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This year was a little different with the handmade Christmas presents under the tree.

My mother entered into the fray.

And this was what she painstakingly put together for each of us.

A family cookbook.

Full to the brim of the original recipes and cards from generations of bakers and cooks in my family. I opened it and started shouting I was so excited.

This was the perfect gift for me for 2021. Because this year, y’all?

I have a New Year’s resolution.

Are you ready?

I’m going to start cooking with the help of this recipe book and Walmart+.

Can you see these pages?

She photographed the original recipe card with my mother’s and my grandmother’s and other special people’s handwriting. Some of them even have a little of the recipe left over on them.

There are dozens and dozens and dozens of recipes that I can use as a guide to plan out my meals.

I’m starting with the recipe for this amazing chicken dish my mother makes.

And the easiest part? I just check my cupboards for what I have and order the rest.

I’m going to fill up my Walmart cart with water chestnuts and sliced almonds and curry powder and soy sauce and canned pineapple. I am all about placing an online order from Walmart. It helps keep me organized and keeps my shopping focused.

And now?

Ordering from Walmart got even more affordable and easier.

Thanks to Walmart+.

Here’s the way it works:

You can purchase a monthly membership for $12.95 or a yearly membership for $98 and NOW you get Walmart+ FREE SHIPPING, no order minimum (excludes oversized/freight & Marketplace items) with a Walmart+ membership.

It’s a brand new benefit.


That means.

Free shipping on pineapple.

Free shipping on almonds.

Free shipping on water chestnuts.

And free shipping on a whole lot more.

So when I want to make muffins and you need bran flakes or I’m making my Aunt Talia’s cheesecake and I need graham crackers or I’m working on my granny’s banana dessert and I need cinnamon, I don’t have to worry. Ordering online is just a finger click away.

But that’s not all. With your Walmart+ membership, you might also get great member prices on gas and the in-store mobile scan & go benefit, too.

If you think this might work for you?

You can check and see which Walmart+ benefits are available in your area here.

You can sign up for Walmart + here.

It’s a big time saver.


I love things that make life easier, save me money and keep me focused.

Here’s to celebrating life and keeping all those New Year’s resolutions.

disclosure: This post was sponsored by Walmart+.

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  1. Image for Betty in Arlington Betty in Arlington

    Oh Karianne, Yes, treasure those recipes from your mom! My mom is gone nine years now...I just stumbled on her recipes she wrote up for her favorite meals...what a treat. I can hear her talking in those recipes, too! And, my sister found some of her recipes for Christmas treats recently...dear sister made all the cakes, cookies and pies from our mom's handwritten pages. What a joy to find her living in our foods! I will share that when my mom died, cousins all shared with me that my mom wrote up recipe cards for them as wedding presents, enclosed in a beautiful container! What a thoughtful wedding gift to share with extended family! I miss my mom a lot!

  2. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Absolutely wonderful amazing gift from your mother. Just wow. Funny my youngest - a fantastic cook and all-around homemaker guru - started making one for her older sister - never cooks, loves to bake though and prefers not to do much domestic stuff but an incredible business owner, plant caretaker. mommy of a doggie and kitty and awe-inspiring can-do-anything-including-using-all-tools kind of gal. She has been working on it a while now. She wasn't able to finish by Christmas because she is home schooling a 4 year old and is doing very well with that. It is her priority these days. So on the back burner that project went - which gives us all a bit more time to search and share. She will get it at a later date when it is perfect. One things both my girls learned from me is perfectionism. It's both a blessing AND a curse. I love your mom did that. And I so respect Walmart is being so awesome about changing our new normal way of doing things. I have to give them two thumbs up b/c I have been told there are several Walmarts south of us here who have done a FAB job of Covid protection. Shout out to the management and teams there. They could teach some of the others a thing or three. Stay home, stay SAFE, stay well, KA.

  3. Image for Barbara Barbara

    What a wonderful gift!! My Mom died of pancreatic cancer at age 56 in 1986- and I miss her terribly. She made so many memorable dishes and I cherish her recipes in her own writing so much♥ Give us a recipe every now and then!!

  4. Image for Vicki Lay Vicki Lay

    Thanks for the prod to do the same. In fact, 15 years ago, (how time flys) I planned to make a family recipe cookbook for my daughter and daughter-in-law (who hates to cook) and include the picture of my family member who gave me the recipe. The books are in an upstairs chest of drawers just waiting for inspiration. Well, you have inspired me. Now...I have two granddaughters who love to cook and bake. One granddaughter is 17 who is checking out culinary schools and the other is just 12 who is already a great little baker. I guess we know who will be getting those cookbooks now. Thanks for the reminder and the inspiration. Vicki

  5. Image for Peg Peg

    What a wonderful gift from your mother!! Maybe your next book should be "Recipes from Thistlewood"? I'd buy it!!! xoxo

  6. Image for Carrie Carrie

    Old hand written recipes are the best!!! After my husbands' grandmother died, I copied her recipe for her famous chocolate chip recipe; put the copies into a vinyl pocket that I added magnets and stickers on, and gave them to her daughter's and granddaughter's in the family. Each member proudly displays 'Grandma's" recipe on their refrigerators! You are so lucky to have a whole BOOK! :)

  7. Image for Libbie@alifeunfolding Libbie@alifeunfolding

    Love this! I am a horrible cook...but when my mother passed away two years ago, I found her recipe book and realized that sharing her recipes with my own grown daughters was a wonderful way to keep her memory alive. We have made a different recipe each month via Zoom this past year in quarantine, and it's been so much fun (not always perfect, but that's okay too)! I can't wait to see which family recipes you tackle!

  8. Image for Kris Kris

    Wonderful gift. Seeing the familiar penmanship, smelling delicious scents of days gone by, gathering with your own family to share memories and make new ones ... yes, this is perfect.

  9. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    Love the gift from your mother. I have some of my mom's recipes in her handwriting, love them and use them. Happy baking, you will be great!!

  10. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    :) you will do great cooking and baking! You will always appreciate those hand written recipes from your mom. I know I do (she wrote on various pieces of paper and is so mom).


    What a beautiful gift from your dear Mom! I know you will treasure these recipes forever, KariAnne!

  12. Image for Nana Nana

    Thank you so much for appreciating the sentiment. I know you can cook and what a great way to restart. Here’s to your granny in you. Love you much.

  13. Image for Carol Carol

    A gift of love to be sure! Love this idea and will begin working on this project for my own grandkids! Please share your favorite recipes from her with us, we do feel like we are part of the Thistlewood family. Especially me who was born in Texas! Happy cooking/baking!

  14. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    Yay! Mom! She hit the jackpot, didn't she? Have been thinking of doing this for my kiddos. Well, two out of three might want it. 😉 So glad you have some recipes to now jump into. If you need any other recipes, which I doubt, let me know! Enjoy the cooking journey! 😍

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