Have you ever imagined a change for one of your spaces in your home in your mind?

You planned it and imagined and dreamed about it.

And then?

One day you actually complete the project that you’ve been thinking about for months and months.


Sometimes when I actually do a project it doesn’t turn out like I expected.  It’s like my plans in my head don’t match what I’m trying to do and I have to return to the drawing board and start dreaming up a new vision for the space.

But sometimes.

Sometimes when the stars align and the angels sing and the universe collectively decides to cooperate and all is right with the world.

Sometimes the project turns out BETTER THAN I COULD EVEN IMAGINE.

Especially when my staircase tries on a new outfit.

And looks like a supermodel.

Here’s the new paint color.

It’s called Sherwin-Williams Sandbar.

(total disclosure:  I’m an ambassador for Sherwin-Williams in 2018 and they provided the paint for this space.)

The color is amazing.

It’s a light khaki with the slightest hint of gray.

Here’s the color and the staircase from a different angle.

My favorite thing about the color is that it makes the wood on the staircase pop.

There is so much light coming in from the staircase that the color appears slightly lighter in this picture.

Here’s the view from the bottom of the staircase.

I love the space, but after I finished it, I decided I needed a little more color in this room.

I’m actually (thanks to all of your suggestions) going back and layering in color in each space.

So here’s where I was thinking color would be perfect.

A reader made a suggestion about using artwork in the house.

I read it and a light bulb went off.  I don’t have a lot of artwork.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe because I’ve always thought of art as super expensive.  But I think the staircase is calling out for a few pieces going up the stairs at the top of the photograph.

Do any of you all have favorite artists that you like?

And maybe I could order prints?

That might be a little less expensive.

I added a few vintage pieces to the space.  I bought these in Kentucky years ago and never found a place for them until now.

I think they are river gauges.

There’s just a small wall space between the bathroom and the kitchen entrance and the verticalness of them is perfect.

Here’s the entrance to the living room.

There’s a glass door that shuts to keep the rest of the house warmer or cooler.

And on the wall leading up to the first landing, I added a little bit of greenery.

I thought of you all when I added the wreath.

All the amazing, wonderful, incredible comments that suggested a little greenery kept swirling around in my head.

Thank you again for all your suggestions.

Here’s one of the tables I found on sale with a vase of flowers next to the back door.

The vintage mirror is my mother’s.

It used to hang in the house.

And now?

It’s back again.

The journey is amazing.

What’s chipped is freshly painted.

What’s being written is given another chapter.

And what’s old is new again.

Happy Monday.

Have a week as amazing as you are.

PS  Don’t forget to share an artist that you like.  Don’t those walls look like they need to meet one?

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  1. Image for Shelley Shelley

    Such a beautiful space. I love how wide and inviting it is. Looks like the rug has made another move to the foyer! Do I also spy something special added to the risers of your stairs? Maybe a special verse or story for the travels to bed??? Love your style, love that you share so much with us!

  2. Image for Debbie Debbie

    I love the paint color and the wreath! What color SW white would you recommend for my kitchen cabinets and trim for the baseboards, crown moulding and doors if I used the same wall color as you used here? Help!

  3. Image for Libby Libby

    Check out https://www.instagram.com/deannart/ I've bought two of her barn paintings (actually prints on canvas) and I LOVE THEM.

  4. Image for Cathy Clark Cathy Clark

    I LOVE everything about your house! Every little thing you do is perfection!! And I consider all you put on your walls art, rather it's a painting or "river gauges", or your Mother's old mirror or a magnolia wreath! It's all art!

  5. Image for Sue Johnson Sue Johnson

    I do not have a favorite artist although, like you, I love to incorporate old found vintage pieces into my decor. To repurpose and give new life to something use in the past just makes me feel good. Unique vintage items with a colorful patina is art to me! It also makes for great conversation; especially when you know the story behind the piece! Happy Monday!

  6. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    It looks beautiful, KariAnne! So fresh and yes the wood really stands out now! Girl, you're talking to an artist...I'm sending you a pm. Let's talk! hugs, Cecilia

  7. Image for Janice Byrd Janice Byrd

    Hey, one of my favorite artists is someone I think you can get a "special price" from--Kijsa Presley Housman. She does commission work, too. I have several of her pieces in my home, including a watercolor of a house in London.

  8. Image for Debby Daniels Debby Daniels

    I think a quilt (either new or old) hanging in the stairwell would soften the space and add muted color (if it was old) or it could be a place where you changed them out with the seasons. That’s what I am going to do with my new house (foundation not even dug yet lol). I’m working on what I want there for each season.

  9. Image for Debby Daniels Debby Daniels

    Is there room for a little ladder back chair by the table? something in duck egg blue??? With a fun pillow or old quilt draped on the back??? You can see I’m into the quilt thing.

  10. Image for Mary Mary

    How about some family pictures? Your family and pictures of your twins are included so much in your posts. My walls are filled with photographs of my children and grandchildren. I never see any family pictures in any home in decorating blogs. Maybe it personalizes a home too much?

  11. Image for marcie marcie

    I love this space and I'm thinking a big contemporary piece with a lot of great color would look amazing in the space and be a jumping off point for accent colors everywhere else. And I think it could be a great DIY for you and your family. Buy a big, big canvas at the art store, paint ( I use Sherwin Williams Color-to-go samples for this type of project) and then have every family member make their mark! You could look at some modern art together to get everyone thinking about the type of brushstroke they want to make! Then you could come back over the top with some black or white marks to pull it together!

