This is one of the easiest recipes on the planet. It has two ingredients and it’s so simple to make. Here’s how to make a skinny strawberry smoothie.

I think I ate my way through December.


It was a wonderful month.

Full of parties and dinners and lunches and brownies and chocolate covered pecans and cookies that said Merry Christmas and peanut butter fudge and chocolate cakes with sprinkles on top and three layers of strawberry creme glaze.

And I actually think that I feel a little rounder just writing that last sentence.

And with every party—every celebration—every toast—every bite—I told myself that I would do better next year.

A veritable paragon of healthy eating.


Umm…self… year is here.

And last time I checked healthy eating time is knocking on your door.

Time to make a strawberry smoothie.

Skinny Smoothie

I’m trying to start strong.




Seriously.  Whoever created the four food group pyramid would have used me as a poster child.

And then when my back was turned?

A chocolate chip cookie crept its way in.

And then another….and another….and another.

Strawberry Smoothie



So now I’m working on replacing all my chocolate chip cookies with this…..a Skinny Strawberry Smoothie.

It’s easy and fast.

And icy and cold and yummy.

And it only has two ingredients.

Skinny Strawberry Smoothie


2 cups frozen strawberries

1 cup water flavored with Crystal Light Strawberry Lemonade



Blend together until smooth.


Smile and reach for a carrot stick.

ideas to serve with a strawberry smoothie

One of the cutest ideas I had was to cut a strawberry like lemon and add it to the glass. In other words, slice a strawberry in sections. Then cut a slice in the strawberry and add it to the side of the glass. You could also serve these with a vegetable plate or even small fruit and cheese platter. Perfect for summer parties.

variations of the strawberry smoothie

I’m working on trying this with some other fruits, too. Substitute frozen peaches and Crystal Light Peach Drink Mix for the strawberries.

You could also frozen raspberries and Crystal Light Raspberry Ice Drink Mix for the strawberries.

So many drink ideas, so little time.

See how easy that is?

Don’t you feel skinnier just reading this post?

Me, too.

And besides…..everyone knows……chocolate chip cookies are so last year. 🙂

Looking for a little more recipe inspiration?  Be sure to check out my recipe page.

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  1. Image for Amy@ The Avery House Amy@ The Avery House

    Yummy! And so easy to make! After just returning from Disney World in the land of Mickey waffles and Mickey ice cream on a stick and Mickey everything else, I'm ready to have a nice skinny alternative! Thanks for sharing this delightful recipe! :-)

  2. Image for Beth Beth

    Thanks for the inspiration! Hubs and I are also joining the new year diet (death) march. In one week he has already lost 10 lbs! Me? ONE! Grrr! But I will not be deterred! At least for today. We'll see how it goes. Thanks for the help. I'll pin this to my Skinny Me board. Hey, a girl can dream!

  3. Image for Beverly Beverly

    Oh, KariAnne. I want one. I'll drive over for a visit if you promise to fix me one. Oh, never mind the promise. I'll just come on faith because I know you will fix me one. Yum !!!

  4. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Love smoothies...good luck on your "healthy alternatives" quest...Good thing that chocolate chip cookies are so they are hard to resist!

  5. Image for Jennifer @ Celebrating Everyday Life Jennifer @ Celebrating Everyday Life

    Yummy!!! I got a Ninja for Christmas and have been trying to make a smoothie everyday. I throw some Kale and wheat germ in there too to try to compensate for the "other" food choices I make during the day, ha! This looks so delish, I'll have to add it to my rotation! Thanks for the inspiration!! Hugs, Jennifer

  6. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    My family and I declared that 2013 is the year of eating healthy....but written in the fine print, we've still allowed room for the occasional Chocolate Chip Cookie, slice of cheesecake, etc...... ;)

  7. Image for Bliss Bliss

    There is an old book called "Help Lord the Devil Wants Me Fat". Seriously. I don't remember anything else about it except the title. I must be full of it. The devil that is. Bliss

  8. Image for Bristol Bristol

    Karianne, That looks yummy! Well here's my goal for 2013 to stick with a blog and make it grow...wish me luck. I have not been blogging but checking in at yours. I was so excited for you and your blue ribbon blog at Country Living!! Congrats. Look forward to chatting this year:) Bristol

  9. Image for Jen (Arriving) Jen (Arriving)

    Yum. My skinny smoothie is almost identical, except there is three ingredients (gotta keep the blood sugar up so I don't crash and get cravings!) 1 cup frozen fruit, 1 scoop whey protein powder, 1-ish cup of water (sometimes a little more). Spin in the blender and done! tastes marvelous. When I I have it I put in a handful of spinach too, you can't even taste it I swear! :-) super yummy!

