simply eclectic table display

When I started this blog I didn’t really have a dream.

I was just a girl living in the middle of nowhere with a family and old farmhouse at the end of a winding road.

I started a blog to meet all of you.


I like home decor.  You like home decor.

I like DIY.  You like DIY.

I like stories.  You like stories.

Let’s be friends.

I never, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER in a million years dreamed (and even if you had told me I wouldn’t have believed it) that I would be standing in the middle of thousands of people at quilt market promoting a fabric line.



thistlewood farms simply eclectic

And so it was that last week, that my red lipstick and I found ourselves standing in this booth in Houston at quilt market.

We decorated it to look like my home.

There was a daybed and a dining table and the cutest tufted chairs from Target and I shopped my house to decorate it.

quilt market booth


Recognize that wreath?

And that wood bowl?

And those pumpkins?  And those pillows from the back porch?  And that tray?

And that table?

simply eclectic curtain

Here’s my perpetual calendar.

And I grabbed this metal pedestal from the kitchen.

And these windows came from a thrift store and we made curtains from the fabric to show that it could be used for home decor, too.

simply eclectic quilt

I was a little nervous.

Just a little.

I mean….just between us….I don’t quilt.

And this show is all about quilting and crafting and amazing people making amazing things.

And then there was me.

The girl who never really met a fat quarter before.

placemat simply eclectic

Would they like me?

Would they understand that I didn’t really speak quilting?

Would they smile and tell me to bless my heart?

When I told them about the blog and the ideas I had and all the home decor projects I was going to create with this fabric and how you could use it for quilting, but that you could make so many more things with it….

….would they understand?

tuffet simply eclectic

Home decor projects like this pouf made from the fabric.

Or these place mats?

Or the pumpkins?

Or the monogrammed pillow?

Would they get it?

quilt simply eclectic

The show started and the first customer entered into the booth.

I introduced myself and the blog and told them about the plans and hopes and dreams I had for the fabric line and I showed them the kit for the pouf and the place mats and explained that you could quilt with the fabric, too.

And they listened.

And I talked.  Actually I talked kind of fast with my words spilling out one after another because I was worried if I stopped talking I would never get it all out and then they would stop listening.

And then I was finished.

There was silence.

Then they looked at the fabric and they looked at the pouf and they looked at the curtains and they looked at me shaking in my knee high boots with my red lipstick and one little blonde curl that was kind of quivering….

….and they smiled.

fabric bundles simply eclectic

And right there in the middle of quilt show….

….they got it.

And then they ordered the fabric.

Order after order came in for the little fabric that could.

I wish you could have been there.

I wish you could have met them.

I wish you could have seen me dancing and singing and twirling and selling fabric and deciding I needed to learn how to quilt and make dozens more home decor projects and wear even more red lipstick.

You can click here to read all about the line.

It starts with three basic neutrals (khaki, taupe, indigo) and then we layer on a few colors to shake it all up.

Here’s the catalog so you can see the whole fabric line.

catalog Hoffman

simply eclectic fabric line

catalog page

simply eclectic gray page

simply eclectic blue page

simply eclectic khaki page

simply eclectic plum page

simply eclectic lime


I know this was a lot.

It probably should have been two posts.

I couldn’t help it.

I just had to share it with all of you.

Yes, you.

So many of you have been there from the very beginning, from the first giant chalkboard project, from the first blueberry pancake story.  You have cheered and encouraged and lifted me up and allowed me to believe in myself and my blog and my journey….

….and to create the little fabric that could. 🙂

grandma's quilt simply eclectic

PS  This is my grandmother’s quilt that I talked about before.  She loved neutrals with pops of color, too.

PPS  The fabric line will be arriving to a store near you, soon.

I’m going to add all the locations to the blog so you can find it.

Also, I’m going to be traveling around and hosting classes with the fabric.  If you have a store near you that might be a fit, I’d love to hear about it.

