Wondering how to get rid of pet hair? Here are 5 simple tips and ideas to help banish that pet hair from your home.

disclosure: This post is sponsored by HOOVER ONEPWR.

I have five children that live here at Thistlewood.

2 boys.

2 girls.

And a dog named Buddy.

They are all messy in their own way. The boys leave stinky socks and half-eaten bowls of Captain Crunch in my living room. The girls leave backpacks and sticker-covered water bottles all over the kitchen.


He’s much better behaved.

He picks up his socks and never leaves bowls of cereal behind and drinks from a bowl rather than a water bottle.

But Buddy comes with his own challenges.


Extra hair with hair on top.

Here are just a few of the ways we try to keep the hair population to a minimum at Thistlewood.

How to get rid of pet hair.

1. Keep your dog well-groomed

I know this sounds Captain Obvious.

But the easiest way to have less stray hair in the house?

Have less stray hair on your dog.

Buddy is a golden retriever so it’s super important to keep all his golden hairs under control.

2. Use the dryer to get pet hair off textiles

Buddy isn’t supposed to be on the couch.

Try and tell him that.

As soon as I leave the house, he hops right up onto the pillows. And then? When I walk back in he tries to pretend he was sleeping on the rug the whole time.

To get rid of the pet hair on the pillows, I simply toss them into the dryer with a dryer sheet. The dryer sheet does all the work and the hair goes into the lint trap. Then I wash the pillow covers (if needed) after the hair is gone.

3. Use a roller

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it works so well.

You can use a lint roller to get pet hair off of most of the surfaces in your home.

I have a lint roller I keep under the kitchen sink just for this purpose.

I use about one sheet per chair (especially in early spring and early fall when he sheds the most).

4. Use anti-static spray

The key to getting pet hair up is to have it stick to something.

You can make your own anti-static spray with 2 Tbsps of fabric softener to 1 cup of water.

Fill a water bottle and lightly spray furniture to help furniture become less attractive to pet hair.


5. Vacuum

I just got this new Hoover ONEPWR Evolve Pet Cordless Upright Vacuum.

I cannot recommend it ENOUGH.

It’s a game-changer.

  1. It’s cordless (I could stop right there).
  2. It has amazing suction that picks up pet hair immediately.
  3. It’s SUPER light and easy to carry from room to room.
  4. There are no messy bags to deal with. We just empty the canister after each use.

And the best part?

The vacuum moves from floor to carpet and back again.

For us—that’s what makes it work for this house because we have area rugs on top of hardwood floors.

You just turn it on and go. You can get the entire downstairs of our house finished and still have extra battery left.

I keep the vacuum in our newly organized downstairs closet under the stairs. There’s a plug in there to keep the battery charged between uses.

6. Clean all the places you might forget about

I use the lint roller for every day, but once a week we use the Onepwr Dust Chaser Cordless Hand VAC to get in between the cushions.

And all the other places that pet hair can hide.

It’s battery-operated and has amazing suction.

It comes with an amazing attachment that has a suction tip on one end and then you can flip it over and use the brush attachment.

Here are all the places this is perfect for:

  • sofa and couch cushions
  • corners of the room
  • behind bookcases
  • top of doors
  • window sills
  • dining room chairs
  • top of baseboards

And a zillion other places that pet hair can hide.

Now sometimes.

Just between us?

We have more challenges to deal with than pet hair.

Especially when you walk into the dining room and see this Buddy face hiding behind the chair.

Because he’s left a present for you on the rug.

That’s when we have to reach for something a little stronger.

Like the ONEPWR Spotless GO Cordless Portable Carpet Cleaner.

You don’t have to drag out a giant machine, instead, this portable carpet cleaner works in minutes. It’s super lightweight and cordless and makes it so easy to clean up pet stains on carpet.

I love that it has dual tanks for dirty and clean water and the suction pulls up the pet stains out of the carpet.

The amazing thing about the entire ONE PWR system?

All the batteries are interchangeable.

So when you are ready to move from the vacuum to the handheld? You can remove the battery from the vacuum and click it into place in the handheld.

And now?

The house is clean.

The floors are sparkling.

And all of my children are happy. 🙂


In super exciting news, HOOVER ONEPWR wants to help you get rid of pet hair, too. They are giving away a ONEPWR Evolve Cordless Power Vacuum to one LUCKY WINNER.

All you have to do is enter through the Rafflecopter below and leave a comment telling me when your biggest challenge with pet hair is.

That’s it.

The winner will be announced on 8/7/2020.

Happy cleaning.

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  1. Image for Denise Schroeder Denise Schroeder

    We have a Great Pyrenees in the house and the hair can get overwhelming! It's like a colony of dust bunnies living in our house with us! I am grateful for hard wood floors and light colored area rugs to help hide the fluff. It's a good thing that she is probably the sweetest dog ever. :)

  2. Image for Sally Christiansen Sally Christiansen

    The corners of the room and under furniture are my biggest challenge. We have hardwood floors and ceramic tile with a few throw rugs, it seems like I clean and vacuum and think everything looks great but you turn around and there is dog hair in the corners and peeking out from under the buffet.

  3. Image for Susie Sizemore Susie Sizemore

    THREE DOGS - terriers and a great pyrenese - ENOUGH SAID! LOL I vacuum up enough hair to create a whole other dog. Why arent they bald yet?? HELP!

  4. Image for Linda Linda

    My biggest pet hair issue is when the border collie granddad comes to visit with the 2 and 4 year old grandkids. Leaves hair all over, couch, floor, hallway, up the stairs. She thinks she's a lapdog and weighs 50+ lbs. Our 13 year old mini schnauzer Lucy doesn't shed so we aren't used to vacuuming every day when Luna is here. That hoover vacuum looks like a God sent gift!

  5. Image for Niki Niki

    Hi! We have three dogs (a boxer, a lab mix and a bulldog). The Lab sheds a ton... we’ve never experienced anything like it! Lots of vacuuming but ultimately it’s something you just have to shrug and live with. We also have our share of smelly socks and bowls of cereal scattered around... 10 and 13 year old boys are notorious for this!

  6. Image for Kesha Kesha

    I have two black cats that shed seriously every day, all day long. It can really drive me crazy. This vacuum would really come in handy!

  7. Image for Vickie Macfarlane Vickie Macfarlane

    2 goldens who shed terribly all year round here in Houston Tx. What a mess. Their hair is everywhere and then some.

  8. Image for Susan Prendergast Susan Prendergast

    How do I leave a comment on the giveaway site? I'd love to have this pet vacuum system because I am disabled and my friends have to visit me. No problem, but my best friend and cousin, Loretta the Red is so allergic to cat dander and can't stay for longer than ten minutes! She might could stay for twenty LARGE minutes if I could control the cat hair better. I love how you ask us if we want to do a DIY with you and then say "Me too." So, me too!

  9. Image for Julie OConnell Julie OConnell

    Two long haired black and white cats that shed like beasts when the seasons change. This cordless vac looks like a game changer.


    We had a rough coat collie (like Lassie) but now two teenaged girls with long hair - would this vaccuum work well for that? Other than the girls hair, my sister often brings by her nervous Jack Russell which seems to molt as soon as it enters the house - those hairs are tricky to get out of our area carpets! 🐾🐾


    Two dogs and 3 men living in the house. The baseboards and floors may never recover from pet hair and tracking in. HELP me please

  12. Image for Cindy locy Cindy locy

    We have 4 cats with beautiful coats of many colors. The car hair is fluffy and sticks to everything. At times you see it even floating in the air. We vacuum daily but cant seem to get ahead. Side note: we live rurally and we actually only sought out one of our babies. The rest were "drop offs" that were dumped on our property. We love them all, though I never thought I would be the "cat lady".

  13. Image for Cheryl Cheryl

    My biggest challenge is my three dogs! One is a long haired Border Collie mix that sheds enough to knit lots of dog hair blankets. Ha ha ha.

  14. Image for Trish Hanson Trish Hanson

    I have two cats who shed so bad!! One is a longhair and leaves hair wherever she sits or lays. The other is a shorthair but it seems she sheds just about as much. This is a year round problem but worse in the spring.

  15. Image for Maria Becker Maria Becker

    Pet hair in The corners and under dressers is by far my biggest challenge! The little carpet cleaning vac looks like the game changer!

  16. Image for Eve Carroll Eve Carroll

    The only thing that has worked for me absolutely every time is..... a playtex pair of gloves. You can get a pair at Dollar General. I swear it turns into a miracle glove. It takes my Pomeranian’s hair off chair, carpet, pillows and my black fluffy Pomeranian. Just put the glove on (btw) make sure the palm of the glove is rough as in bumpy. With every swipe of your hand you end up with hair. Hope this helps.

  17. Image for Ellen Gould Ellen Gould

    Our little 10lb. terrier mix, Rosie, must leave her weight in hair around the house everyday. She thinks she’s a cat so her favorite perch is on top of the back of the couch.Imagine my horror watching a guest lift his hand from the back of the couch producing clouds of floating fur. I would desperately love to have this new vacuum. The one I use we bought in the ‘80’s and it weighs more than I do!

  18. Image for Cope Kamlowsky Cope Kamlowsky

    With two dogs and a cat, there’s always a wealth of hair floating around our house. Love the idea of a cordless vacuum!

  19. Image for Jerry Stocks Jerry Stocks

    I have a Pembroke Welch Corgi and his fine hair undercoat is unbelievable. I am constantly picking up handfuls of fluff.

  20. Image for Joy Tolle Joy Tolle

    I have a dog who sheds ALL YEAR LONG! She is a mix of Great Dane and Lab. Short hair everywhere...all the time. We've tried it all: brooms, static cloths, lint rollers....but the floor vacuum would be such a time (and sanity) saver. It looks pretty lightweight, compact and powerful. Thanks for all the tips to tame the extra, extra!

  21. Image for Tammy Stevenson Tammy Stevenson

    I have two dogs in my house. A Springer Spaniel that paces all over the house and leaves lots of hair! Also, just letting you know I was looking through my new catalog from Soft Surroundings and I came across STIRRUP PANTS!!! YES for real.

