Have you ever put your foot in your mouth?

It happens to me.


All the time.

This weekend I was at the Mid-west Blogger Meet-up in Chicago.

It was amazing.

We ate and shopped and I bought zinc tags and a silverware table runner and moss ribbon and we talked about blogging for hours and hours and hours.

There’s just something wonderful about telling someone that Apartment Therapy featured your herringbone paint stick table and you just discovered the analytics on Pinterest and that you are getting better at SEO……

……and they totally and completely get it.

But before the shopping and the eating and all that talking…..we gathered in a room for breakfast.


27 bloggers gathered in a circle.

Have you ever sat in a circle like that?

A circle where you don’t really know anyone….so you sit there awkwardly….kind of half-smiling at people across the circle that you wish that you knew and wanting to eat a muffin from the breakfast table….but you know that muffins are messy and you will drop crumbs all over the Mid-west Meet-up floor…..

……and then no one will smile at you any more.


Maybe it was the muffin cravings.

Maybe it was the two cups of coffee.

Maybe it was because I was wearing my confidence earrings.

But sitting there in the middle of that circle….randomly with an awkward smile on my face I blurted out, “Let’s all introduce ourselves and tell everyone a fun fact.”

All eyes turned toward me and my big mouth.

Smiling and nodding and encouraging.

And giving me the confidence to completely and utterly unnecessarily say, “And I’ll go first.”


What was I saying?

First?  Me?

Umm….what was my fact?  I mean….I knew my name….but a fun fact?  That quickly?



So I cleared my throat….smiled confidently and said the first thing that popped into my head.

“My name is KariAnne and I blog at Thistlewood Farms and….and……umm……

…..I chased down a robber with the security guard in the K-Mart parking lot.”


That was my entry in the fun fact category?

Where did that come from?


Of all the facts I want a group of people to remember about me….my stint as Wonder Woman was not even close to the top of the list.

Open mouth….insert foot.

At least I left off the part about chasing the robber in high heels wearing red lipstick and wearing a royal blue dress with pearls and over-sized shoulder pads…..

….I’m not sure the Mid-west Meet-up circle would have ever recovered.  🙂

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  1. Image for Lori H Lori H

    Great story! If I had been there, I would have been jealous that you had such a cool story and I wouldn't have anything as interesting to tell :)

  2. Image for Linda Southworth Linda Southworth

    After a little suppressed laugh I would think I want to be on her team. She is fearless AND has a sense of humor!

  3. Image for Colleen Colleen

    You are brave and have an Wonder Woman sense of humor! I love your stories! Sounds like a fun weekend! Off to vote.

  4. Image for Marian Marian

    That is such an awesome story. I would have been riveted and immediately wanted to be your best friend. What could possibly be cooler than a DIY blogger who can chase down bad guys in heels? I mean really. And you guys are really making it hard to choose projects! Wow! There's some great stuff over there. Well I voted. I hope it goes well.

  5. Image for Tricia@Little Cottage on the Pond Tricia@Little Cottage on the Pond

    Oh too funny! I would not have been able to come up with anything quite that fast. I love that you were wearing shoulder pads though! Okay- here is mine- I was the youngest person to ever sing the National Anthem at an Astros game in the Astrodome- I was 13 years old :)

  6. Image for Sally Sally

    That was a GREAT story to share! Wish I had been there. I would've winked at you and laughed loudly, and told you you were a Rock Star. I'll bet you all had a blast!

  7. Image for Debbie Debbie

    You don't mention the reaction...but I'll bet you opened up the floodgates! I give you credit, there's no way I could have gone first. Wonder Woman saves the day, but this time with earrings instead of a ring and bracelets. Debbie :)

  8. Image for baileywife baileywife

    Kari, you are amazing....and I LOVED your confidence earrings!! You made us all feel so welcome and made me feel like I was talking, shopping, and eating with all my best girlfriends!! YOU rock girl!~Kim

  9. Image for Gwen Gwen

    Awkward silences are the worst, yo. I would have done the same thing... I was held at gun-point when i was working at the bank... I didn't dare chase those thugs down!!!

