eat in kitchen table

I took a break from rearranging all the rooms downstairs yesterday to check the updates that were beeping on my phone.

Have you been on social media lately?

Just between us….you might want to press the pause button.  It’s a little overwhelming.


Everyone is making resolutions and promising to eat right and get organized and snack on broccoli and start a new diet and grow their own grain and make bread from homemade flour….

….and fly to Tahiti.


I think the whole Tahiti conversation was me. 🙂

living room burlap pouf

Now don’t get me wrong.

I love goals and new projects and resolutions as much as the next person.

I mean….I’m the one in the grocery line reading the top 10 ways to organize your craft supplies.

And I decided that 2015 rhymes with brussell sprouts.

And I’m in the middle of changing up all my rooms.

I get it.

Who am I to question anyone’s resolutions?

But just for a moment….I want to shift the paradigm.

wood slices

Before we start working so hard on improving ourselves.

Before we listen to the top 10 new diets that were all over the morning news today.

Before we decide we’re not speaking ice cream anymore and start using mayonnaise to deep condition our hair and add another skin care product to our regime…..

….can we stop for just one moment….

And remember how amazing we are.

wooden box with metal ampersand

Sometimes we are in such a rush to make ourselves better that we don’t even recognize the amazing that is right under our nose.

You know when you were younger and your mom wanted to take your picture and then she did and you looked at it and told yourself what a lame picture it was and how you didn’t look like a supermodel and your hair was flat and your shoes looked terrible with your dress and how you never ever, ever, ever….

…..wanted to see that picture again.

And then one days years later you found the photo.

And you realized you were so thin and your hair was super cute and the shoes were perfect….

….and you were truly beautiful all along.

But you missed it because you were too busy looking for what you thought needed to be fixed.

living roomSo can we pause?

Just for today.

We can all go back to resoluting it tomorrow.

I promise.

faded wooden sign

Today we are going to remember all the things that make us amazing.

Put down your coffee tell yourself in the mirror or leave it in the comments or tell your friend or your mother or cousin or aunt or the check-out lady at the grocery store….

….what a great organizer, mother, crafter, singer, diyer, daughter, brother, baker, sister, painter, wife, dancer, roller skater, hula-hooper, world-traveler, talker, listener, chef, movie-watcher…

….or friend that you are.

We got this.


We are going to remember what made us into the rock stars that we were in 2014…..

….and show 2015 how it’s done. 🙂

PS  These pictures are all snippets of the great room change-up.

I’m posting room pictures later this week.

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  1. Image for Robin Stephens Robin Stephens

    If you were to ever get a tatoo.... I'd suggest it be pom-poms at each wrist... What an ever-present cheerleader you are! You're a silver lining, glass half full, bright side of life woman and I think YOU are great just the way you are! Rah, rah, rah!

  2. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    Thank you! Maybe we need one of those diets (too much indulgence on holiday foods :-) ) or some other self improvement but yeah, I see a lot of rock stars out there in blogland! So I'm pausing and stopping to see all I've accomplished this past year. Watch out 2015! You are in for the ride of your life!

  3. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    My gosh I remember the pictures -- I thought I chubby and I look back now and think WHAT??!!! To be that size again. And I do so wish I lived closer to you. You'd find little "surprises" on your doorstep. You are truly amazing and you are such an inspiration! And why can't we be happy with who we are and the talent that we were given. Why is it we are trying to change "improve" who and what we are. There is nothing wrong with improving it's that changing and trying to be who we are not. Have a wonderful day rock star! Abbracci!

  4. Image for Chris Young Chris Young

    Every time I read your blog I smile. I hope you are writing a book. Maybe I'm "old school" but I'd love to be able to pick up a real book and enjoy your work at my fingertips. Thanks for putting your feelings in writing.

