The other day….I almost had a bad day.


I was this close.

I had flat-ironed my hair in the wrong direction and someone knocked the giant chalkboard off the wall and it broke and then the sprayer nozzle on the sink fell apart and an entire colony of ladybugs scaled the dining room ceiling.

Everywhere I went….I opened my mouth…..

….and inserted my foot.


I wanted to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over my randomly flat-ironed hair…..

…..and start over.


And at the end of the day as I stood in the laundry room folding towels….frowning….looking at my half-empty-glass-of-a-day….

….I heard singing.



Enough already.

I promptly marched down the hallway with an attitude and a load of towels and an immediate cease-and-desist order.


But when I reached the doorway….I paused.

I stood still as the music danced around me.

There sat my husband…..playing the guitar….strumming and singing to two little golden-haired twins perched at his feet and staring up at him with bright blue eyes full of wonder.

Never missing a note.


Fall Leaf

I didn’t go into the room.

I couldn’t.

My eyes were filled with tears…..

….and my heart was overflowing with thankfulness.

Thankful that I had hair to flat-iron.

Thankful that there was water and a sink and a faucet and a sprayer and a kitchen and a farmhouse.

Thankful that the ladybugs only scale the dining room ceiling once a year.


And thankful beyond measure…..that two tiny princesses…..

….know what it is like…..to be treated like a queen. 🙂

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  1. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Beautifully said once again. What you write hits me hard because I have been there and can relate. We really are blessed. How easy it is for me to forget. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Image for Sally Sally

    This one makes me cry every, single time. We used it at our Father-Daughter banquet/dance at church, and all of the leaders stood & watching the dancing through tears. It's really a special song. I'm thankful for friends like you that write wonderful & moving stories that touch my heart. xo ~Sally

  3. Image for Therese @ Fresh Idea Studio Therese @ Fresh Idea Studio

    Oh my goodness! Here I sit with tears in my eyes as I type this. You're amazing! Thank you for the reminder of thankfulness. I'll be giving our 3 princesses and extra squeeze before they head out to school this morning, that's for sure. Have a Happy Day ;)

  4. Image for deezie deezie

    Beautiful Post and beautiful song. I have never heard that song before. I didn't realize it was going to make me cry so hard, wow thanks for sharing deezie

  5. Image for Sherry Sherry

    Oh, what a sweet post! And what we think is a bad day, really isn't - compared.... I love this song and you are such an inspiration in so many ways!

  6. Image for judy judy

    Thank you for the humor. Thank you for the tears. Thank you for the most important reminder today. It is true...we never know when midnight will strike. Love the way you write and the pictures you share!

  7. Image for Alice Hanson Alice Hanson

    Oh what a wonderful way to start my day. Thank you! I am speechless, smiling and teary. I always enjoy your blog even when I don't comment. I am send ing this on to my sister. Smiles, Alice


    KARI, Thank you for sharing your story with all of us. It truly is about having a grateful heart, not just being thankful, but have a spirit of GRATITUDE at all times in all circumstances. Kathysue

  9. Image for Heidi Heidi

    We're living with the inlaws for a short time plus our little 7 month old is having some sleep issues... But that was my father-daughter dance... So thank you for the reminder :)

  10. Image for Jeannie Jeannie

    You always touch my heart!!!! Love love love your Blog!!! Your words are always so beautifully written. js

  11. Image for Jan Jan

    Well, now you've gone and done it...you made me cry. What a sweet and beautiful song. I was such a "daddy's girl" and that song really touched my heart. Thank you. I got an unexpected medical bill in the mail the other day that I was surprised by. (Being recently retired, we have a very tight budget). I closed it up and thanked God for having my health, all my blessings, and knowing that I will somehow be able to pay that bill. God is so good.

  12. Image for Renae Renae

    I can't possibly listen to that song, just the thought of my boys leaving someday soon has me bawling my eyes out. Such a good lesson for us to take every moment and spend it with them, because too soon they will be gone. Thanks for the reminder!

  13. Image for Lori H Lori H

    Oh my goodness. I had not heard that song before. So beautiful and wistful that it brought on the tears this morning!

