Looking for a simple bedroom door makeover idea? Here’s one you can finish in a day and completely transform your door from blah to amazing.

bedroom door makeover before

These are the doors to our bedroom.

Just between us?

I’m not sure if they are two doors or just a door someone cut in half years ago after watching an episode of Trading Spaces.

I’ve always had an affinity for these doors.

They are a little crooked and a little hard to open and a little challenging to keep closed.

But they are trying.

Every day they wake up a try their hardest to be the very best door they can be.

I can relate.

I’ve wanted to give them a makeover for a while, especially after we updated the closet doors with molding, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. And then one day I saw something that gave me an idea.

And this simple bedroom door makeover was born.

bedroom door makeover ceiling medallion


This is what I saw.

It’s a ceiling medallion. They sell them at the home improvement store for about $20. They come in different sizes and shapes and patterns.

But if you squint?

They look like architectural door molding from the south of France.

Here’s how we used them to create a simple bedroom door makeover.

Simple Bedroom Door Makeover DIY


ceiling medallion




painter’s tape


wood filler

bedroom door makeover door handle

Step 1: Remove the old closet door handle

These are the old door handles we’ve had forever.

They go completely through the closet door and there’s one on each side.

I knew I didn’t want the hardware on the side anymore.

Instead, we were moving it to the middle for the bedroom door makeover.

bedroom door makeover patching a hole

bedroom door makeover Step 2: Fill with wood putty

Next, we filled the existing hole with wood putty.

One quick tip. It’s a good idea to put more wood putty than you need into the hole.

And overabundance of wood putty is a good thing.

Let it dry and sand it down to make it look like the hole was never even there.

bedroom door makeover medallion

Step 3: Glue medallion to door

We just used wood glue for this step in the bedroom door makeover.

We flipped the ceiling medallion over and put the glue on the raised parts of the medallion and press onto the door.

bedroom door makeover how to

We used painter’s tape to hold the medallion on the door until it dried.

Then we caulked around the edge of the medallion and painted the door and the medallion Repose Gray SW 7015.

After two coats of paint on the door, we drilled a hole and attached the hardware.

Here’s an angle with both of the medallions on the door.

The hardware came from another closet door in the house that we had leftover.

And now?

This bedroom door makeover went from this.



A ceiling medallion and a little paint.

Didn’t it make such a big difference?

Isn’t it an amazing before and after?

The doors kept me company this morning when I was eating breakfast.

I told them I saw how hard they had been trying all these years and I applauded their effort.


But now they could relax a little.

All it took was a little makeover.

And now?

They were ready for the runway. 🙂

PS I’ve put together a pinboard just for simple tips like this. You can see it here.

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  1. Image for Linda Linda

    Girl...you are AMAZING!!! This is so cute...and your writing cracks me up! Love the updated doors. But more importantly, I have to tell you, I tried your trick with the saggy, baggy couch cushions and IT TOTALLY WORKED!!!!!! I love my couch again! No more saggy cushions! I did a happy dance and whooped and hollered for everyone to come admire the couch. No one was quite as excited as me, but no matter - it made my day...my week....my month....my year! HA! Well....the year hasn't been going so great so it's the little things, right?!?!? Thanks for the information! Love your blog! It's a fun read and the tips are AMAZING! Have a great day!

  2. Image for Beverly O Beverly O

    Girl! You need to put your hair in a bun, hold a long pretzel in your hand, pour some fizzy sparkling water in a stemware glass, and pretend you are Audrey Hepburn! Looks like a posh hotel room entry now!

  3. Image for Rosie Rosie

    You are amazing! I enjoy reading your blog ! Even the funny things you write adds levity to my day ! So grateful I stumbled upon Thistlewood Farms!!! ❤️

  4. Image for Mary Mary

    You could cut a bigger medallion in half and put each half on the doors to meet when closed. Your great makeover inspires more ideas. Thank you!

  5. Image for Mary S Mary S

    Who wudda thunk that??? It looks great. And you know what??? You could change the pulls to some of those crystal knobs for a little bling. Hmmmm????

  6. Image for Mary S Mary S

    By the way... I use those ceiling medallions in all my rooms where I have a ceiling fixture. I really, really like them. On a flat door.. that 's a new idea that looks great.

  7. Image for Beverly Beverly

    Looks great. fyi - There is something you can do to fix the uneven doors. I only know this because there happened to be a builder in our house years ago that noticed the exact thing on a set of our doors. All I know is that he opened the doors and did something to the hinge with a screwdriver. Unfortunately I don't know what he did, but maybe this is enough information for you to google and find the solution. Whatever he did, only took him a minute. Maybe he loosened a screw? Sorry, but maybe it will help.♥

  8. Image for Donna Donna

    Gorgeous! The doors look elegant and very classy. I wish I had just a bit of your amazing talent. Keep up the good work and keep sending us your updates and photos. I love it!

  9. Image for Lalia Perry Lalia Perry

    Karianne, I love your blog and it is the first one I read every day. I would love to join your Mastermind Community but I don't have a blog. Would you consider a training on how to start a blog. I have wanted to do this but don't know how.

  10. Image for Rev. Suzanne Taylor Rev. Suzanne Taylor

    SCORE!!! It's another great hit right over the fence. Now the doors look classy enough to fit in your home with pride. Good job, KariAnne!

  11. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    You are never cease to amaze me!!! You can even the doors by loosing the hinges on the doors by using a screwdriver on them (the bottom or the top ones.) Just try until you get them level with your level. You can surprise yourself how easy it is!!!

  12. Image for Debbie E Debbie E

    Wow ! Your are right! They look amazing! What a simple and inexpensive way to change it up. Seriously, went from drab - ho-hum to a beautiful decorator touch!

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