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I love writing this blog.

I love putting words on a page and connecting and sharing my heart and reading your comments and sometimes laughing and sometimes crying and sometimes sighing.

Why do I feel like I just wrote a vintage country song?

Hello Kenny Rodgers.

But sometimes I wish I could leap through the blog and clink my coffee glass with you or create a project together and you could hear me giggle or see me roll my eyes at myself (which may or may not happen all the time).

And now I think I might have kind of found a way.

dining room

I found this new social media at the Haven conference.

I know.  I get it.  I understand.  I can literally feel you rolling your eyes through the screen at me.  You don’t have time for another social media.

No worries.

The best part?  I can use it for us.  I can post the videos here and you can see them even if you don’t have the app on your phone.

It’s called Periscope.  You can read more about it….here.  You can add it to your i-phone or android.  It’s different from all the other social media because the video is real time.  And you can talk to the person while they are taking the video and leave them hearts and ask them questions and I can talk back to them over the video.  So it’s almost like they are there with you.

Like we are all hanging out together.


dining room table centerpiece planters

Okay….so here’s the link to the video we created yesterday about our refrigerator controversy.

Get your coffee ready if you need a giggle today.

It’s just me and my butler’s pantry some friends and a discussion on what should go on the fridge.

Click here to see the video.

edited to add:  If you are having issues seeing the video.  Here’s some tips from an awesome reader, Mimi.
1. Try a different browser (she used Chrome).
2. Even though it says it ended 13 hours ago, you can still play it as long as you see the play arrow to click on (she had to wait a bit for this to show up).

dining room farmhouse

Did you watch it?

Wasn’t it amazing?  Wasn’t it like we were just hanging out together and greeting the dog and wondering what should go on the refrigerator.

Here’s a few important Periscope notes:

1.  My voice.  Yikes.  I just spent three days laughing and jumping and giggling and talking and talking and talking.  And now I sound like I work in a saloon on an old western.

2.  People added those hearts on the screen by double tapping it when the video was going on.

3.  You can only add the comments on the left side of the screen when the actual video is going on.

4.  Didn’t Bonzai steal the show?

5.  The video only stays live for 24 hours.  So we only have 12 hours left today to watch.  But no worries.  I’m posting another one today.

It’s going to be about things that make you go hmmmm.

Extra giggles included.  🙂

PS  If you want to join in and follow along, you just download the app to your phone and you can find me under @Thistlewoodfarm.

If not….no worries.  I’ll still be here every day.  Writing and laughing and wearing red lipstick…..

….and lifting my coffee cup to you.

PS  I just posted some fun ideas for decorating with vintage over at the Lamps Plus blog today.  You can check it out….here.

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  1. Image for Marian@CMShawStudios Marian@CMShawStudios

    It didn't work for me. But now I am all intrigued. I have been having a jolly time working FaceTime and Skype into my life. It's been so fun to "go shopping " with my sister even though she's in Oregon and I'm in Virginia. I love it when I find ways technology can bring us together, instead of isolate us. The Other Marian

  2. Image for Cindy Cindy

    I had no giggles:( I clicked on the first video and it said that it ended 13 hrs ago...phooey! LOL! Love your Dining Room though:) I just realized something about your table! My parents have one of those, and they have been trying to get me to take it for the last year! I just might have to do that now:) Have a great day! Hope you had a wonderful time at HAVEN:)

  3. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    Miz karianne! how fun was that! I think you were dog tired when you got home, too. I'm sure the speeches were great at Haven....hope you will be sharing some of that. So will you be letting us know when you plan to post on periscope again? Glad to have you back, friend!

  4. Image for Lisa @celebrate creativity Lisa @celebrate creativity

    Hi Karianne, That must have been fun for you to see your friends popping up. I'm going to have to study that app a little more to figure it out. You're right about never really seeing the beauty outside those dining room windows. Lovely view of trees, bushes beyond your beautiful room. Enjoy your day.

  5. Image for Vicki Vicki

    I just watched! Hilarious!!!! I'm sitting here at work at my desk watching and trying to subdue my giggles! You are too funny.......and the questions/comments were a "hoot"! Cant wait to see more!

  6. Image for Pamela @FlowerPatchFarmhouse Pamela @FlowerPatchFarmhouse

    I just discovered Periscope last week. I am so anxious to share doing some of my painting videos so people can ask me questions as I go. I thought it a great way to interact too so you may see me at one of your Periscope sessions checking in on you soon. :)

  7. Image for Jennifer Jennifer

    It took me forever just to get on board with Instagram. This periscope? I just. don't. get. it. Ugh. I'll just admire everyone else's mad social media skills from the other side of the screen!

  8. Image for Mary Mary

    I tried it on my iPad and it didn't work. Guess I need to investigate how to get and use it cause I think it would be fun to "watch" you. Eiuuu... that sounded creepy. ;/

  9. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    I was already for extra giggles with my didn't work on my iPad. I'm so sorry I didn't get to hear your western saloon voice! ;)

  10. Image for Mimi Mimi

    I just heard about Periscope two weeks ago through my different teacher blogs. I still don't quite get how to do it all, but if I wait until school starts, some 7th grader will no doubt be able to walk me through it in five minutes...while rolling his/her eyes. :-) Have a merry Monday!