Now go take on the day and I hope it’s as amazing as you are. 🙂

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  1. Image for Jemma Jemma

    You know my heart is thrilled for you, every single beat of it. You are one hard little worker bee and you look at what you have created with passion, love and some of my favorite colors too! Congrats!!! xo Jemma

  2. Image for Leona Leona

    "'A dream is a wish your heart makes" ....................and its happened for you.:) :) :) I wish you the best and will look for your fabric in Connecticut........cant wait, just because I know you even though we have never met...............and I think your Awesome. XOXO

  3. Image for Peg Peg

    Please, please come to Boston!!! I will dance and sing and twirl!! There's a Michael's in Burlington where I live...just sayin. lol : )

  4. Image for Patty Patty

    Your fabric line is amazing! Congratulations! You have worked hard and are extremely talented, enjoy the success! Wishing you the best!

  5. Image for Lynda Hamilton Lynda Hamilton

    I felt like I was standing right there with you in that booth love your story LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabric !! Please oh please tell me one if you're classes will be in Chicago. Would so love to share a coffee a hug and a gazillions laughs!! Congrats. You are amazing!!!

  6. Image for Khadija Khadija

    Congratulations! I can't wait to get my hands on some of this fabric. We only have Jo-Anne and Hancock where I live. I'm so excited because I have to make curtains and I'm sure I'll find something wonderful in your line! :D :D :D

  7. Image for Annie Lesh Annie Lesh

    Good for you! We are so proud of you. I have belonged to a small quilting group for 7 years and they all love me although I am the slowest at producing the mini quilts we make for "Quilts for Kids" donated to various children's hospitals, hospices, and day cares...even the "big kids" at nursing homes, veterans hospitals,or hospices. So I help iron the fabric, cut the squares, and enjoy the love! Annie

  8. Image for Rebecca Francis Rebecca Francis

    Every great hurdle you cross stems from your sweet, sweet positive personality and of course your great talent. You SHOULD be very proud of yourself because YOU have been discovered and will continue to be discovered. Have a great day and enjoy God's blessings.....Rebecca

  9. Image for Bluwatergal Bluwatergal

    Congratulations!!! This is amazing and I'm sooooooo thrilled for you. Please come to Atlanta! I want new curtains for my guest room/studio reboot and think something from your line would be perfect. And that poof would be the bomb in the room too. And it would be the "Kari" room at Bluwatervilla :-) You have cheered and encouraged and lifted us up too ~ so nice that it's a mutual admiration society and you're the head cheerleader :-) Bwg ~~~

  10. Image for Mary Mary

    Your enthusiasm is so sweet!! And so enthusiastic! And so contagious. In my town we have Jo Ann Fabrics and Hancocks. One other that sells mostly quilting fabric and that is Jackman's.. There might be other (smaller) stores but these are the largest. Look forward to seeing your fabrics in a store near me. Keep up being enthusiatic - which I don't think you'll have a problem doing! :)

  11. Image for Jerry Stocks Jerry Stocks

    So excited for you. And reading your blog this morning was a trip down memory lane for me. When I was in the needlework industry, I attended and participated in quilt market for eight years. It was an amazing experience. I am so glad everything was so successful for you. If you are coming to Savannah or Charleston, please let now. I hope I get to meet you soon.

  12. Image for Kim Banta Kim Banta

    I quilt, barely, and just "little" quilts, for wee ones, when I want a gift for a special relative or friend or friend's daughter because she said, "pleeeeeease?" I am SO in love with your fabric line, and couldn't be happier for you in your success with all of this gorgeous fabric goodness! You DO know that quilts always tell a story. Hmmm. Sounds just like someone I know! May YOUR story continue to grow in chapters, KariAnne. We will wait impatiently for the next, and the next, all wrapped up like a hug in your stories, and your fabric! Love the catalog! Will you sign one for me!?

  13. Image for Lynn in Florida Lynn in Florida

    Kari Anne- My heart just sings for you! Every dream come true in your life is one you so richly deserve! I feel as though you are family, and I rejoice with you for every single success! You are a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul, and "getting to know you" has so enriched my life. I know you didn't know it, but we are "kindred spirits", even though we've never met, I'm a grandma and you're a mom, you live in Kentucky and I live in Florida, you love burlap, and me not so much. But our hearts are southern to the core, we both love sweet tea, and we both love God and our families above all else! Just keep dreaming and sharing, Kari Anne, and I will be here in Florida following your adventures, laughing, smiling and crying with and for you! And if you ever throw a trip to Ft. Myers, FL into your schedule, I'll be the smiling Grammie in the front row cheering you on! Much love and best wishes always for all your dreams to come true!