    1. Image for Kymee Martinak Kymee Martinak

      I absolutely agree with this one, I read them every day and smile at how amazing your writing is. Even though I don't comment on everyone. I am amazing and so are you. ;o) Kymee

  5. Image for Kerry Kerry

    Karianne, In the busy world in which we live, you cause me to "pause". Pause and reflect. Pause and count my blessings. Pause and believe in what is possible, not impossible. Thanks for the bright and beautiful inspiration you are to so many of us lucky ones who have found you and your AMAZING blog. Thanks, ROCKSTAR!

  6. Image for Amy K Amy K

    Karianne, What a breath of fresh air! You made my day and I'm passing this on to all my girlfriends. I think we all need a boost every now and then and this was it for me. Thanks so much! Happy New Year!

  7. Image for Jan Jan

    It's a balancing feat to be humble and appreciative of yourself. We have been taught to not boast or shine a light on our own good. As I have aged and look back on my past life, I marvel at all that has transpired to make my life miraculous. Blessings of gifts from others and hard work of my own. I am grateful for you for pointing out that it is time to look into our mirror and appreciate all of THIS. Blessings to you and to all of us.

  8. Image for Amy W. Amy W.

    It's A Snow Day Off Of School Here In Holland, MI Today.....What A Wonderful Blog Post To Ponder On All Day! Thanks So Much! Wishing You A Cozy Warm Winter's Day!

  9. Image for Suzanne Suzanne

    We all have those moments where we doubt ourselves. This is a lovely reminder to see all the positives that every one of us are so blessed to have. Looking forward to seeing your room reveal. Thanks for the inspiration, Suzanne Pieced Pastimes

  10. Image for Ann Hulshof Ann Hulshof

    You are FANTASTIC!!! We are FANTASTIC! Yeah!! Thanks so much for the reminder. Can't wait to see what your new arrangements look like. Love you!

  11. Image for KimL KimL

    I think that if I had realized what an amazing body I *had* in college I would have walked around naked all the time! What you said was so true though, we obsess over every little imperfection.

  12. Image for Colleen Colleen

    Well said. Amen Sister, Amen!! I stopped making resolutions a long time ago. Why wait until a new year to work on a better version of ones self....every day is a chance for a new start. Can't wait to see the reinvented room :)

  13. Image for Regina Regina

    I have a room that we never use, too. We watch TV in the front room, because it's pretty, it has a fireplace, and it's BIG, but we have this little room off the kitchen, a little den, that currently doesn't have a TV, therefore, it's the little-used reading or napping room (it's warm and quiet) - but it's RIGHT OFF THE KITCHEN! I've thought about making it a guest room. Or another dining room (yes, the family that eats in the living room really needs another dining room . . .). Or maybe put a tv in there . . . . ;) I can't wait to see YOUR switch-around! Thank you for your encouraging post!

  14. Image for Shirl' Anderson Shirl' Anderson

    Thanks for the reminder and a big THANKS for ALL your inspiration Rockstar! Can't wait to see the room reveals.

  15. Image for Jaimee Jaimee

    What a breath of fresh air this morning. Thank you for reminding me of gratefulness and how nothing I do or don't do will change how much He loves me. First time commenting on your blog, but have been reading for a couple months now. You bring joy and laughter to my hectic days; thank you:-) Jaimee

  16. Image for Linda J Linda J

    Wow. Again. You never cease to come up with some original pep talk just when I need it about what I need. You are our treasure, KariAnne. Just know how special you are to us. I agree with all the others - each and every word. Happy New Year to you and Mr. Twinkle Eyes. I wish you and your whole family continued success.

  17. Image for Linda Linda

    I needed that today! That is so true. I just love your blog. I read it everyday and I smile. I am so uplifted and inspired from it. Thank you so much for doing it. Linda

  18. Image for Dianne Bell in Michigan Dianne Bell in Michigan

    Oh my goodness! You're so right! Thanks for the wake up call! I AM a pretty amazing Mom and friend, and doggy Mom. . And I do volunteer work and I care about people. I always try to do the right thing, like putting the grocery cart back in the corrall and holding open a door for someone. Thanks,KariAnne, for reminding us that we're wonderful,good people. Your blogs always make me smile. Oh, and super models are so overrated!

