and white colors throughout the space, as well, for a cohesive look! See you did follow the design 'rules'!!! Can't wait to see the gorgeous after photos!!! ~ Heather

  18. Image for Jessica Reichard Jessica Reichard

    Love this - what an absolute breath of fresh air! If we surround ourselves with the things that make us happy, I know I will smile more, feel more content in my home and will be very grateful for the things I have, rather than coveting the things I don't. Thanks for was great!

  19. Image for Martha Martha

    Glad to hear someone be brave and say it! I'm sitting here in my margarita green kitchen with lots of brightly colored Mexican plates and say I'm with you! I'm a bold color and pattern girl, too! I have to have a little pizzaz in my life! I think whatever makes you happy is what you should have in your home! Make it yours! Make every room different to please you! Love your decorating ideas and I think your posts are such fun to read! I have laughed out loud on many posts! You rock girl!

  20. Image for Kelly Kelly

    In my last home I had a tiny powder room that confounded and bored me to tears. I refused to put the typical staged cookie cutter props and pictures in there. So I decided to paint the walls a deep cherry red hi-gloss, the ceiling gold and covered the walls floor to ceiling with my collection of black framed New Orleans and New York restaurant menus from places I loved and my mom and I had collected over many years (some from the 60's). Every time I went in there it to me back to a little restroom downstairs in Mr. B's Bistro on Royal Street. My mom was appalled - you just can't put food and menus in a bathroom, it's just not right! Well, Mom was right about a lot, but not this. I think that was my fave room in the entire house. And guests always had something to read while they were in there :)

  21. Image for Betsy Betsy

    I have been struggling now for 3 weeks over this exact topic !! Our son and his family just bought a super gorgeous new home and that put me into a mode of blah !!! After looking at his home I came home to ours and just didn't like anything anymore. Keep in mind that we just did a total house remodel only 6 years ago. All of a sudden it seemed that I was second-guessing myself on everything. After some deep thought I realized that there was nothing wrong at all with our home. It is filled with everything that we love --- colors of rich blue, green, cream and white --- fabulous family antique furniture pieces in their original finishes -- a collection of old family quilts, dishes, crock bowls, antique sewing machines, etc. Our yard wins "Yard of the Month" every year -- it's filled with shrubs, roses, and annuals of every color. Our selections might not make magazine covers or be in agreement with designers BUT we feel blessed to have all that we do. We feel joy, contentment and love here. Our home is always filled with family and friends. What more could I ask for. Karianne you article really gave me great comfort today. I look forward to your blog each and every day.

  22. Image for Amy W. Amy W.

    Oh I could just've inspired me so!! You see..I am so challenged in this area of decorating, that I even thought to ask you if you can give me some tips (for a fee I'd pay of course) upon sending you a picture of my room/rooms in I'm so bare bones type of decorator!! I simple LOVE, ADMIRE, and ADORE the way you've done your house up!!! Thanks again for the most inspiring post!!!

  23. Image for Brandy @ The Prudent Homemaker Brandy @ The Prudent Homemaker

    So true. I wanted to make a change outside to the white garden. My husband tried to talk me into doing it another way, as he didn't like my way. But I held my ground, and I am SO HAPPY with the result. It just looked right to me, immediately. Now I need the vines to grow over the trellis where he put it for me, but it is what I wanted in the first place, and it feels so right. When it warms up again that trellis will be covered with roses and it will be beautiful.

  24. Image for Jill Jill

    Karianne, You rule! I am a true believer in being true to yourself and that's one of the things I love about you! I have always been described as a "unique individual!" My bedroom is painted the green color that you see in the woods so every morning when we wake up, it's kind of like glamping! Love your message! Rock On!!!

  25. Image for Maybelline Maybelline

    I love the burlap curtains but think I'd love some of the purple in the back of the shelves and some antique casters on the coffee table so it can be moved.

  26. Image for Sheila Sheila

    Yes, Yes, thine own self be true! A person's home is their cocoon, their castle, their safe place. Make it comfortable for the family psyche! Sheila, mykentuckyliving

  27. Image for Jo Jo

    What a lovely post!!! Well said and I must say, THANK YOU! I have been trying little by little over the past two years to start collecting home dĂ©cor, fabrics and things that reflect what I like and who I am. I am a vintage, shabby chic meets modern person. I am learning to ignore what others think and just start to make my home look a little bit more like MY Home. I truly loved your post, very inspirational and deep routed. Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Jo ♥ Jo's Scrap Shack ♥ ♥ Shop 3 Twenty Crafts Today ♥

  28. Image for Debbie @Dewdrop Gables Debbie @Dewdrop Gables

    This is a great post, karianne! And so true...something I think a lot of us forget when we try to get that magazine perfect room we dream of. I will be remembering this. Debbie :)

  29. Image for Rhonda Rhonda

    Thanks for the encouragement to listen to our hearts! While I adore your beautiful burlap curtains, I was also thinking they just weren't quite right for your new look. Love, love, love the addition of color and pattern and purple! My favorite? Room #1! Of course, I've learned you can only tell what fabric really looks like when it's in the actual room, and only you can see what looks best and what you like best! Enjoy the color!