    1. Image for Amy Amy

      We actually did this before my first daughter's wedding. It was kind of a "end of an era" project as we welcomed in a new family member. I bought a large canvas and divided it into squares. We went to the paint store and each picked out our favorite color in a sampler size. Then, we penciled in our initials in random squares just to make sure someone did not end up with two squares next to each other and then we took turns painting our squares. We did this almost 10 years ago and it still hangs in our entry.

  12. Image for LA Tanneberger LA Tanneberger

    Good Morning......such a lovely staircase/hallway area. Consider Georgia O'Keefe's artwork.....especially some of her bold bright flowers. She is a favorite of mine and would be an amazing contrast to your more traditional Farmhouse style. Thank you for sharing your décor and home life with us all! LAT

  13. Image for Carrie Carrie

    https://www.papersource.com/giftwrap/PS-wrapping-paper.html This website is where I found my marbled giftwrap that became my 'artwork' above my bed~ I chose a marbled paper with pink~ trying to blend in with that dreaded carpet color! ha ha....AND, I used white IKEA frames.... maybe you can find giftwrap paper that could double as artwork? $5 for a sheet of paper + IKEA frame = $25 to $30 art??? Can't wait to see what art others suggest! Discovery is more than half the fun!

  14. Image for Maureen Ryan Maureen Ryan

    OK -- here's my recommendation for artist: Erin Fitzhugh Gregory -- her floral bouquets in vases explode with color and vitality! You're going to love them!

  15. Image for Nan, Odessa, DE Nan, Odessa, DE

    Kerrianne, Don't go crazy with art! You do a wonderful job. Choose on spot where YOU would like a framed art piece (perhaps in the master behind the two chairs) and really think about something meaningful that you and the Mr. would enjoy. Perhaps 2 pieces that are completely different for 2 seasons! Give this thought. We recently restyled our downstairs bath to ALL white with black hinges, lights, etc. We are enjoying changing out the valance, towels, and small art piece that hangs over the toilet. I have done seasons - red framed chliograph piece from Etsy, framed sheet music of ANNIE production, TOMORROW, and for spring this pansy art on canvas from POSTER ART. My husband doesn't understand the colorful sign for summer that says in bright colors, PLEASE DON"T FEED THE MERMAID that has lots of turquoise as does the valance and towels. He says that is ok, if I like it! I think our great grans will enjoy it! That chandelier and wood work are beautiful! Make lots more memories with your family in this home.

  16. Image for Wanda Wilson Wanda Wilson

    I have a favorite artist! I married him! He does custom artwork for $2,000 - $5,000 and can also make inexpensive giclees (copies) for a few hundred. His website: www. johnrwilson-art.com Love, love seeing you birth a new home! That's an art!

  17. Image for Nan, Odessa, DE Nan, Odessa, DE

    PS I like the suggestion of hanging a quilt! Some place there is a quilt you will like. They come in modern, as well as traditional! They definitely add warm and come in many sizes and colors!

  18. Image for Marty Oravetz Marty Oravetz

    Love this space. For inexpensive art that looks super expensive, you can't beat At Home. They hands down have the best art out there.

  19. Image for Christina Christina

    Your house is so beautiful! I love seeing all of the changes and hearing about the memories that you have in the house. I have found some beautiful art on Society6 and Etsy. You can find some really talented artists and you can find all sorts of mediums like quotes, watercolor, photography, etc. I can't wait to see how you fill this space.

  20. Image for Marilyn Marilyn

    Did you save your children's art from when they were young. I love matted and framed children's art. It also bolsters your children to know how much you treasured their work.

  21. Image for Amy K Amy K

    My favorite artist in this case, would be you. Definitely pictures of your family or maybe pictures of your previous home. You have some beautiful ones and would be perfect in black and whites with black or wood tone frames. Also adding a rug would/could bring in a little more color. Love that paint color too!

  22. Image for Donnie Donnie

    Mary Engelbreit - blessed with two of her pieces, gifts from my children and my husband. Andrew Wyeth. I find his work comforting and restful. I have several framed posters of various sizes. A great way to add color. Etsy is a great source, as well. Love everything you have done so far. The light in the stairwell is amazing!

  23. Image for Mickey Newman Mickey Newman

    I have an artist friend, Paula Prass, who sells her inexpensive art on Etsy. She paints a variety of styles so you might find something that suits you. I have one of her early pieces in my home and love it!

  24. Image for Kay Kay

    I love to purchase artwork from estate sales. When I am feeling the need for a new piece, I pray about it and then when I find it I "know" it is the right one. What you put on your walls speaks to everyone who enters and daily to those who live there!

  25. Image for Mary Mary

    My husband has picked up some wonderful pieces at estate sales. They’re inexpensive and sometimes there’s a great story to go along with them. Your home is beautiful!!

  26. Image for Mary S Mary S

    I love Mary Cassatt... I have a couple of her prints. One in particular that I think you would love is a little girl in a white short sleeved shirt with a blue pinafore and a straw hat. Don't know the name of the print, but it is downright adorable. This is a famous print and she's a famous artist - shouldn't have a very hard time finding it. I love it!! Maybe I can email you a picture.