  10. Image for Michelle Kiel Michelle Kiel

    I normally only take my foot out of my mouth long enough to gloss up, then I just stick it right back in! Michelle

  11. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    It is amazing what you can do with confidence earrings, huh? Chasing a robber, really? Good for you...must have been the shoulder pads....made you feel like a linebacker! Interested to hear what the other 26 interesting facts were! ;)

  12. Image for Jessica@DesignersSweetSpot Jessica@DesignersSweetSpot

    I wish I could have made it to the conference! I would have given you a big hug for being so brave in a circle of strangers! My story would have been that I graduated college from Radio City Music Hall in New York City. I have visions of you in your blue dress and shoulder pads running through the parking ROCK STAR!

  13. Image for Miss Flibbertigibbet Miss Flibbertigibbet

    What's wrong with THAT fact? Sounds VERY fun to me! Much better than "I once laughed so hard at a cookout that I peed my pants and had to go home and change" THAT'S not a fun fact! Luckily I was sitting on an old fashioned aluminum webbed stain...just evaporated.....oh, and only my husband knew....up until now that is...

  14. Image for cindy the cottage chick cindy the cottage chick

    I attended that Midwest bloggers Meet Up (with Jen Rizzo, yeah?) a couple years ago and would have loved to come this year...but alas, we were in the middle of moving. You are a bright and shining woman, and I love your humor, frankness, honesty and decor. I love finding a kindred foot-swallowing spirit, and know that we'd prolly be bosom buddies in the Anne of Green Gables sense. I'd chase down a bad guy anytime with ya. Or wrap that moss ribbon around Whichev.

  15. Image for Lynda Lynda

    KariAnne- Foot in the mouth would not exactly be the term I would use, hilarious, confident, and just down right a total hoot - that is what I called that moment. I sooooooo much enjoyed meeting you. I am sure you have been told this before (i want to say you light up the room but that sounds corney)- the room just would not have been filled with so much spectacularness if you hadn't been there. Thank you for being so sweet and taking the time to get to know little 'ol me! It was an absolute pleasure!!! Looking forward to hanging out at Haven!

  16. Image for Bliss Bliss

    My four yr old son had a similar situation one year when he broke the silence with an announcement about me during Easter dinner at the inlaws. His audience was a bit more shocked at what he had to say than yours was, but I can relate to how you felt when all eyes were on you. Bliss

  17. Image for Bethanie Bethanie

    Wow, I watched a lady stick two big yankee candles in her purse at Cracker Barrel once...I didnt chase her down, but I WAS looking for an employee to tell. The one and only time EVER that there arent 13 of them asking you if you needed help...the lady got away. Whenever we travel to FL I always start to say, "that's where the lady stole..." and my family in unison says, "we know, we know...." I bet if I had chased her down Wonder Woman style they would be a little more impressed!!

  18. Image for Barb @ The Everyday Home Barb @ The Everyday Home

    Moss Ribbon???? WHAT? I gotta have some of that. Who knew? Girl, if you only knew how many times I stuck my foot in my mouth, I'm surprised I don't have permanent jaw damage. :) I am sure they loved you and were blown away by your confidence earrings. xxoo

  19. Image for anne anne

    Oh that was a hilarious story Karianne! Well I felt terrible after sharing my introduction I did not even mention my amazing husband, beautiful daughter or sweet cat!!

  20. Image for charlotte charlotte

    you are just precious, you made my morning, i don't know you , but i know from this post we would get along great!!!! loved this post charlotte

  21. Image for Michele/ Finch Rest Michele/ Finch Rest

    OMG I just laughed so hard I have tears streaming down my face. Girl, I can't wait to one dya meet you. I adore you - confidence earrings and all! Going over there to vote now. Huge hugs.

  22. Image for Dawn Pasco Dawn Pasco

    I love this story. I have been to a local blog meet up before and found it so odd people didn't introduce themselves and share what they blog about. Maybe they are just used to being behind a computer all day. Good for you for starting the introductions. I'd love to hear more of your story. Good luck with the contest!

  23. Image for Nana Diana Nana Diana

    LOL- At least they will remember you. I hate those awkward "firsts" until everyone settles in and gets to know each other a bit. Voted in the contest and good luck- xo Diana

  24. Image for Talia Talia

    Great story! And, kudos to you for breaking the ice. It is always ackward to be in those situations and like you, I am usually the one to start the mingling/conversation. Good for you and good luck on the contest!