  10. Image for debra debra

    OH this looks good. But truly after reading this post...I am craving chocolate. It would be heaven to drink a sip of that smoothie then have a bite of chocolate. Ha ha ha .

  11. Image for Zolane Zolane

    That looks so good, KariAnne, but I still love my chocolate covered strawberries :) I figure I'm the perfect weight...I'm just short :)

  12. Image for Regina Regina

    Hmmm . . . . wonder how a skinny smoothie would taste with a few chocolate chips thrown in? ;) Actually, this sounds delish just like it is! You go, girl!

  13. Image for Claire @ The Rustic Pig Claire @ The Rustic Pig

    Beautiful pictures!!! I feel like I could just reach right in and grab that smoothie!! YUM!!! We're doing a 7 day fast... only fruits and veggies. It's hard. REALLY hard!! I think my hubby is having a harder time with it than I am though. The idea of not eating meat is just so foreign to him! Anyways.. LOVE this!!! Hugs!!

  14. Image for Michele Michele

    Well that certainly is a delish looking drink, yum! You are so funny - chocolate chips cookies are SO 2012! You make me laugh all the time! I ate entirely too much in December, and today. We just got back from going out to dinner and boy was my dinner good - shrimp and rice and broccoli and WAY too much of a cheese sauce, rich and thick and gooey and - ugh - I ate way too much. Bleh, hate this feeling. I shoulda had your skinny strawberry smoothie instead!

  15. Image for Holly Holly

    Jan.! I can totally relate! That smoothie looks so good!!! I'll share my own little recipe with you. I mix strawberries, blueberries, half a banana and plain Greek yogurt. I add a little vanilla protein powder too. I'm so bad at protein, not my favorite, so I feel good about this smoothie. Now, if I would just exercise.....

  16. Image for Debbie Debbie

    LOL "Chocolate chips are so 2012" Good thing I wasn't drinking, my laptop would be wet because I would have spit it out in laughter! And that sounds like a delicious and simple smoothie! Debbie :)

  17. Image for Brenda Brenda

    I asked and received an immersion blender for Christmas so I could start making healthy smoothies. It probably would help if I would take it out of the box. Thanks for the recipe maybe it will be the push I need. :-) P.S. I have also purchased a bucket of Ice cream. help me!

  18. Image for debi debi

    Kari Anne, I have been reading your blog for awhile now. I love your quick wit, and fun posts. Your strawberry smoothie looks wonderful, and I'm sure it would be yummy with a piece of dark chocolate. ;)

    1. Image for Alberta Alberta

      Only 154 calories and I know natural sugar isn't as bad a regular sugar, but 2 cups of strawberries has 20 grams of sugar and over 40 grams of carbs! Don't think I'd want to have these everyday!!

  19. Image for laurie laurie

    Ok.....I am SO making this tomorrow morning, Kerrianne!!!! I love CS and I love strawberries, and when I read your easy peasy recipe, I thought, "Why didn't I think of putting those two yummies together....??"" lol Thanks for the great idea....and hopefully 1 size smaller jeans by springtime. :) xoxo laurie

  20. Image for Erika@BeBookBound Erika@BeBookBound

    I guess if chocolate chip cookies are "so 2012," then I guess I'd better start calling my style "retro." :) Thanks for the skinny treat idea. After consuming approximately 3,467 Weight Watchers points yesterday, this drink is just what the doctor ordered.

  21. Image for Tara Tara

    Hi! Looks great! I have a silly question. Do you mix the crystal light according to directions and then use a cup of it or do you mix one whole packet into just a cup of water? Thanks!

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