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I missed you.

I mean….seriously….three days without a blog post?  Is that even right?

That’s a lifetime in blog land or in the life of a caterpiller.  Take your pick.

And spending the last few days rubbing elbows with the rich and famous at the Haven blogging conference and driving to Atlanta and back….

….is absolutely no excuse.

Does it help if I wrote about 20 blog posts in my head when I was there?

My fingers were itching to type and tell you all about it.

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I could tell you about the sessions and what we ate and who I met and what I learned and what the hotel looked like….

…but why?

Why bother with any of that when I have something so much better?


Totally worth the price of admission.

I present to you with great fanfare and descriptive flair….

… most embarrassing moment of Haven (times nine).

Please tell me you’re surprised…..

 …..(and not that I managed to keep in under 10). 🙂

Haven 3 (2)

Linda and I

Number 1:  The time I took a picture at the Haven dance party and someone told me I was glowing.

And I said thank you for the compliment and smiled.

They shook their head sadly and said….no really….you are literally glowing.


And I was….

…..from the green lights on the dance floor. 🙂

Good times.

Number 2:  The time I was talking and laughing so loudly in the hallway that someone opened up a door and told me to keep it down.

They said they couldn’t hear over all the commotion.

And the best part….it wasn’t even a Haven session…..

….it was another conference.


Haven 4 (2)

Charlotte and I

Number 3:  The time after taking picture after picture at Haven….

…..I just discovered that I have an overly large head.

True fact.

Number 4:  The time I greeted everyone in the elevator and welcomed them to Haven and introduced myself and asked them the name of their blogs.


They weren’t even attending the conference.

Number 5:  The time I frantically searched through all the empty boxes at midnight outside the ballroom to try and find any of the Ryobi towels they were giving away at the dance.


But please tell me you wouldn’t have done the same thing.

After all….I mean I free towel is a free towel….right?


Kristen and Heather and I

Number 6:  The time we danced the lawn mower and the grocery cart to Twisted Sister on the dance floor.

I know…what you are thinking.

“We’re not gonna to take it.  No we ain’t gonna take it.  We’re not gonna take it anymore.”


Number 7:  The time at Haven when I got to go to dinner with Tom from Restaurant Impossible…..

….and I was planning on being super professional and impress him with my blogging knowledge.

Except I told him the Lee Press On Nail story.

Number 8:  The time we went out to eat dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.

And I started telling a story and getting so excited and laughing and waving my hands….

….and almost knocked the cheesecake on the floor.

And it wasn’t even the first time it happened.

Haven 1

Jamin and Ashley and Jen and Heather

And last….but certainly not least….

Number 9:  The time I wore a black jumpsuit to a cocktail party.

And wowed the crowd.

And looked amazing.

And then spent 10 minutes in the lady’s room…..

…trying to figure out how to unwind it. 🙂

PS  Good thing I’m home now….

…because you know I never do anything embarrassing here. 🙂

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  1. Image for judy judy

    Your honesty and humility are refreshing in today's world, especially when you are such a gifted blogger and decorator. Great combination in my book. You gave me a smile on this Monday morning. Thanks!

  2. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    :-) Thank you for starting my week with a chuckle. I wish I could have been there! AND -- you DON'T have a big head -- I think it's a very lovely head and I'm sure you gave everyone a warm feeling asking them about themselves --even though they weren't part of the conference. Big Hugs to you!! I missed you and glad your're back. Abbracci

  3. Image for Lisa at celebrate creativity Lisa at celebrate creativity

    You always have a certain "glow", Karianne. Even without the disco lights-lol. Personality does that to a person. So sorry I missed Haven this year. Lots of familiar faces and I know it was fun. Hope you have a wonderful week, Lisa

  4. Image for Cynthia @ A Button Tufted Life... Cynthia @ A Button Tufted Life...

    Haven sounds like heaven!! I wish I had been there… but thank you for making us all feel like we were a part of it through your great stories. I hope you will share more … perhaps a post about the times you said something amazing or made someone feel amazing … because I KNOW there were many more of those than the embarrassing things you said! :) P.S…. I bet you rocked that jumpsuit!! Bravo!