  25. Image for Linda Adams Linda Adams

    Hello Karianne, That will teach those crooks to NOT mess with your K-mart! I'm glad the crook didn't have a gun and that you didn't break your neck running in high heels. Sounds like you would have looked great for the local TV news interview if they would have showed up. I love your silverware table runner. I'll have to look for some of that moss ribbon too. Oh and I voted for you, I'm sure!! Good luck! Hugs, Linda

  26. Image for Beverly Beverly

    Okay, this vision made me giggle. Really, I giggled. And, I am not at all surprised you went first. I know everyone else was relieved. Don't ever loose those earrings or your red lipstick.

  27. Image for Judy Judy

    well, little missy, if i'd been at that blogger meet after you blurted out that amazing fun fact about yourself i would have grabbed a muffin off the table and run across the room to meet you because i know a "kindred spirit" when i hear one!

  28. Image for Anne Anne

    Oh KariAnne, I adore you! I wanted to think of a funny fact about myself to share, but I'm cracking under pressure - there's just no way to top you chasing a criminal in heels and shoulder pads! ;)

  29. Image for Diane Diane

    That was the perfect way to break the ice, get everyone laughing and you must have put them all at ease! I voted, pretty sure I found you this time. Best of luck! ~Diane

  30. Image for Erin Erin

    I was there, and I loved your story and I could see you actually doing what we all wish we would do! I loved meeting you and just want to say, girl, stifle those doubts you have about yourself! Meeting you, with your positive energy and generous sharing spirit was one of the highlights of the day for me! Off to vote now....xoxo. Erin

  31. Image for Regina Regina

    OK, I think it was a PERFECT fun fact to share! :) I voted - but I, too, am shaking in my boots lest I voted for the wrong one!

  32. Image for Pinky Pinky

    I loved your fun fact and now it is a FACT that you really ARE a super hero!!!!!!!!! Shoulder pads and heels too, WOW!!! You sure do rock. I am still trying to come up with a fun fact.... XO, Pinky PS, now I want a muffin!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Image for Kimberly ~Serendipity Refined Kimberly ~Serendipity Refined

    I always knew that you were a super hero in your spare time and I can't begin to tell you how fun it was to finally meet you! Chasing robbers in pearls and red lipstick and heels would probably have been understood by some of us at the MBM, but only 2/3 of the room would have understood the oversized shoulder pads and there's a good chance that you'd have had to do a complete post about only shoulder pads and how they revolutionized the 80's and how they made ladies dresses have a whole new silhouette....just sayin'. I love what you did with the chalkboard...and the paper...and the mossy ribbon! I can't wait until "next time"! xo

  34. Image for Gee Gee

    Hahahaha! I'd be stuck on uuummmm... ummmm... In such a position, my brain does this freeze thing. I hate it, but it's what it does. You story just rolled out :-) Hugs, Gee ( still giggling )

  35. Image for Sherry Sherry

    You are too cute! I can just see you running after the thief. They didn't stand a chance! When I was a teen I worked in a department store and whenever the undercover security saw a female shoplifting they had to get another female to come with them into the security room with the 'accused' while we waited for the police to arrive. Fun times...yikes. Good Luck in the contest! I've done my voting!!!

  36. Image for Elena @ `a casarella Elena @ `a casarella

    I am rarely sad that I left Chicago. No, that's not true, I am rarely sad that I left Chicago *during the winter*. But this, this makes me sad. Even in March. (Which is definitely still winter in Chicago.) I wish I had been there! (I could have helped you pull your foot out of your mouth ;) --Elena

  37. Image for martha martha

    Love the thought of you running after the robber in pearls and heels, the stylish crime stopper! I also like people that get things rolling in a meeting, things like that can be so awkward. My fun fact is that I saw the Beatles in concert on their first US tour way back in 1964.......whoops....I guess the other fun fact is that I am OLD. I voted....I knew the clock was yours last week, this week.....not so sure. They were all so good.