    1. Image for gina gina

      And I'm 2 hrs.west of Ft. Meyers on the opposite coast! A big thank you to Hoffman Fabrics for tapping my talented friend!

  14. Image for Barb Barb

    Wonderful, delightful, super fantastic. Congratulations, you so deserve all the best. We here in Michagan can't wait to see the entire line of fabric and your creative ideas....

  15. Image for Eva Eva

    Oh dear...I live out like you. You'll probably never get here. You might get to Knoxville, but I'm not so sure about Bristol, Kingsport, and Johnson City. Although...for quilt fabric...there is Abingdon and Jonesboro. I'd put you put you up for free in my guesthouse. XOXO Eva

  16. Image for Debera Debera

    I am so proud of you! Love your quilter friend is coming Monday from Michigan and I will share your fabrics with her! I live near the quilt museum, when are you coming??

  17. Image for gayle gayle

    I love the translation of your style into the fabric collection. I'd love to see you come to my favorite fabric/quilting store at Sew Mainstreet, Woodstock, GA

  18. Image for Pat Pat

    Of course us quilters would get it!!!! We LOVE fabric. Hoffman is a big, quality name in quilting. So happy for you!! Keep reaching for the stars. Can't wait until I find your fabric near me. I want to make a couple of pillows and a throw to match!!!!!

  19. Image for Becky Becky

    So beautiful. I love, love the pouf. I can't wait to see your fabrics in the store. I might even put on a little bit of red lipstick before I go.

  20. Image for Kimm at Reinvented Kimm at Reinvented

    Girl, you are going to need to quit making me cry every time I visit, or I'm going to have to stop! ;) No way, I couldn't. So so so happy for you, and your boots, and your farmhouse, and your beautiful face with red lipstick on it. :) Hugs from Ohio!

  21. Image for Michelle Rudis Michelle Rudis

    Where was I when you announced you were coming to Houston? Was I not paying attention? I would have grabbed my daughter and granddaughters and dropped everything just to come meet you. And, on top of that, I'll bet I would have bought some quilting fabric. Even though I don't quilt. Let me just say that all of us are happy that you took the time to introduce yourself to us in that very first blog, and I am ecstatically happy for you that you are living your dream. You truly are a superstar, KariAnne.

  22. Image for Kris Kris

    You are too darn cute! I'm very happy for you ... I love the quilt designs (I don't quilt, either--what's a fat quarter?)--I love how it takes a time-honored craft and makes it new. Even though I don't quilt, if you end up near me, I'd try my hardest to come meet you in person. Field's Fabrics in West Michigan (especially Spring Lake ... hint, hint) is probably the place to go around here. I'll even spring for coffee. ;)

  23. Image for Leslie Leslie

    I am "bursting at the seams" happy for you and so proud you rocked this!!! Wish I could have been there with you...but I felt like you actually took me there today my friend!! ❤️

  24. Image for Kim Schmidt Kim Schmidt

    This is the first blog I have ever left a comment on, but I just had to tell you how much I enjoy everything you do and post. The fabrics are absolutely gorgeous. I am so happy for you. I just recently retired and want to work with fabrics and crafts now that I have time. I hope you can make it to San Antonio, TX. We have Jo-Anne and Hancock here and when you are up to your eyeballs in snow this winter, you can come down here to warm up. It could easily be 70 degrees that day here in SA.

  25. Image for katzcradul katzcradul

    Don't forget to stop by the Missouri Star Quilt Company in Hamilton, Missouri. It's a huge operation that does business with customers all over the world. For more info on this fabulous store:

  26. Image for Melinda Melinda

    Congratulations on seeing your dreams come to fruition!! And for taking us with you in this great post! I "speak" quilting, and will be watching for your fabric!!

  27. Image for Amy Venetucci Amy Venetucci

    Bless your heart, your dreams, your fabric, your red lipstick, and even your quivering little curl. You bring joy to my heart when I read your blogs and enable me dream a little with you. You go girl...

  28. Image for Lisa at celebrate creativity Lisa at celebrate creativity

    Wow. That's so amazing Karianne! As a long-time quilter, I certainly appreciate what an accomplishment this is. I have tons of fabric and I'll enjoy adding some of yours to my stash to make something fun. Congrats on this dream and all the ones to come. Love the catalog spread too.