  5. Image for Robin Stephens Robin Stephens

    If I were a blogger, and had attended Haven, then I would have worn a jumpsuit, too! Bet you were an all-time hit with your buds and budettes! Happy you're back to blogging! You were missed...

  6. Image for Lisa Lisa

    I think we need a video of Twisted Sister on the dance floor! Sounds like a wonderful time, so glad you had some laughs and enjoyed it!

  7. Image for Cara Fox Cara Fox

    Girl you keep me in stitches and remind me the joy we have when we keep life fun. You are truly a modern day example of the proverbian woman. Hope to see you at the Chapel.

  8. Image for Lesley Lesley

    Oh Kari Anne, You are amazing! We had such a great time hanging with you! You a truly one of the sweetest and most hysterical ladies we have ever met. Don't worry about the green glow or your oversized head. You are beautiful and amazing. I too noticed I am not only in the large head club but much bigger than Mike Holmes himself. Can't wait to share some more of your embarrassing times with you! Lesley and Denise

  9. Image for Susan Susan

    I told my dad your Lee press on nail story last week. Now I can't even remember why. :). Thank you for sharing your stories that make us laugh..

  10. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Great little stories x nine! I think sometimes for experiences to be memorable...they have to be a little embarrassing! Sounds like you had a memorable time! ;)

  11. Image for Marian@Gathering Branches Marian@Gathering Branches

    I was wondering about you. It was very quiet, even on IG. I hope that you had as much fun as last year. But you seemed to keep a much lower profile this year. So let's review: 1st year-tears after the cocktail party. 2nd year: belle of the ball (You REALLY were the belle of the ball. That was no exaggeration. EVERYONE was talking about how they met you or how great you are or how funny you are...etc.) So where does 3rd year fit in? I know a ton of my IG friends were delighted to see you again, and I bet everyone else was too. I'm hoping you just went and chilled and had a jolly time. BTW Heather looks AMAZING!!!! Wow what a year of working hard on yourself can do! Dang! All the best, The Other Marian

  12. Image for sammijo sammijo

    KariAnne, I have felt like a kindred soul from the very first time I read your blog! I too can relate to many of your stories cause I have had similar instances, or can imagine myself in your shoes. I have been told many times to be quiet, that I was being to loud or they could hear my mouth all the way down the hall! Thank you for sharing your stories and your amazing decorating talent!

  13. Image for BrocanteuseRose BrocanteuseRose

    #4 lol! I love that you were so nice and welcoming and friendly even if it was inadvertently for the wrong conference people! :)

  14. Image for Linda Andersen Linda Andersen

    oh Karianne, I missed you too!!! I need to start writing a blog so we can be buds too. We are a lot alike which could be a good thing or a bad thing :) So, I need to know, did you find a beach towel after groveling around through all the empty boxes? I can picture myself doing everything you did and then some...oh boy...welcome back and keep typing...I live for your blogs! Linda xoxo

  15. Image for Marie@The Interior Frugalista Marie@The Interior Frugalista

    OMG I wish I was there - you and I would have made a great team! I could write a book about my most embarassing moments and yours are totally something I would do :) I may not have been there in body but I was certainly there in year!

  16. Image for Peggy Zortman Peggy Zortman

    You are so very, very funny! When you are done with this blogging gig, you can get work as a stand up comedian! Thank you the giggles and smiles to start the week.

  17. Image for Patricia Mason Patricia Mason

    Ha ha ! Girlfriend - you're just like me ! Excited and happy to be out and about with great girlfriends - whose not going to get a little overexcited !! Don't feel bad - the world needs more great women like you.....

  18. Image for Patti Patti

    I just love you. You make me laugh and cry and I was ready to cry today at work (the dreaded day job) cause it's Monday and havoc is everywhere. By now I'm laughing because I finally had a chance to read your post. Thanks!

  19. Image for Betsy@coastal-colors Betsy@coastal-colors

    You are one precious girl! I love your stories! You're too funny! I know you had a blast at Haven! I'm so sad I missed it this year. I'll never forget meeting you at my first Haven. You are like the Energizer bunny! You amaze me! You are a rock star!

