Hanging Shelf

Just in case you are wondering…..I’m not really cool or hip.

I try.

Really.  I do.

I mean….I wear red lipstick and sunglasses and amazing earrings and blinged out sweaters and cute flip-flops and colored jeans.

And I know colored jeans are in this year.  Kelly and Luke from 90210 told me so in that Old Navy commercial.


But somewhere between the colored jeans and the red lipstick….it all goes south.


Hanging Shelf Upstairs

It’s kind of like in high school when I decided to make an a-line pencil skirt…..except I thought I didn’t really need a pattern….so I just cut out a square of material and sewed it together.  And then when I put it on….I discovered that people used patterns for things like….oh…..waist bands….because I was just wearing a cylinder.

A cylinder without a waist.


And I wasn’t even fazed.

After all, aren’t waistbands overrated?

I just looped another strip of material around my waist…..tied a bow and called it a day.

And paired it with a lumberjack shirt.


Cool and hip?

Not so much.

I try really hard.

But then….I’m the one at the party wearing the lumberjack cylinder ensemble.


Maybe that’s why I love this hanging shelf project so much.

Because it’s cool and hip.

Colored jeans kind of hip.

And it’s not even wearing lipstick 🙂

Cool and Hip Hanging Shelf Project


Boards for Wooden Shelf

2 of these

4 eye hooks

1 ceiling hook

rope or twine

Boards For Project

Step 1:  Cut your boards

My shelf measures 17.5″ x 17.5″.

Each board is 1″ x 3″ (which really means 1″ x 2.5″).

Cut seven of your boards to 17.5 inches long (so each board measures 17.5″ x 2.5″)

Cut two 17.5″ more for the back for support.

Shelf Project


Step 2:  Nail together

Place your support board across the seven boards and nail together.

Repeat for both sides.


Step 3:  Attach eye holes

Screw an eye hole in to each of the four corners.

Until you have something that looks like this.

Side of Shelf

Step 4: Tie twine or rope to each of the eye holes

Thread twine through each of the eye holes and knot securely.

Hanging Shelf Project

Step 5: Tie off twine into a triangle

Take all four corners of the twine and make one giant knot.

Then knot a single piece of twine and attach securely to a ceiling hook.

Hanging Shelf

Here it is in all its glory.

My cool hip shelf…..

…..at least I thought it was cool.

Until the upstairs inhabitants promptly rolled their eyes and told me no one has a shelf
like that.

And could they have  a camouflage bean bag chair?


That’s the story of my life as a cool hip person…..

….I’m always just a waistband away 🙂


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  1. Image for Cindy Cindy

    I think it's hip and cool. Kids never appreciate a parent's style of decorating, at least until they get older. My daughter always said she didn't want to decorate like I do, but now that she's out of college - guess what? She's become a chip off the old block. Your shelf is great and looks like it's right out of a DIY magazine. Cindy

  2. Image for Laura Laura

    I love starting my day off with your blog. I can just picture you in that outfit. I would love to make this shelf, but the only things I have to cut with are scissors and a butcher knife. Now, although I have been known to saw off the bottom limbs of a Christmas tree with a butcher knife (don't worry, my then four year old child wasn't injured when the fully decorated tree fell over. She didn't even notice, because she was so engrossed with watching something totally inappropriate on TV) something tells me I don't have enough years left in my life to make a shelf this way. I guess I will just love yours vicariously. I might however, be able to stuff some camouflage material with beans, Hugs, Laura

  3. Image for Vee Vee

    You can not fool me. You are so, too, cool and hip! What a great idea for a boy's room. Bet your boys think you're pretty cool and hip.

  4. Image for Beverly Beverly

    Well, they are still honing their taste. Which clearly was lacking when they rolled their eyes at this very cool, very hip shelf. Don't worry, one of these days they will get it. And, they already think their mom is very cool and very hip - which is a documented fact.♥

  5. Image for Leen Leen

    I think you are the coolest :) except for the lumberjack shirt....not too sure about that :) I think I will add this fun project to my middle little persons room remodel. He will love it. I will not be making one for the smallest little person, he would use it as a swing! Oh and since you mentioned 90210, I feel the need to tell you that my friend and neighbor played Samantha Sanders (Steve's mom) https://90210.wikia.com/wiki/Samantha_Sanders Have a great day :) Leen

  6. Image for Upscale Downhome Upscale Downhome

    My "little people" ie--teenagers never get my projects either! It's always, "What are you doing?" said in the most amazed voice like I am a complete alien. Your shelf is cool but I'm dying to see the top and how you hung it! I've thought about colored jeans but don't have any...

  7. Image for Anne Anne

    I like that red wardrobe! and the alarm clock - SHINY THING!!! My attention span is not what it used to be... particularly following that twitter chat last night. Sigh, love your shelf idea. Have a happy weekend lovely girl! ps what colour and kind of paint is on that wardrobe?

  8. Image for Lynn @thevintagenest Lynn @thevintagenest

    cylinder skirt!!!! LOL.....LOL ... I nearly fell off the sofa laughing so hard.......just like Carrie Ann did on Dancing with the Stars this week. I did a shelf like that once, a zillion years ago, when we were first married. A rope shelf. It was black with three shelves. Must remember that one for when I get my beach house. :) Have a fabulous weekend xoxo

  9. Image for cassie cassie

    that is fabulous! i love the red cabinet- how have i never seen it before? love it! and i think you are cool. i am not cool and my husband who works with cool people, laughs at me all the time in my odd un cool-ness. i think he likes me because i am not cool like the people he works with.