  22. Image for Lynda Maloney Lynda Maloney

    My two Catahoula fur babies should be bald if all the hair is an indication, but they are not. Apparently they regrow that same amount every single day in order to gift me with another crop of dog hair each day.

  23. Image for Patty Patty

    Our cats are shorthairs, but that doesn’t fool us! It’s constant tufts of fur to vacuum, even though they get combed often!

  24. Image for Ange Ange

    My biggest challenge with pet hair would be my two dogs. Zoe, my rescue dog is a white German Shepherd Akita mix, very large and white hair everywhere. Then, there is Tilly, a red mini Poodle who doesn't shed that much, at least not nearly as much as I do! So, inquiring minds want to know. Will the pet vacuum work on my shedding hair also?

  25. Image for Angie Angie

    We have 1 German Shepherd and a Pomsky. LOTS of hair in the house. On top of our couch is where the Pomsky lays all day. I have no way to take those cushions off so it’s a lint roller for that mess. It does pretty well I got that tip from you so Thank you!!

  26. Image for Jeanne Wiedlocher Jeanne Wiedlocher

    Thank you, Karianne, Our problem with pet hair comes from Aspen, my son's Pointer. She sheds fine white hairs that are sharp if you get one in your sock!! White hairs are EVERYWHERE. It's annoying as well as painful when a hair finds the tender part of your foot!! Blessings. Jeanne

  27. Image for Dotte Dotte

    It's everywhere!!! I have 3 - 70+ lb dogs who love the couches, beds, you name it. We have no carpeted flooring, thankfully, however, my broom gets used multiple times a day along with my hand vac!

  28. Image for Sarah Sarah

    A rescue beagle-mix who thinks it's his job to shed everywhere and anywhere. Dog hair is 365 days a year in our house, but we love him anyways.

  29. Image for Fran Fran

    2 precious Shelties who blow their coats twice a year and leave light reminders of their presence the rest of the time. Also, several area rugs that act like magnets for the hair and other things. Would be great to have something that really works to pick all that up.

  30. Image for Teresa Teresa

    We have a weimaraner and her short hairs are everywhere. I swifter constantly and amazed at her hair that is on the floor we cannot even see. We have throws on our leather furniture and I wash every few days after shaking them out. I am in the market for a new vacuum and to win this one would be a blessing! Great giveaway!

  31. Image for Morgan Painter Morgan Painter

    My house resembles the wild west with tumbleweed everywhere!! I rescue and foster dogs and at any given time can have more than 5 dogs at my house. I think the most we have had is 13. It is a lot to take care of but so worth it!

  32. Image for mary mary

    My biggest challenge are Chester and Captain Dewey...both gorgeous goldens. On is a dark redhead, and the other is creamy white, iso all surfaces display their fluff balls quite well!

  33. Image for Tammy Tammy

    This would be SOO helpful! We have a black lab and three cats and an african gray parrot. Thank you for sharing your tips!

  34. Image for Michelle Still Michelle Still

    Gurl...WHAT are you EVEN talking about, with pet hair challenges....sweet roller-skating baby Jesus, at my day yesterday. I love in a farm. Horses, cats, dogs, chickens....so we have hair. Yesterday morning, I was trying to head out to load my pony to go to trainers for a lesson; when I realized one of my elderly cats must have had the spirit move in him unexpectedly, and he had pooped on the living room rug. (which is the same navy/white rug that you have!). ...so I spot cleaned best I could, then rolled the rug up, all 10x14 of it, and drug it through the living room, sun room, and down steps outside to pool area. I ran to barn and grabbed the pressure washer, rolled it to the pool area. I took a whole jug of eucalyptus-flavored Odoban, and dumped it allllll over rug, and proceeded to pressure wash this entire rug. I zipped inside and grabbed the squeegee from shower and squeezed as much water off rug as possible. I lifted as much of it as I could onto my poor pool chairs(which is whole other “Oprah Show”...), and left to dry in the sun all day. Which was working *so* great....until 4:30 this am...when it rained....😖 Dear Lord...be with my poor rug. So, Dear Powers That Give Pet Hair Vaccums Away...I, Madam and Sirs, are YOUR GIRL. 😉💗🙌🏻

    1. Image for Michelle Still Michelle Still

      What I didn’t mention, is that the Husband inadvertently stepped in said pop, and had tracked it all over the downstairs...like, alllll over; all over rug, down hall to kitchen, to powder room, into mudroom...everywhere. There was kitty poo EVERYWHERE.

  35. Image for Christine Kennedy Christine Kennedy

    3 large dogs - one white and 2 black - can create a house full of “dust puppies”! This sounds exactly like the tool I need !

  36. Image for Mary S Mary S

    I have a 12 pound shedder! I love her to bits, but the hair - not so much!!! I love the looks of your Buddy under the chair. They are so smart and know when they have done something that you won't be happy about. But my little shedder (Maddie) I wouldn't trade or the world!! I love her to bits - 4 wet paws and all! Have all hardwood and a couple of rugs - so I need to be able to snag those puffs of hair before they get too large :-)

  37. Image for Kay Kay

    I hear ya! Even Galgos (spanish greyhounds) shed! And their pointy little hairs weave right into the couch fabric. We try to keep blankets on the couch, but a few turns for comfort move the right out of his way!

  38. Image for Lynne Lynne

    I have a yellow lab and I also swim in hair. It's everywhere. My biggest challenge is in my car too one ride and I have to vacuum the entire car! But my Brady Bo is the cutest so I just keep vacuuming. It's my life!

  39. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    2 awesome machines to combat animal hair!! We are a household with 2 dogs and 2 cats....this would be amazing 🐶🐶😻😻

  40. Image for Carol Carol

    The last few dogs we had never shed, but our adopted Sadie makes up for the others. I didn’t even put our white slipcover on this summer because of the way her black hair looks on it.

  41. Image for Nancy Cox Nancy Cox

    Of course I feel the worst time is when someone is coming over. I quickly try to remove pet hair. It is rather frustrating

  42. Image for Jennifer Kranawetter Jennifer Kranawetter

    I also have a sweet, hairy Golden Retriever and her name is Peyton. She's also very hairy and she likes to swim in our pool

  43. Image for Mary Anne Saunders Mary Anne Saunders

    A huge fur baby that sheds + a teenager that pretends like he doesn’t 👂 me when I say “brush her” (even though his hearing aids are on). He somehow hears me the second I get up in the morning. Probably teenage boy appetite and selective hearing🤣

  44. Image for Leslie Leslie

    I have an elderly chip in and his thick white undercoat comes out like feathers everywhere! He looks like he could take off in the spring and even right now. We have to take him outside to brush him, but then we have to chase him around the yard too! Lol But we love him....

  45. Image for Jean from Georgia Jean from Georgia

    Let me think, is my grey hair or my Yorkie's golden hair or my Russian Blue kitty's dark grey hair the biggest challenge??? On my hardwood floors my grey hair is a standout against Mickie's golden locks. On my bed Kitty wins with his dark grey hair. All three of us would love a new vacuum so Mom can quit complaining about hair everywhere. Please and thank you!

  46. Image for Mary Mary

    Would love a lightweight vacuum due to recent surgery. It would help me clean after children’s dogs leave, a pit bull, a black lab and a goldendoodle.

  47. Image for Kimberly M Chapman Kimberly M Chapman

    I have two dogs and one of them has longer hair. The hair gets on our comforter and behind the doors. I was just thinking yesterday that I needed to do a "deep" clean to get all the pet hair. Thank goodness your post came along and gave me some great tips.

  48. Image for Renee Renee

    Black lab/australian shepherd mix and chihuahua mix = enormous amounts of pet hair. I sweep and vacuum almost every day, have an air purifier and a Roomba that runs regularly and there is still pet hair everywhere! And I mean everywhere! It is an endless battle to keep it under control. Daily brushing and regular baths. It's a full-time job keeping up with the dog hair. I kid you not!! :) Like Michelle, we have had a run ruined with "accidents" when we first got our chihuahua mix. Every time the sun would come out and get it just about dry, the Florida rains would come until the rug was ruined. :( We currently have a corded Dyson pet vacuum that does a pretty good job and a rechargeable Dyson that only holds a charge for about 20 minutes. It is time to replace both of them. Will be checking out the ONEPWR series! Thank you for sharing such a cool product and all of your tips for keeping the hair under control!

  49. Image for Ronnell Ronnell

    You need to order a ChomChom from Amazon! Its a cool roller that gets rid of pet hair and is reuseable has a compartment that you open up and empty the dog hair out! Love mine!

  50. Image for Melissa Collins Melissa Collins

    Dog hair flies around when you try to sweep it up. It would be great to have it captured inside this awesome vac?

  51. Image for Dori Dori

    Oh my dog hair on furniture is ugly! I know you only choose the best products, so this vacuum is the ticket. Thanks for sharing so many great ideas with us!

  52. Image for Melissa Collins Melissa Collins

    This machine looks like something the kiddos would love using. Your daughter is adorable. Gives me hope that my grands will actually vacuum!

  53. Image for Lisa Walker Lisa Walker

    We have three dogs and they all shed! i feel like I'm constantly using my lint roller and my handheld vacuum (which isn't very powerful) on my couch and chair cushions.

  54. Image for Shelly F. Shelly F.

    We have two inside cats and one German Shepard! We are constantly looking for solutions to take away pet hair. It's a constant battle. Thank you so much for this post. I thought we'd tried it all, but you gave me more ideas to try!

  55. Image for Lisa Marutz Lisa Marutz

    The worst is around the kitchen and dining room chairs legs! My 4 kitties rub against the chairs, and everything else, and those little sweeties clump hair like crazy😻😻😻😻

  56. Image for Lori Lori

    My biggest pet hair problem is on the wooden stairs. There are always hair bunnies! We have 3 dogs and 5 cats. All rescues 💕. Plus I have also fostered dogs for the rescue. Hair is a bugger, but the love of the four legged fur kids is irreplaceable 💕💕💕 Plus sometimes they are easier than my two biological boys 🤣💕💕💕💕

  57. Image for Ashleigh Hall Ashleigh Hall

    With 2 dogs and 1 Mama kitten with 6 new kittens, our house gets super hairy! I spend at least half an hour every day just vacuuming with a corded vacuum which is so frustrating! Hoover gets my vote for the best pet cleanup products!!

