Did you know I’ve lost 105 pounds?

I may or may not have dropped it conversation about 5789 times.

Hee hee.

I used to treat myself with chocolate chip cookies.

But now?

I treat myself with shopping. It’s my new favorite thing. I take it very seriously. I shop all the sales and test things out and get on e-mail lists for the best deals and evaluate and comparison shop.

So today?

I want to invite you to shop with me.

I put together all my favorite finds and grouped them together into categories.

Here are all my favorite finds and a few new places to shop that you might not have thought of.


Shop my curated collection of some of my favorite home decor items


my go-to pillow sources:

Nordstrom Rack

H & M home (good neutrals for affordable prices)

Anthropologie (a little pricier–but they have the best sales)

Pottery Barn (so good for fall)

Rejuvination (SUPER unique pillows)


my go-to rug sources:

etsy (there is GOLD sometimes there)



Wayfair (if something sells out—sometimes they change the names)

Pottery Barn


my go-to furniture sources:

Lulu and Georgia

Walmart (you know this is true)



Home Depot Collection


my go-to lighting sources:

Lamps Plus



Home Goods


Uncommon Goods (the CUTEST gadgets)

Williams and Sonoma




You can also shop my house here
You can also shop my Amazon store here
disclosure: affiliate links are used in this post. If you purchase anything through my links I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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  1. Image for Beth Minger Beth Minger

    Hi Karianne! Thanks for sharing your shopping ideas - I don't make it into Walmart and some of these other stores often so it's always fun to see what they have - especially like your videos of your shopping trips! Oh and feel free to mention your weight loss EVERY DAY you look awesome!

  2. Image for Ann C Ann C

    I love your enthusiasm for life! However I am concerned, as a loyal fan, that you just exchanged one addiction for another. You’ll eventually get to a stage in life when you realize owning so much stuff is a real burden, if not on you then on your family. And to be truthful how much of the stuff you love do you pay full price for? I hope that this is not read as a hurtful or mean comment. I adore you and your family. I appreciate your design tastes and talents. But as a woman probably old enough to be your mom, I see red flags. 🥰🙏

    1. Image for KariAnne WoodKari KariAnne WoodKari

      Ann, Oh sweet friend! I so appreciate you. Thank you for taking the time to pour into me. No worries on the shopping front. I actually don't really need any more stuff for me. :) I went through and purged and organized the house recently. Right now I'm actually trying to decorate three apartments (the twins each have an apartment and Zack). I need to do it all on a budget---hence all the shopping. There's nothing better than finding things for 1/4 of the price and making all the apartments look cute on a shoestring budget. Hope this helps to clarify! happy day!KariAnne

  3. Image for Lori H Lori H

    KariAnne...thanks for the links! I will save them. No lecture here...it's your joyous work to give us the goods and new ideas for all the seasons...not that your stock piling "things" ..it is a crafter/designers/fashion blogger's job to hunt, create and give those of us who can use the information on how to change things up, create better functioning homes, give us a happy moment that may be much needed in a time of plain crazy life....love your guidance and your blog!

  4. Image for Betsy Betsy

    Help! I need to give up chocolate chip cookies and shopping. I have enough and have started to donate. However, I must give credit where credit is due! You are my go to for gift ideas. I tend to give more home oriented gifts so you are my big helper!

  5. Image for DONNA DONNA

    Kari, your weight loss journey has been an inspiration to me as I know it must been to others. I am so glad you shared this journey! Donna

  6. Image for June June

    Hi friend…Caramel Queen here! Sorry I haven’t written lately…but I faithfully read daily and share many posts with friends. Congrats on the weight loss….looking great💄. Can relate to the chocolate chip cookies. So appreciate all the great ideas. As we prepare to downsize I look at some of the very pricey furniture pieces we have enjoyed but in hindsite wish we would have thought things through differently. Finding adult sons not wanting a lot. Grateful for a lot of nieces and nephews to turn to. My guys both live in different states than us. Would love to hear your thoughts on what your empty home feels like. Oh and our youngest is in Houston while his girl is doing post doc work at Rice. We hope to make a road trip there next year. Would love to meet up with you if we do. Meanwhile could you please reduce the heat and humidity down there?😊

  7. Image for Kathy Kathy

    Have you ever shown a picture of what you used to look like? I’ve lost that aleast, but unfortunately was from getting very sick..just wondering..love your ideas..wish I liked blue, but I’m a green gal..thanks for always sharing your ideas..love to read your page! Your amazing!

  8. Image for Patsy Patsy

    I love everything you share with us ❤️ I have to ask. How did you lose your weight? You will inspire me km sure

  9. Image for Sue Sue

    You've written so many blog posts that I've loved, but this is one of my favorites! I don't have your eye for design but at least now I know where to look to find cute household items. So thank you for posting this list with pictures. And way to go on the weight loss! It's such a hard thing to do and you look great!

  10. Image for Debbie Debbie

    I love your posts, I may delete a bunch of others if I get to behind, but never yours, I save and read them all!! You have the best design eye and I love love love blue so... thankyou for finding great stuff for us, I love what I bought Wednesday also!! You look great and can talk about it forever it's a amazing feat! I cant lose 20 so theres that LOL

  11. Image for R Newton R Newton

    Kari, Thanks for all the great info. I too love blue but your ideas would work with any one color with replacing blue with whatever that color may be, so no big sweat if you prefer, green or red or whatever! I too have been on a quest to keep those ugly pounds off that I've lost, but any help on your weight loss and keeping it off appreciated. Know your dear children will so appreciate your decorating for them and you may just have another career doing it for their friends as well!! Keep all those excellent ideas coming............Cheers to you/Bertie

  12. Image for Donna Donna

    Just curious why you always avoid the weight loss questions?? Many, many of your fans ask, but there is never an answer??

    1. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

      Donna, LOL! I’m not trying not to talk about it! email everyone who asks. I’ve written posts about it. I’ve mentioned it so many times. I did a program called Optavia. It’s a program with Optavia food and vegetables and protein. Please let me know if you have any questions! happy day, karianne

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