  10. Image for tinam61 tinam61

    You are trying too hard - and cool and hip is way overrated. I'd much rather be unique!! Forget the colored jeans and whatever else and just be you! Great project - love that room. tina

  11. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Well, your first mistake was in asking your children! Obviously we think it's cool!! Think about it....lumberjack shirt, red lipstick and blingy earrings...!! No? Well I've never been cool either...ask my children! ;)

  12. Image for Traci Traci

    Oh I think you are hip and cool! But who am I to say? I'm the girl in HS who didn't have pegged jeans so hand sewed my jeans to be pegged at the bottom which looked ridiculous because all the extra material inside just bulged out.... Very creative idea with the shelf!! You read my hip and cool post so you know I try too! LOL Haven't been brave enough to try the colored jeans yet so you are definitely ahead of me! LOL Have a great day!! Traci

  13. Image for Andrea Andrea

    your cylinder skirt sounds about as cool as my highschool sewing project: purple taffeta balloon skirt circa 88. Glorious, I tell ya! Love the shelf, and ps, it's against kid law to proclaim your parents cool.

  14. Image for Regina Regina

    I remember when I was a teenager, I just wanted my family to be NORMAL. What was I THINKING? ;) Love the shelf idea - much moreso than the idea of a camo beanbag, I must say! But the red wardrobe? Oh. My. Goodness. I'm a sucker for both red AND wardrobes!! You will note that your blog gets put a little earlier in my day, every day? :) Have a great one! I'll try not to think about the cylinder skirt and lumberjack plaid . . . . LOL

  15. Image for Sharon Sharon

    That is a very cool shelf!! Isn't it a wonder we all survived the teenage years?! Love that Red Storage unit beside your shelf!! Any tutorial for that to go with your gravity-defying shelf?

  16. Image for Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    I have been dreaming of making a shelf like this - but I thought I 'd have to drill holes and crate some nautical Popeye style knot so needless to say, it never happened! Eye Holes!! Genius - where have you been all my life?! Oh and by the way, haven't you heard that it's hip to be square K

  17. Image for Jo Jo

    I think you are plenty cool. This shelf is great. You could put it up higher and attach another one under the first one, screwing eye hooks in the bottom of the top one and attaching the rope using those hooks. Very clever idea!

  18. Image for Lonna Lonna

    I am behind on reading e-mail so I read several of your blogs today. You make me smile! Your unique point of view of life is refreshing and entertaining, You would be a fun friend to have!

  19. Image for david david

    Tell the kids they already have a camouflage beanbag chair - they just can't see it because it's......camouflaged! Have them roam the house randomly throwing themselves to the ground to see if there is anything there.

  20. Image for Carolynn "Chenille Cottage" Carolynn "Chenille Cottage"

    Hi cute Karianne! Oh...I loved your narrative...Your tubular skirt story...and, your very hip and cool shelf! How I delight in rooms that have splashes of RED...my very favorite color in the whole world. As I have gotten older, I must confess....that my idea of being cool is deciding what I wear based on what doesn't itch! Have a happy day, my sweet friend, Blessings across the miles, Carolynn xo

  21. Image for Sarah@20 State Sarah@20 State

    It's awesome! (that is my sad over 30 version of a cool word btw) Camo bean bags are soooo over, right up there with technicolour t-shirts and awkward hand prints...love David's comment! If the kidlets don't want that awesome rug peeking out of the piccie, send her my way!

  22. Image for Betsy(@coastal-colors) Betsy(@coastal-colors)

    Another amazing idea! Love the shelf! Love always put a smile on my face; you're so witty! Happy Weekend!

  23. Image for Becca Becca

    Hip and cool, indeed! Love it! I would never have thought to do that ... hmmm ... I'm looking around to see where I could put one! Thanks for the fabulous idea!

  24. Image for Sheila @sZinteriors Sheila @sZinteriors

    I actually think your shelf is cool and hip... Just wait 'til the friends see it - it'll be cool and hip in no time, because... No-one has a shelf like that (apparently), and they'll want one, too! You'll be the coolest, hippest mom on the planet!

  25. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Another cute and clever project!!...You are the hippest!!!...gotta go and put on my hot pink jeans!!...

  26. Image for Peggy Peggy

    So how is the hanging shelf being received now? Can you tell I'm a little behind? I personally think it is great!! Well I had better be moving... only 3 more posts to read and I'm caught up!! Toodles! (are you sure you don't work as a designer/styler for one of the magazines? because you have talent!)

  27. Image for tara tara

    love it. what a cool project. where in the world do you get these ideas? i say you're definitely cool and hip. :)) lets keep saying it until we convince ourselves, okay?

  28. Image for Sandra @Beneath this Roof, Within these Walls Sandra @Beneath this Roof, Within these Walls

    I think it is way cool and hip! I think I will make one. I am cool and hip, too, so that should reassure you. Although I likely should mention that my main focus right now is wondering where one buys a lumberjack shirt. No cylinder skirt, thanks, as my cylinder has become more of a barrel. But a lumberjack shirt, definitely.

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