  58. Image for Laurie Opperman Laurie Opperman

    Cats = cat hair and litter. Those little toe pods that are so sweet when they are kneading you? They hold an incredible amount of cat litter. Sad but true!

  59. Image for Mary Mary

    My.little Maisie slipped effortlessly under chairs and tables until she became my MID-SIZED Maisie. She has learned to duck her head and bend her bottom. My house looks as if a soft, white muzzy ghost has come in the night and left behind only soft tufts of fairy dust. Unless you put on your readers and look closely. White hair on wood floors and furniture.......yuck.

  60. Image for Melissa E Melissa E

    Having a handsome black lab sure presents fur challenges.. This would be a great opportunity. Thank you for sharing with us! Good luck everyone! 💝 Love, health, safety & peace to you all!

  61. Image for Jody K Jody K

    The biggest challenge with pet hair are my pillows. The animals like to squash them up and lie on them making themselves comfortable. We have 3 cats and 1 dog and countless pillows. And they are all different colors making each hair stand out. Next time I'm matching my pets to my decor!

  62. Image for Jeannette Jeannette

    She’s only a little dachshund but she can leave some fur at times! What’s with the fur along the edges of a carpet? And that throw upstairs on “her” sofa in the office? Every hair gets trapped in there! If only I had a cordless vac to deal with that.... 😁. Thanks for your blog I really enjoy it.

  63. Image for Laurie Cordeniz Laurie Cordeniz

    Having a rescued half Siberian Huskey is a daily hair challenge but twice a year she "blows out her coat" which means tumbleweeds of hair every where. In a blink of an eye after vacuuming there is wisps of hair. Endless work but she is so worth it! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway! Stay well.

  64. Image for Janet D Janet D

    Chasing a wad of dog hair blowing around when you turn the fans on! Where did it come from? Love it that the vacuum is a battery. Easier to get around too.

  65. Image for Elizabeth Scruggs Elizabeth Scruggs

    We don't have pets, because one of my daughters and myself are extremely allergic. However, everyone else in my family does. So my biggest challenge with pet hair is when we've been to their house and we get it on us, and then bring it back home. It's hard!

  66. Image for phyllis phyllis

    Our biggest challenge with pet hair has been when the pups choose to snuggle on our duvet and leave lots of evidence that they have been there!

  67. Image for MD MD

    I have 2 cats and one of my worst problems is the bathroom. Cat hair sticks to the porcelain "drinking fountain" and other areas of the bathroom It seems to really stick since the environment is humid. I always vacuum the bathroom thoroughly before cleaning it. I hate when cat or human hair sticks to my cleaning cloth.

  68. Image for Sue Sue

    We do not have any pets, but we have four teens in the house so I understand the dirty captain crunch bowls. My two daughters have long hair that loves to shed when they brush it. One has extra curly hair which is quite the beast to fix each day, but we love them hair and all!

  69. Image for Amanda Cowden Amanda Cowden

    Hi KariAnne! We have a Buddy as well and such a beautiful Brittany Spaniel Border Collie Mix his dog hair O my is such a headache at times! I literally find dog hair everywhere and when I say everywhere I mean in places I didnt imagine I would find dog hair LOL even with vacuuming daily and brushing him it's alot!!! We wouldn't have it any other way though as we love our fur babies so much. So thank you for doing such a great giveaway for our endless shedding bundles of fur! Much ❤ to you, your family, and your sweet Buddy too.

  70. Image for Donna Donna

    It is challenging having two active long haired Himalayan cats. Their fur is like large cotton balls all over the house. I call them tumble weeds on the floors. Since they are part of our family, they are all over the house.

  71. Image for Mishann Lepley Mishann Lepley

    Omg, I have a Newfoundland! You don’t know about dog hair until you own one! I also have two Japanese chins! Brilliant idea was it to have three long-haired dogs?!?!?! I have my fingers crossed I win this, it could actually change my life! Thank you!

  72. Image for Joan Joan

    I have a German Short haired Pointer, so people automatically think I don’t deal with the hair issue. However, she sheds constantly and it’s that little stickery short stuff that’s hard to pick up. Along with Molly, I have a lovely long haired cat, Mattie, so I deal daily with both kinds of fur-baby hair :)

  73. Image for Linda Linda

    I have two Golden Retrievers. I've often said...if you don't want dog hair in your house don't get a Golden Retriever. And if you really don't want dog hair in your house don't get two Golden Retrievers ! But they are worth it like I know you agree that cute Buddy is too !

  74. Image for Debra Debra

    Gabby! Our beautiful, amazing Australian Shepherd. She sheds enough to make another whole dog. 24/7! 365 days a year! A cordless vacuum that really picks up pet hair would be life changing..

  75. Image for Kristine Kristine

    I have a one hundred thirty pound Saint Bernard. She fills up 2 entire trash bags with hair when she visits the groomer every 6 weeks on the dot. You can only imagine how busy I am just trying to keep up with her hair. But she is so loveable; she is worth all the extra cleaning!

  76. Image for Kathy Menold Kathy Menold

    Two dogs, two cats, two adults (they shed also) and several grand dogs keeps our Roomba and Dyson and brooms very busy everyday. Certainly could use any help I can get! Your new vacuum sounds great.

  77. Image for Bobbie Downey Bobbie Downey

    German Shepherd and a fat terrier that leaves hair everywhere!! I try to be sympathetic and let the shepherd come in on hot days then the floor is covered in dog hair . I hate it!!!didn’t plan on dogs in my retirement but inherited one from niece and daughter decided we needed a terrier to alert us in our old age!!!!

  78. Image for Susan S mcnelly Susan S mcnelly

    We have 3 rescue cats and a grand dog and when they start shedding their coats there's always fur flying somewhere, Wouldn't have it any other way!!!!! We love our fur babies!!!

  79. Image for Laura F Laura F

    We have 3 cats, and 1 dog....you would think the cat hair would be the culprit....nope, it's the dog! She sheds more than the other 3 could ever hope too! She is an Australian Cattle Dog mix, and the wiry hair part of her coat is very thick and sheds everywhere

  80. Image for Lou E Gipson Lou E Gipson

    Just moved farther south in Florida. SAND,SAND SAND!!! Hardwood floors throughout! Two shorthair cats plus two longhair cats! Help! i really and truly need a cordless,portable vacuum. especially with all the wonderful features you just mentioned!!! forgot to mention the two short hair humans!!!!

  81. Image for katherines Corner katherines Corner

    Our sweet Izzy, bless his heart is suppose to be shed-less ( smile) But we find his hair in some very unusual places. I had no idea a tuft of hair could be shaken off and land squarely on my pile of clean and folded laundry...sigh. Thank you for this generous giveaway. I would love a vacuum that was light enough to to use on stairs and tough enough to pick up dog hair. xo

  82. Image for Cheryl Cheryl

    My challenge is everyday, lol!! We have two dogs now and we have dog hair everywhere. I am always pulling out the vacuum cleaner or broom to get it!! Buddy is adorable! We have an older dog who has started making little messes also!! Have a great day!!

  83. Image for Lisa Kissner Cooper Lisa Kissner Cooper

    Sweet Lola (a golden, too!) leaves hair everywhere! I would love to find a vacuum that would help. Thanks for an opportunity to win!

  84. Image for Dona Dona

    2 long-haired shedding cats, 2 fluffy dogs, 2 daycare dogs, 2 kids, 2 adults. It’s Noah’s ark over here! We need all the help we can get.

  85. Image for Brenda Kovach Brenda Kovach

    Great tips! With 2 Labs and 2 cats, pet hair is our life! We lead busy lives, but try to sweep as much as possible. Another tip I’d like to add is cleaning air vents! Ours are on the floor, where all the hair settles. I often use our small shop vac and push the hose as far as I can into each vent. It’s amazing how much hair I can get out!

  86. Image for Sherry B Sherry B

    I don't currently have a pet, but I love how it would clean my hardwood floors and then adjust to my area rugs. Thanks for the chance to win!

  87. Image for Kimberly Carnegie Bruhn Kimberly Carnegie Bruhn

    I have a black Scottie dog...right now it's a tie between Bruhno's fur-ball-dust-rhinos and the stupid fox tails and junk from our back yard. I've been looking at a cordless vacuum for just this purpose...thank you!

  88. Image for Laurie A. Schroeder Laurie A. Schroeder

    Hi! We have a border collie mix named Pixie. We not only deal with hair, but she loves to dig in the dirt. 😳 So, vacuuming to get all the dirt she tracks in.

  89. Image for Brenda Haines Brenda Haines

    My biggest challenge when it comes to pet hair is getting it out of the nooks, crannies and corners. Thanks for the chance!

  90. Image for Donna Donna

    Luv the giveaway. Would luv the cordless vac. It’s a nice size & lite weight to get around & under furniture. The attachment would be super to get all that hard to get items / Luv all the ways you showed to use it. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  91. Image for Joanne Joanne

    I have an adorable Bichon Frise. While he doesn't shed, I still have to deal with his long tail fur that somehow I always find lurking here and there. From time to time, he will also leave me some lovely white clumps of fur after scratching his poofy full coat. I still love him...lol Thanks for the post.

  92. Image for Debrah Debrah

    Two Maine Coon Cats and a Dachshund in our home. I find evidence everywhere but especially on my favorite chair where they all love to sit with "Mom". The chair is a beautiful dark charcoal. Our area rug is Garnet, tan and black. Our fur babies leave us gifts all the time. What a joy they are until I have to clean up after them. Love your fur baby peeking a look at you from under the table.

  93. Image for DBLori DBLori

    I have an 18 year old cat and a 3 year old female Shetland sheepdog, Heidi. I'm always battling the endless fluff that is EVERYWHERE! With a dual coated dog, she sheds in clumps. So much hair that I regularly have to take the vacuum cleaner apart to untangle the hair from the rollers and unclog the hoses. We love her to pieces though.