  27. Image for Libby Libby

    Your new house is so lovely and unique. I've found that art that relates to the region is the best. Since you're in Texas and south, start there. If you look at local artists, explore a little. Seeing your style, your art should make you happy and smile every time you see it in passing. A website, Dailypainters of Texas.com might be good to begin. In the meantime, pressed leaves and feathers with textured paper background is sweet.

  28. Image for Leslie W. Leslie W.

    I love it, KariAnne! And that wreath on the wood piece, yes! As far as artists—you, my friend, have lots of those in your family. I would love to see your siblings provide art for the house they grew up in. What an honor and tribute you would give back to them to commission a piece that would be hung on those walls. I have family art on my walls and it’s a wonderful reminder of each and every contribution that makes me smile. Just a thought. And both you and Kijsa have contributed to my decor, as well. That, friend, is already a post on my close to being launched blog. Enjoy each moment of decorating that beautiful home—and above all—each piece and step should bring you joy. I think I learned that from my friend who just wrote the BEST DIY Home Planner book. ❤️

  29. Image for Anne Anne

    Good morning Karianne, I agree with Libby...I have ordered giclees from DeAnn designs - her work is beautiful, gorgeous colors -soft but statement pieces ..you can order in many sizes to suit your wall space.....my second piece from her floral series is arriving tomorrow...CAN YOU EVEN !!!! Her work lends itself to many design styles. Pour yourself a glass of sweet tea and peruse her website....Smiles.....Anne

  30. Image for Dora Dora

    I once saw something done for a stairwell that I liked so much I placed it in my 'spark' box. And I don't even have a two storied house. :) It was a series of vintage frames (different sized frames) that were painted complimentary colors. The decorator placed them as a gallery. Every frame or so the decorator had placed a colorful, vintage plate within the framing. And I think there were some wooden, monogram type letters used also. I remember thinking that this would be easy, colorful and pretty inexpensive if you shopped flea markets, yard sales or thrift stores. And I also remember thinking that you could do seasonal type colors and décor. Reading your blog is such a blessing to me. It's a small 'gift' I get to give myself. Thank you!

  31. Image for Amy Amy

    Art is such a personal thing... think you will know when you see it. You could also go "old school" and have a portrait of your family there... just a thought. Or perhaps you could hire an local artist to do a portrait of the house... something you could treasure for a long time and look back on as you do more to the property. Since this place has been family owned for a while now that might be meaningful to your whole family!

  32. Image for Melanie Melanie

    Robert M. Stanzler is a Colorado based photographer who has beautiful prints you can buy. He has taken photos all over the world. There are some beautiful, simple photos from France and other parts of Europe that would be stunning in your home!

  33. Image for Terry Terry

    Beautiful! If you are very patient you can find some awesome framed prints at Home Goods for a budget friendly price!

  34. Image for Deborah L Pelton Deborah L Pelton

    Hi KariAnne, your home is just beautiful. Two artist i really love are Vermeer, and Andrew Wyeth. Love them both. Vermeer for his impossibly brilliant use of light and Wyeth for the calm his paintings bring. Happy hunting and remember if YOU love it, it is perfect!

  35. Image for Linda Carroll Linda Carroll

    Kijsa, of course, deserves to be in this Home! And Dr. Bill Renzulli with his wonderful barns and river scenes. Miss you!

    1. Image for Gina Gina

      I agree. The best artist to commision an original painting or series would be one the lived there, grew up there. My vote is for your sister. ;)

  36. Image for Teddee Grace Teddee Grace

    Really love that paint color! I have found a lot of framed prints I like at thrift shops, but I think I have fairly traditional taste when it comes to art, primarily watercolor landscapes. I must admit I've purchased a couple of very inexpensive prints, again at thrift stores, and had them matted and framed at considerable cost but have never regretted it. I also have a couple prints of women, from probably the early 1900s, sitting in French cafes that really called to me when I saw them at two different Goodwills (past lives?) and I still like them both. Mixing smaller prints with various objects also makes interesting gallery walls. Just keep on thrifting and collecting and you'll slowly get a mix you'll love. No hurry. Your space is lovely and peaceful.

  37. Image for Mary Watkins Mary Watkins

    Your doggy looks perfect in the pictures! I love the old quilt idea. Even a section of it framed would be neat. How about a vintage map of Texas or where you lived before? Or a pretty watercolor of that old gorgeous home? I like everything as it is but something special from the past might be just right!

  38. Image for Patti Patti

    I agree with a reader that a large quilt would be amazing on that staircase wall! Sorry but I don’t think what you have there now has enough impact or color, despite the use of greenery. With so much white everywhere it needs pops of color to balance it. I love the idea of a mustard colored quilt!

  39. Image for Jill Jill

    How about black and white photos of your family or black and white photos of Thistlewood Farm? You could have them blown up to the size you need and then frame them with black frames. They would add great drama and contrast. They would not compete with the bits of greenery, which look great! They would let those fresh touches of green continue to be the only star color.

  40. Image for jae jae

    Look at thrift stores like Salvation Army and estate sales. Sometimes even antique shops sell originals quite reasonably. I am not a collector, I buy what I like, and have gotten some beautiful originals for well under 50.00. Plus, they are unique, and I love the textures so much better than prints.