  30. Image for Grammie of 5 Beauties Grammie of 5 Beauties

    But, but, but..... I absolutely fell IN LOVE with P. Kaufman's HIP BERRY print. One of my all time favs and it is so YOU! ....and so ME! Hey soul sister, best to rethink this room again. (BTW - my family is decorated in purple, turquoise, and gray so I'm feel pretty "in" right about now.

  31. Image for Marisa Franca Marisa Franca

    You are amazing!! Do you ever just say to yourself, " KariAnne, you are A-Mazing!" ? I loved your room before. I thought it was fantastic but you went ahead and out performed. TA DA!! Take a bow.

  32. Image for Karen Karen

    I covet those burlap curtains... but they just don't work in the room. I think you need a big, bold splash of solid purple. Maybe some purple velvet drapes... or a purple chair. Then add in patterns with throw pillows. I much prefer Sherwin Williams color of the year, Exclusive Plum over Pantone's Radiant Orchid.

  33. Image for

    Karianne - you always know exactly what to say! I am usually so traditional......but I want to walk to the end of the board and do a back-flip into the pool of color! I'm working on several rooms at one time, a bit overwhelmed, but I'm going for it! Keep sending those Vibes! The terrible weather outside is keeping me focused inside..... you rock girl!!! L.

  34. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Thanks for this reminder. It really hits home for me because I've been second guessing myself at every decision as I try to pump some life into our master bedroom. Great stuff!

  35. Image for Just Judy Just Judy

    I totally agree with you....whatever you like and makes you happy because you are the one who lives there and looks at it all the time. And you never know, your own individual taste can be the next trendsetter! Thanks for such an inspirational post! Judy

  36. Image for Yvonne Yvonne

    How do you just know what's on my mind right now? I've had the same basics for many years but want to add more color and nautical accents, folk art, and pattern. I need a genie to put all together in harmony but I'm working on it! Thanks for the inspiration again!

  37. Image for Garden, Home and Party Garden, Home and Party

    Karianne, It's taken me more years than I like to mention to allow myself the understanding that I will never truly be comfortable with _____ (fill in the blank) but only happy with the look and feel of things I love. Fortunately, since you shopped at home, it probably didn't cost you an arm and a leg to do the look, only to have to undo it later. Karen

  38. Image for Carolyn Vey Carolyn Vey

    Everything you do looks wonderful ! Keep what YOU think looks best, it only needs to make you and your family happy. What you do inspires others, THNAKS

  39. Image for Carmen Carmen

    I loved your first attempt, calming and soothing, but I love indoor voices even though I've been told mine is loud. But yes, I agree and you are so right--be yourself, don't try to mimic others or allow others to make you feel like you should change yourself or your style. I do love that you were true to yourself and admitted to us your dissatisfaction :o) We need more honest people in the world. Stay true...

  40. Image for Denise at Forest Manor Denise at Forest Manor

    Great post, Kari! Your writing always makes me smile. :) I liked the room the way you originally decorated it, but I always like the changes you made. The last picture definitely looks cheerful, yet classic, just like you. Sometimes it takes years to find our style, and when we do, I agree with you that we should stick to that. Our homes should be a reflection of us. Thanks for sharing! Big hugs, Denise

  41. Image for Leslie Anne @ Fairhope Supply Co. Leslie Anne @ Fairhope Supply Co.

    This is a topic close to my decorating heart. I love bright colors and I also love a house that really looks and feels like the owner. If I see a room that could be "anyone's" place, I'm bored. Give me some PIZAZZ!!! (unless of course, you have a quite all neutral personality, and God knows we need those folks too!)

  42. Image for Lisa Lisa

    So true! I don't want to "reside in a decorated house"...I want to LIVE in our HOME. Style on sisters...each in our own unique way! :-)

  43. Image for Nancy Nancy

    When I retired (after teaching for 35 years), I told myself that I wanted my home to say to me "ahhhh this is where you want to be". With that in mind, I gave away my country things and now love the beachy, cottage style that I have created. Of course I still have work to do, but I now have the time and energy to look for those things that are just right for my home. Also, thanks for telling us about the Waterlogue app. I got it and cannot stop telling people how much I love it.