  29. Image for Donnie Donnie

    Oh Kari Anne - good for You! So proud to see how the fabric has taken off. I don't quilt either, but love fabric and buy what I like and use it for tablescapes, etc. The catalog is so you! Enjoy this wonderful moment.

  30. Image for Gretchen Gretchen

    Karianne SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!! GIRL! I AM OVER THE MOON PROUD of YOU and HAPPY for YOU! The fabric is BEAUTIFUL and the Lookbook looks AWESOME!!! I REALLY hope our fabric store picks up your line! I see MANY projects I NEED to do!!!! Hugs, Hugs and more Hugs! YOU-GO-GIRL!!!!!

  31. Image for Debbie Debbie

    So happy for you. There is a great fabric store in St. Louis that brings people in called Jackmans. It would be wonderful to see you there and talk to you about not quilting;-)

  32. Image for jenni farnes jenni farnes

    i am tickled right down to my toes for you. what an amazing life you lead....bless your whole huge wonderful creative i'm-living-a-dream heart.....way to go, rock star.

  33. Image for Shannon M. Shannon M.

    Congratulations!!!!!! I'm a quilter, and I just have to tell you that I love your grandmothers quilt, and the fact that it is still in the family!!!!! This my lovely is why I quilt. It's a story, it's a tradition, it's work, and it's amazing!!! This means, one day your children's children will have something made from your first fabric line.....and the story keeps going!!!! Can't wait to purchase your fabric, and to tell the story of how my quilt came into existence by reading and loving this little blog from KY!!!!

  34. Image for Rosalie McCreary Rosalie McCreary

    Congratulations Kari Anne! I'm looking forward to seeing and buying your fabric once it gets into the stores. I'm a fabricoholic and I love your colors. I laughed out loud when you said you may have to learn to quilt! I did see that coming! I don't quilt and I've lived in quilt country in southeast Alaska! I have friends who had to get a job to pay for their addiction! "They" have made quilting easy enough for even the least mathematically challenged like me. Go for it Kari Anne and you will be spectacular in what you attempt!

  35. Image for Robin Hoffman Haack Robin Hoffman Haack

    Karianne, You are simply amazing! It was such a blessing getting to meet you in person and to spend time with you. This is just the beginning....your excitement and authenticity are truly treasured! Hugs......Robin

  36. Image for Marian@ Gathering Branches Marian@ Gathering Branches

    You. Are. The. Bomb! Yaaaaaay! Please tell me you never worried for a second about the presentation, and that it was only about whether the fabric would be their style or not. Cuz girl, you are always the best show in town. Even when you're nervous. Especially when you're nervous. I'm so glad you are thinking of all these cool ways, outside the box, to use your fabric. It makes it so much more relevant to people. I am thinking about wire and sheets and plaster. There is some art brewing. I think it's the last piece of the puzzle for finishing my house. I also think it's the start of my return to fine art and blogging. Hallelujah. It will be a year in Jan, since I wrote a post. And I miss it. But I had to change. And I still have to finish my house. And then I have to build a unicorn. And then I think all hell's gonna break loose, not unlike your life. Hee hee! BTW I like long posts, especially when you are this excited and have so many pretty pics and stories to tell. The Other Marian

  37. Image for gail gail

    so, so, happy for you karianne! I'm excited for your new venture, and I know you must be feeling all giddy and needing to pinch yourself. It couldn't happen to a nicer, more deserving person. you go girl! gail

  38. Image for Amy W. Amy W.

    A beautiful and most wonderful blog post today you did! You remind me (from your written description in a post a long time ago of attending one of those blog mecca meetings and being shunned somewhat..only to come back the next day and rock it)... well...anyways getting to the point...from that day of reading of this particular life's story.... you've reminded me of the little train engine...that said...going up hill...."I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!!" Congratulations! Consider me as one of your biggest cheerleaders!!! Can't wait to view your fabric line and shop in your store and revisit the magazine from last year featuring your Christmas decor!! It'll always be in my home a "Go To Classic" for the holidays!! Take care and Take all of your success in!!!

