Master Bedroom Chair

I spent this last weekend speaking at a blogging conference called Haven.

It was a weekend full of laughs and catching up with old friends and wearing red lipstick and tromping through the halls and dancing on my tiptoes….

….and accidentally walking around with a band-aid in my hair.

But that is a story for another day.

Today we are talking about this chair and voting for our favorite and I’m giving away $100 Amazon gift card to one of you.

Just because I woke up and the sun was shining…..

…..and it’s a wonderful day to be alive.

Front Entry Chair

This is the chair that I sat on when I gave my speech on how to connect with brands.

It’s from La-Z-Boy and it’s called Nolita.

It comes in 900 different fabrics to choose from and it has tiny tufted buttons going across the and to surprise me, La-Z-Boy picked one of my favorite colors and fabrics and had it delivered to the room where I was speaking.

And because they know me, they went with a neutral.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Tufted Chair

My first talk was on Friday.  And when I approached the conference area and opened the door to the room where I was going to speak, there were people everywhere.

Sitting on chairs.

Sitting on the floor.

Sitting in the back against the wall.

It was all a little overwhelming.  And as I entered the room and put one amazing flat glittery sandaled foot in front of the other and walked up the center aisle….

… heart started pounding.

And my palms started sweating.

And I alternated between convulsively gripping my speech packet and tugging at my earrings.

I resisted the urge to turn back around and walk back out the door or sit down in the audience and act like I was there to hear someone else speak.

Master Bedroom Table

And then I saw my chair.

There it sat.

Like a beacon in the midst of an overwhelming storm it sat up there at the front all neutral and tufted and quietly calling my name.

I calmly walked to the front and promptly plopped down in it.

If I’m being honest….the plop was a little awkward.  The chair was a little lower then I expected and my papers flew out of my hand and my name tag got caught on the side of the chair.  But those small details are completely irrelevant.

Because now….my chair and I were ready.

Master Bedroom Pillow

And I stood up in front of all those people with my big earrings and my red lipstick and my super cute extra flat glittery sandals….

….and began to speak.

And it was amazing.

All the nervousness fell away and it was like we were all sitting around drinking coffee on my back porch and laughing.

And we talked about brands.

And how to connect with sponsors.

And blogging.

And making money from blogging.

And lampshade parties.

Family Room Chair

And when it was over and I stood there in that almost empty conference room basking in the joy of it all, my contact from La-Z-Boy whispered something to me that made my heart sing and my toes dance and my blonde hair curl up a little more.

She told me I could take the chair home.


The chair?  It could come home with me?

I probably should have played it cool.

I probably should have called down to the front desk and asked for help.  Or waited until later.  Or asked the room staff for assistance.

But I didn’t.

Master Bedroom Chair

I pushed that glorious, wonderful, amazing chair right out of the room.

Right then and there.

I pushed it out of the conference room.

I pushed it down the hallway.

I pushed it into the elevator and up to my room and closed the door.

And then I plopped right down in the center of it and told it how amazing it was and what a great pair we made and that if we ever spoke together again, I’d let it borrow my earrings.

Because even chairs need a little extra confidence sometimes. 🙂

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    1. Image for Tricia Nowicki Tricia Nowicki

      I would place the chair in my bathroom or my front entry way. I could also use a new desk chair. Oh the possibilities are endless.

    2. Image for Tricia Tricia

      I might put the chair in my bathroom. Maybe the front entry. I could also use a new desk chair. Oh, the possibilities are endless.

  1. Image for Vicki Vicki

    Most assuredly in front of the desk!!!!! Can't wait to hear about the Band-Aid!! I can't get the poll thingy to work! LOL

  2. Image for Krystle Krystle

    This chair would be perfect in my front room near the fireplace. It will be a great way to get cozy next to a warm fire in the fall and winter, I can't wait!!

  3. Image for Karen Karen

    In the bedroom (next to the window) seems like such a lovely place to sit and relax with a view for inspiration! Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Image for Amy Amy

    I definitely like the chair in front of the window in the bedroom. What a lovely ladylike spot to get ready in the morning while looking out the window.

  5. Image for Cindy Cindy

    First off I Love this chair!!! I would want two to put in my living room we are remodeling. It has a huge window that i would sit them in front of!

    1. Image for Julie Julie

      Love love love this chair in the front entry by the stairs! So cute and important looking! What a perfect sight to greet you each day!

  6. Image for Kim Kim

    My favorite spot is by the bedroom window. Can just imagine looking out the window onto a beautiful, sunny day while sitting in that cushy chair.

  7. Image for Julie Julie

    Hi Karianne! I have been following your blog for a while. I have enjoyed it so much. I love all of the same colors and some vintage too. Your stories are so fun to read:) Keep up the good work! I loved that live video of your dining room the other day. I don't know how to find more. I don't have a smartphone. Can I find it on a laptop? Anyway, I like the chair in the bedroom. I think the scale works the best in there, in my humble opinion. Julie

  8. Image for Jackie Cooney Jackie Cooney

    My vote is in the bedroom! I love the chair with the desk sitting in front of those windows!!! Could not get into the voting Rafflecoper.

  9. Image for Terry Terry

    Really? We have to pick which room? I think it looks amazing in all the spaces and isn't it wonderful to have a piece of furniture that you can move around and it looks good in every space you put it...just like your extra flat sandals and your long earrings!

  10. Image for Diane Diane

    For sure in the bedroom,sun shining in,reading a good book. I live in Atlanta and wish I could have been able to sneak into Haven and see all the people whose blogs I read.

  11. Image for sydney85 sydney85

    The gorgeous chair could go in all three spots but my favorite is the bedroom. It is a perfect fit for your desk.

  12. Image for Becky Becky

    In the front entry for sure. First impressions are so important... and this chair, placed by the front entry, does a fantastic job of welcoming friends and family right away. Looks lovely and inviting.

  13. Image for Charlotte Charlotte

    The living room in front of the chalkboard! I love that railroad sign and the wire subway map! I want one for my house.

  14. Image for Kim Kim

    I would put that chair in the front entry next to the stairs. It looks great there and would be a good place for people to sit while putting on and taking off their shoes. Plus I'm terrified of public speaking, so leaving the chair by the front door where I would see it every time I came home would remind me that I spoke to a large group of people without throwing up or fainting, and that I can do hard things.

  15. Image for Pat Pat

    It's an amazing chair! I love the color of the fabric and it's overall style. It looks great in all three places you shared with us, but I really think it looks extra special in the bedroom. ♥

  16. Image for Tammy Tomberlin Tammy Tomberlin

    I love the little confidence-building chair. It should live in the bedroom. The place you sit everyday before you start your day. Perfect!!! XO

  17. Image for Danielle Danielle

    No question, hands down, I would leave the chair by the desk in front of the window. You have the natural light, view and beautiful work area to now do all of your blogging and designs. Love how the chair cordinates with the desk but doesn't come off as matchy matchy. Love it!!! Only other question is where did you get the 1 2 3 pillow - need to know, where is it from?!?!

  18. Image for Kari Cox Kari Cox

    I loooove it in front of the stairs! And I wish I could have been at the conference to applaud wildly for you and your chair! :)

  19. Image for Judy Judy

    It fits perfectly in all three places, but my favorite spot would be in the bedroom. Love your stories and look forward to your positive messages each time.

  20. Image for Fran heupel Fran heupel

    I love the chair and how versatile it is. I would love it in the bedroom where I can sit and read a great book

  21. Image for Teresa Emrich Teresa Emrich

    Would have loved to hear your inspirational speech at the Haven. And what a wonderful gift to receive! My choice of location (although the chair is so versatile) is your bedroom by the desk. It will give you comfort, as you continue to write your inspirational messages to all of us. Thanks for the opportunity to respond. God bless you and yours.

  22. Image for Bob C Bob C

    I tried to post to win, 4 times, but the link did not work for me. Too bad. The chair would have looked great in my bedroom in front of the sliders to my deck.