  41. Image for Jere Wineman Jere Wineman

    Kaarianne I became very enamored with the Virginia artist P.Buckley Moss years ago (and at 91 there are lots of "years ago!) One must especially like her type of Folk Art ,but if you do then you will become a collector. Ms. Moss is now in her late eighties but still painting.. Every year she does a Christmas print. Your home is lovely. Jere

  42. Image for Debbie Debbie

    LOVE your new old home!! For art... honestly I like to switch up art in my house with the seasons... so I don't do expensive. I have scored some great art from Walmart, HomeSense, Bouclair - those are Canadian stores - and then when I've really wanted something colour specific I hit pinterest to find free pintables that I can print out at any size and pop into an ikea frame.

  43. Image for Katie Heidinger Katie Heidinger

    I have a collection of watercolor and oils of landscapes with rivers, (we live on the river) that I have picked up over the years at yard sales. My guests always gravitate to them. They are well done and the colors are awesome. And they were all under $5-10 bucks. I feel a little sad that people sell grandmas art for so cheap, but they probably kept their favorite. Whatever you choose I know it will be wonderful! ! Love your entry & staircase, love the pop of color.

  44. Image for Elizabeth Elizabeth

    I don't know that I agree concerning the art, as in artist's painting or print. Your home, throughout, has a very distinct style which lends itself to signs, farmhouse decor, wreaths. It's almost a white on white look of a Joanna Gaines house. If anything, I would look for collections of small vintage looking framed prints of greenery. Things that you would find on the "farmhouse" decor sites. True art makes a statement and I think it could overpower your style of decor.

  45. Image for Harriet Harriet

    It’s too bad you’re not still in Kentucky. One of my favorite artists is David Farmer from Danville, KY. He paints landscapes, farmer’s markets, chickens and racing horses in an impressionist style. And his work is very reasonable. We bought our first piece at least 15 years ago and now own 6 pieces. Check him out on Facebook, the Danville Art League, Cross Gate Gallery in Lexington.

  46. Image for JC at the uncommon pearl JC at the uncommon pearl

    Hi KariAnne, I love your entryway. It is so light and inviting, and I see the rug has moved again....the beauty of having your entire house tie together so that you can interchange items in different spaces! I too have the challenge of a lack of artwork on my home. I will need to read the comments above, and take notes! One thing I thought of doing that I'll share, is framing the different homes we have lived it along the years. Possibly having them printed in black and white (not adding color though...😩) and framed. You could hang a "welcome home" sign above. Have a wonderful start to an amazing week!

  47. Image for Beth Joyce Beth Joyce

    I love the very colorful work of a UK Artist, Yvonne Coomber. She sells prints too. https://www.yvonnecoomber.com/art/prints/ The house is looking amazing!

  48. Image for Emily Emily

    KA, Look for a local artist. For instance, there is a landscape quilter who does beautiful work of northern Michigan. Some friends of mine have one of her small quilts framed and hanging in their Lake Michigan house. It reflects the environment and is stunningly beautiful. Im sure there are Texas artists that would love your patronage.

    1. Image for Kris Kris

      Another Michigander here, nodding in agreement. Don't be in a rush to fill the space--if you really want to put art there, take your time and seek out local artists. I'm married to mine and my daughter is quickly becoming another artist, but they don't sell their work (at least yet!). Art should resonate with you. I love the idea of finding someone local whose work you love.

  49. Image for Debbie Debbie

    I agree with Pt, Claude Monet is my all time favorite. I'll give you some advice that my best friend's mom, who was an antique dealer gave me long ago, "Only buy what you love." Best advice I ever got. Your home is lovely and has a charm all it's own. You never go wrong. Love your style.

  50. Image for Catherine Catherine

    I was looking for a paint color like that when I did my kitchen. My kitchen turned out gray which wasn't what I was going for. Looks like I'll be painting it again.

  51. Image for Deborah Nisson Deborah Nisson

    Do you know Miss Mustard Seed? She is selling some Of her landscapes as prints. Goes with your greenery- which I love.

    1. Image for Deb Deb

      I was going to suggest Marian's work! Although her original landscape oils are quite small, and sold out the minute she made them available, prints can be purchased through Society6 - I bought a few to frame for my home. Her "100 Meadows" project is over, but the prints are a wonderful alternative.

  52. Image for Pam Pam

    Okay I must be behind! KariAnne, I just read your book “Oh So Amazing,” and I thought you were in Kentucky. Obviously you are back in Texas. Is there a story to be read about the move? Would love to know or read! AND yes, your decorating style is AMAZING!

  53. Image for Katie Katie

    I love the bright florals of artist Carrie Schmitt. She also sells on Etsy. I found her by happy circumstance when I stumbled upon a beautiful piece at Ross. Not kidding. She paints such happy pieces!

  54. Image for Tori Tori

    Your request for artist recommendations made me so happy! As a fledgling artist myself, I follow the work of a number of artists and am happy to share them with you. It's a wide variety of styles, but most have either prints or small paintings available. So, here we go! Ruthie Carlson (great variety of subjects) Harrison Blackford Bellamy Murphy Maren Devine Karen Murphy (two of her small paintings stacked would be great in one of these grid spaces) Cecel Allee (folk art) Steve Penley (some great Americana subjects, like Ronald Regan in cowboy gear!) And don't forget fellow blogger, Marian Parsons (oils); as well as HGTV's Home Town host Erin Napier (prints on paper). Hope you enjoy perusing these wonderful artists! Maybe some would be interested in doing a reduced price for the exposure on your blog. 🙂

    1. Image for Tori Tori

      Forgot to mention, all of these have Instagram accounts where you can see samples of their work, then link to websites of those you like.