  38. Image for Roeshel Roeshel

    Sounds like a great time, Karianne! You are brave, girl! {both with speaking up first and chasing a robber) I'm actually sort of envious. I can't even open up my mouth to begin with in front of a group of people and even if I had 30 minutes to prepare for a fun fact, I'd be at a loss. I'd draw a blank until back at home a week later when I finally come up with something that maybe sounded fun. And probably then only to me. haha!

  39. Image for missy george missy george

    There's always one like you at something like that..Then there's me sitting across the table wishing you hadn't opened your mouth because I don't want to say anything in front of al those people..Too funny..

  40. Image for Stacey Stacey

    I am really and truly glad, I'm not the only one!! I know that everybody has their "foot in mouth" moments, but when it happens to you, you feel like you're the only one that's ever "chewed on shoe leather!" I think that was a great 'ice breaking' idea, even though you didn't like your choice of story I bet that really helped everyone relax a little and you should have left in the part about the heels, pearls and such!! "A merry heart doeth good." Love ya Gal!!

  41. Image for Erin Erin

    I would have been lmao because I too chased a theif, through a mall hall, through a Belk's, into a parking lot and down a hill...and i beat the security guard until the hill, in high heals and pink lipstick. Eat your heart out Charlie's Angels! KariAnn, Erin and .... um, we need a third. Disclaimer, this was the 80's. Now I couldn't run to the mailbox to save my IRS refund. But once, long ago, I was Farrah and it felt good. So I'll sit in your circle.

  42. Image for Michelle Michelle

    What an awesome story! I love that you have confidence earrings and wore shoulder pads. I never chased down robbers but I did chase after a drug dealer. I just voted and I hope you win!

  43. Image for Melanie Melanie

    Ha ha crazy lady, you were awesome! You just made it hard for the rest of us to follow in your (high-heeled) footsteps, that's all! In fact, you feel like YOU wanted to put your foot in your mouth - ha! Read MY blog post and see how stupid I felt with that circle thing! :-o xoxo

  44. Image for Diane | An Extraordinary Day Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    Oh my goodness. Your entry is just toooo cute!! And every reader will know which is yours. Like the.... and the.... and that...., too :) I've done that very thing in a group. Um. Somebody has to get things going...right?! But, my story would be that I drove a hi-low lift truck and was the official trainer in my company for driving it too. Haha! I know you're curious now!!!!! How wonderful to go to a conference!!'s on my list. My fingers are crossed! Love all your fab finds too! Okay...'nough rambling. Off to smooch with my pillow.

  45. Image for Sarah Sarah

    The mental image of Walmart vs shoulder pads..too funny! At least you had your lippy on! The last time I sat in a "lets talk" circle was when I was at university...if only I had know my seated neighbour was transgender....interesting and awkward!!

  46. Image for Adventuresindinner Adventuresindinner

    Adorable! I met my first 'blogger friend' in the flesh last week and it was a total treat! It was like we'd known each other forever. As a teacher, I find myself usually the one starting first in a group and not having much of a filter...well, that can sometimes be interesting C:

  47. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Just saw that moss ribbon today as I was gathering supplies for a project...decided to go back and get it with other supplies for another mind can only work with one project at a that moss ribbon...and to comment on the "foot in mouth disease thing" look great with that new "textured" red lipstick...textured with your "feet prints" are too funny....!!!...I am sure you guys had a great time!!

  48. Image for Sharon Sharon

    I can finally see through the tears of laughter to write a comment. As a kindred spirit I appreciate how you felt as the words came spilling out before the filter kicked in. You go girl! Remember all it takes for evil to flourish is for good women to do nothing! I hope you didn’t lose a heel or your wonder woman tiara. You have given me a great idea for a link up party if only I knew how to.

  49. Image for Lynne Lynne

    Well I was there and your introduction made the day . . . we laughed, giggled and enjoyed the happy moment of the initial meeting. You are a delight . . . Your blog is filled with ideas and inspiration. And I so enjoyed seeing photos of your LOVELY home . . . I was so happy to meet you! Happy Easter Days . . . Love, Lynne

  50. Image for Sherry Sherry

    Good for you! I'm sure you made everyone else feel a little braver! I love that runner, can you tell me where you got it?

  51. Image for Katie Katie

    At least you didn't recommend everyone share their stripper name (middle name + street name). That happened to my brother at a WORK conference and he said it was a full dose of AWKWARD!! Katie

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