  44. Image for Kris {Driven by DĂ©cor} Kris {Driven by DĂ©cor}

    I couldn't agree more - I love seeing beautiful, colorful rooms but I know that I'm a neutral girl at heart. It's what makes me feel at home so I go with it, even if I'm not "in" with the latest and greatest color crazes :)

  45. Image for amy watson amy watson

    But didn't really make those changes did you ? I mean it totally looks photo shopped...or something, I actually like the first "real" one the best...:) sorry I just do.

  46. Image for Tanya Tanya

    This sounds so familiar. However, I do the opposite and try to add color and pattern, then hate it. I agree that your third option looks good and if you need to get rid of those burlap curtains, I have some colorful stuff to trade...ha!

  47. Image for Krista @thehappyhousie Krista @thehappyhousie

    I totally GET this post- thanks so much for it KariAnne - after Christmas I was craving a little neutral too... (which to me involves blue) but once I added some color for V-day I realized that the color makes my heart sing... and I can't remove it from our (sometimes overly bold) home because it isn't truly me- no matter how much those creamy dreamy spaces look so calming. I'm not really into a calm zen life so why should my house be? I much prefer the energy of color. And that is the key- we all have to do what is right for US, for our own style. Thanks for saying it!

  48. Image for Robyn Robyn

    I thought I knew what my style was, but after reading this book and following the advice I found I was just following fashion. I now love being in my home.

  49. Image for Regina Merrick Regina Merrick

    Yes, the extra bit of pattern is beautiful! It's so true that when it's right, you just KNOW. It's like watching Say Yes to the Dress and they come out in gown after gown, picking them apart . . . Until the bride finds THE ONE. That is why I do not have curtains in my living room. One, I love my dark woodwork, and Two, I haven't been inspired. And no, I'm still not happy with that lamp table. Going shopping in my house NOW! Happy Snow Day AGAIN. Sigh. :)

  50. Image for karen@somewhatquirky karen@somewhatquirky

    Absolutely. There are so many designs that I see that I think are beautiful. But they are just not me. Does that mean I'm not beautiful? Hah! I never buy stuff just to decorate. I buy stuff I like and put it with other things that I like. It may not be special to anyone else, and they might think I'm well, quirky. But I can sit in my room and be happy.

  51. Image for Angela Angela

    Absolutely perfect! Like Goldilocks.....the first was too little, the second...too much and the third is just right! I love your burlap curtains but I must admit, I thought to myself.....she's gonna want pattern on those windows!! Way to go girl and being true to yourself! Now.....would you like to sell your burlap curtains??!!?? LOL!! (worth a shot!)~~Ang

  52. Image for Ashley Ashley

    Very very true! It's so easy to get sucked into the pictures you like on Pinterest and see in magazines. While it's easy, and might feel right in the moment, you are always happier in the end when you listen to yourself! : ) Great post, and loving the fabric changes : )

  53. Image for Anne Anne

    NOW THAT"S YOU......this makes me so happy...not like every blog out there..Your taste is impeccable and lovely....and gives me hope that not everything has to be white and burlap

  54. Image for Shelley Shelley

    We've been thinking about putting our house on the market, so we had a Realtor walk through...he asked: "What would you call this style of decorating? Eclectic???? I answered: "my style" I know things don't match...I'm not into that...I like the farm table and chandelier look...I like things to have character, if it looks perfect, then I'm not comfortable. I buy things I love and in turn feel the love and warm embrace of my home when I walk in after a long day... So go ahead and change those neutral curtains! Make them red lipstick worthy!!!

  55. Image for Karen Karen

    You are so right! Your home is your own only when you make it your own! Oh, and by the way...... can I buy your burlap curtains off of you? I LOVE them! :)

  56. Image for Kathy d Kathy d

    Oh my gosh, just read Shelley's comment. We have a real estate agent do that to us also. She told us to pick a style. I told her it was a style called eclectic. So aggravating.

  57. Image for Donna Donna

    I happen to love everything you do! Call me "simple", but I really loved the first room as I enjoy peaceful, calming, relaxing spaces. And, guess what, I happen to wear red lipstick all the time! You never disappoint and are so talented. Thank you for all your inspiration.

  58. Image for Elizabeth Elizabeth

    Hi KariAnne, It's true to thine own self be truest! I am currently enamored of the graphic patterns every where, but as soon as I try to bring them into my house I feel as though I am chasing the 'current' and not 'flowing' in my own stream! Thanks for the reminder, YOU rock.