  55. Image for Carla Hanson Carla Hanson

    I like the idea of a quilt hung in that big space or a quilt pattern out of wood like you see on the barns in the Midwest and kentucky. I like the idea of hanging some small pieces in some of the squares on the side of the staircase. Maybe make a pattern of some old vintage frames with your own art added inside the frame. It would break up the white and add interest. You have amazing creativity and an eye for style. Agree with some of the other comments that you will have to go larger to fill the space and make a statement.

  56. Image for Michele (Finch Rest) Michele (Finch Rest)

    Stunning, per usual! SW is the BEST paint- my entire home inside and out is SW paint. And we painted a LOT last year. : - ) Well done, KA - it looks smashing, luv.

  57. Image for june june

    Here in Minnesota our state historical society sells pics very reasonably. You can even on line search. How fun would it be to feature your new Texas area and the area in KY where Thistlewood was. Love that rug. Source?

  58. Image for Darling Lily Darling Lily

    Don't buy art based on a suggestion from someone else, dear heart; buy it because you can't NOT buy it. You might not ever find art you love, but if you do, you'll know it when you see it. And yes, it will be expensive, but not as expensive as the cost to your soul if you don't buy it. In the meantime, you can find other things to hang on your walls.

  59. Image for Anna Anna

    I feel that choosing artwork is a very personal decision. While I love floral and color and depth, I dislike paintings with people in them - it's just "my thing" and I'm confident you'd have your own inclinations. Your "new" old home is filled with memories and is being re-designed to house so many new memories. That wall going up the staircase seems to be yearning for family photos. Photos that will bring a smile to your face or make your heart swell with love. Black and whites with frames containing a bit of a gilded touch.

  60. Image for Pinky Pinky

    I read some of the comments and LOVE the idea of your siblings doing artwork for the stairway! That would be awesome! I made a gallery wall in our stairway going downstairs, of my one and only granddaughter. I framed each picture with a black frame. Such wonderful memories! Love the wall color!

  61. Image for Sue Sue

    I'd love to suggest www.freshcutprints.com. She's a self proclaimed "mom boss" who does amazing work and will even custom design a print.

  62. Image for jillian jillian

    ADORE the clean simplicity of your spaces and would not like a busy look...colors etc ...going up the stairs. I would love simple white frames, not too many and a decent size, and in them black and white or black and white with maybe one colorized piece. Such as your kids faces up close with pink lips or a green bow. maybe your hands with your husbands, sort of slightly blown up, focused in images , your sweet doggie too. maybe not color on all, just in a place or two. They could float in glass or be matted. All the same size for symmetry and a clean look. You can do this, after all you are an artist too. A purchased art piece here and there in other locations is nice too. I have some propped on the counter in my kitchen.

  63. Image for Sue Sue

    What if you and your husband and each of your children write (in your own handwriting) on an 8X11 " piece of paper a favorite family memory that can be then put in a bigger frame and hung on the wall going up the steps? Every time the steps are used one or all of the memories could be read again.

  64. Image for Sue Z Sue Z

    I think you would like the art work in the home of blogger at Dear Lilly. Her house has similar colors and decor. She has sources listed after every blog post for most everything. The artwork she uses are all prints, some on canvas and some are just framed. Hope you find this helpful!

  65. Image for Cheryl Cheryl

    Wow! Love the new SH color, thinking it would be great in our hallway. I don't have many bare walls to put art on and the art I have is vintage. However, you may find inspiration at the dearlilliestudio blog. She not only makes original verse typography art (others mentioned typography verse as an option and I agree) but she also has a fantastic way of putting photos of family, etc. along the wall up the stairs which is classic yet fresh and modern. I know that sounds impossible being classic and modern at the same time but check it out and see.😊

  66. Image for Nancy Nancy

    The house is amazing! I am in the midst of construction for my in-law apt. My daughter decided she wanted to come back home to Plymouth, MA after the death her dad (my husband). Lots of changes and lots of decisions. It's always nice to have friends with whom you can share ideas.

  67. Image for Jaclyn Jaclyn

    You are a fantastic photographer. Print one or more of your shots of Kentucky on a canvas (no frames) and hang them !

  68. Image for Linda Linda

    I don't really know any artist but your greenery on the wood looks pretty . I love seeing that pretty Buddy. 🐕. Maybe look at Hobby Lobby and yes the Goodwill has some good old pictures sometimes,

  69. Image for Karen Karen

    I've always thought Artwork was expensive too ;-P I really enjoyed reading all the wonderful comments! I may be repeating what others suggested and/or in the minority but I absolutely love the way you use Antiques & Vintage pieces as "ART". I think it is your style and I LOVE that it always tells a story - just like the awesome "River Gauges/Surveyor's Measuring Sticks"! Mom's old mirror reminds me of that Antique Wall Treatment you did a while ago. I vote for beautiful, sentimental Family photos, Sissy's paintings, & Bubba's Woodworking. Maybe he could make some frames too. If you need something more formal, then buy some old paintings at Estate Sales. I also like the idea of using old mirrors as a Gallery Wall.