  23. Image for Jenni Farnes Jenni Farnes

    i love it right smack dab in the middle of your it can greet every single person who comes to your house and through your door, so it can shine a little on its own without too much competition, where you have to pass it and then thinking on that a moment sit right down in it and contemplate, where you can dress it for holidays or seasons and where it, bless its little heart, can sit so perfectly content while everyone comes and goes and hopes that someone will sit down in it and just enjoy a perfect moment.

  24. Image for Victoria Victoria

    It would be perfect next to a secretary desk in either an entryway or dining room. (I would also have a tube of Cherries in The Snow inside the desk.)

  25. Image for elaine elaine

    I vote for the bedroom since you have established such a close personal bond. If you let something borrow your earings it deserves a special place and to be used every day. Glad you had a great time at Haven, hugs ELaine

  26. Image for Brakefield, Donna Brakefield, Donna

    The entry is a great choice because the chair bridges the gap between the wall and column and because it is an awesome welcome for Guests! Love your humor...why don't you submit to a publisher?

  27. Image for Michelle B Michelle B

    I think the chair looks happiest in the bedroom where it basks in the beautiful light :) Just found your blog recently and it is the one I look forward to reading the most! Its a wonderful blend of informative, creative and entertaining.

  28. Image for Karen Karen

    I love it in the bedroom. It looks perfect there! And you can sit on it every morning to put on your glittery shoes and red lipstick!

  29. Image for marla notz marla notz

    Love the chair!!! I would put it in your bedroom in front of the window. You know it is a great chair when you have so many options!

  30. Image for Kellie Peterson Kellie Peterson

    I love the chair & your enthusiasm for the chair makes me want to go to Lazy Boy today & check it out! I love it in the foyer. Perfect size. Really pops there. Love the posts!!!

  31. Image for Patricia Patricia

    Well, it IS the little black dress of chairs in that it can go anywhere, but I loved it in the bedroom next to the desk. Perfect home.

  32. Image for Alison Alison

    KariAnn, wish I could have heard your talk--what an exciting time!! The chair looks fantastic in all your locations, but my personal favorite is in the bedroom with the vanity!

  33. Image for Cynthia E Cynthia E

    I would love this in the library right by a bright window. I'd put a unconventional looking poof for my feet and cover up with a lovely throw on chilly nights. Rosamund Pilcher by my side.

  34. Image for Jamie Jamie

    Living room for sure! The wood legs match the box behind the couch and the gray gingham pillow compliments the chalkboard. So cute!

  35. Image for Becky Becky

    It looks beautiful in the bedroom. A beautiful place to sit and put those glittery shoes on. I love Lazy boy too. Their things really are quality made as well as beautiful. I can just see the smile on your face as you pushed the chair through the hotel. How cute.

  36. Image for lela lela

    Love that story and it's totally true. A familiar item can definitely ease nervousness. That's great that you got to keep it too. Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  37. Image for Kathryn Kathryn

    Decisions, decisions! In front of the stairs makes entering the house so inviting; however, maybe a little bit blocking? In front of the window? A nice, solitary spot to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. A great possibility! Or, by the chalkboard? Imagine the conversations and the fun crested by the chalkboard! But, since I cherish private moments, I'll choose the window spot. Enjoyed participating in and reading your blog.

  38. Image for Susie stucky Susie stucky

    I love it by the stairs! Looks right at home there. Doesn't quite match the living room couches. Thank you for your fun post! Susie

  39. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    Miz karianne......I think I'd like it best if it sat in MY living room right in front of MY computer desk! Yeah! Really, itd' be so awesome setting's a beautiful big desk with a hutch and everything and she's telling me how perfect she would look with a suh-weet neutral chair from Lazyboy setting ever so slightly off center and to one side of her. Sigh.... Oh, what is that? Which one of YOUR rooms do I like it best?.....hmmm, well....I think the entry is nice, but I believe the bedroom desk is calling dibs on it.... And I told you that you'd knock their socks off at Haven, didn't I?

  40. Image for Angie M Angie M

    The chair looks very natural and at peace in the bedroom. It makes a comfy and pretty place to sit and quietly reflect.

  41. Image for Nancy Mc Nancy Mc

    The chair looks best in the bedroom and, since it is your chair, will only be for you and you won't have to share it with anyone :)!

  42. Image for Mary Casper Mary Casper

    Another vote for the bedroom. It looks like it belongs there and in the living room, it don't stand out enough next to the couch. Also, congratulations on your public speaking victory. I would be nauseous for days if I had to do that, especially in a room full of my peers.

  43. Image for Beth Beard Beth Beard

    Wow it's gorgeous in every room, but I think my favorite is in the bedroom. I also want you to know how much I adore your blog! I really enjoy reading each and every post. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and life with us.

  44. Image for Christine Jackman Christine Jackman

    Bedroom definitely, just imagine….in after a long day and letting it all go ….unwind, relax, a great place to close the door and dream!

  45. Image for Stephanie Brown Stephanie Brown

    Love it all three places but I say pick Place you would enjoy most. In my case the foyer!:) do not have a chair there but where I stand guard waiting for company to come or teenagers to get home.:) so foyer is pick For me. Too pretty not to Use and enjoy!! It is you! And yes your chair.:)

  46. Image for Becky Becky

    I know that it would look BEST in front of MY window, but since it is in your house, I like it best in the living room. I am a pragmatist and believe it would be impractical or in the way in the other settings.

  47. Image for Lori S Lori S

    I think the chair looks great in the front entry. The numbered pillow that you have in the chair sets it off perfectly!

  48. Image for Janis Janis

    Your perfect chair works everywhere, but she should live in the entry welcoming all who enter and showing off her lovely legs! BTW - I love the pillow she is cuddling in the entry.

  49. Image for Chelsea Warzecha Chelsea Warzecha

    In front of the fireplace in our living room- I'm dreaming of winter as I sit here with our heat index of 107 today...

  50. Image for Gwynn Gwynn

    Definitely the front entry (in front of the stairs). It takes up an awkward space that is much needed! Love it!! And the chair!

  51. Image for Rosalina Rosalina

    Love the chair in the living room seems out of place in the other areas. I love your story. Took me back to being a little girl in grammar school. The teacher had called me up to give a report in front of the class. All I remember is freezing still, I could not remember or even speak. Was such a traumatic experience. I was a very shy child. Well praise God He's helped me to overcome this. Singing in our church choir and performing, dance, in front of an audience, I still get nervous but don't freeze up.

  52. Image for Debbie Debbie

    In the bedroom for sure! So it can share your morning when you put on your big earrings and red lipstick and sparkly super sandals! :) Love your blog. Thanks for the smiles.

  53. Image for Michelle Michelle

    The chair is so much beckons people to sit and stay awhile!! I love it by the's unexpected and at the same time, a perfect fit!

  54. Image for Amy K Amy K

    I love the shape of that chair and I think it looks grand in your bedroom! That color goes amazingly well with everything!

  55. Image for DeniseB DeniseB

    In the entranceway ... it's sitting there looking perfect, but not too anxious about who is walking in the door. And yet that chair is waiting in anticipation of someone walking in... so I can say, "oh, hello there... I just happened to be by the door when you came in!"

  56. Image for Patricia Patricia

    I love it in the front entry with the '1,2,3' pillow on it. I love numbers (I am an accountant so go figure..LOL) !! Thank You.. Loved the story.. I would have definitely done a 'Happy Dance' if they told me it was mine to keep.. :) I would love to start a blog but have no clue as to how to start. Maybe someday.. :)

  57. Image for Cherie Cherie

    You did an amazing job at the conference! Thank you for sharing with all of us! Love the chair in the bedroom with that pillow! Great marriage!

  58. Image for Mom4J Mom4J

    I like the entry, in front of the stairs. I really love how the numbers on the pillow play off of the legs on the chair. AND, who doesn't need a place to plop down and unbuckle those shiny flat sandals when you return home?

