Did you know that I love questions?

Like what are my favorite light fixtures and where do I get my rugs from and how did I fix my sagging couch cushion and what color is this hutch?

There’s nothing better than a really good question to make my face smile and make my heart grin.


Except a really, really, really good answer.

And an super, incredible, over-the-top, awesome, amazing, can’t-believe-it’s-even-true  EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT.


But not by myself.

I’m writing a book with my friend Melissa from The Inspired Room (who—total aside—just had two of her rugs win in the Dash and Albert rug competition and I’m so all about her that I love to drop her name in conversation whenever possible).

And here’s the thing.  The book I’m writing with Melissa isn’t just any book.  It’s a book of 101 Decorating Questions and Answers.

All decorating questions all the time.

I know, right?

The only thing better than a decorating question is a decorating answer.

But here’s where you come in—here’s where I need your help.

I only want to answer the questions that you want answered.

The ones that are helpful.

The ones that find a solution.

The ones that will decorate your house and style your home and help you pick out the best polka dotted pillow on the planet.

And I figured—the only way to find the best questions is to ask you.  So I thought I’d ask for your help.  If you have a moment, could you fill out the form below and ask any home decor question you need help with.

And then?

Melissa and I will pick 101 questions for the book.

I can’t wait to see what you ask.

PS  I’m getting a head start.  I already have an answer for you.  If you ask the question what’s the best thing to make with coffee filters—you can see the answer here.

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  1. Image for Rebecca Rebecca

    In your dining room, you have the most beautiful gold smocked curtains I have ever seen! Please tell me where you get those and what material they are. Also, have you considered selling items like those you show in your displays? I would love that!

    1. Image for Julie Briones Julie Briones

      Rebecca, I'm sure KariAnne will reply to you... but, since I actually *know* the answer to this... https://paintedfoxhome.com/?s=burlap+curtains&post_type=product

  2. Image for Peg Peg

    This is wonderful news - congratulations! I follow and simply adore Melissa!! What a "dynamic duo" you two will be!!! xoxo

  3. Image for Laura Laura

    Beyond being my favorite Blog you are such a wonderful human being. Your sweet soul is evident to everyone. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us! I look forward to your new book! Many Blessings!

  4. Image for Angela Beam Angela Beam

    How fun! There's no stopping you now! 😁😁😁 I look forward to the new book with Melissa! Do you have a projected completion date? I'm trying to not be impatient already, LOL! 😊

  5. Image for Lynn Lynn

    Congrats! How exciting! I do have a question, now that you brought it up, what color is that hutch?? Its perfect!!! and, I, need to know! Thank you!!

  6. Image for Debbie V. Debbie V.

    Your writing style is so refreshing, KariAnne👋Like a breath of sunshine in thought, word & deed. Wish I could "start over" in my decor scheme....I'd try for the totally neutral scheme. Can't imagine how you do it with 4 children?!? Although I see that pretty much, your family helps out a lot with your endeavors. God bless you and your new venture into writing books! Can't wait for the 1st one and now a 2nd! Much love in all you do😍

  7. Image for Lynne Lynne

    Congratulations! You are amazing!! I have two questions: Where do you begin when decorating a room? How do you ensure your rooms will flow?

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