  70. Image for Debbie Debbie

    If you go to Stonegable, Yvonne Pratt’s page, you will see a picture in her sitting room of a row of townhouses. There is a page where you can buy prints from that artist, who does a variety of beautiful paintings. I would ask Yvonne for the link, she has posted it before.

  71. Image for Charley Charley

    Monet is my favorite although I have a variety of pieces. Monet because of his beautiful colors and softness. I have had many phases throughtout my 50 year marriage. I had an artist in Dayton, OH whose pieces I loved & I would save and save until I could afford an artist's proof or a signed and numbered print. I have a closet full of various art pieces because even though something worked for me previously now they don't as my style and color schemes have changed. It breaks my heart and I long for a piece when I have let it go. Just as our homes change so does our lives.

  72. Image for Crystal Crystal

    I love, LOVE your staircase! I've always wanted to live in a house with stairs so that I could time my entrance to parties and gatherings like the Queen that I am. Try Art.com for artwork, you can search any subject and find amazing paintings, line drawings and original photographs, all in a variety of sizes and types of paper. They'll even frame it for you and you can see the print and the frame before you order, lots of framing options as well, or just order prints. I like the new color, I'm a fan of tans and khakis and browns anyway.

  73. Image for Shawn Herbert Shawn Herbert

    Love the river gauges! And the rug! And the board and batten (or wainscoting) is amazing! I love the watercolors Lucy Akins of Craftberry Bush paints. You probably know she's a blogger like you and Society6 carries her lovely work. What a fun time you are having with your new old home!

  74. Image for Peggy S. Peggy S.

    Well this is just a suggestion but how about old maps of the area where you live or blueprints of your house or other old buildings in your area. Personally I like really old maps. I love the color. Your home is looking so comfortable and homey. Happy hunting!

  75. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    It looks so beautiful!! We switch out our staircase art. One is made from Ikea fabric we acquired years ago. It hangs vertically. The other is a modern picture that looks like an ocean wave. It hangs on the same nail but in a horizontal direction. I tried everything- but did not like small items as it looked too cluttered to me. Whatever you choose will be perfect for you.

  76. Image for D. Cox D. Cox

    Buy some inexpensive canvases and draw something on them. Suggestion: a large vase with some loosely arranged flowers in them. Then allow your girls to paint them. They do not have to be perfect. Or.....just give them some paint in the colors you would like to use and allow them to create something in the modern style. This could be one dip of a paintbrush run vertically down the canvas, changing paint colors when one runs out, then blending the colors together. It could be fun and much less expensive than investing in artworks you are not sure you will like.

  77. Image for Jane Jane

    This area is so lovely and peaceful. I love the river gauges. You are such a master at finding objects that are unique and interesting. I think it would be fun to see vintage architectural pieces on the stair wall. Maybe old window frames in interesting shapes with chippy paint. Not too many. The open space is so refreshing. Your mother’s mirror is magnificent! Your home is, too. Take your time...,you will find just the right thing.

  78. Image for Mary Hite Mary Hite

    You can find some great art in unexpected places. Consignment shops, antique malls. But why not try this - hit the local university art shows (UNT, TWU); the local high schools; the local festivals - Mayfest or the one in downtown Ft. Worth in the summer. Denison has a booming arts community. Then not only are you finding great art at affordable prices, but you can meet the artist and are helping support your local community. And photography is a very affordable art form. Much better than just buying prints from a catalog.

  79. Image for Beverly Ozburn Beverly Ozburn

    Karianne, Don't you have 2-4 resident artists right there under your roof? I'll bet you have artwork that your children created that could be scanned to make digital, enlarged, and printed out on a poster printer at a print shop or on a canvas and a photo shop. Why not try that?

  80. Image for Louise Adkins Louise Adkins

    I am partial to landmarks, places I've traveled to or lived. You could have a water color done of your new/old house or from your last home, etc. Good Luck!

  81. Image for Amy Amy

    My cousin's daughter paints pictures of plants and they are beautiful- they look like photographs and she takes requests. Her Instagram name is inhalingart where you can see her work. She has a couple of samples on her etsy shop - www.etsy.com/shop/SoletLunaStore.

  82. Image for JoAnn JoAnn

    KariAnne have you thought of putting some of your beautiful photographs on canvas?. We took photos of our annual family vacation spot in South Carolina and used Canvas on Demand or Snapfish to put them on canvas (just watch for a sale in the size you want). Every picture brings back memories and makes us smile.

  83. Image for Suzanne Churchwell Suzanne Churchwell

    My favorite pieces of art are the ones that kids do. My son, nieces and nephews, not to mention the kiddos of friends and family. There’s something so beautiful and perfect with their color choices. I bet you have some masterpieces lying around that would be catapulted into another stratosphere with just the right framing!

  84. Image for Terry Wood Terry Wood

    I love vintage artwork by unknown artists. My favorite being landscapes. They can often be found at thrift stores, antique malls, garage sales..... Our kinda places! ;)

  85. Image for Cyndy Cyndy

    CRAZY this is the entry from the back of the house....just beautiful! And all the light coming in is may-vel-ous Art is so personal. if its a framed print it can be changed out like our decor, Frames change from wood to metals. if its a watercolor you need to be extremely careful its not placed in sunlight nor humidity. I am lucky to have many large beautiful watercolors my stepmom painted many years ago; mostly florals. The kids are inheriting them annually for their homes. It will come...be patient.