  59. Image for Kristen Kristen

    Front entry, but it is a wonderful testament to the power of both neutrals and a consistent color palate in your house that one chair could be so happy all over your house!

  60. Image for Karen Karen

    Your posts always make me smile, or giggle, and sometimes tear up. All of which are good things. Re-the chair: Love that neutral fabric. Looks so comfy. Definitely the bedroom. Blessings on your day!

  61. Image for Kelly C Kelly C

    I love it in the bedroom because it looks like a wonderful place to sit with a serious case of writer's block. K

  62. Image for Kristine Robinson Kristine Robinson

    This is a beautiful, and very versatile, chair. I think it looks terrific in all the shots, but especially in the bedroom, in front of the vanity/desk! I think possibly I feel that way because of all the wonderful natural light--and especially that pillow!! The pillow is just the best. :)

  63. Image for Corina M Corina M

    I think the Bedroom for sure! You could just sit there and look out the window and dream!! :) the chair is so pretty.

  64. Image for Beth Beth

    What a wonderful surprise! They all look great but my favorite is the front entry (in front of the stairs). It deserves the spotlight and the pillow you used is my absolute favorite! I also can't wait to hear the band-aid story!

  65. Image for Patsy kitts Patsy kitts

    What an amazing chair! Yesterday on Periscope you asked what made someone amazing. Well, your chair is amazing being itself! Love it front and center by the stairs. A place of honor!

  66. Image for Brook Brook

    I like the chair by the stairs, but she seems more at home by the desk. I love your blog Kari Anne, I look forward to your stories everyday. I only wish I could pull off red lipstick! :)

  67. Image for Ter'e Lyn Ter'e Lyn

    Oh gosh......hands down (or earrrings down)........the front entry. Let it be the big smile, the pizazz, as you enter your house. Seriously, you could sit, exhale, put down your purse, take off your shoes, and take a real deep breath before turning into Mommy Mode. I love the chair. excellent choice NOW, about those glittering sandals!!!!!!!

  68. Image for SuzyMcQ SuzyMcQ

    In the bedroom, of course, because you're a mom and you share everything, put it in your bedroom so it's yours...ALL YOURS!!!!!

  69. Image for mariah mariah

    THE CHAIR! I am sure it would be happiest in the bedroom in front of the window and would be a comfy spot for planning, contemplating and day dreaming.

  70. Image for Kay O'Hanlon Kay O'Hanlon

    I would place the chair in bedroom.....then as I tired of that spot I would move it about to another just right spot. Be careful, don't get your red lipstick on it!

  71. Image for KimberlyAnne KimberlyAnne

    I absolutely adore the "confidence chair" in the entry hall. It seems to be oozing friendship with a big red pillow smile. Have a great day!

  72. Image for Siouxzie Q Siouxzie Q

    This gorgeous chair is best showcased in the front entry. It becomes the star of the space and can give you a welcome-home-to-faboulousness wink whenever you (or all your jealous friends and neighbors) come in the door. It can also give you place to put on your glittery sandals before you head out the door to your next red-lipped, Band-Aid in-your-hair adventure!

  73. Image for Cheryl B Cheryl B

    She wants to be in the living room to enjoy time with the whole family. After a time though, she'll want to be in your bedroom in front of that desk enjoying the view and you can have her all to yourself.

  74. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    I think the chair has already spoken! Where did you first meet?? In a social setting!! The chair -- like you -- loves people and company. Just think of that poor lil chair all by its lonesome all day long in your bedroom. It likes being near the sofa. I can tell there was almost a glow. Your chair along with the sofa, is where everyone gathers, talks, giggles, dreams. The chair can keep an eye on whats going on and listen. Throughout the day you can go there and plop down and have a little heart to heart. It looks perfectly at home there. Yep! Near the sofa! Wish I could have been there to listen to what you had to say -- I have a LOT to learn.

  75. Image for Carol Griffin Carol Griffin

    Beautiful chair and looks very comfy! It looks perfect in your bedroom at your vanity! Love it there! Could not get into Rafflecopter.

  76. Image for renee renee

    I like it in your entry best. But I love and covet that pillow in the bedroom pic!!! I'm sure you did a great job speaking! I would love to hear you.

  77. Image for Missy Missy

    I can just see you at the end of the day, children all snug in their beds, all of the house tucked in and hubby snoring away as usual, as you plop down in your new chair, take off your earrings, and sigh that content sigh where you tell yourself; what is that on my foot! Oh, c---! So, I say, your bedroom.

  78. Image for Beverly Beverly

    Would loved to have seen you sitting in that chair speaking your words of wisdom in all your red lipstick-big earring finery! The chair is lovely in ever spot it lands but my favorite is holding court with the vanity in the bedroom {sigh} Now, about that bandaid???

  79. Image for Lynn Gaul Lynn Gaul

    Such a great chair with its simplicity and elegance! It compliments your bedroom and would be such a comfortable yet practical place to relax! Just lovely and looks like it was custom made for that setting!

  80. Image for barb barb

    Front Entry! I'm a Laz-E-Boy lover - have been for years. Seeing one sit in the front entry decorated with seasonal pillows is such a charming look or with a beautiful throw. :)

  81. Image for Lyssa Lyssa

    What a great chair! I love it in with the desk. Perfect scale and color for that room with the wonderful natural light streaming in.

  82. Image for Laura Laura

    I would use this chair in my bedroom or better yet, in front of the bay window in my dining room and daydream about the wonderful day ahead of me.

  83. Image for bj bj

    I like it in the bedroom best...with it being such a great design and color, it's wonderful that you can move it wherever you want. I would dearly love hearing you speak sometime.

  84. Image for Wendy Wendy

    It would look perfect in the bedroom. I almost think you need another one for a sweet sitting area in your room. I concur with the others and would like to hear about the band aid story:)

  85. Image for Mary Hammond Mary Hammond

    I love the chair! I think it deserves to sit in front of the window in the bedroom so it too, can enjoy some sunshine. It also looks so cozy and inviting - it's a "confidence builder" while applying your lipstick in the morning!

  86. Image for Rebecca M Rebecca M

    I would start it out in front of the vanity/desk with that glorious sunny window, THEN, a few months down the road, send it on a vacation! Let it tour your beautiful home! At Christmas it belongs in the foyer welcoming your friends and family! It's really too beautiful and comfy to keep in one place for too long! Lol.

  87. Image for ardith ardith

    I hope you had an absolutely amazing time at Haven. Certainly, the fabu chair was a huge bonus. I've been looking for such a chair for our guest room/my office. A version of yours might well be the ticket. Thank you for always being such a ray of sunshine to your readers. Cheers, Ardith

  88. Image for Linda Ball Linda Ball

    Love it in the entry! Anxious to hear about the bandaid in the hair! Don't keep us waiting too long Karianne!!!

  89. Image for Linda J Linda J

    In the entrance way. Somewhere to sit and tie shoes or whatever. And, because it screams "look at me!" when anyone enters. It is so beautiful it should be shared with everyone! Geez, do I love that chair.

  90. Image for Patty Patty

    The entryway is the place for your new chair. I definitely here it say, "Welcome to my home, come in and visit. We are so glad you come to see us." Your beautiful chair sends visions of a cozy, homey house that makes your visitor feel welcome and treasured - the same message I am sure its owner shares with visitors.

  91. Image for Gloria F Gloria F

    Hi Karianne! It was so great to meet you at Haven and you did a rock star job with the presentation!! I could have listened to you all day. The chair looks amazing in every spot in your gorgeous home, but I think I love it best in the entry. Have an amazing day! Gloria

  92. Image for renee renee

    Every time I read your stories I feel like a little girl reading one on my favorite books!! You are such a great writer! Sorry, back to that Gorgeous little chair....I would love to see it in my New living room! But it would look great anywhere! Thanks for the great story!

