Yesterday was on its way to quickly becoming a terrible, horrible no-good very bad day.

My favorite earrings were run over by the lawnmower.

Oreo’s were calling my first, last and middle name.

I accidentally spray painted my flip-flops.

And summer….with all its heat and humidity….

….finally decided to show up.


I wanted to go back to bed and pull the covers over my head and start all over.

Then a package from my sister showed up on the door step.  Inside was this necklace and a note.  “I love you,” it said.  “I’m so proud of how far you have come on your journey.  Let’s celebrate.”

And the necklace?  Do you know what it is?  Because that’s the best part of the whole story.

It’s a tiny thistle.

And I love you right back Nini. 🙂

free fonts

I have come to the conclusion that you can never have enough fonts.

Just when I think I have all I need…..I find more.

Handwritten fonts are my favorite (especially if they are free).

Like this fun collection from The Cottage Market.


I found this shrimp avocado salsa.

It looks better than any salsa I’ve seen.

Kind of like a guacamole that went to Mardi Gras.

If you like your salsa to live on the wild side you can find the recipe……here.


I met Edie at the Becoming conference last weekend.

I told her how amazing she was and how much I have always loved her office.

Just looking at this picture makes me happy.

To see the entire space… can click here.

Reloved Magazine

Remember the time that I took a bicycle wheel and made a calendar out of it?

Good times.

Thanks to Reloved for featuring it in the beautiful pages of your magazine.

All the way from England.

Reloved Magazine  Cover

It even made the cover.  🙂


And in totally random news this week:

Seriously?  Chocolate Legos?

Awesome gardening tip.

I’ve never seen a book like this before.

Perfect for a summer party.

What my kitchen wants to be when it grows up.

Happy random Saturday to you. 🙂

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  1. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Happy Saturday to you too!! Yes indeedy we live right above you and August decided to show up July and ratchet up the heat for both months. AWW!! I'm sorry about your earrings and flip flops but what a great sister. She must have sensed you'd need that little extra boost. Get some sweetened tea with lime and take it easy -- read a good book and just know you have hundreds of cheer leaders right beside you. Big Hugs,

  2. Image for lynda lynda

    Yup, that kind of day… I NEED some info on your magical "pick-me-up"gift from your sister ~ cause I want to be that sister for my sister and I have something special ~ just like your little thistle, to tuck inside of that wonderful necklace. Did she make it herself? The little vessel is PERFECT! ( where did she find/make it) Any help/info from you and your heart-felt sister would be appreciated!

  3. Image for Regina Merrick Regina Merrick

    Sisters are special friends, aren't they? :) I was able to spend time with mine last weekend, and now I miss her all over again! 3 hours away is TOO FAR! Love the magazine cover - and it's in ENGLAND? Too, too cool. My dream vacation is there, just waiting for me, and now they know about YOU? That makes them even cooler. My mind is a-flutter with all the neat items you listed. . . . But chocolate Legos? My Children's Librarian wopill be all over that for her Lego Club! LOLOL! Happy HOT Saturday, my friend!

  4. Image for Jill Jill

    Love the necklace from your sister. I love more that she was so thoughtful to tell you how proud she was of you and sent the perfect gift. I have a wonderful sister too and I am inspired to do something nice for her. The library is awesome library. It's so inviting. But I have to know. How did your favorite earrings get runover by the lawn mower? I originally read your post an hour ago and I had to come back to ask. Are your earrings salvageable? Did you lose other treasures? Please don't leave us hanging! Happy hot Saturday! We will remember it in January when it is so cold our eyes won't stop watering, our nose won't stop running and our earrings feel like icicles dangling in the wind.

  5. Image for Cindy Brown Cindy Brown

    I just want you to know how much pleasure you give me each and every day through your blogs! I so look forward to them. And what a sweet sister. I have a mentally challenged sister and a younger sister. I am close to my mentally challenged sister but although I have made many, many attempts throughout many years, my younger sister is just not interested in making a closer relationship. Although she lives only 45 mins away, I see her on holidays. I am looking forward to seeing her for a family birthday (for me) tomorrow. I know that she loves me but I miss what could be. So happy Fall is just around the corner, my most favorite time of year!!

  6. Image for Mimi Mimi

    I have no idea how you possibly find all those fun links, but I'm so glad you share them with us! That book is phenomenal! Yesterday must have been hot and miserable everywhere. Between the heat , humidity, and sweaty teenagers crowded in a room with faulty air conditioning, I was so grouchy I couldn't stand myself. Throw in a few unwelcomed hot flashes, and by the end of the day, I gladly accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge--I'll take two buckets please! I gladly gave the student who nominated me extra credit...for civic awareness, of course. ;-) Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Image for Janice Byrd Janice Byrd

    I checked out the site for "I've never seen a book like this before" and was reminded of my daughter's 5th grade English assignment. The class was studying poetry and the teacher asked everyone to collect poems and present them in a unique way. Becca made a Poetry Sandwich which looked like that book made with a cut-out foam bread cover and colored construction paper pages in the shapes of lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, etc. There was a poem on each page.

  8. Image for Laurel Stephens Laurel Stephens

    There's SO, much goodness to savor in this post, but I think my favorite is your sister's love and support lifting your spirits on your less than perfect day. Congratulations on your Reloved feature, too!

  9. Image for Mary Alice Isham Mary Alice Isham

    I-also have a turn of century farmhouse and live in Kentucky. Do you ever have open house tours would love to visit your house. My house is the same plan of HGTV dream house that was in Sonoma, C A. And I have trouble making those decisions of paint colors, do I stay true to original design or do I change and how much change. How do you do it???? What inspires your choices because in you posts, you seem effortless.

  10. Image for Mary from Virginia Mary from Virginia

    I think you are just so clever! Your sister is talented too! I love that gift, how cool is that? I really enjoy your writing, you need to give lessons, or maybe you have. I hope today isn't an oreo day. they call me too.

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