  20. Image for Regina Regina

    Number 2 - Hey, at least THOSE people won't be in your future sessions! LOL!!!! Oh KariAnne - I thought it had been DAYS and DAYS since you were in my inbox! :) It sounds like, even with the embarrassing moments, you had a great time - after all, those things just make it even MORE memorable, don't they? Glad you're back in the country, in the boonies, where you belong . . . ;) LOLOL

  21. Image for Shirley Shirley

    KariAnne I love your stories. I wanted to go to Haven so bad. I really hope I can do that next year. I am really so excited about The Hayloft and having you as a guest. Talk soon!!!

  22. Image for Jane Jane

    You are cute no matter what embarrassing thing you do!! And you can laugh at yourself. And share it with us. I hope you post more of Haven! Jane xx

  23. Image for Amy W. Amy W.

    Oh You Are So Very Funny! I Have A Big Head Too. Wondered All These Years Why My Ponytails Didn't Look Like The Super Models In Magazines! 50+ Years Later Of Life....I'm Now Successfully Rocking It And Making It All Work!!! You Have Made My Day With Your Post!! So Glad You Had So Much Fun At Haven! Take Care And God Bless!!!

  24. Image for Kathy Kathy

    I am so delighted that we met! You are such a wonderful friend - a Blogger's cheerleader! I shared today a quick reflection on meeting bloggers at Haven and included the picture of you and I. I have a bigger head than you! :) I hope you have a blessed week, Kathy

  25. Image for Cheryl @ Artzzle Cheryl @ Artzzle

    You laughed a lot . . . even if it was at yourself . . . so looks like you had a great time. Those jumpsuits can be a pain! Kinda like trying to put on a pull over sports bra right after a hot shower! Hubs cracks up every time he has to come in and uncurl it!

  26. Image for Kim Kim

    Oh Karianne, how I loved this story! It makes me feel so much better about MY embarrassing moment at Haven when I came out of the bathroom stall with the toilet seat cover attached to the inside of my pants only to have a lovely fellow blogger very inconspicuously pull it out and toss it. I was so embarrassed that I didn't even get her name. And so if she happens to read this, I would love to thank her again! I wish I could have spent more time with you....not in the bathroom, of course.

  27. Image for kathleen kathleen

    Party ain't over until somebody gets embarassed! So glad I ran into you at the last party of the weekend, even though we didn't speak to each other really, I love that we have that one time that we can both remember and giggle about!

  28. Image for Donna Donna

    So glad you found out that you have a "big head"! I would kill for My head is very small and quite annoying. But, I have found in life, if you learn to laugh at yourself you are one special person. This we share. Thanks for all of your humorous posts. I completely understand them. <3

  29. Image for Lindee Katdare Lindee Katdare

    So funny...and wow, that jumpsuit? When I saw my twin in a matching outfit.....I knew I liked you right away!

  30. Image for Jane @ Cottage at the Crossroads Jane @ Cottage at the Crossroads

    Aww, I hate that we couldn't attend Haven and see your sweet self! You have that natural ability to make all people feel welcome and special. I bet those folks in the elevator wished they could have attended Haven with you rather than their conference!

  31. Image for Tina@encorecreations Tina@encorecreations

    KariAnne, It was great to finally meet you at Haven. It takes great confidence in yourself to share your embarrassing moments with the blog world. And let's face it we've all had them. Haven was so much fun I can't wait until next year.

  32. Image for

    As usual, you have made my day! I laughed so hard I made bubbles in my ice tea! I think my blogger block is over I better get back to PineRidge! Maybe next year we can share the elevator at Haven!... Have a fabulous afternoon...... Lois

  33. Image for Lisa at Concord Cottage Lisa at Concord Cottage

    KariAnne, it was sooooo great to see you at Haven (and meet you in person) although I feel like I know you. I loved chatting and laughing and waving our hands. You are so real and funny and I will always appreciate all that you do for me. Big HUGS, Lisa

  34. Image for Erin Erin

    LOVE that you introduced yourself to all those folks in the elevator...who weren't there for Haven. I bet after meeting you they wished they were!

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