  93. Image for Leona Leona

    Good Job! And all your self doubts were well rewarded. I would have dragged that chair back to my room as well. Even if I had a band aid in my hair???? The chair looks perfect in front of your vanity. So this is where you put your red lipstick on ? And I know the feeling of a lower chair and the PLOP down that follows. In the "olden days" chairs were made lower for the "boudoir" and were called "ladies chairs" as well. Just right for a Rock Star :}

  94. Image for Roberta Sutton Roberta Sutton

    What a lovely chair...I can see why you bonded with it! I like it best in the entryway because the scale is perfect and yet it makes a beautiful statement...the pillow (which I lust for) looks right at home with it as well. You have totally scored some awesome chairs in your travels...I LOVE the houndstooth one from the room you designed awhile back too! Wherever it winds up...I know you will always remember the special experience you had upon meeting it and will enjoy sharing the story with others....we never grow tired of listening!!

  95. Image for Robin Bonvino Robin Bonvino

    Love it in the Front Entry! It looks great with the pillow. Now that numbers are so popular I wish the "phrase" 143 would catch on. It is code for I Love You. I could always shout 143 out to my daughter any time or place and not embarrass her as most friends didn't know I was yelling I Love you!!! 143 Karianne, you are the best!

  96. Image for Terri Terri

    Definitely the entry, in front of the stairs. At least for now (you can move it next month to your bedroom- so its just for you to sit in) But for now it deserves to be the first thing everyone sees.

  97. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Karianne, it looks like it loves being in all your spaces, but I think I like it best in the bedroom by the writing desk. It would look perfect in a couple of spaces in my house,too! I love the comfy look, but the best thing about it is it's armies and doesn't take up a lot of visual space.( I live in a little New England Cape)

  98. Image for Tammy Chapman Tammy Chapman

    Welp... I like it best in the bedroom, but will you use it there? You don't seem like the type of lady to lounge around of a morning. It also looks great in your entry, but again...will it be used as anything but a place to throw jackets on? (Voice of experience here) It looks fabulous everywhere, but the living room might be the most practical!

  99. Image for Sheila Sheila

    I love your chair. I love your chair so much. I love your chair in the front entry. I loved this post. I want to know about the band aid in the hair trick.

  100. Image for Cindy Brown Cindy Brown

    While it is a cross between the front entry and the bedroom, I think the bedroom wins. I can just imagine sitting there, my elbow on the desk, gazing out the window and daydreaming! You are a hoot and I know the audience just lved you and I would have taken the chair right then, too!

  101. Image for Anne Porter Anne Porter

    We need to be surrounded by the most meaningful things in our lives in our bedrooms. Family photos; gentle reminders of where we came from ; cozy reminders of our life journey and a comfy place to sit and reflect. Your chair and the memory it reflects in your blog journey, certainly needs to be in your bedroom.

  102. Image for Faith Faith

    I vote for the entryway. It's the perfect spot to sit and take off your shoes when you get home after a day of side-of-the-road shopping. And, after all the help it gave you with your speech, it deserves to be front and center for a little while.

  103. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Oh, when I saw the picture of the chair by the window....I could just start daydreaming!! That's my vote. Beautiful! and I loved your story about pushing that chair out of the conference room and up to your hotel room!

  104. Image for Alice Alice

    I may be late to the party, but I like it in the bedroom best, however I have a linen slipcover on a sofa that was in front of the window and I did have fading problems, so beware. Too cute to wreck right away!

  105. Image for Donnie Donnie

    Oh for me, definitely the bedroom. I could so see you sitting there at the desk, looking out at the rolling fields and thinking of the next blog. And, if there happened to be a mirror nearby, checking out the red lipstick and inspecting for any stray bandaids in your hair! How oh How does that happen... Love all the images from this post, but the chair is truly awesome. By the way, sitting in the chair, you could lift those little feet and take a photo of the awesome sparkly sandals, just saying.

  106. Image for Chloe Crabtree Chloe Crabtree

    As usual, Kari Anne, it is your writing that amazes me, even more than your beautiful chair. Your writing is so sweet with the perfect amount of humour and fact mixed in. Although I have never met you, I feel I know you through your amazing skills. Congratulations on your new chair and successful speaking engagement at Haven! Wish I could have been there, maybe next year!

  107. Image for Elaine Elaine

    Great chair! I love it most in the bedroom where it not only looks beautiful in front of the window, but it functions as a comfy spot to sit in front of that window as well as a pull up chair to write a quick thank you note or other at the desk.

  108. Image for Julie Kittle Julie Kittle

    I like the chair in the bedroom with the desk. It seems to invite you to come and sit and look out the window and daydream which happens to be one of my favorite things to do :)

  109. Image for Erin Rizzo Erin Rizzo

    In the bedroom. I don't know what it is about having a chair in the bedroom with me, but it always makes me smile.

  110. Image for Tess S. Tess S.

    I just love the chair! I haven't crushed on a chair before but I REALLY love it! I think the bedroom is the best choice but it would look great ANYWHERE!

  111. Image for Elizabeth Elizabeth

    The beautiful chair definitely looks like a nice comfy bedroom chair. Second choice would be the entry hall. Of course in your house, it can be moved to a new location in a heart-beat:)

  112. Image for shelley shelley

    The chair is awesome! I like it best in the bedroom! Good thing it is neutral so it can go anywhere YOU choose. So...when did you say you would tell us about the bandaid? At least you didn't have toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your sparkly sandals!!!! Total aside...that's what I would do...

  113. Image for Harriett Harriett

    In front of the bedroom window because, if it were me, I'd be sitting in it a lot & would want to watch Mother Nature at work.

  114. Image for Darci Darci

    I love it in the bedroom where you'll pretty much have it all to yourself. I love it in the entryway with that perfect pillow, where it is sure to be admired by all who enter. I love it in the living room where it will be loved by ALL your family. For that, the living room gets my vote.

  115. Image for Harriett Harriett

    On another note.....reading your blog so often puts a smile on my face & I chuckle out loud. I don't know what you are like in real life, but you write most charmingly & I love it!!

  116. Image for Tracie Tracie

    My #1 pick would be the chair in the entryway. It has a bold sense of character there. Although, if you need comfort and quiet time, your chair looks inviting in the bedroom.

  117. Image for Betsy Betsy

    I have a real problem with this chair! It looks good no matter where you put it !!!!! Put it in the foyer so everyone can get to sit in it as they enter. My suggestion is to treat this chair as a precious addition to the house and move it every few weeks. Every room in your great house deserves to have this wonderful chair in it.

  118. Image for Kristie Kristie

    I'd vote for the entry. But it really looks great anywhere. I'd have pushed that chair right to my hotel room, too!

  119. Image for Gloria Gloria

    Love it in the bedroom. Softens and feminizes the dressing/make-up table. You love the chair so much -- by placing it here you can sit in it everyday and enjoy it even more!

  120. Image for Cate Cate

    Hi Karianne, I love how you can put a piece of furniture anywhere in your house and it looks happy, and cozy, and like it belongs there! Seriously. If it were my choice to make, I think I would like it at your dressing table/desk in your bedroom. It looks to be a great fit, and you said it was a lower seat. I can picture you sitting there all dreamy brushing your locks, dabbing on some of your red lipstick, or writing a sweet and witty letter to some lucky recipient. I have two similar style slipper chairs (one passed down from my Nana, and one passed down from my husband's Grandma) both hanging in the rafters of the garage in need of love and refinish and new upholstery. Since I retired in January I've been thinking of getting started on them, and I love the look of your new chair for my redo! Have a great day Karianne! I can't wait to hear the band aid story!

  121. Image for pamela j pamela j

    Probably the bedroom, although it looks like it would like to roam around a bit. So, Maybe move it every so often.