  86. Image for Kate Kate

    How about silhouettes of your children for artwork? I'm picky about art in my home so I have very few piece. For artists, I love the work of Fairfield Porter or some Audubon bird prints.

  87. Image for Sherry Sherry

    Hi , you can get prints but you can find vintage art work as well as new pieces from art students at the universities or colleges. You can also make your own with your incredible photography. I took a picture years ago of a great landmark with just a tiny corner of my husbands jacket in it. I am reminded he is there. I had it blown up then I framed it (ikea), voila! Art work.

  88. Image for Jan Jan

    You could feature different fabrics that you like. Go to your local fabric store and browse around. Then get some inexpensive pre-stretched artist canvas in your choice of size and stretch the fabric over them. Wahla, Instant art for not much investment.

  89. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Years and years ago, my style was sort of Bohemian/Native American when I learned about my Native American heritage (a great grandmother) and discovered Frank Howell. I had been gifted a few interesting NA artifacts like baskets, a capote and black pottery. When everyone was doing Native American in pastel pinks and blues, my colors were more deep blues, purples and black. Then, when I married Ben and we bought the little ranch in Texas a few years later, my style transitioned. I had been given a Remington replica of a Native American on horseback and also discovered what an amazing cowboy artist Tim Cox was. Thus was born a sort of 'Cowboys and Indians' theme which felt right on the ranch. All that is a thing of the past, though. For now. Maybe one day again? Tim Cox and Frank Howell will always have a special place in my heart. I still love those two artists!

  90. Image for Kim Fratrik Kim Fratrik

    Take a look at Beth Carver's art here: https://bethcarverart.com/art/water-ballet-pink-green.html I have this picture hanging in my home because the women in it are rock stars! Such joy, even with exposed thighs:) Kim

  91. Image for Sandra Sandra

    Nancy Noel has beautiful artwork. Please consider using a ceiling medallion in your dining room to enhance your gorgeous chandelier.

  92. Image for Rebecca Rebecca

    I would suggest you take some of the luscious photos from your previous house, or of the girls, or your yard, etc. and have them made into various sizes of canvases. Sometimes you can enhance or blur the images to get more of a watercolor or brush stroke look. I use PamOr Prints in Raleigh, NC to produce canvases of outstanding quality. Bill Griggs is wonderfully creative in his approach to changing things up a bit! You do beautiful work, and maybe your girls too, which can easily be made into artwork!

  93. Image for Colleen@LilacDriveDesigns Colleen@LilacDriveDesigns

    This brings up a good question...where do you display your family photos? I have a gallery wall upstairs that's never been shared, but that's where ours hangs out. I call it the wall of fame :) I'm going to create a gallery wall going up my stairs with some large frames and seasonal prints that I can change out.

  94. Image for Denise Denise

    Do you really read all these comments? My suggestion would be a piece of art from your parents. Do they have anything? Denise

  95. Image for Jan Mc Jan Mc

    Check out Michael Podesta's art, he paints things from Scripture, makes the words into designs. Also, G. Harvey is amazing! He's a painter of light, similar to Kincaide.

  96. Image for Jane Jane

    I love it, KariAnne! This is really a nice color, and yes, it does change a bit with the light, and that's so cool. I like seeing the trim looking so clean and glossy against it. I noticed that I I, too, have a lot of "objects", rather than art. I think back in the day of our parents, they never would have thought of doing this. But hanging art is tough for me, It's really a personal choice, and should it be something you love, or something to go with the house? Does your husband have to like it??! I wanted something old and vintage-like for my den, and I had a lot of choices on eBay. Original art, the painting of a still life vase and flowers, makes me smile every time I look at. I may change the frame, scratch it up a little! I also use Art.com. There a waaaaaaay too many prints to look at, but you can really narrow it down. For my lakehouse in the country, I couldn't decide between barns or boats. Ha! I got both but made the color schemes similar. You can really add up the price in choosing frames, matting, glass, etc. This time I ordered a very basic frame only. You can also get prints on canvas. Finally, if you see something you love, check to see if the artist has more work under another category. All the best!

  97. Image for Lorene Halfmann Lorene Halfmann

    Hello! I think those sticks on the wall are survey sticks. We use them out here on our ranch in central west Texas. I hold a stick like that and my husband looks at it through a level on a tripod. Maybe the correct term is surveyors stake. Anyway, check it out. Love your posts! Can't wait to read them each day when I get a chance to sit and relax! Welcome back to Texas.

  98. Image for Pamela Griner Pamela Griner

    I just love that house! Every single room...and your life story that goes with it. You will know the perfect piece(s) of art when you see them. There are so many beautiful works in all mediums, sizes, colors, and prices. I work at an art gallery and with 150 artists...36 of them have their studios right outside my office. When we have a gallery exhibit or even when I see something awesome in the studios...I find a place for it at home if it calls my name. Lucky me...the only employee. (I also teach alcohol ink and encaustc wax painting myself). Yeah, we artsy, crafty, decorator types dabble in it all. Lol.

  99. Image for Kathy Kathy

    Love your foyer and staircase, and those river gauges are amazing! My mother was so good at it, but I never find good stuff like that that wouldn't cost me my first born. Not sure about an artist, but have you thought about painting the inside of your front door a color????