  94. Image for Christine Roppel Christine Roppel

    My rescue Terrier mix IS our fur baby! We love him so much! He sits under my desk when I read your blog!

  95. Image for Mary C Mary C

    I have 3 pugs and do fostering for a rescue. Pugs have short hair, BUT they shed constantly! Two of mine are seniors, and they leave "gifts" too. Combine that with my painful Ehlers-Danlos syndrome I have and anything to make cleaning easier is a win in my book! Your home always looks so perfect, I was surprised to hear Buddy leaves "gifts" too. Makes me feel better about my own home. Thanks for the giveaway!

  96. Image for Cynthia Cynthia

    I have a little rough coat Jack Russell. Her name is Dottie but I call her Miss Dottie in the hopes that her manners will improve with a fancy name....she still has a lot of puppy in her. She is so much fun but sheds quite a bit. A lightweight vacuum would make life easier! Thanks!

  97. Image for Cecilia Early Cecilia Early

    Two long hair cats! I’m constantly picking up cat hair on my hardwood floors and off the furniture. Gotta love those fur babies!

  98. Image for Sue Sue

    I have fans on the floor blowing constantly during the summer months to keep our babies (Golden Retrievers) cool. They love them!!! While the fans cool the dogs they also keep the hair moving around the house. Sometimes I look and see small clumps of hair floating around. The fans also push the hair up against rug edges, walls, furniture. Sometimes when I vacuum or brush the dogs it looks as if I have a new, smaller dog there’s so much hair. Sure would appreciate the help of gathering up my “film” of hair. Thanks much for your contest. All of us are needing help when it comes to pet hair.

  99. Image for Loryl Loryl

    We have a golden named Wrigley, so you know what part of the country we live in😉 He is 90 lbs of pure love but he does shed ALOT! I use all the tips you’ve given. Plus we keep a lint roller in just about every room of our house. I pull out my big vacuum twice a week but this system would be great for everyday.

  100. Image for Laura Harrie Laura Harrie

    KariAnne, we have two Golden Retrievers and a Basset Hound living in at our house! The Basset’s short hair sticks to the Lazy Boy like crazy, difficult to remove. Needless to say the Golden’s fur is everywhere! Yes we dearly love our doggies, but what I’d give for a fur less home!

  101. Image for Cynde Cynde

    Good morning, I was wondering what the air exhaust is like, about a year ago I bought a Hoover and the exhaust practically blow my curtains off the wall, and I'm not exaggerating. I like the features of this vacuum and need something for my carpeted stairs, I bought a Meile, loving it, but it wont work on my stairs. Thanks, Cynde

  102. Image for Carla Post Carla Post

    Sweet Sam... my sweet granddog... sweetest rescue girl! Half golden retriever and half Anatolian Shepherd Dog, and a whole lot of sweet Sam hair! But love wins over hair any time! 💗🐾💗🐾😍

  103. Image for Jackie M Jackie M

    I have three cats and a 98lb. German "Shedder". I run my vacuum cleaner daily, so I do a lot of cleaning! This would be such a help in my quest to keep my home hair free!

  104. Image for Marilyn Marilyn

    There is an old saying that opposites attract. Well that goes for pet hair too! My light colored hardwood floors, rugs & furniture seem to attract every single loose hair of my 2 black haired dogs - which means even the tiniest bit of pet hair is INSTANTLY visible! That Hoover cordless sure would come in handy!

  105. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    My biggest problem with animal hair? Bowser! My adorable long haired cat. Especially, as it collects all over! Thanks for the opportunity! ;)

  106. Image for Tracy Tracy

    Pet hair problem #54 Going for the cord on your curling iron and have the cord covered in a handful of cat hair.


    Wow! You are talking my language-have 6 rescue buddies running around. Will be trying these suggestions.

  108. Image for Shelly Shelly

    My issue is bunny rabbit hair! It is so light weight it floats in the air and lands on everything! Love hoover and would love to have this!

  109. Image for Sue Sue

    My black lab has hair that flies and stick to the walls and baseboards. She chases my two non shedders all day long and I chase hair.

  110. Image for Deb in Oklahoma Deb in Oklahoma

    Buddy's adorable! Based on the photos, it looks like a nice teenaged girl to run the vacuum and spot cleaner is the best way to get rid of dog hair and oopsie spots. She's a good sport!

  111. Image for Judy Sollie Judy Sollie

    I'm so glad you asked this question TODAY, because I KNOW the answer! My biggest problem is with floating cat hairs landing in something I'm trying to paint! Today, for instance, I am re-doing my powder room vanity and mirror frame with black chalk paint. My cat is black, too, and he has been very curious about what I'm working on. Every time he comes around, he rubs against my leg and the cat hairs fly. I've spent more time picking out stray hairs than I have painting!

  112. Image for Kim Kim

    My two cats like to sleep on the back of the sofa. I have found the OXO lint remover to be very helpful but would love something powerful.

  113. Image for Judy Sollie Judy Sollie

    I'm so glad you asked this question TODAY, because I KNOW the answer! My biggest problem is with floating cat hairs landing in something I'm trying to paint! Today, for instance, I am re-doing my powder room vanity and mirror frame with black chalk paint. My cat is black, too, and he has been very curious about what I'm working on. Every time he comes around, he rubs against my leg and the cat hairs fly. I've spent more time picking out stray hairs than I have painting! Thinking of ordering this poster for the newly-decorated room.

  114. Image for Brenda Brenda

    I have one Pomeranian, two cats, one son, my husband and myself. I don't just have hair, I have tumble weeds made of hair! No matter how much I sweep, in just a little while, they're back! If we could only find a use for all this hair! Nah, too gross! ;) Although, There are Angora sweaters. Nah, Too Gross!

  115. Image for Tami Arnold Tami Arnold

    I have two black labs who know no boundaries! They also believe that they are cats, so not only do they get on the sofa, they lie across the top of the cushions so that they have a better view out the window. Love the idea of the roller. I'm definitely going to try that!

  116. Image for Cindy Cindy

    My pet hair challenge comes from my 17 year old long haired cat named Fluffy. She loves to sleep on her favorite dining room chair or the den sofa. Many a guest has left with a fuzzy bottom.

  117. Image for We have a German Shepherd. His hair is everywhere! I vacuum, and I turn around and his has left more hair. I don’t know where it all comes from. We have a German Shepherd. His hair is everywhere! I vacuum, and I turn around and his has left more hair. I don’t know where it all comes from.

    We have a German Shepherd whose hair is all over the place. I vacuum and our rugs look so nice and clean, and I turn around and there is more hair. I don’t know how he can have that much to shed.

  118. Image for Debra Kerr Debra Kerr

    I have a 20 year old Himalayan cat that is too old to groom herself and hates to be groomed. That says it all!

  119. Image for Stephanie G. Stephanie G.

    We have an adorable Aussiedoodle but every once in a while the dog hair really starts to get to me. I’ve been contemplating buying a vacuum specifically for pet hair and would be interested to see if this one would help! Thanks for the chance to enter! Love your blog and stories!

  120. Image for JC JC

    Oooooo, thank you for this giveaway chance. Sadly, REALLY sadly, our little Gracie, a black toy poodle with the cutest white markings, who was part of our family for nearly 17 years, passed away this February. There is a big void in our home and hearts.😢We miss her everyday. But, I'd still love to have this Hoover ONEPWR! I have long hair now and my goodness, I shed like crazy!! It would sure come in handy not to have to drag out my canister vacuum with all its parts. Thanks KariAnne.

  121. Image for Angeline Roberts Angeline Roberts

    My biggest pet hair challenge is all the corners on my stairs. We have a chocolate lab and our son purchased a Siberian Husky he is training as a service dog (he has Type 1 diabetes).

  122. Image for JC JC

    Oooooo, thank you for this giveaway chance. Sadly, REALLY sadly, our little Gracie, a black toy poodle with the cutest white markings, who was part of our family for nearly 17 years, passed away this February. There is a big void in our home and hearts.😢We miss her everyday. But, I'd still love to have this Hoover ONEPWR! I have long hair now and my goodness, I shed like crazy!! It would sure come in handy not to have to drag out my canister vacuum with all its parts. Thanks KariAnne.


    My biggest challenge with pet hair is when all the "grand pets" come over. We have a revolving door with visiting family and pets. We wouldn't have it any other way - joy, joy! However, when I am cleaning trying to keep up with all the hair, I am sure there must be a naked dog somewhere because there is so much dog hair - ha! Thanks for the tips and your review of the vacuum. Enjoy your weekend!

  124. Image for Debbie Holyfield Debbie Holyfield

    Biggest problem is the "tumbleweed" balls of dog hair that hide behind the doors, in the corners and under the furniture where we don't discover right away. I feel I could "assemble" another whole dog when I gather them all up!

  125. Image for Peggy Crupper Peggy Crupper

    It’s his dog Max but HE doesn’t clean house! I believe he isn’t the only he that doesn’t clean! Mothers need unite and train our boys now for our future daughter in laws!

  126. Image for lynn wheeler lynn wheeler

    Just like you, we have a golden too. He is the biggest sweetheart ever but he has the thickest coat and we keep him with a show coat. Needless to say, his fur, or should I say his tumbleweeds are everywhere. How they get in closed off spaces I don't know, but they do. aargh! A cordless vac would be a godsend. I should buy some stock in swiffers.

  127. Image for Jane C Jane C

    My red pets (Sydney the dog & Thor the cat) she’d hair everywhere! Our wood stairs seem to attract the most. Daily using roller, and/or Swiffer or vacuum. Yours looks awesome! Friends know not to wear black pants to our house in case one of our furries meanders by...

  128. Image for Emily Meeks Emily Meeks

    The best way to get rid of pet hair is a squeegee the kind you use in the shower to clean your walls and shower doors. I use it on my furniture, carpet, clothes and anything else that collects dog hair. I thought that my vacuum got it all but boy was i wrong.! Use the squeegee first, it gets all the dog hair that is against the walls in those cracks that are hard to get! I have a Golden named Oliva and a Black Lab named Bay.