  122. Image for Tish Foster Tish Foster

    How exciting:) I can picture you pushing the chair around:) love it! I think it would be darling in the front entry by the stairs - you can always change out the pillow with different greetings throughout the seasons to greet guest as well as your visitors or family members could use it as a waiting piece - if your house is anything like mine someone is always waiting on someone else:) Enjoy your company so much:) Happiness Tish

  123. Image for Elena Elena

    It belongs in all the rooms! I especially love it paired with the desk. Hmmm. Now I'm off to move some chairs around . . .

  124. Image for Chris Horne Chris Horne

    It's hard to pick a room for this wonderful chair to go into because it is so perfect. But I think I would put it in my great room where I watch Real Housewives, who aren't real at all, by the way.

  125. Image for Rita B... Rita B...

    Well...I really think the bedroom is the most scrumptious place to enjoy this lovely addition to your home...AND, you can apply that WOWZER red lipstick last thing while enjoying a last thing sit down! Now about that band-aid...

  126. Image for Emily Emily

    The presentation rocked. I love how relaxed, kind and relatable you are, and I would have never known that you were nervous. You talked like we were all old friends, just like you talk on your blog. You are Awesome!! PS: I like the chair in the entry!

  127. Image for Denys Denys

    It's close between the the entry and the bedroom. I pick the bedroom because I LOVE the pillow you chose for the chair. They go great together.

  128. Image for mary thompson mary thompson

    I like the living room best since it can fit in a small space or corner and not overwhelm the rest of the room

  129. Image for L D Siess L D Siess

    In the front entry hall is my fave! I love all the pillows, too - I would use my house number to style the chair!

  130. Image for Jenn Jenn

    What a beautiful piece of room jewelry regardless of which room she ends up in, but I think she really is the perfect accessory to that desk/vanity in your bedroom.

  131. Image for Curtains In My Tree Curtains In My Tree

    Oh the chair will look great anywhere however I would put it in the front entry way at my house I read another blog where she attended that conference I know your shiny blingy shoes got the chair for you LOL I would love to win the $100 gift card from Amazon Thanks Janice

  132. Image for Tracy Laubham Tracy Laubham

    oooh exciting!! I love the little chair at the bottom of the stairs with that cute pillow that you could change on a whim

  133. Image for Mary Stewart Mary Stewart

    The chair is amazing! I'd put it in the guest room, in the corner, under the floor lamp, next to the bookcase...and then I'd use it as my own personal library chair! I love your blog, you are so clever and funny. Thanks for the giveaway!

  134. Image for Stacey Stacey

    Oh Kari Anne how I wish I could have been there to listen to you speak to all the rock stars! I just know that YOU must instill confidence in everyone around you. Your little chair looks so cute at your desk but since it's neutral, it can move around where it's needed. :)

  135. Image for ColleenM ColleenM

    I like it in all three places but my favorite would be in front of the stairs. It will look great wherever you put it.

  136. Image for cynthia s. cynthia s.

    Hi Karianne You are hilarious, I just laugh and laugh EVERY time I read your blog. This chair speaks " Come to me and let me soothe you. Let my neutral pallette whisper elegance , where the white beadboard meets the afternoon sun. Tuck me right beside the window that looks upon a well tended garden...aghhhhh.Dress me up or down with a soft feathered pillow for the small of your back. Let's watch life pass us by on a summer afternoon". Enjoy your chair!!!

  137. Image for Michelle Mortensen Michelle Mortensen

    I like it best in the bedroom. It seems like it has the perfect height and color for the space. However, a great chair like that really looks good everywhere! I so hope to attend Haven next year. It seems like a wonderful experience! Best, Michelle from

  138. Image for Marjorie Marjorie

    Love reading your blog! It always make me smile. Then I try to figure out what I can do to make my home look better.

  139. Image for CG in AZ CG in AZ

    My choice for this chair is in my office. But in your home I like it in the living room where it can be appreciated by everyone.

  140. Image for Ellen K Ellen K

    Your amazing chair would look beautiful anywhere! I especially love the way it looks in the bedroom! I wish I could have heard you speak, I'm sure you rocked it!

  141. Image for Carol Carol

    I'm chair shopping right now , so was stopped in my tracks to see this chair. It's so comfy looking. I think it could go anywhere, but maybe liked it best in front of window.

  142. Image for lorene halfmann lorene halfmann

    Oh my gosh! It is as amazing as you are in EVERY situation :) but if I have to pick I love it in the living room! Thanks for asking :)

  143. Image for Kathy Ayraud Kathy Ayraud

    I love that beautiful chair in front of the stairs, it seems so inviting and begs me to sit down in it and take off my shoes!

  144. Image for Megan DeMaria Megan DeMaria

    What a beautiful, versatile piece of furniture. It looks terrific in every setting. If it were mine it would eventually make the rounds to all the rooms (I like to change things up from time to time)....that being said I'd have to start it off in the living's just too fabulous to keep to myself in the bedroom!!!

  145. Image for Cindy in Oklahoma Cindy in Oklahoma

    I'm loving it in front of the desk because I'm loving the pillow you've placed on it... looks like they were made for each other!

  146. Image for Shawna Shawna

    The Bedroom-a lovely chair like that should always greet you in the morning and be able to look out the window! :)

  147. Image for Erin Kaven Erin Kaven

    I like the chair in the entry hall. I had painted my entry hall (and living room) the "old" color of your entry hall. Now I may have to repaint to get with the times....though I still love the warmth of that color! The chair looks fab there. Think it may be a little to big for under the desk..can't really pull up to it to do any work (though who needs to work, right?) and you have so many other beautiful chairs in the living room. Yes, I like the entry.

  148. Image for Rebecca Rebecca

    It looks best in your bedroom. Somehow the lines and height and colour just seem to fit seemlessly with the little vignette you have going in the bedroom corner by the window. La-Z-Boy really knows your style!!

  149. Image for Sofia Santoli Sofia Santoli

    Every area is great, but I think the bedroom is the best location for the chair...perfect for blogging, getting ready in the morning or just a peaceful place to relax. I can picture a pretty throw casually draped on the back of the chair. Enjoy it!

  150. Image for Kimberly Bruhn Kimberly Bruhn

    This chair would look both comfortable and stunning in front of my window-seat niche. Perfect color to go with the window seat's greige raised-damask pattern. Love it. Thank you.

  151. Image for Bets Bets

    While I like the chair in the bedroom, I think it looks best near the staircase. It plays beautifully off the neutrals of the stair runner and drapes in the background and makes the area very welcoming.

  152. Image for Sharon S Sharon S

    Your whole house is fabulous but I love it in the bedroom! What a great place to pen a note or write in your journal..

  153. Image for Elizabeth Waggoner Elizabeth Waggoner

    It's such a fabulous chair that you're right - it goes EVERYWHERE. BUT in this case, I think my favorite is the bedroom. It's too easy to forget about a fabulous chair in the bedroom. I think people tend to stick the older, more worn pieces there to keep them out of sight. What a shame! The room we spend the greatest number of hours in really should be the prettiest, don't you think? THIS chair certainly goes far towards making that a reality!

  154. Image for Stefanie Stefanie

    It sings its loudest by the stairwell. Although surrounded by beauties, it has the least amount of competition!...What a great chair...and a great gift!....I know you will probably move it a gazillion times in its lifetime, and you will ENJOY every minute of it!....

  155. Image for Joni G. Joni G.

    Your lovely chair looks like a perfect match for your bedroom. They go together like chocolate fudge on an ice cream sundae! May it add to the joy of your days.

  156. Image for Robin Stephens Robin Stephens

    I'm probably a little too old school.... I'm a "save it" gal... I think I'd put it where it could live longest in all its glory, and not get overly used. For our home, that would be the foyer. However, "saving" it may be a poor decision since it looks so comfy.... And.....since it has a lower profile, maybe in the bedroom to put your cute sandals on! There.... bedroom!

  157. Image for Donna Donna

    Kari, In my opinion it's definitely most beautifully shown off in the bedroom by the desk in front of the window. It looks so romantic and perfect!