  100. Image for Kelly Kelly

    Art is personal and is one of those things that only you determine the beauty. When I was in my 20's moved to different apartments every few years, I framed matted prints. I still have some of these but most have been donated, and this certainly isn't inexpensive if you want the frame to look nice and blend with your decor. Once I purchased a home in my early 30's (circa 1996) I started collecting original art work. Some are paintings: oils, acrylics and water colors, others are mixed media and upcycled ( small quilted items, glass, mosaics, old tin). I would say that some of my painted pieces are as small 6x6 but with a wide museum mat of 4 inches, (I like one with a subtle offwhite linen texture) then artwork can be enlarged to 18x18. These were purchased for less than $40, then framed. My most recent item is a multi colored mixture of upcycled and new...by a glass artist (Robin Sterns-Savannah) that is 50x15 and is the focal piece above my fireplace. Check her out...her work is colorful and cheerful...makes me happy to look at it... That being said I would encourage you to look for a style of art that you find visually appealing and Etsy is a great place to start. Here are some reasonable artists that I like Karen Ponelli at Studio 155, Nancy Merkle at Small Impressions, Cathy Savels Paintings (I only have her smaller studies), Cocodeparis ( prints on french book pages), CanvasDove (creates each "copy" and to your size choice), BentEdgeAlchemy(she upcyles clothing and creates beautiful little art quilts, I have one and have given them as framed gifts to my mother and sister) Kathleen Wiley Fine Art (realistic oils,love her hummingbirds), Yvonne Rousseau and others at Art Central in Summerville,SC...(shameless plug for my hometown) But also take the opportunity to visit art walks, art fairs in your area and when you travel. Some of the best pieces I have found are reminders of a special trip. I love the art districts of Savannah, Charleston, Charlotte, Asheville and Chattanooga...and I am sure you have some near you as well. I love your new home and the creative touches added have a sentimental quality that seems to match not only the era of the home but your style.

  101. Image for Kimberlee Harrison Kimberlee Harrison

    I love the simple fresh approach to your style! I'm following along from Auburn, AL. And I would highly recommend Kathy Miller. She is local to our area, but captures her colors beautifully on canvas. I can find out how to send you to a gallery with her work. Keep trusting us with your heart...its a blessing :)

  102. Image for Mari Mari

    I love your vintage pieces! I favor the suggestion of the family and life pictures in black and white. I have no doubt, however, that you will find something that pleases you and we will all love it also! As a lover of dogs I have to say that seeing Buddy in your pictures always makes me smile. I seem to remember though that you had a smaller dog as well that was a rescue and I haven't seen him or heard you speak of him. Hoping all is well there.

  103. Image for Terie Terie

    How about a canvas print from Thistlewood Farm - you have such lovely photos and memories from KY - a landscape photo would be awesome - OR maybe a vintage Kentucky Derby photo - they have some great ones that look like travel posters. Some color but not too overwhelming and a nod to the time y’all spent there ❤️❤️❤️ the transformation of your childhood home and Thank You So Much for sharing with us—-

  104. Image for Beverly Beverly

    Hello? Kijsa♥♥♥ How perfect that some of her art live in the house where you all grew up. I also love family photos. Love favorite photographs framed or printed on canvas. You also must have art done by your children over the years.

  105. Image for Susan Ronnfeldt Susan Ronnfeldt

    My favorite artist is P. Buckley Moss. I have a couple of her works, that she has autographed for me. I love her work. She is a lovely lady originally from the Shenandoah Valley area but now resides in St. Petersburg, FL. She comes to Iowa to paint the Amish. For myself I like to choose an artist who paints images from the area in which you live. My large painting is of the Flynn Mansion at the Living History Farm in Des Moines. In the forground is a pond with an Amish couple ice skating and Canadian geese are roaming the hills in the background. She paints the geese alot as well. Her colors are very soft.. I love how you are updating your childhood home. It is so pretty and you are doing a wonderful job!

  106. Image for Marian Zimmerman Marian Zimmerman

    Yes ART finally! house seems so cold & empty without . Rebecca Fox on etsy heritage gallery out door art .com either one of these artists can make prints any size of their art work. I'm gonna have fun looking at all these artists, please make a list to keep on file

  107. Image for Laura Harrison Laura Harrison

    Create art from your photos and then it is yours:) You are the artist. Your new house has such elegant features. Chinoiserie would look so cool. Your home is lovely. Laura- White Spray Paint

  108. Image for Marie Lavender Marie Lavender

    Lauren from Bless'er House just shared botanical prints a few days ago - a set of 6 for every season that you can print and frame yourself fairly inexpensively. And you can change them out as the seasons change so they never get boring! They are really beautiful and classy

  109. Image for PC PC

    Those are water level gauges - I would guess for the Ohio or TN river if the came from KY. I like that new paint color.

  110. Image for Ann C Ann C

    I like Ray Henderson he does some awesome farm pictures. Mine are all prints! Peter Sculthorpe is nother artist I have several prints from. It’s fun looking and watching for art that speaks to you. Good luck. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. I also have a wonderful print of Santa holding a snow globe with the nativity in it I purchased at Hobby Lobby. They have some Great Wall decor.

  111. Image for Tracey Tracey

    Ashley Hackshaw of Lil Blue Boo does some great art and I think she sells prints of her work too. I'm not sure about though. I enjoy her blog though. Love the house. It's just so pretty. Also love the picture with Buddy. So glad he's doing better.

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