  129. Image for Jenny Shea Jenny Shea

    My white-fur bulldog and I moved into an apartment recently and I get so worried about his fur getting into the carpet.

  130. Image for beverly e beverly e

    I have two small dogs and when I brush them, I have enough pet hair to build them a little brother or sister. The hair is everywhere! Thanks for the chance to win!

  131. Image for Pamela Griner Pamela Griner

    The sheer volume of pet hair is a challenge. But...worth it for our lab mix rescue dog. That little vacuum is a definite game changer. Looks so easy to use.

  132. Image for Cynthia Lucarotti Cynthia Lucarotti

    For my 70th birthday..in a few weeks😳....we are getting a golden retriever..so I am sure this would be WONDERFUL to have!!!

  133. Image for Babette Thurston Babette Thurston

    Our sweet boy passed away. I haven’t had the heart to get another one. His name was Bandit and he had black fur! Guess what color my floors are? White! His hair used to float all around the floor and get stuck in the corners. This vacuum would have been great for picking up his hair! ❤️❤️❤️

  134. Image for Teresa Ott Teresa Ott

    Benson, the Golden Retriever. Need I say more! Most hair ever and ends up sliding under cabinets, furniture on the hardwood floors.

  135. Image for Eileen Eileen

    I love the rechargeable aspect. I am always being yanked backwards as the cord stops me cold!!!!, I’d love to be able to finish in one fell swoop without stopping. Thanks.

  136. Image for Teresa Ann Harral Teresa Ann Harral

    One little doggie can leave hair everywhere, on the carpets, it sticks on the tile the hair balls dance round and round. Love to suck those stays up.

  137. Image for Donna Donna

    Biggest bestest challenge is dog hair on the rugs and hardwood floors and behind doors and under tables and on chairs and everything.

  138. Image for Rochelle Saldana Rochelle Saldana

    That puppy face! Forgiveness immediately granted for all the things. All. The. Things! My boxer’s short hair makes pet hair more manageable, but because he is brindle, his dark hairs show up on any light furniture, pillows, blankets, rugs, you name it! If it’s light, the hair shows up. So having anything light is entirely difficult. Let’s face it, can you really say no to the puppy?!

  139. Image for Bonnie Witmyer Bonnie Witmyer

    We have two afghan hounds who manage to make their territory on both floors of our house. We have been unable to find a vacuum that can keep up with the demand from these two hair bears! It looks like our carpeting or area rugs are growing coat! It is so frustrating!!! We could seriously use some help!

  140. Image for Lynn Smith Lynn Smith

    Our dachshund has a beautiful sleek short coat. That, no matter how beautiful, sheds. And is black. And we have a lot of white linen throw pillows, bedding and throws. Need I say more....

  141. Image for Nancy Carr Nancy Carr

    I love your posts. They are very informative and fun as well. You have so many Good ideas. I have a dog. I know about dog hair. Life with a dog makes life more interesting. Thank you for writing. Blessings, Nancy

  142. Image for Tim Tim

    The biggest challenge is pet hair on our clothes. You can wipe it off the front, but you never see the hair on the back of your clothes that you got from sitting on the couch.

  143. Image for DarcyLea DarcyLea

    Oh my goodness, I feel like pet hair is the bane of my existence. We have a Flat Coat Retriever / Burnese Mountain Dog mix who sheds constantly. The worst part is she rubs against our upholstered furniture and leaves gobs of fur there in addition to what is floating around on the wood floors.

  144. Image for Amy Amy

    Our Ruby sheds like crazy, and it ends up on our baseboards. It's like the hair it's drawn to them. I have been doing touch-up on our baseboards and her hair manages to land on them in the five minutes between me cleaning them and pulling out the paintbrush. It makes new crazy but I wouldn't trade her for anything (although it makes it easier for me to respond "no" when the kids ask for to adopt another dog!

  145. Image for Kathy Kathy

    My pet hair challenge is a yellow lab who seems to let go of giant poofs of hair every time you even look at him. He’s everywhere and we wouldn’t be the same without him! ❤️

  146. Image for mami2jcn mami2jcn

    I have pet allergies and even though our puppy doesn't shed a lot, just getting a little bit of his hair off my clothes is challenging. If I don't get it off, I can start to have an allergic episode.

  147. Image for Michelle Nettles Michelle Nettles

    Yeah my challenge would be having too many fur children leaving deposits of fur everywhere!! With 3 indoor cats and 1 dog it is always a challenge. Thanks so much for the tips on getting it somewhat under control & for the giveaway!! I always enjoy your blog!! :)

  148. Image for PJ PJ

    My biggest challenge with pet hair is keeping the solid brown sofas looking good, especially around the button tufting. We have two fur babies, a shepherd (should be "shedder") mix and a cat. I vacuum daily to keep up.

  149. Image for Wehaf Wehaf

    With two dogs who shed a lot, the biggest challenge is staying on top cleaning it their hair; I have to vacuum several times a week.

  150. Image for Anne S Anne S

    My lab goes through 2 seasons of shedding: January to June and July to December! And all the time, and sometimes in clumps. We have pet hair everywhere!

  151. Image for beverlee b lyons beverlee b lyons

    Biggest challenge for me: tiny condo, hairy little girl dog, dust, dust, dust all over my wood floors, and most of all, I am old...which complicates it all! Thank you for showing your good tips and your beautiful home and family! and this opportunity!

  152. Image for Jennifer Jennifer

    Sadly we lost our sweet golden a few months ago. He was a rescue and he lived a good and long life. We miss him dearly. 💔 Our biggest pet hair problem was the rolling tumbleweed if hair that would end up behind the dressers and china cupboard. My big vacuum couldn’t reach those!

  153. Image for Cindy D Cindy D

    My biggest problem is the "tumbleweeds" that collect on my stairs. But definitely on the windowseat where she likes to look at the squirrels and chipmunks scurry around. Thank you for the chance.

  154. Image for Sonja Sonja

    We are dog sitting for my son for a week and I know your challenges. The golden retriever is such a great breed, but they do shed. I love the features of this vac you are writing about. I am currently dragging a big vac up and down stairs to do two carpeted rooms. We also have the wood floors, and with the one I have it has to be changed for each type of flooring. Thanks for the chance to win.

  155. Image for Debbie Eidson Debbie Eidson

    Boy where can I start?! I have a yellow lab And a golden retriever. Did I mention I have darker grey couches? You can imagine the hair they collect. Then the floors. I have a combo of wood and carpet and large rugs so going from surface to surface would lessen the need to stop and change heads on the vacuum. This vacuum looks so lightweight and would make vacuuming fun! 🤗

  156. Image for Shelly Shelly

    We have 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. The amount of dog hair that come from 2 fairly small dogs is mind blowing!

  157. Image for Susan Susan

    Hi KariAnne! How could anyone to d fault with such soulful brown eyes! I can relate to everyone who finds "tumbleweed" throughout the hard surface floors- our rescue yellow lab- pit bull- shepherd mix is an 85 pound hair factory! I use a stick vac in the kitchen every other day and pull out the big guns for theatre carpets every three days of so. I love a hapless because Luke sheds SO much I can't imagine how many bags I would go through in a month! Thanks for the chance to win the Hoover! Have a great day!

  158. Image for Stacey Stacey

    Yes!!! We would so love having a vacuum like that around here!!😍 We have 4 cats and a big, beautiful, and very fluffy golden retriever....and a gazillion "hair bunnies" that like to hide in corners and under buffets.😸🐾

  159. Image for BeverlyO BeverlyO

    OMG! Our dog, Toby, is a Schnauzer-Mix and the mix part of him leaves hair that combines with dust and other unknown particles which form little tumbleweeds that try to hide in corners and behind doors!

  160. Image for Sheila Laurence Sheila Laurence

    My biggest challenge is getting the dog hair off the couch. Something about the fabric just makes the hair cling to it. Next time I will try rubbing it with a fabric sheet before trying. I don’t really want to spray anything else on it, as I already use Febreeze. But I would love to find an easier way to get that stuff off!

  161. Image for Teresa Sturm Teresa Sturm

    I have a yellow lab and an orange tabby with medium length fur. At any given time in my home there is enough pet hair to create a whole new pet! Sometimes when they walk around you can see a trail of hair falling off like Pigpen's cloud of dust. We have hardwood flooring with rugs in every room. It collects in the corners of rooms, under the furniture, ON the furniture, on our clothes. Anywhere you can imagine! Once I was baking cookies and rolling them out on the kitchen table, only to find (after baking!), that there was pet hair in the cookies! Luckily I only ruined one batch before realizing it. My husband ate them anyway!

  162. Image for Mary Stevens Mary Stevens

    I have a white pit who sheds year round, a Australian Shepard a long hair cat and a short hair cat and I have more hair than the law will allow and when I clean it up I could make a wig for the dogs!!! It's amazing where it gets everywhere!!! This vac sounds great and I love hoover products!!

  163. Image for KZ KZ

    We used to have two Goldens, so I know about pet hair! Now we just have a cat. The hair is smaller and harder to clean. Go figure.

  164. Image for Thomas P Thomas P

    Beggest challenge is getting pet hair off chairs, couches, bedding and other surfaces that aren't as easy to vacuum as the floor.

  165. Image for Ann Ann

    We have a fox red lab. The good news is his hair goes with a lot of different colors - it blends well, so to speak. The bad news is that it’s everywhere, especially in the spring. That’s when he sheds sheds sheds. But he’s worth it. 💜💜💜

  166. Image for Julie Julie

    We have 2 cats. The short hair sheds worse than the long hair. Your dog is so cute & has a guilty look in the pictures.

  167. Image for Meliss Meliss

    Having time to groom dogs on a regular basis is hard. Because you end up covered in hair and in need of a shower - it’s not a task you can just do in the middle of the day.

  168. Image for Cait Dale Cait Dale

    Our pittie mix has a think coat, but somehow still manages to shed and it get everywhere! I found some in the coffee maker the other morning.