  158. Image for Janine Rolph Janine Rolph

    Since you fell in love with the comfort and beauty of the chair, I think it would be best to place it where you can enjoy it most!. I think I would have to say the living room:-)

  159. Image for Christine Christine

    Hi Kari Anne. Cute story and cute chair. I think it looks best in the bedroom...and every morning when you wake up and see it you can remember your achievements!

  160. Image for Teddee Grace Teddee Grace

    Well, I love your entry...that door in the stairwell just catches my eye every time I see it...but the chair looks best in your bedroom.

  161. Image for Ellen Ellen

    I think it looks best in front of the desk. It just seems to 'fit' there, without the arms it can pull right up, and the size is right.

  162. Image for Lanita Lanita

    Love, Love, Love the chair and your story of how it came to be......I think it looks great in your house, but especially in the bedroom by the window - it goes so well with the neutral desk/dressing table. They compliment each other perfectly! I have to share a plaque I saw today....."When life gets rough, put on lipstick!" I thought of you..... :) Blessings to you, Lanita

  163. Image for Vee H. Vee H.

    I love, love, love it in the bedroom. It looks like a great desk chair to me! A girl has to be comfy to get work done!

  164. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    You have missed your true calling ... that of Comedian. You are one of the funniest people I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I would also love to hear the band-aid story, as I am sure it is a beauty. My middle son is moving to his first home the end of the month and I will be furnishing and decorating his old room into a guest room. I have already selected the colors and one item on my list of furniture is a comfy chair. Every bedroom in my home has a comfortable chair for those quiet moments. I love sitting in my bedroom chair early in the morning to review my schedule for the day and to go through my emails, I also use that chair late at night when sleep seems to allude me. But really I could find so many places for that wonderful chair.

  165. Image for Teri Teri

    Most definitely the front entry (in front of the stairs). It will make you smile when you walk in the door and each time you pass it during the day.

  166. Image for molly molly

    Oh, what a lovely chair and I think it looks absolutely perfect in your bedroom. You two are a good team! Charming post.

  167. Image for Kathy Kathy

    I love the chair. It really looks great in all three rooms but I like it best in the bedroom. I would like it the most in my house:) Thank you for sharing.

  168. Image for Kathy Kathy

    I love it by the desk because it has the mirror where you can see any future bandaids in your hair! This post had me laughing out loud envisioning you pushing that chair all over the place. Keep it coming!

  169. Image for Cheryl Cheryl

    That chair looks so comfortable and inviting I think I would like to have it on the side of my fireplace so it can be warm and cozy.

  170. Image for Esther Esther

    The chair looks awesome everywhere, but in the living room, the chalkboard sort of steals the show. In the bedroom, it sort of blends in with the desk, so my vote is for the entry with the smashingly good lookin' pillow!

  171. Image for Teresa Harral Teresa Harral

    The chair looks great anywhere! I am sure it looked great in your hotel room. But if I had only one chair in your home, I would place it in the living room! Love your blogs! Like having coffee with a friend every morning!

  172. Image for Kathy Kathy

    Wow, reading this on my IPad. My finger and I had fun scrolling and scrolling until I got to the comment form. I so enjoyed your class! You did marvelously just being you. I am so happy for you and all your success. Cutie chair looks sweet by the desk. With that view...many dreams can come true there. Big hugs! Kathy

  173. Image for Betsy Betsy

    Without question I say the bedroom. I see you sitting there gazing out the window looking at your kingdom !!! That chair is your "throne" and you are the "Queen" of that home/castle.

  174. Image for Pam Clark Pam Clark

    The bedroom, at that fabulous little desk! I wish Haven was open to us blog readers; I'd love to go meet and hear and see the glittery flat sandals!

  175. Image for michele michele

    what a great story! reading your stories ,kinda feel like i'm there. about thechair...I love it in the living room in front of the chalkboard next to the couch ,positioned so it can be "your" chair,your special place to be'll both be happy there!

  176. Image for Judy N. Judy N.

    Dear Karianne: How in the world do you keep all your upholstered furniture clean with 4 children? I notice most of your upholstered pieces are usually whites to creams to light beige colors. Your secret please>?

  177. Image for Michele Michele

    Darndest thing. This post made me cry. Cry in pride about your speaking engagement, and how far you've come in these years of working it big time. You so deserve these credits - you have done so well, and we are all so happy for you! My gosh I have GOT to get to La-Z-Boy - they have changed and their ads and new stuff - WOW! I need new things from them for sure! I really thought your awesome gifted chair looked amazing by the stairs; I know you've been wanting something there and it sure fits the bill perfectly = low back so it doesn't overwhelm the space, low to the floor for ease in taking off/putting on shoes, and neutral (swoon worthy and may turn up here in my home instead, haha) so it just works perfectly there. Congrats - and thank you for the amazing and generous give-away. Count me in on crossing my fingers to win! ♥

  178. Image for Joanne B. Joanne B.

    Lovely chair- I'd put it in an empty corner of my family room where i am hoping to create a quiet table and chair setting.

  179. Image for Amber Amber

    That's so cool that you got to bring the chair home and I can totally see you just pushing the chair through the hotel. Ha! I think the chair looks good all over, but in the bedroom it's FABULOUS!

  180. Image for Sue Donze Sue Donze

    I love it in front of the stairs. It stands out, plus then your eyes go to the architechtural detail of the bannister and upwards. Just looks more special there, and I love the pillow!

  181. Image for Pam Wethington Pam Wethington

    I love it in the bedroom! The lighting is perfect and it's calling me to come sit awhile. You are such a creative decorator KarriAnne!

  182. Image for judy C in NC judy C in NC

    That beautiful chair would definitely go in my living room. We just bought an off-white sofa and the chair would be a beautiful accent next to the fireplace with a bright pillow on it. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity. Judy C in NC

  183. Image for Janet Cole Janet Cole

    I would love to have that chair in my office behind my desk! Did you know people are more afraid of public speaking than of death? It's true!

  184. Image for Sherry Sherry

    The chair looks so comfy in the bedroom by the window. It's perfect in front of the vanity! Wish I could have been at Haven to see and hear make me smile just reading your blog!! (does anyone ever sit in the entry foyer???)

  185. Image for Jody Jody

    Hi Karianne! I attended the Haven conference this year, and I was becoming overwhelmed, and thinking "who do I think I am? I can't do this, I haven't even figured out to put pictures on my blog yet." I was meeting accomplished, confident women, I took copious notes and kept thinking "I don't think I can do this!" Then I went into the room you were speaking in. You explained things clearly, I began to understand this thing with sponsors and brands, I got excited! And now I think I can do this blogging thing, and all because you shared and taught that day. Thank you. And yes, your sandals were awesome! Oh yeah, I got a little off track...... I think if I were you I would push that chair around to live a little in all the spots! It is adorable and sits there smiling in each spot! (and besides, you have experience in moving it around already!)

  186. Image for Megan Brewer Megan Brewer

    Reading your posts every day put a smile on my face! Thank YOU for that! That chair is gorgeous! I think I like it best in your bedroom.

  187. Image for Kelly Kelly

    The best place for your fabulous chair?? In the front entry way! Made me want to just come right in the front door and plop! :-)

  188. Image for Sally Christiansen Sally Christiansen

    I love the chair! I think it looked the best in the bedroom in front of the windows, and if that little desk is where you do your work then it is perfect.

  189. Image for Jana Jana

    The bedroom for sure! It looks like you chose it just for that spot in front of the dressing table/desk! What a sweet gift for speaking!

  190. Image for Monica Richmond Monica Richmond

    I love the look in the bedroom, however the chair should be placed in the entry by the stairs. The chair give adds "icing to the cake" by completing the look int entry. The chair is beautiful and requires to be out front so all visitors see it. The chair adds a WOW factor to your entry. Remember the famous words " You complete me". That is what the chair does in the entry Maybe a different chair fir the bedroom with more colors. Most definitely not by the railroad sign. Best wishes Monica

  191. Image for jackie jackie

    Absolutely love this chair in the foyer entry. It speaks savy decorator lives here. Not afraid to think outside the box.

