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 Hello rock star.

If you are visiting from White Buffalo Styling Company on the favorite room home tour….my kitchen and I are happy you are here. ūüôā

When we first bought the farmhouse….the kitchen looked absolutely nothing like the picture above. ¬†There were no moldings or khaki walls or faux transom windows or white cabinets…..and the antique pine flooring was buried under four layers of indoor/outdoor carpet and linoleum.

The before needed a makeover.

Like yesterday.

thistlewood kitchen

It’s like the kitchen had a really bad haircut and over-sized glasses along with an awkward sweater and equally awkward jeans…..with an armload of math books to study on Friday night. ¬†And then one day she was tutoring the star football player in algebra and he looked into her glasses (technically he looked beyond her eyewear)…..

….and saw her.

Just her.  

You know….he saw inside her heart where she was really beautiful and he knew that she was someone special and asked her to homecoming. ¬†And then her best friend (who just happened to be going to beauty school) cut her hair and put a mud mask on her face and cucumbers on her eyes and completely re-did her make-up and helped her pick out the perfect homecoming dress.

And when the football player arrived to take her to the dance….

….he took one look and fell in love.

Because truly…..she had always been beautiful.

It just took a special person to realize it.

Don’t you just love a happily ever after?


Here’s the awkward sweater and jeans phase.

The before.

(total aside: ¬†technically this is not really a before….it’s more of an in-between. ¬†Details….details).

It looked like this…..

best wall to remove wallpaper diy

……and this.

thistlewood kitchen

And here’s the same space and angle after.

Isn’t it amazing what a difference six months and a lot of elbow grease makes?


One of the most important changes we made to the space was to add architectural detail.

Because the farmhouse was….well….a farmhouse.

You know….as in built for farming.

So when we remodeled the kitchen we wanted a space full of character and personality. ¬†I think that’s why it’s my favorite room (well…..that and the million games of monopoly we have played at that kitchen table). ¬†The kitchen is the perfect example of adding so much to a space with just a little money and a lot of imagination.

So here’s a list of five of my favorite kitchen projects to add architectural detail to your home.

Drum roll please.


How to Add Doorway Molding 

How To Make Faux Transom Windos

How to Add a Faux Transom Window


DIY Transom/How to Create Transom Windows From Old Windows


Built-in Plate Rack


Turn a Bookshelf Into a Hutch

Kitchen Island Large Picture

Painted Kitchen Island With Date House Was Built

And one more project for the road.

It’s not exactly molding….

….but it’s almost as good as the perfect homecoming dress. ūüôā

PS  May your day today be full of happily ever afters and room tours.

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  1. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    *sigh* I just love a romance with a happy ending -- I guess in order to be a romance it HAS to have a happy ending. I can't believe you accomplished what did in just that amount of time -- and kept your sanity -- and kept your sense of humor-- and kept your family intact!! That says a lot for the strength and love in your household. A beautiful house for beautiful on the inside and outside people. Big Hugs!!

  2. Image for Jemma Jemma

    She is one fortunate farmhouse to have you ! This transformation is amazing and delightful- I will be coming back to ooh and aww more! Have a wonderful Monday, Jemma

  3. Image for Nan, Odessa, DE Nan, Odessa, DE

    Where can I buy the cranberry recipe board? Or other such signs? Not as crafty as you are. Love your kitchen!

  4. Image for Andrea Andrea

    Crushing on the transom window! Looks like the movie kitchens in "Practical Magic" or "Something's Gotta Give".

  5. Image for Kris Kris

    I used your kitchen for inspiration for my own kitchen reno last year. LOVE your awkward girl/beautiful swan analogy! Especially since I had oversized glasses, bad hair, bad jeans, back in the day ... ha!

  6. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    You know I love a good romance story with my coffee! Love your kitchen...I can see why it is your favorite! ;)

  7. Image for Mary Crozier Mary Crozier

    I'm addicted to Before and After photos! Thanks for sharing. Would you be able to tell me where you purchased your chandeliers? I am remodeling a house and just love this look.

  8. Image for Lindsay Lindsay

    Karianne, I feel like I want to start every comment on your blog with, "I LOVE YOU." Haha! You are just too cute and I love how you wrote this post and of course, I love that kitchen! I've always loved that plate rack with the recipe on it!

  9. Image for Patty Patty

    I LOVE your house but your kitchen is my favorite. I already showed that plate rack to my husband and when we finish upstairs this will be added to my dining room. Tell me please that you kept that old stove because I love that too.

  10. Image for Jennifer W Jennifer W

    KariAnne, every time I see a photo of your kitchen it takes my breath away! I wonder if my husband would have a coronary if I painted our cherry cabinetry? ;)

  11. Image for Peggy Peggy

    OH dear I swoon every single time I see your lovely home. We are slowly, and I mean slowly getting there. I figure this little "cottage" has good bones so we are just taking our sweet time and enjoying the process as we go. Have a lovely week!

  12. Image for Carla Carla

    Love the molding instructions. We just bought a farmy - looking house that can use some help! I am excitedly reading your ideas! Thanks!

  13. Image for martha bunch martha bunch

    Must. know. where I can buy a rustic fleur de lis piece like the one on your mantle! Everything you show is so very wonderful, but this one piece is what my wall NEEEEEEDS. Thanks so much!

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