  14. Image for Susan M. Susan M.

    It's always good to be reminded of WHY we should be thankful down to the small things, which in this case is such a big thing. Thank you for the tears and the reminder this morning ... a bit fortuitous as I was feeling a bit down this a.m. Your post reminded me of an incident that happened years ago. The short story is that I was painting my bedroom a deep burgundy in my just.moved.in.three.weeks.prior.brand.new.home.with.white.carpeting when one of my three girls ran into the room dancing about and bumped the ladder and spilled a whole tray of paint onto that lovely white carpeting. It was a day that no amount of red lipstick was going to fix and I was feeling pretty darn sorry for myself and madder than all get out at my daughter. That evening we received a phone call informing us that my 17-yr. old niece had died. My sister-in-law would no longer have the opportunity to watch her Cinderella dance and suddenly I was very thankful for the paint spill and the not so gentle reminder that I had much to be thankful for.

  15. Image for Technicolor Technicolor

    Tears here also. In joy and appreciation for my own father. Am in my 70s, lost him when he was too young. He had so much love and life for others. This song brought back memories as if they were yesterday. Thank You....

  16. Image for Carol L Carol L

    Thank you for this beautiful post. I want to share it with my son-in-law who is struggling with a job loss right now. My soon to be 6yr old Cinderella granddaughter is coming to stay with me during her fall school break (can't wait). I will share this with him as a thank you for letting me dance with his Cinderella for a few days :). Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. Image for Suzanne @ Le Farm Suzanne @ Le Farm

    Missing my dad so much...he passed away this year. He may be the last man in my life and it is really hard without that. Every girl needs their dad...their whole lives. Thank you!

  18. Image for Elaine Elaine

    My eyes needed cleaning anyway. I was an only child, a daddy's girl for sure. Thanks for putting Thankfulness in a different light. I'll be sharing this at Thanksgiving where we have two niece Cinderella's of our own. Thank you for your wonderful blog.

  19. Image for Susan H. Susan H.

    Oh...my...goodness...I have experienced the same scene, only now, one of the princesses is with her Heavenly King. You and I are so blessed. Thanks for posting this. PS Steven Curtis Chapman is my all-time favorite songwriter!

  20. Image for Bliss Bliss

    You just wait till the picking of a song to dance with dad at their weddings. Consider this a warning. This moment will be emblazoned in your memory, as well as the song, and then their dance happens and messes with the original moment in your head and might even become the new emblazoned memory surpassing the original. Fact. Tested. Proven here at the ranch.

  21. Image for Susan Susan

    I have never heard this song before. Having two daughters...need I say more? One is a childhood cancer survivor... I should have learned this lesson five years ago but sometimes I need a swift kick in the butt to remind me not to 'sweat the small stuff.' Thank you for doing just that by this posting. Seriously...thank you!!!! oxoxo

  22. Image for Dawna Dawna

    Beautiful song...... and I am sure you have all bloggers getting the tissue right now! It is humbling how God always gives us the moments we need to see that we are so blessed!

  23. Image for Sandi Sandi

    Beautiful post. I am so happy you had to have a such a bad day, so you could truly understand the real joy in your life.

  24. Image for kelly@mysoulfulhome.com kelly@mysoulfulhome.com

    I bet your glass is never really 1/2 full…that is why we are so drawn to you. It may be a for a minute or two now & again, but quick as Cinderella fled the castle as the clock struck midnight, you see the beauty, the joy & the reasons to be thankful. What a beautiful post. Thank you for joining with me on this tour de force of thankfulness! xo

  25. Image for Cheryl at Snaps of Ginger Cheryl at Snaps of Ginger

    I love this song. I don't have kids of my own but I have two little blond-haired nieces so I understand. And thank you for the reminder! Today I'm tired, and don't like my hair, and just don't feel like doing photos for my blog. But what does any of that matter really? ~Cheryl https://snaps-of-ginger.blogspot.com/

  26. Image for Jeanette Jeanette

    KariAnne, Thank you. This moved me from a different prospective, the Cinderella. I do not consider myself a Cinderella, but my dad did. We lost him over Thanksgiving weekend 3 years ago. Those handful of dances slowly turning circles in the middle of the room a more precious that ever. ~Jeanette

  27. Image for Cheryl Cheryl

    Thanks again for making me cry at work. My daughter is 8 and we have many tough days with her, but she is my light and my salvation. You are so right, she will be grown up before I can blink my eyes and I am thankful everyday that God chose me to be her mom. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your beautiful family!