  192. Image for Patty Soriano Patty Soriano

    Okay. You can't tell us you had a band-aid in your hair and leave us hanging. That's just wrong. Lovely chair.... belongs at the foot of the stairs. Great place to put on your shoes before you walk out the door. Thank you for the giveaway, Kari Anne.

  193. Image for Kim Kim

    The chair belongs where you'll enjoy it the most! It should speak to the space that is most yours, because the chair is share or not. You could put some casters on it, to follow you as the mood strikes.

  194. Image for Mama sue Mama sue

    I believe the chair is one of a kind in your home and deserves the grand entrance in the foyer by the stairs. It makes an announcement about you Karianne. Hugs

  195. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    I think it looks absolutely gorgeous in the bedroom by the window. It makes the perfect place to put on your dangling earrings and your red lipstick! ;)

  196. Image for Susan Susan

    That is a very lovely chair and how wonderful of La-Z-Boy to give it to you like that...but then, you sooooooooo deserve it! I'm looking for a chair for my wee livingroom and the size of this chair would be perfect, so I will be looking into them! I'm no design maven, but I just think the chair looks best in your bedroom in front of the desk...the scale is perfect and there is plenty of room...I think it gets crowded out in the livingroom and the entryway, imho. But I do soooooo love that sweet little pillow you put on the chair while it was in the the splash of colour it brought with it!

  197. Image for Deborah Deaton Deborah Deaton

    The chair is magnificent wherever it is placed because it is such a versatile chair, but I would put it in the bedroom in front of the window in front of the desk looking out! It would definitely make working much more pleasant and relaxing!

  198. Image for Michelle Michelle

    I love the chair and the story behind it. Although it goes well in your bedroom the front entry gets my vote. It is the first thing visitors will see and possible sit in. If you have it tucked away in your bedroom then you can't show it off. It really is a great chair. I love the little buttons across the back.

  199. Image for Ruby Ruby

    Bedroom, she'll help you apply that red lipstick. Then she'll want to try on those earrings....knowing you, you really will figure out some way to decorate the back with earrings....mmmmm...

  200. Image for Sharon Heinzel Sharon Heinzel

    Love your stories! Yes they did pick the perfect chair for you and your house! It goes anywhere really but I like it In your bedroom! Thanks for the opportunity to win an Amazon gift card! You rock too!

  201. Image for Linda Byrnes Linda Byrnes

    There is something serene about that chair, and in the bedroom in front of those beautiful windows is the best placement!

  202. Image for Carla Erickson Carla Erickson

    I love the chair in the bedroom , in front of the desk, by the window! They look perfect together! Love to read your stories, and be inspired! Thanks!

  203. Image for Michele Riggsbee Michele Riggsbee

    Definitely in your lovely bedroom! It looked great everywhere, but the bedroom by far is the best place! That chair is totally you!

  204. Image for Suzette Scott Suzette Scott

    My daughter makes fun of me because I call you my friend. I tell her you have to see what Karianne did today. She calls you my imaginary friend. So because we are buddies I think that any where you put the chair looks great.

  205. Image for Gwen Gwen

    I love it two places and so I must say they chose well for you!! It is moveable to create new looks. I had my mind made up until I saw it in the entry. It seemed like it was made for that space. That pillow too for it brings out the leg color. Congratulations!!!!

  206. Image for Norma Jean Norma Jean

    As I was reading your blog, I thought, "Boy that chair really gets around." But, now that I know the "rest of the story", I understand. Although it looks great just about anywhere, I think it was made to go with the desk in your bedroom.

  207. Image for Mary Mary

    The chair looks great in the bedroom, but I think I like it even better in the entry foyer by the staircase where guests and delivery personnel can see it when they enter - first thing. First impressions are the best so they tell us. But I laughed out loud at the vision of you pusing that chair down the hallway on to the elevator and into your room in your sparkly sandals. You are just too FUNNY!!! No matter where that chair ends up, I know you'll make it look perfect. Thanks for being YOU!! Glad you enjoyed your weekend... maybe some day I'll get to go to Haven.

  208. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    The, the, the entryway. Definitely the entryway BUT it looks good in the bedroom too. Sigh. Maybe you need another one. :)

  209. Image for carol carroll carol carroll

    Holy Hannah at ALL the comments, are you a year older yet, lots to read. Beautiful chair, I can see you sitting there in the morning having fun, sweet conversations with Jesus. You'll be asking questions, like " really should I just sit here awhile longer, ok then I will. Yes, oh yes, I can hear those distractions calling me, You know Lord that is quite "distracting" to our important conversation, now where were we, OH YEAH I was telling you how BLESSED I am, because you love me so very much, and you were saying HOW MUCH I BLESS YOU, by giving so much of myself to others, Why thank You Lord you have taught me well". Yep it is definitely a God-Conversation chair. .. in the bedroom

  210. Image for Debbie Klausing Debbie Klausing

    Sorry, I had trouble posting this, but I am here now to vote! You and your new chair friend need to start and end the day together. Bedroom in front of the vanity. If it gets bored up there all alone, just swoop it downstairs with all the folks.

  211. Image for Erin P Erin P

    I was just admiring it in the front entryway in one of your recent posts and am quite smitten with it there. The desk would be a close second though. Good luck! #designdilemmas! :)

  212. Image for Judy Lincicum Judy Lincicum

    It belongs in the room where only YOU would get to sit in it, and no one else! You earned this little chair and it's perfect for you. and I believe that room would be the bedroom??!!

  213. Image for Dawn H Dawn H

    Oh, that is a hard one because it looks great in all of the rooms! I love it with your beautiful stairway but I would probably put it in the bedroom~ function and beauty combined. :) Enjoy your amazing chair!

  214. Image for jae jae

    As I was visualizing an image of your sitting confidently in that gorgeous chair speaking to an overflow crowd, I kept remembering an earlier blog you wrote about going to conference with awesome business cards made by your son....and how you were snubbed....and you had no confidence......and I smiled, and thought, you have really got your game on now, rock star! I vote to put the chair in the bedroom. It is perfect there. Thanks for another great post, and giveaway!

  215. Image for Sonia Sonia

    Of course it should be in the bedroom. Now that you've bonded, it should be the first thing you see each morning and the last thing each night! :-)

  216. Image for Lynn in Florida Lynn in Florida

    Your bedroom...hands down! Because a BFC (Best Friend Chair) is lovely to have nearby when you wake up in the morning!

  217. Image for Debbie Debbie

    Hummm hard decision to make, but I think the front entryway where you can see it every time you come into your beautiful house.

  218. Image for Vanessa Vanessa

    Well, I would have been excited too! It is a great chair and looks great in all three places. I like it in the bedroom the best where you can enjoy it every morning. It is too good of a chair to be put in the entryway where you wouldn't be able to use it as much. How many times do you sit in your entryway?

  219. Image for Laura Laura

    No contest....Hands down....the bedroom, anchoring the desk, basking in the glorious sun! Its a perfect match, not a "I wanna be somewhere that everyone can see me, but I really don't relate & flow with the other furniture in the room". Lucky you to have such a classic chair, in a perfect neutral, given to you!!

  220. Image for Sue B. Sue B.

    I think you "head-held-high, confidence chair" looks pretty in your bedroom with the sun streaming in on it sending a glow out into the room. Did I notice hoop earrings?

  221. Image for Charlotte Charlotte

    I love the chair in the entry with that fabulous pillow but I also love it in the bedroom in front of the window!

