|| blue and white striped chairs || blue and white rug || khaki sofas || gold coffee table ||

Yesterday I walked into this room and from every window the sun was shining in.

Outside the skies were blue.

The flowers were blooming.

The birds were chirping.

The sunbeams were dancing across the 110-year wood floors.

I closed my eyes just for a moment and smiled. And thought to myself….

….hello summer—nice to meet you.


I’ve been waiting for you for like….ummm….ever.

|| branches ||

There’s nothing like summer.


I mean winter is awesome with all the cold and ice and potato soup and mittens and sledding and books by a toasty fire.

And spring really brought it with fresh daffodils and forsythia and green grass and flowers in the house.

But summer?  

Summer is the real deal.

A time to celebrate.

|| blue and white striped chairs || blue and white rug || khaki sofas || gold coffee table ||

So here’s my living room all ready for the season with simple summer decorating ideas along with…

….my top 25 reasons summer is a rock star.

1. Sweet tea with lime (hello Captain Obvious).

2. The giant aisles of fresh fruit at the grocery store.

3.  The perfect pair of black sunglasses with red lipstick.

4.  That summer glow that somehow makes you look five pounds thinner (my personal fav).


|| blue and white striped chairs ||

6.  Longer days and extra hours of sunshine.

7.  Spitting watermelon seeds from the back porch.

8.  Summer outfits….shorts are so much cuter than scarves.

9.  The first yard sale of the season.



|| set of white vases ||

10.  The next yard sale around the corner.

11.  Yard sales that sell $5 furniture and fresh corn and green beans.

12.  Driving down the winding country road with the sunroof open and Randy Travis on the radio.

13.  The smell of a summer rainstorm.

|| blue and white striped chairs || blue and white rug || khaki sofas || gold coffee table ||

14.  Fourth of July and sparklers.

15.  Fresh strawberries and whipped cream on the porch swing.

16.  A happily-ever-after book and a nap on the porch.

17.  Drive-in movie theaters and hot popped popcorn.


|| blue and white striped chairs ||


|| blue and white striped chairs || blue and white rug || khaki sofas || gold coffee table ||

18.  An attic guest bedroom filled with roses from the garden.

19.  Blue and white anything.

20.  Blue skies and sunshine with clouds that look like lions and tigers.

21.  The smell of the ocean and toes in the sand.


|| blue and white striped chairs || blue and white rug || khaki sofas || gold coffee table ||

22.  The shade of an oak tree.

23.  Local honey on fresh biscuits.

24.  A milk glass picnic.

25.  Oh….and did I mention sweet tea with lime?

After all….summer always begins and ends with the sweet tea. 🙂

PS  How about you?  What’s your favorite part of summer?

And our favorite blue and white chair was just restocked.

It’s been out of stock for a while and it’s in stock now!

You can see it here.

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  1. Image for Peg Peg

    Being from Massachusetts, where it's cool/cold for pretty much 9 months of the year, summer is MY season!! So, every part of it is my favorite!!!

  2. Image for Rosemary Gregory Rosemary Gregory

    Hey Kari! Would you mind giving me the link to the faux flower arrangement in the blue vase? I remember the post, but can’t find it 😞. Many thanks !

    1. Image for Debbie Debbie

      Rosemary, I ordered it too a month or so ago and I just love it! I know that you will too. The blue vase comes with it. 👏🏻👏🏻

  3. Image for Rizae Rizae

    Sitting on the glider swing (with a book, my yorkie and a glass of sweet tea) my hubby built me when I was battling breast cancer. Tomorrow is my 2 year anniversary of being cancer free ⚘❤⚘. Gotta love that man!

  4. Image for Kris Kris

    Breakfast on the beach with my kids, being less scheduled and therefore more able to do things on a whim, bike riding, and vacations!

  5. Image for carol Mack carol Mack

    Roasting marshmallows on an open campfire.... Watching stars poke through that purple blue cnnvice sky... Canadian summers in the mountains

  6. Image for Harper Harper

    rising early in the morning, standing on the porch, listening to the birds,, breathing the FRESH SUMMER AIR all while having my first cup of coffee.

  7. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Super awesome list of your summer favorites. I agree with so many of them myself, KA!! Love your gorgeous pics, too. MY fav part of summer is driving 2.5 hours north to my childhood island home that my sister bought and having morning coffee on the patio with my best friend, my little sister. And then enjoying all the wonderful vacationland fun things to do - always boating and swimming - and then taking their boat out to watch the sun melt into beautiful Lake Erie. ♥ It's been since August since I have been "home" and I cannot wait to be there again. My own fav here at my home is early in morning or later afternoon when it gets cool again and sitting in my covered patio "zen" room and reading and sipping unsweetened iced tea and listening to the birds and watching the hummers feeding from the feeder and then watching the sun dip behind the many trees we have planted that have grown into mature trees since we moved here. Two days ago it was 21 years ago. WOW how time flies. ♥♥

  8. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Coffee outside under the big white oak while the birds sing before the sun is even up all the way. Before anybody else is out for the day. Gentle morning breeze. Just me, my three pups and my memories.

  9. Image for Karen Karen

    Making my mom's strawberry pie recipe to bring back family memories of summer, Got to carry on her traditions.

  10. Image for Debbie Debbie

    Early morning walk while the sun is rising in SC while listening to the birds chirping then coming home and having a good cup of coffee on our screened-in porch with my Springer Spaniel, Zoey, and my Brittany Spaniel, Hannah ‘Banana’ enjoying the peacefulness of the early morning. 😊

  11. Image for Rhonda Corey Rhonda Corey

    I absolutely LOVE blue/white and blue/yellow, which are the colors my house is decorated with now. If I ever find room in my house to have another blue bookshelf (mine is from Ikea) I would love to know where you bought your navy blue bookshelves. I like the moulding (proper term?) at the top of your blue bookshelves that the blue bookshelves from Ikea do not have and other than Ikea I don't believe I've ever seen navy blue shelves. Thank you.

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