  169. Image for Steph Steph

    My biggest challenge is keeping up with it. I have 3 dogs and all of them shed a lot. By the color of it, I think its the Frenchie, but the Boxers are chipping in their share of hair. ;)

  170. Image for Nicole Martin Nicole Martin

    I have a German Shepherd, and he sheds sooo bad! Even after an hour of vacuuming, there is hair alll over!

  171. Image for Kathryn Kathryn

    Every time our lab gets super excited or really scared she seems to lose pounds of hair all at once and her golden hair doesn’t look so good on our navy rugs and furniture.

  172. Image for Kimberly Harrison Kimberly Harrison

    my biggest challenge with pet hair is keeping it off the sofa! it lingers and it drives me nuts! lol, thanks for the chance to win!

  173. Image for Cindy Vojanec Cindy Vojanec

    Pet hair ( Kitty) is always a challenge but my human hair is, too! So difficult to get control of but the most exciting thing would be that it is cordless!!

  174. Image for Jayne Jayne

    Did you know that curtains like to steal dog hair? It's true! My Aussie loves to sit by the window and watch the world go by but the curtains swipe her fur when she's not looking. Curtains are sneaky like that, so says my Aussie anyway! As for me, I must say, I'm not a fan of hairy curtains either. ;)

  175. Image for Kathy Eddy Kathy Eddy

    My biggest pet hair challenge is when the grand-dog visits.....and I am allergic. Once after said sweet pup had gone back home, I thought I saw a huge spider web in the corner—-but no, very sneeze inducing dog hair!

  176. Image for Jamie L Jamie L

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. My biggest challenge are the dog hair dust bunnies that show up on the hardwood floors along our hallway...seemingly overnight.

  177. Image for Judy Elmayan Judy Elmayan

    The vac I got seems to leave behind the hair more than it takes in. The shedding is never ending and the chore is very time consuming. The vac is noisy. The belt breaks often. Sigh

  178. Image for Bonnie Bonnie

    I have a half chihuahua and half Pomeranian, so she has lots of hair. During thunder storms, and we have been having quite a few, she hides under the bed. The hair is unbelievable , so I would love a vacuum that would be able to get under there and really clean it up.

  179. Image for Tara Tara

    My Golden Doddle’s hair (yes, He sheds!!) looks Like huge desert tumbleweeds from the old western movies. The swiffer pads can’t handle them and the house vacuum is a workout but I love my dog😍

  180. Image for Jennifer Jennifer

    I've always had dogs and cats and am always looking for new ways to get rid of pet hair. Thanks for the tips!

  181. Image for Laurie Van Roekel Laurie Van Roekel

    We need this! Our Izzy is our 3rd Golden Retriever, and she seems to have more hair than our other ones did! It would be so much easier than draging out the other vac!

  182. Image for Tammy Horn Tammy Horn

    I must vacuum every single day. With 3 German Shepherds, 2 Aussies, 2 Border Collies, and many cats, it's a challenge to keep up with the hair! German Shepherds are known as German Shedders, need I say more?

  183. Image for Deb Deb

    Three “hair issues” - GiGi, Clover, and Alice - three furbabies who think the furniture was put there just for them!

  184. Image for Vicki L Davenport Vicki L Davenport

    One of our dogs is an Anatolian Shepherd - Great Pyrenees mix. It literally takes me an hour or more to clean up all her hair if I don’t watch out. Definitely going to use some of your tips!

  185. Image for Kimberly Mignella Kimberly Mignella

    my biggest pet peeve about pet hair are the tumbleweed like clumps of hair that appear even after I just cleaned

  186. Image for Linda Linda

    have a wonderful short haired tuxedo cat who is loving all over and leaving for on everything! I live in a retirement lodge and although they do vacuum weekly I have fur everywhere. I'm going to try the fabric softener trick and see how that helps. The stick vacuum looks easy enough for me to use. So, pick me a winner. Love your blogs.

  187. Image for Karen Karen

    I have a Frenchie who sheds continuously! I even get dog hair on my blinds. They seem to attract the hair with static??? I’m going to try the spray you recommended. Thanks! Karen Lake

  188. Image for Stacey Smith Stacey Smith

    I have a golden retriever/collie mix and it seems like I'm finding a whole new dog each time I sweep and vacumn. The lint roller has become a close friend lately but this vacumn would be so amazing to win. Maybe a new favorite household tool.

  189. Image for Lora Bloomquidt Lora Bloomquidt

    My vacuum’s dying & my goldendoodle is starting her early fall shedding; there’s blonde hair balls blowing all over my black wood floor. Time for me to win a new vacuum, indeed!

  190. Image for Anna Belle Nihart Anna Belle Nihart

    Our cat, Punkin, seems to lose most of his fur coat in Spring. I find shedding that winter fur completely maddening. It's everywhere -yes, everywhere!

  191. Image for Kim N Kim N

    The biggest challenge with pet hair is getting to those tiny places where the hair us. And finding the hair in places you can't see, like under furniture.

  192. Image for athena graeme athena graeme

    My biggest pet hair challenge is the sofa. Our daughter loves inviting the dogs up onto the fabric sofa and it just sticks in there like glue!

  193. Image for Susan Susan

    We have two dogs of our own and have fostered rescues for the last several years (19 dogs over those years). The dogs are mostly indoor dogs so our hardwood floors and carpeting are always in need of cleaning. It's a constant parade of fur balls blowing across the hardwood floor and more hair and fur than I want to to even think about on the carpet.

  194. Image for Carolyn Daley Carolyn Daley

    I have two cats that shed like crazy. It doesn't help that one of them likes to slink underneath the couch and chairs on occasion and sometimes it is hard to suck up cat hair in the corners. I would love an amazing vacuum that helps get rid of pet hair without the need to go over the same spot a dozen times.

  195. Image for Mary Mary

    Our sweet fur baby Zoe and our Grandfurbaby Lux chase one another and yup hair is in places like under our fabric chairs, under the sofa " Zoe hides when being chased by Lux, cause lux doesn't fit under the sofa😂

  196. Image for Robert Young Robert Young

    I've got to admit that I have been fortunate enough to not have any issues from my cats or dogs hair that comes off of them knock on wood, but I do have some friends that struggle with getting their pet hair out of their carpet as well as their furniture.

  197. Image for Sarah Sarah

    Ugh...we have porch kitties who seem to be indoors more than out, and my mother-in-law is so allergic! I scrub our furniture and carpets before she comes!

  198. Image for Jeannie Jeannie

    Two huskies and a pit bull/shepherd mix really leave their mark every day. Love them, but wish I had a magic wand to send their sheds far, far away.

  199. Image for Kerry Sullivan Kerry Sullivan

    We have an adorable Curly Coated Retriever who sheds as much as a pack of dogs! His black hair turns my tan floors into such a mess. Ugh!

  200. Image for Anne Marie Anne Marie

    My biggest challenge is getting pet hair off an upholstered dark colored sofa and ottoman - it shows everything!

  201. Image for Debbie Ballagh Debbie Ballagh

    The hair from my Australian Blue Heeler clogs up my vacuum which causes me to have to clean it out every use.

  202. Image for Lisa Lisa

    My biggest challenge with pet hair is that I never seem to get it all up. There is always some sticking to the carpet even after sweeping. It also gets on clothes. Even with frequent brushing, there is still a lot of hair floating around the house.

  203. Image for Thomas Gibson Thomas Gibson

    My biggest challenge is that no matter how much I vacuum, I keep finding hair. I have a small apartment, so It isn't like I live in a mansion. You would think getting all the hair up wouldn't be a big deal. But it always is. I am finding myself vacuuming several times a day it seems.

  204. Image for Charlotte Charlotte

    I have one cat, her name is Kitty and she is a typical cat, she lays around, all around leaving her hair everywhere and it sure is a task keeping the house cat hair free!

  205. Image for Sue Nugent Sue Nugent

    My Black Lab tends to shed all over the kitchen floor and gets up on the furniture when we aren't looking.

  206. Image for Linda Greene Kelly Linda Greene Kelly

    Two wonderful SHORT haired dogs, who shed like crazy! The hair is short but THICK and ends up everywhere!

  207. Image for Carla Loughran Carla Loughran

    My biggest problem with two dogs and two cats in the house is those floating hair bunnies under chairs and tables!

  208. Image for Suzanne Suzanne

    Hello Karianne!!!!!! These are great tips. I have a cat and a dog who both think that we don’t notice their hair all over the couch. 🤣 Also, I have a quick question. What platform (Wix, SquareSpace, WordPress etc.) did you use to make your blog? I am thinking about writing a blog and loved the look of yours. 😘 happy day friend!!!!!

  209. Image for Nanette Olson Nanette Olson

    My biggest problem with my cat's hair is cleaning it up with my old vaccuum. It just doesn't do the job very well.

  210. Image for Jeff A Jeff A

    I have a labrador retriever that sheds like crazy in the summer! This compact vacuum will make cleaning up after him a lot easier.

  211. Image for Mya Murphy Mya Murphy

    I'm disabled with severe epilepsy, and I have the most amazing epilepsy support dog.. He is a german shepherd/mastiff mix. I have pet hair everywhere because he has to stay with me pretty much every single second. He even has to sleep with me since I have mostly nocturnal seizures. It literally is caked in places, although I brush him all the time. This would be a major godsend..this vacuum. I loved your review.

  212. Image for Lolly Lolly

    We have two German Shepherds, or as my husband says, German Shedders! They shed continuously and they sleep in the house. I have a 45-yr old Hoover upright which I love,except it's heavy and missing some attachments. I need something quicker for daily pickup of dog hair!

  213. Image for Brooke Brooke

    Oh boy the couch is the worst. I have a yellow lab and a black cat so really there isn’t a safe surface. I do really struggle with the couch cleaning.

  214. Image for Mary Watkins Mary Watkins

    Hoover Company should snap that pretty little model up for their advertisements ! Love the pictures of her! And a great article too Mom! 😘

  215. Image for Daniel Scott Daniel Scott

    We have two husky mixes and their long hair loves to stick to dark colors. My uniforms have navy pants and it's a fight to keep the pants clean.

  216. Image for Nicola Nicola

    My issue is with cat hair on hardwood...it floats around until it finds something soft to stick to. Would love a cordless handheld! Has been on my wishlist for ages!!