  39. Image for Rowena Philbeck Rowena Philbeck

    Congratulations and I love your grandmothers quilt. Great that you are having a new venture. I'm sure its exciting and scary at the same time…You will do great!!

  40. Image for Peggy Peggy

    What a wonderful, amazing talent you are! So very excited for you and your new venture. I can't wait to see it in person. I've already made some little plans for my bedroom in my head using your fabric because I knew you would make everything so easy.

  41. Image for Sharon Sharon

    Congratulations Kari Anne. The fabrics are beautiful! I love the florals especially. Quilters are fabricaholics, so of course they would get you and your fabric! And they love beautiful things. I bet more than a few have checked out your blog and been pretty impressed by your beautiful house. Looking forward to seeing if your fabric will be available in the Toronto, Canada area.

  42. Image for Barbara Moore Barbara Moore

    Couldn't happen to a nicer, more talented person. So happy for your success. I love love love all of your designs. Yay, you!!!

  43. Image for Sherry Myers Sherry Myers

    Now weren't you just the brightest light bulb in the lamp?! Congratulations on your success! The fabric is gorgeous! Best wishes, Sherry

  44. Image for Marijean Marijean

    Be still my heart. That pouf is to die for. Love, love, love these fabrics. I can't wait till they are available. We are all blessed to have you! You are so inspiring. You are a super star to many !!!!

  45. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Hi Karianne, I loves me a stash of fabric for those mad moments of inspiration, and yours looks like a lot of fun! I'm glad to have found you, after a couple of years of getting your posts they disappeared from my email feed, not in junk or spam, had to re subscribe with a different email, but you're back!

  46. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    I am so MAJORLY excited for you! I completely understand how you felt, too...and I would've given an arm and a leg to be there to see it. Since I couldn't......please put Joplin, MO on your tour list!!! There's a Joann's and a Michael's and a Hobby Lobby....take your pick LOL. Is it scary to be you? hahaha, I mean that in an awe-struck way, of course. I mean, this is just the tip of the iceberg for you, little one. Now, that would scare me if I were in your go girl!

  47. Image for Suzanne Suzanne

    Being a quilter, I am so happy for you and your new adventure. Your fabric line is just lovely and I am sure it will be a big hit! We can never have too many neutral fabrics and the pop colors are icing on the cake!

  48. Image for Sue B. Sue B.

    Even though I didn't know about you when you first started your blog; I have quickly become a fan of yours and have been taken in by all of your projects, just as you seem to have been taken in by fat quarters! Much success to you and there is a JoAnn Fabric store about 12 miles from where I live if you ever make your way to Ohio, hint, hint!!

  49. Image for Beth Beth

    Just like you, Kari Anne, everything is beautiful! In Raleigh there are a number of quilt and fabric stores, but I'm not a quilter so can't give you feedback. It would be great to have you come to these parts ;)

  50. Image for Chris Chris

    What a fun adventure you are on! Congratulations on your great success! Your fabric looks beautiful. Just seeing the photos from the catalog is giving me creative ideas...

  51. Image for Patty B. Patty B.

    I have followed your blog for awhile now, and I really do enjoy it. How fun to have a line of fabric. P.S., I'm also a quilter too. Keep on surprising us--- we love it!! Patty B.

  52. Image for Dale D. Dale D.

    Success couldn't happen to a better woman, red lipstick and all. Your fabric line will be flying off the bolts pretty quick and your reposting of your grandma's quilt that influenced your inspiration was wonderful to view again. So excited for you, your family and can't wait to see your fabric at a store in the future. You totally rock!

  53. Image for Marie Tins Marie Tins

    Hi! I was browsing the web looking for some quilting ideas when I came across your page here :) First, Congratulations on your fabric line!!! I think your fabric is amazing, I like the patterns and color combinations!! I would love to order some fabric, maybe you can send me some more information through my email. Keep up the good work!!!!

  54. Image for Julia - Vintage with Laces Julia - Vintage with Laces

    I'm so happy for you, KariAnne :) ! I'm not amazed at all that you sold lots of fabrics at the quilt market. Beautiful fabrics combined with your sweet personality just had to sell like hot cakes. This could become the best selling fabric line ever. The catalog is wonderful and so inspiring, not only showing the fabrics but also pictures of your home. I would suggest a cat bed as your next project :) .