  11. Image for Mimi Mimi

    Me again. This is for those having trouble accessing the video (because I had trouble the first time, too): 1. Try a different browser (I switched to Chrome). 2. Even though it says it ended 13 hours ago, you can still play it as long as you see the play arrow to click on (I had to wait a bit for this to show up. I hope this helps someone. Karianne, I loved the video...and Bonzai!

  12. Image for Leslie Leslie

    Loved it!!❤️ And loved your explanation!!❤️❤️❤️ And yes that cute dog is cuter than ever!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Image for Carmen Carmen

    Ok, I had some questions, why are there hearts floating from the pause button, how are people talking to you?, maybe it's only on real time that you can post, OMG you sound totally different than I expected, BUT then I read the rest of your post and you answered all of my questions and thoughts! :o) Thank you so much... But the video was grainy, was that just me? I felt like I needed to clean my glasses. Fridge controversy? Are you going to talk about how your mom organized all her condiments and put where the food goes? Oh, I hope so!! What time? This was fun, thanks!!

  14. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    I kinda feel like a voyeur -- but a nice one. It was great being there and then you can see who is following along -- how great. Perhaps you should advertise the time of filming -- you are a star!! Now all we have to do is wait for someone to film and you can do your song repertoire with choreography. I'll bring the wine. :-) Can't wait to see the next one and I want DETAILS on Haven.

  15. Image for NormaJean NormaJean

    Karianne, I love Periscope! It's like being with you again. BTW you haven't changed! You are still the bubbly, blonde, fun person I remember and Bonsai is the perfect dog for you!! Hugs.

  16. Image for Michelle Mortensen Michelle Mortensen

    I love it! I really enjoyed hearing you voice and "seeing you". Thanks for being brave enough to take the leap. I will try, too - but I think I need to gather up my courage. Best, Michelle from P.S. Feel free to pop over to my blog to see its new design!

  17. Image for Tami Bator Tami Bator

    I love love the new app. It was so fun to "hear" your voice live as well as through your words. Love your giggle!

  18. Image for Leona Leona

    Ms K....that was fun but I would miss what you write. Your posts make me cry, sigh, and laugh ( giggle) and I love the projects. So periscope may work for some , it was too dizzying for me. ( but I saw you live ;} , aint technology great ?.......I want the real deal, Karianne in my home, so I could pretend that I was your Mom and you did over my home. Hope you had a good time at Haven, sure sounds and looks like you did. Isn't it great to be a STAR ? :] Stay Happy Leona

  19. Image for Dagmar ~ Dagmar's Home Dagmar ~ Dagmar's Home

    How fun! And how timely - now I finally get what Periscope is all about. So this is the new Instagram - with video -- I guess? I foresee a lot of people yelling into their phone from now on, making videos, all over the world. :) Going to download it ASAP. It was lovely to finally meet you in person at Haven and chat a bit with you. And your session was awesome and your personality so infectious! Keep doing what you are doing. Dagmar

  20. Image for Julie G Julie G

    Oh my gosh - you're so cute! I needed something to giggle about today! :) This is so fun and awesome. You need to do another in the evening at some point so us 9 to 5-ers can join live too.

  21. Image for Susan Susan

    Look at you expertly navigating the newest in social ROCK STAR, you! That was actually exhilarating to watch...your joy is infectious...your home is beautiful...and Bonzai is too cute for words! But what on earth are you doing pointing out the wrinkles in your drapes and the missing should've showed us your chandelier! ;) Thank you so very much for sharing so much of yourself with us...this video made my day...can't wait for the next one!

  22. Image for Debra W Debra W

    Technology is wonderful. You did a great job for your first time. Loving your dining room. Cute pup with a cute name. :) Can't wait to visit again.

  23. Image for Jillynn Jillynn

    It said the replay ended yesterday and I couldn't watch it!!!! Although I would have LOVED to sit down with you and a cup of coffee... I even went and refilled before going to the link;-( Do it again and hopefully I will catch it! It has just been crazy busy lately! Remind me again why I planted Zucchini??!!?!?! Because as of this moment I LOATHE zucchini! Jillynn

  24. Image for Michele Riggsbee Michele Riggsbee

    This was wonderful, Kari Anne! I look forward to your emails everyday and this will be even more fun! Thanks for all you do. Blessings to you and your family. Warm regards, Michele Riggsbee

  25. Image for Aura Modern Bedrooms | Bedhead Perth Aura Modern Bedrooms | Bedhead Perth

    Love the idea of sharing experiences real time. :) I think there is still room for another social media as people continue to explore options to connect that suit them. Love the images by the way, I love your creativity in designing your interior. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Image for Michelle Rudis Michelle Rudis

    OMG KariAnne, I so needed those giggles right now! Sorry I've been so silent lately but I've been struggling with a few things lately. No worries, though, all is well. Anyways, I loved the video and can't wait for the next!!

  27. Image for Tresa Tresa

    I ADORE those gold curtains...especially the tops! Did they come that way or did you snap them up? Source? Love your always adds some sunshine to my day!

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