  217. Image for Robyn Robyn

    We have a 160lb English Mastiff, an adorable Shetland sheepdog, and a long hair cat. I LOVE my Fur babies, but they sure do leave tons of fur everywhere. It would be nice to have something that gets into the cracks of the sofa and the hard to reach corners where the fur always seems to hide. Great giveaway!

  218. Image for DeAnna Keller DeAnna Keller

    I have issues keeping up with all of the fur in my house. i have problems with my current vacuum getting it off my furniture and carpet.

  219. Image for Sharon Keen Sharon Keen

    I have 2 shedding dogs and would love this to be able to have one on my 2nd floor too. I have two herniated disc‘s in my lumbar region and carrying my upright up and down the steps 3x’s/week gets hard.

  220. Image for Joy Marish Joy Marish

    I really need a new vacuum , mine is 30 yrs old and weighs about 30 lbs. I have a long haired Golden Retriever who sheds a lot so I have yo vacuum a lot.

  221. Image for Barbara J Bachus Barbara J Bachus

    I think pet fur/hair getting sucked into your HVAC system is a challenge. Can't seem to get all of it out of the grates. Another problem is the fur that ends up on the kitchen counters and stove... Thank you for the opportunity.

  222. Image for Tammy L Edmonds Tammy L Edmonds

    I would absolutely love this vacuum. I find that as I get older, I need something lighter than my upright.

  223. Image for Lisa Reid Lisa Reid

    I have a Jack Russel that sheds horribly. I can probably make a whole other dog from his fur weekly. My vacuum isn't cutting it. This would be great!

  224. Image for Keith Drosehn Keith Drosehn

    I have a white cat and his hair gets everywhere. I have to put blankets on couch so when people come over I can just flip blanket up and they can sit down without being covered in white hair! Especially if they wear black clothes!

  225. Image for Tina D Tina D

    Just keeping up with it. I don't have a vacuum (mine broke and I can't afford a new one) so I use a street sweeper to pull it up from the carpet. Please help!!!!!

  226. Image for John OBrien John OBrien

    Our small black cat is sweet, but leaves an amazing amount of fur around the house for her size. Have to clean the brushes we use on her daily too. She's worth it though.

  227. Image for Susan Jones Susan Jones

    Our entryway and stairs are uncarpeted. I swear I sweep almost every day and I still see pet hair “tumbleweeds”

  228. Image for Evelyn S. Evelyn S.

    I love the tip about the anti static solution - that’s new to me! I can’t wait to try it!! My biggest challenge is a VERY floofy dog with very long hair. No matter how much I brush/dust/sweep/vac, we have little dust fur bunnies all over our hardwoods. It’s a losing battle 😞 I’d love to have a lightweight vac to use everyday!

  229. Image for Lisa Brouse Lisa Brouse

    I have a lab. She is ALWAYS shedding.... everywhere. It’s a good thing we love her, the hair is crazy!

  230. Image for Frani Frani

    Pet hair is a nightmare! We have rescued 3 dogs and 3 cats. The last one was unadoptable and we took her in preparation just as Hurricane Michael was approaching. She is a German Shepherd. She was very traumatized and doesn't like to be brushed. So adding her abundant hair to the other dogs and cats means a constant battle with pet hair. If the Hoover will help with the hair, I NEED it! Please enter me in the contest!!!

  231. Image for Tina Woodward Tina Woodward

    We have two shedding dogs that love to rub on the carpet...there is always an array of dog hair tumble weed on any hardwood surface. In my house. To find a vacuum that can help eliminate the perPETual hair would be a blessing;))) 🐶🐶

  232. Image for Tracy Brooks Tracy Brooks

    Our sweet girl has a chronic skin condition and when it is at its worst, little clumps of hair just fall out. I brush her a lot which helps but I still find those “puppies” (my name for the dust bunnies) every day.

  233. Image for Anna McDonald Anna McDonald

    I know what you mean about your fur child. Our human children have gone to new homes some through weddings and some to live elsewhere. Some how fur child has now grown to 3. A small 18 # early alert system who wakes up the 2 bigger and much larger dogs (around 100# & 120#) when there is a noise outside or if a cat is in the yard. Sometimes she "Yips, Yips" when the cows come into the pasture behind our house. I kept finding bundles of hair which my husband calls "puppies", around the house. I wonder if some gremlin is bringing the hair (puppies) I brush from the dogs back into the house and tosses them under the dining room table or under the coffee table. Very confusing. As you can tell I could really use a cordless vac. Thanks for reading my story, laugh with me.

  234. Image for Elowin Harper Elowin Harper

    I have a cat who loves to sleep on the back of the sofas leaving tons of cat hair behind. No matter how much I clean it's a never ending battle!

  235. Image for Daniel Gauche Daniel Gauche

    We have a Jack Russell and her short, white hair weaves itself into our carpets. So far brushes, lint brushes and vacuums have not been able to remove it

  236. Image for Jan Nelson Jan Nelson

    We love our two light hair haired golden retrievers and our wire hair dachshund but with dark floors you can see every hair they shed! This vacuum looks like the perfect answer to our problem! Help! ☺️

  237. Image for Kellye Cole Kellye Cole

    I have an Alaskan Malamute and I challenge ANY vacuum to deal with the hair at my house! We’re in the midst of her blowing coat so I’m at my limit right now! Lol

  238. Image for beth shepherd beth shepherd

    My biggest challenge is keeping it off the wood floors. I feel like i sweep and the dog walks through and its game over again. Thank you!

  239. Image for Debbie Mathews Debbie Mathews

    I had a German Shepherd. Think double coat of hair (which I did not know when we got her). She was great...her hair was not. She died a couple years ago and were thinking about another dog. We miss her terribly! I am still using a 40 year old Electrolux sweeper that works great!! It was our first major expense when we got married. It has been amazing but...we downsized. The thing is heavy and alot to trip over so I would love a new cordless vac. Altho I dont think theres a thing on the market now that would last 40 years!!

  240. Image for Rosa Bencosme Rosa Bencosme

    I'm a proud mother of 4 amazing pets 2 cats 3 years old, a 7 years old Maltese and a 8 month miniature poodle. Now with that being said you can imagine the hair we deal with daily. I have a tiny old vacuum on its last leg that I have to unassembled every time I used it. This vacuum you guys are givenaway would be ideally for my tasks daily. Thanks

  241. Image for Rosanna Rosanna

    We don't have pets in the house. BUT.. we have barn animals.. ponies,dogs,goats,chickens,cats,etc. So all the "stuff" seems to get carried into the house. Hair, sawdust,hay,feathers,mud,manure,(if I'm not policing enough), etc. This sweeper sounds like a fantastic helper!!

  242. Image for Sam Sam

    With 3 wonderful, big, dogs probably the biggest pain of shedding is not so much the floors, though edges, corners and under furniture can be hard to get, is more so hairs getting into cloth furniture, couches, pillows, blankets, etc. They just really stick there and almost get woven into the cloth itself, so even with a vacuum, unless you get it from just the right angle, its really stuck there.

  243. Image for Lou M. Lou M.

    We have two cats and had a German Shorthair with a double coat of hair. A vacuum like this would be perfect for our floors, couch and rugs. Love that is cordless!

  244. Image for Susan Smith Susan Smith

    My biggest challenge is getting the dog hair off the couch, the carpet and the steps. This would be such a great vacuum to have!

  245. Image for Kat Keeley Kat Keeley

    My biggest hair problem is I have a cat who sheds and has allergies. When tested she was shown to be allergic to cat hair! Yikes go figure. Its a constant battle to be on top of her shedding.

  246. Image for Dolores Miranda Dolores Miranda

    I have 5 cats and 1 dog and it's always son hard to keep up with all of the shedding hair, especially in the summer months!

  247. Image for Vickie Marise Vickie Marise

    How it manages to drift in the corners and attach itself to every single coat in the winter! Should go to all black, since the cat seems to be the worst of the shedders. Love them, so will put up with the mess. Like the anti-static spray idea. Buddy looks completely innocent of all charges. lol

  248. Image for claudia bassano claudia bassano

    Sibirian Husky, Cavalier King Charles, Peegle and long haired cat plus a 20 month old very creative granddaughter! Lovely mess! This would greatly help! Thanks for all the hints! What setting do you put on dryer for pillows? Air dry ok?

  249. Image for Amber Kolb Amber Kolb

    I wear black and blue khakis to work and the hair gets all over my pants. It's so hard to get off even with a lint roller.

  250. Image for Heather Anne Heather Anne

    Buddy is too cute to stay mad at for long I'm sure - even when he leaves a present on the carpet!!! My daughter has bunnies - and they shed quite a bit. It's august and they've just finished shedding their winter coats - and it's quite comical the stages of shed they go through but with 5 bunnies - it's a lot of fur!!!

  251. Image for Stefanie Stefanie

    Buddy has the cutest sad eyes! Our dog sheds like crazy and I love how mobile the vacuum and cleaner are!

  252. Image for Susan Hartsuff Susan Hartsuff

    We have a rescue dog who is part of the family, we just love him, but the shedding seems constant. The vacuum sounds perfect for pet hair.

  253. Image for Colleen Boudreau Colleen Boudreau

    I have two cats and a dog, and their hair gets all over the furniture which in turn gets it all over my clothes.

  254. Image for Rebecca o. Rebecca o.

    My biggest challenge is pet hair. I have to vacuum because the broom just scoots it around the floor without being effective at picking it up.

  255. Image for Pat Pat

    I have a beautiful full-coated golden, even with frequent brushing we still have pet hair (As opposed to dust) bunnies scooting around on the hardwood floors. My 14 yo quick pickup vac broke recently and I have been looking to find a replacement. Pat

  256. Image for Bonny McDevitt Bonny McDevitt

    My hardest taskis getting it out of the couch and vents, ugh it is majorly frustrating! But I am a neat freak so I always find a way, this looks and sounds amazing!

  257. Image for Tracey Tracey

    I love this! We have dog hair everywhere at my house. Most of the time we just live with it but it’s nice to have a clean house (or at least some semblance of one) Thanks for the tips and the giveaway!