  28. Image for Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces

    OH this lovely post hit home, Karianne! With my daughter marrying last summer, my children are already all on their own (passes in the blink of an eye)...but I am so blessed to have 6 grandchildren who dance with their crazy grandmother...xo

  29. Image for Pat @ LifeAtLydiasHouse Pat @ LifeAtLydiasHouse

    Get yourself to a computer and buy tickets to The Glorious Unfolding Tour!! My hub and I along with our 23 year old princess attended the concert on Friday night and it was fantastic. As our daughter put it, "the old man still knows how to rock the house!" It was unbelievably good! As always, your post was wonderful!

  30. Image for Meegan Meegan

    Beautifully written. We can all relate to those "hard" days. And it is ALWAYS wonderful to have those sweet tender reminders of what we do have to be thankful for. Thanks for helping me be reminded of what I am thankful for. Loves. xoxo

  31. Image for Winnie Winnie

    Dear KariAnne ~ I really hope you know how much you contribute to the lives of your cyber friends - Love to you today . . .

  32. Image for Julie {Lilacs & Longhorns} Julie {Lilacs & Longhorns}

    Great post, Karianne! It's such a blessing to be mindfully thankful each and every day and it's so wonderful when we get hit with beautiful reminders like the one you shared. (I love that Steven Curtis Chapman song, too!) Thank you so much for joining us on this tour...it has been such a blessing to have each and every one of you be a part of it! I am having a ball! :) Julie

  33. Image for Jen (Balancing Beauty and Bedlam) Jen (Balancing Beauty and Bedlam)

    That song!! It does it every time! I had one of those days too. The kind where I am just sick and tired of making one more school lunch and then those moments, those moments that take your breath away occurs. I just love how the Lord draws us right to what matters most, right? :)

  34. Image for Aimee Aimee

    okay...the title of that song is enough to make me cry...thank you for making my mascara run at 9am! LOL! thank you for the wonderful post!-aimee

  35. Image for Erin Kaven Erin Kaven

    Man, Karianne, you've got me balling again!! And I've never heard that song before but I guarantee you that Friday when I take my oh so grown up, know it all 15 year old daughter to Disney and she STILL gets that princess look in her eye, I will be remembering that song and thankful for you and your sharing it with me. BTW the 10 year old prince and resident Disneyophile will be accompanying us. His first costume at 8 months was the prince to his sisters Cinderalla.

  36. Image for Shirley@housepitalitydesigns Shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    A song worth printing and placing it where you can see it every day…to remind us of our blessings of family…and to always be in the moment….so very wonderful Kari…glad you were folding towels so you could have something to wipe off the tears!!!

  37. Image for amy watson amy watson

    What a beautiful blog today karianne, I am thankful for the same things as you, health...home...family and although you had 2 beautiful blue eyed blond haired princesses....I only had one and yes she has always thought of her Daddy as the King of ALL daddys, and now that she has blessed us with 2 princesses onw with blonde hair and blue eyes and one with brown hair and green eyes, The same King now known as Papa gets out his guitar and plays for them and they DANCE all over the house.......and to me, it feels like the whole world is dancing and smiling and I KNOW to thank The Lord for all of our blessings too.....

  38. Image for Whim&Pearl Whim&Pearl

    What a beautiful post, Karianne. I too have two blond haired, blue eyed girls who gaze at their father the same way. Thank you for the reminder.

  39. Image for Marty Walden Marty Walden

    This was my daughter's dance with her daddy at her wedding. It was beautiful and hysterically funny at the same time because my husband has a wicked sense of humor and is an actor as well. Steven Curtis Chapman is also an adoptive father and their family's walk through grief has been heartbreaking and an inspiration as well. Love this post!

  40. Image for JoAnn JoAnn

    Thank you so much for sharing. What a beautiful song and what a lovely way for you to share your feelings of gratitude.

  41. Image for Lori Lori

    Oh, thank you for this post and the reminder of what is important. I have had a really bad day today and this is just what I needed to read. Wiping the tears from my eyes.