  55. Image for Sandy Sandy

    KariAnne, congratulations! I am so proud of your endeavors. Your smile is contagious. Please come to Fairlawn, Ohio where there is a Michaels, a Joannes, and a Hobby Lobby a stone's throw from each other. I have been giving you A+'s since you began writing your blog. Happy Halloween tomorrow.

  56. Image for Debbie Klausing Debbie Klausing

    You are a Kentucky girl and there is JoAnn's in Louisville. Could this be a possibility? I haven't seen in forever, but maybe you could inspire me. I have been following you for awhile and I am so happy for you!

  57. Image for Polly Polly

    Totally totally awesome for you !!! Indiana is really really close to Kentucky, come on up!! I have been with your blog from the beginning, and it just gets better and better!! Thank you for your encouragement and grace to all of us, truly an inspiration!!

  58. Image for Sheila Sheila

    Hey friend, big congratulations! And you know Kentucky is home and has been the home of the most creative people! Checkout Wikipedia. Ha. I don't know if it is the water or what...but you represent us well. And speaking of quilts....seems you live in the Ky or maybe the country's quilt Capitol. Love your grandmother's quilt. I have one from my grandmother and hubby's grandmother. They mean the world to me because their hands created them. Best wishes...sheila E

  59. Image for NormaJean NormaJean

    I am so excited for you and can't wait until YOUR fabrics make their debut in a store near me! Congratulations, KariAnne, it couldn't happen to a more deserving person!

  60. Image for karen karen

    Hello... how much fun are you having?? So happy for you! I began quilting around 12 years ago with a group of girl friends... & our lives were changed forever because of a little fabric & quilt classes. Enjoy it all!! So where do I get the catalog you are teasing me with on your blog??? Have a great day!! Karen

  61. Image for Amanda Amanda

    Wow! Good for you! Love the blog and your style. I've been reading for a few years and always enjoy your creativity and style, but most of all, I love your positive voice. Your writing is very down-to-earth, friendly, and your themes always seem to focus on making the best out of life and being thankful for what you have. Thanks for being a positive force in the world. :)

  62. Image for Beth k Beth k

    Now I am really mad that I could not get to quilt market! There was no need to be worried you always nail what you do! Where can we buy a pouf kit or at least the pattern?

  63. Image for Patricia Krank Patricia Krank

    What an amazing new journey you've begun Karianne. I am delighted for you! I'm not a quilter either so I don't know of any quilt stores here in Greenville, SC but I'm sure there must be one and I'm sure you'd love to come back to this great city of ours and I know there are a lot of bloggers here that would go a little bit crazy over you if you came! We fit nicely between Atlanta (2 hours south) and Charlotte (1-1/2 hours north). Think about it. I'd be happy to be your tour guide :) Blessings, Patti

  64. Image for Janet G Janet G

    Congratulations on the fabric line! I'm a quilter and it looks like an awesome line! I especially love the taupe color way. I look forward to seeing more projects with this fabric :)

  65. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    I'm so excited for you! A little late to the party...but very excited! I love the colors and subtle patterns you've used in your fabric line...your.fabric.line! Woo! Way to go girl! ;)

  66. Image for Libby Libby

    Come to Mary Jo's in Gastonia, NC!! It's a HUGE fabric store that carries tons of quilting and home décor fabrics. It's near Charlotte!

  67. Image for Susan Susan

    Oh are soooooooo amazing...I just love how appreciative you are for all of the joyous things in your life...your sense of joy and wonder is truly something special and precious...I hope you will hold onto that for all you are worth! I hope you also know that you soooooooooo deserve worked sooooooo hard for sooooooo long with not really any just kept plugging away, blogging your little heart out and always putting forth your best...always sharing your were bound to wind up with such a great opportunity presenting itself to you after all of that! Your fabrics are absolutely delicious and I dearly hope you will make them available for all of your Canadian friends like me! I am wishing you every success from this and all other ventures because I truly believe you deserve it! :)

  68. Image for Elaine Elaine

    Great post. I was checking constantly this blog and I'm inspired! Extremely helpful information specifically the last section :) I maintain such info a lot. I used to be seeking this certain info for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.

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