  59. Image for Maureen Maureen

    I really loved this post. I've been making a lot of changes the last few months to our home. I've had friends who thought I should make different choices, so now, only my husband and I have a vote or input on those choices. Your post helped me to see, that after 3 years of horrendous losses, our home is becoming a healing home. It's inside voices time. It's becoming quiet, peaceful and, oh my gosh, comfortably elegant! That reflects what we need to step into each day at this time in our lives. I'm sure you would love what we've done to our little home. I love what you've done to yours. Thank you for all your sharing of home and heart, it always warms my day.

  60. Image for Christina Christina

    I 100% agree design has to speak to you. Especially in your own home! But I have to laugh because the first thing I thought was... "Those pleated top curtains I have to have them!" See Im on the hunt for some neutral curtains so please tell me where are the original burlap pleated top curtains from? The way they are gathered reminds me of the smock front dresses I use to wear as a little girl. They would be very classic but nostalgic curtains in my home lol. Any way I appload you for changing it up. I know im never afraid to but so many are. Post what the updated real version looks like soon! Thanks for the curtain info. ~Christina

  61. Image for Teresa Teresa

    To tell you the truth, I loved the room as the "before" in your February 3rd post...before you changed anything at all!!! The patterned curtains that you had before the burlap, we're lovely as well. Great post today and true for all areas of our lives! Thank you!

  62. Image for Jen Jen

    I just finished an article for a local magazine in my home town, with a story and pictures of a set of old lockers in my house. For a moment, I wondered if some folks will think I'm bizarre for having lockers in my home. I emailed the article anyway. Your post was just so timely for me, thanks friend, for your support : )!

  63. Image for Gwen Gwen

    Perfect advice!! I double dare you to get purple lipstick. No. It won't mean you are a Seahawks fan. They won so that would be sooo last week. Wink But seriously, I am learning to thine own self be true. And it's really okay to keep something you really really love a long time but I'm finally getting rid of several drape sets for ill never go back and if I do, it would be in a better quality fabric. Oh it feels good to save my heirloom pieces yet ditch what was sooo 2008. Yet I do have a Dooley over some burlap Cuz its a mini runner, has hearts in the design, and my sweet sister gave it to me about 28 years ago and it makes me feel so loved to see it on my table. So 2011 and so 1985 with a new thing from daughter 1 Christmas 2013. Can't beat that combo of being true to mine-self (I made up that word)....

  64. Image for Brandi - Nest of Bliss Brandi - Nest of Bliss

    This is a lesson I learned the hard way when we moved into a PMQ before this house... I decorated the whole house based off of a pretty image I saw in a magazine. Empty white picture frames. Empty bird cage. White walls. White sofa... Then our friend came over. and he said "...This is creepy. This looks like a serial killers house." He was right, it did! .... hahaha! When I moved into our current home I just started following my heart and "feeling" about colours and purchases. It's not perfect, but I'm finding my true design style and what really speaks to me!

  65. Image for Jaybird Jaybird

    You are SO right!!! I just wonder how many folks are out there who jump on the burlap,chippy,white, junk, worn out and faded band wagons, only to be unhappy in their own surroundings? Do they ever figure out the answer to the problem? You are GREAT, and Thank you so much for this wonderful post! (I also loved the one about your daughter....she is a TRUE champion!) Blessings, J

  66. Image for Christine Christine

    You are SO right. One of the most wonderful benefits of divorce is I can be true to ME without having to worry about someone who just wants a couch, beer, and a remote control. Ok, throw in the TV. I find it interesting that from the angle you're photographing, you've forgone couches or love seats. I count 5 chairs, all very comfortable looking and having their own place to set a drink or something. Very pretty. I've forgone couches, but keep my love seats. No one sits in the middle of a 3-cushion couch, anyway! :) You have a lovely room, even if it started so neutral. The colors just make it even more interesting.

  67. Image for Charity Charity

    This is why I LOVE your blog! Your always so inspirational and remind us to just simply be ourselves, which can be influenced by what we see sometimes. Thank you KariAnne!!!

  68. Image for Judith Judith

    Thank you so much for this. I had purchased some fabric to make curtains for dining room, in a home we lived in but then moved out of before I got them done. I have enough for my new dining room but when I posted a question about the style online everyone told me that the fabric was wrong as well as the style I was going to do, so I have done nothing but I really like the fabric so you have given me permission to use it and make it work in my new home. Yes I may update the style of drapes but will be using the fabric! Thank you for your posts they are always fun and inspirational to read! Have a great week!

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