  258. Image for Martha Seagle Martha Seagle

    Two Pomeranians that can an create a "furmami" are my biggest challenge. What's so wonderful about rolling around on the rug or lying on the couch???

  259. Image for kristi kristi

    my biggest problem with my cats hair is, it gets all over the sofa, and the carpet, and it is hard to vacuum up... the vacuum i have now, the hair gets tangeled into the brush, then you have to stop and remove the hair, and go back to vacuuming up... its annoying

  260. Image for Jody P. Jody P.

    Most of all, it drives me crazy when I vacuum, but our vacuum cleaner doesn’t really .... vacuum. I usually have to go over some areas more than once to get all of it.😜

  261. Image for Jean AnnFaires Jean AnnFaires

    I have a black lab with a thick coat of hair that I love with all my heart. He’s a big shedder, even with frequent brushing. Need I say more? Help a lady out here❣️

  262. Image for Steven Gaither Steven Gaither

    We don't have a pet. Just two kids. Could they be our pets, HAHAHA. They can make a lots of mess. Looks like a great vacuum.

  263. Image for Tonya Holmes Tonya Holmes

    My fur baby dog is solid black. With hardwoods, tile and area rugs, sweeping and vacuuming never seems enough. Just when I think it’s clean, a ball size of fur shows up out of nowhere. And don’t get me started on shedding season! ~sigh~

  264. Image for ruby ruby

    four rescue cats that make me laugh out loud every day!! This CORDLESS vac sounds like an answer to a prayer! thanks for all the fun!

  265. Image for Carolsue Carolsue

    My biggest challenge is trying to not always have balls of pet hair floating all over my house! I have two persian cats and a miniature collie -- all of whom shed like crazy! This would be so great to own!

  266. Image for kelly tupick kelly tupick

    My biggest challenge is pet hair on the carpets, floor and bedding. I have a husky and brush him daily when he is blowing his coat but the loose hair is just everywhere!

  267. Image for Jessica Walker Jessica Walker

    My biggest challenge is never getting it all. I can sweep and vaccuum the entire house and still somehow miss some.

  268. Image for Lisa Logan McCain Lisa Logan McCain

    I have a beautiful Aussie mix that sheds terribly. She sleeps on the couch. I vacuum it everyday. I would love a new vacuum.Lisa

  269. Image for Karen Ploransky Karen Ploransky

    My beautiful girl, Piper, is part shepherd! This dog literally fills garbage cans with hair during shedding season! I often think I could make a whole other dog with what I brush out of her. And the mess of hair left all over the house????? It's EVERYWHERE! This vacuum would be so much easier than dragging my heavy one all over the house!

  270. Image for Dolores Talarico Dolores Talarico

    My biggest pet hair challenge is my stairway! It floats down the hall, and right down the stairs! Please help!

  271. Image for Alicia Alicia

    I'd have to say that one of my biggest pet hair challenges is our couch! Our cats love to sit on the couch cushions and look outside.

  272. Image for Tara L Tara L

    I like a good vacuum that can take out any type of hair that is on me or my pets, I have three dogs and a cat and 2 potbelly pigs so shedding I can relate to with my clothes or the carpet and couches. It's quite a pain in the buttocks for sure. I struggle with it being on my clothes more so when I hold my dogs and the carpet and bed for sure. A mixture of almost everything.

  273. Image for Rebecca Burlingham Rebecca Burlingham

    My biggest challenge is the elderly dog who doesn't like to be brushed because it hurts her lumpy body. She has a double coat and molts, like a rabbit. So this time of year I always have swirling dog hair puppies in the high traffic corners.

  274. Image for Peg Peg

    This. Is. Amazing. Just like you!!!!!!! p.s. I love to vacuum. I think I have a million miles on mine!! My husband once said I'd vacuum the beach if I could!!

  275. Image for Angelica Angelica

    My biggest challenge is definitely pet hair ALL over my clothes, even when they're freshly out of the dryer. It is everywhere!! I have a challenge with pet hair in every corner of my house, which bugs me, but the clothes are the worst because I'm going out in public covered in their hair. Ugh!

  276. Image for Steve Weber Steve Weber

    I have a short haired chihuhua pug and all wood floors - guess what my biggest pet hair problem is? that's right... it's everywhere!

  277. Image for Lauren Hecker Lauren Hecker

    I have a problem with my black cats' hair getting everywhere. Just the fact that I have to vaccuum everyday, it's non stop!

  278. Image for Beth Beth

    This system sounds amazing! My biggest challenge is my bed...our dog loves to nap on our bed..and sleep with us! I am constantly using lint roller on comforter and sheets!

  279. Image for Lindsay A. Lindsay A.

    My biggest challenge with pet hair? The fact that it never stops, lol! I’m impressed with the HOOVER ONEPWR Evolve Cordless Power Vacuum, love that it’s cordless without sacrificing power & suction!

  280. Image for Stephanie Crane Stephanie Crane

    My biggest challenge is that I am allergic to cats! I didn't figure that out until years after adopting my cat, Chloe, so there is no way I can let her live with someone else! I try to vacuum and keep her hair off the blankets and furniture, but it is difficult. This would be great!

  281. Image for Crystal F Crystal F

    My biggest problem is just keeping up with it. We have 2 dogs so there is not end in sight to dog hair being all over the floor or the furniture.

  282. Image for Lynnette Beery Lynnette Beery

    I have little black hairs all over furniture. You don’t see it like long hair until you sit down with that white shirt or pants!

  283. Image for Debra Branigan Debra Branigan

    My biggest problem is how it gets under furniture and in the indentations between the carpet and wall.

  284. Image for Lori Lori

    My friend has four dogs and they commute to a park across town. The Onepwr Dust Chaser Cordless Hand VAC would be perfect for her station wagon.

  285. Image for Sharon Clark Sharon Clark

    The biggest problem is discovering that I have hair all over my clothes when I finally get to the office.

  286. Image for Laraine Galloway Laraine Galloway

    My Border Collie has a beautiful coat but her hair transfers to everything. Like a magnet. I have to vacuum every other day! A cordless vacuum would be a game changer!

  287. Image for Jean Holland Jean Holland

    We have a border collie and an Aussie along with an indoor cat. Seriously need this pet vacuum cleaner. Thanks for the information.

  288. Image for Dana Scott Dana Scott

    We have 3 cats and 2 dogs and gray carpet on our stairs. I swear those stairs collect all of the hair and create massive pet hair tumbleweeds and it’s just disgusting lol! I’m constantly cleaning

  289. Image for M. L M. L

    My biggest challenge? I wasn't thinking...I saw a white fabric sofa (first mistake...buying white furniture) with a nubby fabric I liked and bought it. It only stayed white for a week. My cats (a black cat, orange and white tabby, and grey itty bitty kitty kitty) hair gets sucked into the cushions because of the weave of the fabric. I need a sofa strong enough to suck the hair out!

  290. Image for Kimberly O'Donoghue Kimberly O'Donoghue

    My biggest obstacle with pet hair is my upstairs and lugging the central vac hose up there our little Frenchie sleeps on our beds and we have those rollers in every room for combatting the hair before we make beds. Having a lightweight powerful vacuum like that would be wonderful! Your daughter is adorable and impressed that she helps clean! Thanks for a giveaway I hope I win

  291. Image for Sarah L Sarah L

    I have 2 long haired cats. Cats go where they want. Hair goes where they go. This vacuum would be great! Thanks for the contest.

  292. Image for Louis A Davila Louis A Davila

    We have three dogs The Lab sheds a ton... we’ve never experienced anything like it! Lots of vacuuming but ultimately it’s something you just have to shrug and live with.

  293. Image for Jay French Jay French

    We've had dogs that didn't shed (much), but just got a new rescue that seems to be a shedder.. We're using a lint roller on the furniture so far, but will need to roll out bigger and better tools soon.

  294. Image for Marie C Marie C

    With 4 cats the fur is constantly found everywhere! Usually I'll use a lint roller, but it gets full so quickly!

  295. Image for Docia Vagnerini Docia Vagnerini

    We have 2 heavy shedding dogs. The hair is a constant daily battle. Under furniture is especially an issue. Thanks for this opportunity to help with a hairy situation :-)

  296. Image for Olivia Parker Olivia Parker

    Long thick cat hair gets all over kitchen table daily. I clean it up a lot with dusters it comes back. Its a mess on furniture too. Biggest challenge is brushing them outside,

  297. Image for Vickie Vickie

    My darling cat is a beautiful but her cat fur everywhere no so much. Especially on our yellow dining room chairs. And, all over our lower kitchen cabinets, refrigerator even! Love her though

  298. Image for Cathy Truman Cathy Truman

    We have a long hair cat and our dog Bailey sheds alot and we have a bird with her feathers. I have to vacuum 3 times or more a day

  299. Image for Angela S. Angela S.

    My biggest challenge with pet hair is all of the corners and small crevices it wedges itself into. I've seen it in places that make you wonder how it got there.

  300. Image for Julie Ritter Julie Ritter

    Wow that's a lot of comments! Love your dog Buddy, and your house is beautiful!! Thanks for ALL the tips as I have a very hairy dog myself. Henry

  301. Image for Saimah Saimah

    My house is pet hair galore with most certainly not enough lint removers. I love my fur babies, but I also love the idea of a clean house!

  302. Image for Beverly Metcalf Beverly Metcalf

    It's almost impossible to get rid of all the cat hair from my long haired kitty. I would love to try with this vacuum, though. Thanks!

  303. Image for Amanda Whitley Amanda Whitley

    my biggest issue is it gets stuck to some surfaces like my welcome mat and my current vacuum cant pick it up.

  304. Image for Tamara Regan Tamara Regan

    Our home has 3 furry family members and they all have thick undercoats that cause them to shed year round. I have the hardest time keeping the cracks in the sectional couch clear of pet hair. Also, getting underneath the recliners is a super pain in the rump.

  305. Image for A. Cornell A. Cornell

    Still have issues with hair on tile and hardwood. But forget lint roller. Chom chom is awesome!!!!! Carpet and cushions it can't be beat.

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