  19. Image for Becky Becky

    Thanks for reminding us how wonderful we are. Today, it is so cold (but thank you Lord for the sunshine) that I decided to shower and no makeup and just a little red lipstick

  20. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    Hey, Miz karianne! I know deep down, that I'm not a rock star....not like YOU are a rock star.... But I am awesome! Yep, in fact that's my middle name....well, not on my birth certificate of course, but I'm AWESOME, nonetheless. Even though some days I'm more awesome than on other days, it doesn't matter, 'cause I am seriously awesome. Thanks for letting me tell you that!

  21. Image for jae jae

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I read your post, I stopped to just breathe and count all the blessings I do have. And said a little prayer that I will be the best I can be just as I am. We are all amazing in our own way. I appreciate your reminding us of that.

  22. Image for Julie G. Julie G.

    YES! Love this! .....I'm still trying to work out how 2015 rhymes with brussel sprouts though............ :)

  23. Image for Rosalie Rosalie

    Hi Kerri Ann and everyone. Happy New Year! Thank you for the reflection! Haven't had the opportunity to read blogs or Facebook in several days...but yours Kerri Ann. Too much work to do after a 2 week vacation. A book from you would be wonderful! In your spare time you could even publish it yourself! I love how you put into words what most of us are thinking but not verbalizing. Makes me not so crazy to think them. You help me often with getting back to that have full glass. It's cold but very clear w/warmish sunshine here in New Mexico. Stay warm every one experiencing the Arctic and Canadian storms blowing your way.

  24. Image for Beverly Collins Beverly Collins

    The part about looking back at the old photo - the one that was hidden deep to never come to the surface again...that is so ME! What a time I had reflecting about wasted time trying to be perfect...learning that in reality, it is only God's opinion that counts. He knew all along that I was "fearfully and wonderfully made" and your blog today was an "in your face" reminder. Thank you for being REAL.

  25. Image for Joanne B. Joanne B.

    True that, as the youngsters say, or used to say- maybe it's passé now? My husband and I were watching some old videos from "BC" - before child- and my husband commented on how thin I was. I replied back, "yeah- I sure wish I could be that fat again..." because at the time I thought my life would be perfect if only I was 5 lbs. less. Now it's 30 lbs. Good thing is, my husband thought I was hot then and he still thinks so now. That's why I married him.

  26. Image for terri terri

    Thank you, thank you! I have been reading all of the inspirational memes about not being afraid to take chances and being confident and it has made me reflect on all the missed opportunities...until now...I think I will just reflect on all the things I have accomplished instead!!! xoxox

  27. Image for Jan Jan

    You know Kari...I just want to thank you for your posts. You just hit the nail on the head all the time. I just wish we lived next door to each other so we could be best friends, drink coffee together, laugh and be the rock stars we are together. I look forward to your post every day. And though I'm old enough to be your mother, you make me feel young at heart. Thanks for all your inspirations.

  28. Image for Stacey Stacey

    I just love this post! I'd love for my sons to read it but if I directed them to a decorating blog...they might think mom has lost it. :)

  29. Image for Annie Foster Annie Foster

    You are soooooo precious!!!! I took one of your classes at the retreat in August last year in Asheville. So glad that I know about you and your blog. You are both refreshing and informative - and I love following you. Keep at it dear one - you are truly touching lives everywhere!!! Annie

  30. Image for Bluwatergal Bluwatergal

    Spot on Kari!! And we all so need to hear this & remember it. Getting consumed with what's wrong makes us oblivious to what's right :-) Thank you for being our Head Cheer Leader, DIY Rockstar & blogging BFF. Can't wait to see your room change-up too!! Bwg ~~~

  31. Image for Robin G. Robin G.

    This post is absolutely perfect! Besides having beautiful pictures of the great room change up, it has words to live by! I'm currently spending 5 days with my whole family - something that only happens maybe once or twice a year. It's amazing to bring back old memories and laugh at how silly we were. Robin

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