  222. Image for Erin Ellis Erin Ellis

    The chair would look gorgeous in my front sitting room! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway. Erin ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  223. Image for Chris Grosh Chris Grosh

    I really like it in the entryway and in your bedroom. I would choose your bedroom as my favorite because the chair is so special to you, I think it should have a very special place. Thanks for the giveaway.

  224. Image for Linda Linda

    You could start out in the bedroom but because it is neutral, it is going to work anywhere in your lovely home. So no stress. Thanks for the giveaway.

  225. Image for Deborah Deborah

    I love the chair in front of the windows in the bedroom! It's such a pretty little chair with its tufted buttons and curved back! Perfectly suited in soft neutral for a bedroom!

  226. Image for May May

    The hall: you've done something very clever with the lighting there that makes it look perfect and inviting. I'm perpetually impressed with how deftly La-Z-Boy have shifted their "persona" to meet modern needs, yet they are still able to produce quality affordable furniture that is properly comfortable.

  227. Image for Jenn Jenn

    I love it in the bedroom, with the sunlight hitting it in front of the window. The best sitting, reading, and relaxing spot. :)

  228. Image for JoAnne Cameron JoAnne Cameron

    I would set it near the chalkboard where I could have my cup of coffee in morning. I would tuck in my feet, contemplate the calendar and enjoy my beautiful chair and lovely living room.

  229. Image for Coree Coree

    I LOVE your bedroom with the drop-cloth drapes and the painted floor that initially led me to your blog, but I like this chair best in the living room, with those beautiful curvy lines and sweet little buttons in front of the chalkboard. It brightens up that space beautifully, and I'd want to show it off to company, more likely in the living room than the bedroom. ;-)

  230. Image for rachel rachel

    I love that chair! Its so perfect in all those spots but I really liked it in the bedroom. Always good to have a place to sit rather than the bed :) Gorgeous

  231. Image for Cindy Jones Cindy Jones

    Hi KariAnne, I thought the gorgeous La-Z-Boy chair was the most perfect at your desk in the bedroom. It was comfy and feminine looking. Of course, it would look perfect in the other rooms when you need another chair.

  232. Image for Carol Carol

    This confident neutral chair could be used anywhere. Where I think it looks best is the bedroom, a place where you won't sit long but very practical. Thank you for offering this gift card and I'm sure you had fun at Haven!

  233. Image for Victoria Victoria

    Because she is such a beauty I believe she looks gorgeous in every room. I however really love her at the front of the stairway so that you can see her the moment you enter your beautiful home.

  234. Image for Patricia Lavinio Patricia Lavinio

    The bedroom for sure!!! I can picture sitting there, taking my time putting on makeup (or red lipstick in your case :-) or writing while looking out the window.... seems like the perfect spot..

  235. Image for Rosanne Rosanne

    At first I was going to vote bedroom, but I really think she should be in thd hallway so she can be seen by everyone that comes by.... you know, being the rock star party girl with earrings that she is!

  236. Image for

    We're under contract for a house and it has the perfect little spot by they front entry for a chair like this! :)

  237. Image for Christa Christa

    It feels at home in the bedroom to me. It matches all of the lovely neutrals of the room and just looks like it belongs there.

  238. Image for R R

    This chair will be perfect in my sewing room near the TV. A perfect place to sit in a tangerine colored chair and do some hand stitching on my next quilt!

  239. Image for Lisa K Lisa K

    I love it in the bedroom by the window! Looks great by your desk/vanity. So glad your session at Haven went well.

  240. Image for Beth Schmidt Beth Schmidt

    So glad you and your ear rings, your lipstick and your chair had a great time! i like the entry way. But the chair looks at home everywhere.

  241. Image for Kara Kara

    Hello! My favorite spot for the chair is in front of the stairs! It looks fabulous and like such a happy chair :)

  242. Image for Nicki Nicki

    I say the bedroom, but that's a hard decision! It's such a little cutie pie! Thanks for being so kind and gracious at Haven, and for an amazing workshop! You really are a Rock Star!

  243. Image for Stacey Stacey

    That chair is so adorable I don't think you could go wrong with any of your choices. I do really like it in the bedroom in front of the window. I look forward to the "bandaid" story, you crack me up!! thank you for the frequent smiles

  244. Image for Terri Herman Terri Herman

    I would use it in the bedroom. I think an ottoman would be a nice addition to that area so you could relax and read with your feet up in front of the window when not using it at the vanity.

  245. Image for Michelle Rudis Michelle Rudis

    Oh, gosh, I hope I'm not too late to vote! The chair looks great in all the rooms but I have to say that my favorite is the bedroom next to the little dressing table. It's perfect there. And it would be a great chair to start and end your day in, thinking about the courage it gave you, right? Since I'm one who suffers from EXTREME stage fright, I found myself wishing I had such a chair in my life...loved the story, as always, KariAnne.

  246. Image for Cynthia Cynthia

    I'd put it in the front entry with a red blanket to match your red lipstick. You'd be the Rock Star! Great message, you made me laugh and you felt real!!!

  247. Image for Zolane Zolane

    Especially love your great new chair in the bedroom. I enjoy so much the way you describe your experiences. ALWAYS bring a smile to my heart!

  248. Image for Marci Marci

    All are lovely...for certain and sure. My final choice is....umm....ohhh...uhh....okay, the bedroom. I could sit there and the chair and I would just look gorgeous. No doubt!

  249. Image for Terri Terri

    I would put it in the living room next to the cranbery cabinet or it might be nice next to my dresser so we can put our shoes on...let's face it we'll probably lay our clothes on it!!! It is so lovely!

  250. Image for Lisa Lisa

    KariAnne, Omg I still enjoy reading your blog sooo much and laugh at your fabulous stories. I wish I could have been at Haven to hear you speak...I'm sure it was amazing. I love the chair in your entry way by the stairs. So glad you got to bring it home. Have a great weekend, xo Lisa at Concord Cottage

  251. Image for Lisa D Lisa D

    I just love the chair in the bedroom at your desk by the window! What a dreamy way to put on your makeup, write a note, or just have a little quiet time! Love me some tufting on a chair as well!

  252. Image for Deb B Deb B

    In front of that sunlit window in the bedroom is perfect. The soft cushy chair and the solid wooden vanity are a match made in interior decorating heaven!

  253. Image for Linda Southworth Linda Southworth

    Such a great chair! I am sure it is comfortable so the bedroom would be such a grand place to sit! I also like the entry where you can change the pillows with the seasons but you might not sit in it as much there. Just love!

  254. Image for Karyn Karyn

    That chair would look great anywhere but I think I'd put it in my bedroom as I've always longed for a comfy spot to curl up with a wonderful book and a great cup of coffee (now if I just had a view of the ocean it would be perfect)!

  255. Image for Pamela Smith Pamela Smith

    I would have loved to hear your chair and you speak at Haven! Now about the looks great in the front entry, but it probably wouldn't get used much. It would get used in the living room, but then maybe too much. Since it is YOUR special chair and it gave you such confidence, it should have it's own special place in your bedroom! Hope you have a great day!

  256. Image for Cindy Adcock Cindy Adcock

    This would go perfect in my living room. I am going with neutral theme in the room. I've painted the room and purchased a rug, now it's time to change out the furniture.

  257. Image for Wendy Lou Wendy Lou

    At first glance I thought bedroom! Then I thought livingroom...but it's quite nice in the entry - that's a pretty great chair you've got there! I love it anywhere!!

  258. Image for Jennifer Williams Jennifer Williams

    I love it in the hallway~ And I would totally put it in my bedroom, so that it wouldn't get soda spilled on it by the kids!

  259. Image for Heather Heather

    I agree with many of the previous voices- this chair rocks anywhere! But, if I have to choose, I'm going to pick the desk. It sings most beautifully there, taking center stage if you will with the desk in its supporting role for best accessory. Just lovely, it is. =)

  260. Image for Jenn Jenn

    I love it in the bedroom! I nice reading chair for your quiet time! Not that we get to have too many of those!!! Jenny

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