  42. Image for Nana Diana Nana Diana

    I can never listen to that song without bawling like a baby-and now I sit with tear-filled eyes knowing how you felt as you watched your hubby sing to your babies! xo Diana

  43. Image for Kimberly Leverett Osburn Kimberly Leverett Osburn

    Kari, Thanks for sharing this post. First of all it reminds me of my Daddy who used to sit on the side of the bed, play his guitar and sing to and with me and make me feel like a princess. Such sweet memories. Also reminds me how truly blessed I am that at 50 something I've fallen in Love for the last time. I had the same day you had yesterday and many days recently, but I believe it's because the Devil loves to steal my thunder. Thank God that with the sweetest name I know, Jesus, I can rebuke the devil and do what my Bigmama always told me to do and "kick the devil on back to hell."

  44. Image for Barbara Z Barbara Z

    Truly enjoy your blog, and this post is a favorite! Love the SCC song and touched that you had such a moment hearing your husband sing to your children - how precious! I've forwarded it to my niece whose husband plays & sings hoping they'll be as moved. Thank you for sharing this lovely scene!

  45. Image for Arleen Arleen

    Instead of stopping to smell the flowers, you stopped to feel the blessings. We all should do the same. Enjoy it!!! Love your blog.

  46. Image for Pinky at Designs by Pinky Pinky at Designs by Pinky

    All my life I would have given ANYTHING to have my Dad. He died when I was 4 and my sister was 2. I don't even remember him and so I had my Uncle walk me down the aisle etc. You chose prince charming for a Daddy and husband for sure. I would have MELTED on the floor if I had been there. Your girls are SO fortunate and blessed to hahve you BOTH. XOXO

  47. Image for jan g. jan g.

    i've about had it with you karianne.... you either have to start giving me a tissue warning at the beginning of your posts or make a Puffs dispenser that comes out of my screen!!!! and i can SEE the whole thing, those faces entranced... btw, love, the the font on these posts... finally someone has given some class to our reading pleasure... love you... j

  48. Image for Gwen Gwen

    Praising God for you...letting me go back in time my girls that age when the song came out...the swift years have past...the Cinderella dances were just magical and they're gone. It's different around here! Another of lifes sweetest moments...but we do cry...thank you for keeping it real. Your miracle babies, smart, sitting at their earthly Daddy's feet, learning how to sit at Jesus' Feet ...I'm deeply moved

  49. Image for Lesli Lesli

    Kari, Thank you for sharing this today. So beautifully written, as you always do. I have just recently joined your blog and have enjoyed your daily posts so much! This one really hit home - as my husband and I have three daughters in their early twenties and a new precious granddaughter. How time does fly.....savor even the smallest moments with those sweet princesses of yours! I imagine you to be a wonderful mommy, and with that, your girls will forever be close to you.

  50. Image for Jan from Michigan Jan from Michigan

    WOW! Beautiful song Karianne. I have never heard this before. I think your husband is the PRINCE! What a wonderful Daddy. I want my 14 year old Granddaughter to listen to this. She is being a very mean girl right now to her Dad (my son) whom loves her more than life itself! Thank You for being brilliant you!

  51. Image for Cindy Barganier Cindy Barganier

    I, my new friend, am thankful at this very moment for you... and for Mamas and Daddies who love their babies in Jesus understanding that the time is so very short. Love you. C

  52. Image for Victoria Victoria

    I have just found your blog and have been bouncing around checking all the amazing posts. I then made sure to like your facebook page and saw this post, which of course I had to read! Your day sounded just like mine has the past two days and after reading your post with tears flowing down my face... I am grateful for all I have! Especially my husband and two beautiful girls! Thank you for sharing and helping others like me realize that we all have days like this and it's okay as long as at the end of the day we appreciate all we have!

  53. Image for Cara {RedHouseDryGoods} Cara {RedHouseDryGoods}

    Oh my, knot in my throat. Thank you for sharing this, sometimes they really can turn the day around, can't they? Blessings to you and yours!

  54. Image for Barb Diffenderfer Barb Diffenderfer

    Wow Kari! Thank You! Tears here also, we just had our "Cinderella " wedding, and yes she came to her father to dance! Celebrate the moments!

  55. Image for Dawn Dawn

    Thank you so much Karianne. I sit here with tears in my eyes. My dad passed away this past year at the age of 92. Dad loved to dance and taught all three of us girls how by having us stand on his feet when we were little as he danced us around the living room. I remember my wedding day and how my dad cut in on our last song and cried as he danced his youngest across the floor. What wonderful memories this has brought back.

  56. Image for kayden kayden

    Karianne, I read your posts almost every day and they always elicit a smile, a chuckle, a tear or inner reflection but I have always been able to stifle my impulse to comment, but not today. I lost my wonderful father recently and today's (yesterday now) post brought back wonderful memories of him "teaching" me to dance. ( He also paid for many years of ballet lessons -- guess I was a little slow . . . he he) A loving father and his adoring daughters is a beautiful thing --- a special love. I showed your post and the video to my tough 27 year-old son and I'm pretty sure that was a tear in his eye . Happy holidays to you and your family! Kayden

  57. Image for Maryann Maryann

    I've been following you for a while, but this is the 1st time I've written. Boy did you ever get me today....been going thru a lot of junk lately and have lost sight of what's important. Sometimes it's so hard, thanks for putting a lump in my throat, a tear in my eye and a fire in my heart. Keep up the beautiful home design work, along with encouraging us all.

  58. Image for SuzyMcQ SuzyMcQ

    This is why I would follow you and your blog to the end's of the Earth and back. And, the photos today, they take my breath away! You are amazing, amazing......

  59. Image for Ann Krucek Ann Krucek

    Wonderful post!! I laughed, I cried!! I related all too well. Thank you for a wonderful reminder of how small annoyances can be a minor bother, but it is small beautiful moments we treasure the most.

  60. Image for Claire @ A Little Claireification Claire @ A Little Claireification

    Oh KariAnne. Well, I needed a good cry anyway. I love this post so much - so poignant and just a great reminder of the blessings we take for granted. I have always loved that song too and hadn't heard it in a while So very thankful to be a part of this tour with you!! xo

  61. Image for Sondra @ Sondra Lyn at Home Sondra @ Sondra Lyn at Home

    Suffering from a combination of chill bumps and tears at the moment! So well written and beyond touching. And SCC has long been a favorite around here! I read his wife's book about the loss of their daughter, so watching this video was at once sad as well as moving. And we have given both of our daughters in marriage. Though we're crazy about our 'sons-in-love', it's bittersweet all the same. Thanks for this reminder to have an 'attitude of gratitude'!!

  62. Image for Wendy Wendy

    This is so lovely Kari, my baby girl turned 17 last month…all too soon, the clock will strike midnight and then she will be gone….I'm now bawling…thanks! It's so true..time flies, grab those moments and be grateful. Lovely post, thank you Wendy xx

  63. Image for Diana W. Diana W.

    Today is 11/12/13, it is late in the evening and I am tired. I have had a productive day and am sloughing away at some emails that have lain neglected for over a week. I've had some health issues that have prevented me from keeping my usual housekeeping chores up to their usual snuff, so I've spent quite a bit a time today browbeating myself for not having done a better job keeping up with things large and small. Then I sat down with the lap top, and the three dogs assumed their favorite positions on and around me (touching me, of course) and I began counting my blessings. I opened your blog post, read it and realized just how much I missed 'hearing from you'. Not being able to get to my computer screen to read your post is like missing an email from a good friend. One who is going to have something good to say, not just something crabby and negative to gripe and complain complain about, something nice. Pretty, even. To uplift, even without meaning to. I miss it when I can't get to your posts and wanted you to know that. I know we've never met, and probably never will. But I still sit here in the Deep South on a cold winter evening drinking hot raspberry tea being thankful that you are a small part of my life. And feeling blessed. Thank You.

  64. Image for Judy Preston Judy Preston

    what a wonderful and sweet story!!!! give your husband and those two little princesses and long and gentle hug .... for me ..... and hugs to You , dear one, for sharing this. My heart just melted all over the place, really!

  65. Image for Cindy Barganier Cindy Barganier

    I know that story and the story behind that song so why does it catch me by surprise everytime I hear it... and make me cry.... and make me stop the craziness. I'm going to call my babies and give them a big ole virtual hug because my sweet friend Kari reminded me of what is important. Thank you dearest. Love you. Cindy

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