I should be cleaning right now.

I know for a fact that there are way too many dustbunnies and random pieces of Captain Crunch floating around here at the farm.

But I’m not.

Cleaning that is.


Instead I’m spending all my time over here.

At Becca’s.


Becca is like the prom queen and president of student council all rolled into one.

I’m actually a little in awe of her super-talented self.  If we were to schedule a blogger meeting and all the bloggers met together, I would want to sit by Becca.  You would too, but I would call first dibs and put my backpack next to hers.

And then I would ask her question after question like:

How did you know faux zinc would look so good on a letter?

And how come your tufted ottoman looks so much cuter than the Ballard Designs one for half the price?

And where did you get that cute aqua clock in your living room?

And then I would ask her to sign my yearbook.


Right now I haven’t heard about a giant blogger meeting, so I’ll have to be content with visiting her and learning and following and being generally inspired.  And featuring her favorite project on my blog.  After you read all about her project, I know you will want to stop by and tell her hello.

You are going to love her.

And you might want to bring your yearbook, too 🙂


Hello Thistle Wood Farm readers!
Karianne and I are blog swapping today and I’m super
excited to chat with you all! I run a DIY blog and I mainly focus on finding
ways to MAKE the beautiful things I find in stores. Sometimes I’m trying
to recreate something high end and expensive. Then, other times, I’m making
a brand spankin new item look vintage to save some dinero or cause I can’t find exactly what I want.
Back in December I shared a Restoration Hardware  eye chart copy.  It was inspired by this little guy right here.
And I mentioned that I wasn’t stoked with it’s placement on the gallery wall. I feel like the black was too heavy for the wall. It kept pulling my eye to the bottom corner like a black hole or an eye chart magnet!

I know, I know- you couldn’t tell from the pics I posted. Well, that’s cause I totally moved some frames around and intentionally only took pics of half the photo wall. Sooo sneaky, I know! But now you know the ugly truth- so this is how I fixed it.

After some thought I figured the perfect solution would be to move the eye chart to the opposite wall from the gallery. {see? ☝} I figured I’d turn my print into some canvas art and, while I was at it, I’d make something larger scale to fill up that blank space.

I felt my “Tumbling E” eye chart
Back to the eye charts-here’s the low down for the directions-would look lonely and kinda sad by itself- so I whipped up another eye chart. This time it was Restoration Hardware’s more traditional “Letters” chart.

I make my eye charts in  Microsoft Word Publisher- which is awesome cuz it’s free, yo!  I wrote up all the nitty gritty details here-when I showed how to mimic Z Gallerie’s subway art.

Making an eye chart is a piece of cake. 

1] Select a font. I looked for fonts here.

2] Create columns on both sides of the page. This is where you will put the distances on each side.

3] Fill in the numbers/letters you want.

4] Choose background colors to create a worn/distressed or weathered look. Again, the tutorial for that stage is found here.

-TIP-When I made my 2nd eye chart {the “letters” version} all I did was adapt my 1st “Tumbling E’s” eye chart. I replaced the “E’s” with the right letters, using the sizes and spacing as a guide. I also changed up the shading effects for the background- to make sure the two versions wouldn’t look like clones of each other.

5] Print’em up. I had my posters printed up at Staples cuz they’re the cheapest. They only cost me $3.50 since I printed them in black and white.

6] Attach them to a canvas. I use Mod Podge to do this-mostly because I like the glossy finish when it’s done.

7] The letters on RH’s eye charts are tan-ish. Since I didn’t want to pay for a color print {they’re crazy expensive}, I painted over top of my letters. I used craft paint mixed with a little glaze to turn my letters off-white.

I really like that it makes the signs look hand painted and it creates more dimension to the finished piece.

You can see the eye charts from every angle in the entry/ livingroom/hallway. One of the benefits of condo living? {yeah right}

My canvases are 18″x24″ and cost like 5 bucks for both. The prints cost me $3.50.  Now Restoration Hardware’s canvases are 24″x30″ and cost $345 EACH for that size!! Aye! That’s a savings of $682.50!!!! Don’t you just absolutely lurve when that happens! That’s all folks- DIY eye charts and saving some dough!

Want to know how to decorate your home for free?
Click here to get my FIVE BEST secrets.


  1. Image for Stacey Stacey

    YEAH! imagine my suprise when i opened up my email and saw that gallery wall, one of the first blogs posts i had read to get ideas for my home, and then....i lost her :( I'm so glad you knew where Becca was all along! Tku! Ya gotta love a gal that uses the word stoked! Awesome guest, awesome post!

  2. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    I am in awe at the so many talented DIY'ers out there...and obviously you picked a fantastic one to feature...I so love the eye chart...but at my age, I would have to blow it up to 60x60 so that I won't get depressed that I cannot read the chart!! Great feature!

  3. Image for Betsy(@coastal-colors) Betsy(@coastal-colors)

    Wow! I love this eye chart! She's amazing too! Dibs on the other side of her! Her wall of art is amazing! Thanks for sharing! Ya'll need to come to Haven, in June. It's in Atlanta and sounds like it will be a great bloggers meeting!

  4. Image for judi judi

    your blog posts always make me smile and giggle and laugh. a great way to start a 32 degree day after 60-70 degree weather the past 2 weeks! going over to beccas to check out her 'knock-offs'. ps. and i'd call first dibs to sit next to you so i could giggle and laugh and ask you LOTS of questions! have a great week, judi

  5. Image for Mrs C Mrs C

    Gonna check out more of her blog! I do love her turquoise fan! And her gallery wall, and the DIY eye charts, what a HUGE savings! If I bring my fan, can I sit next to one of you??? ;o)

  6. Image for theboldabode theboldabode

    Whoa. that's so, like, totally awesome... and there is so like a Bloggers get together in Atlanta in June...but I'm so, like, totally broke and can't go be with the cool kids...

  7. Image for Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    I love Becca - this is a fab project just like all her others! Hope you can sit next to her one day Kari or at least pass notes in study hall! PS - I've got a great globe collection like Becca's - if I bring it, can I sit at your table? Kelly

  8. Image for Becca Becca

    Karianne! You are such a doll! I owe you, big time! This was the sweetest post I've ever read about... myself!! Thanks you for being such a sweetheart, I have loved getting to know you better! :-) Maybe in a few months you'll come back for another feature? I'd love to show off more of your gorgeous-ness!! xoxo Becca

  9. Image for Sandy Sandy

    Karianne, If I go to a blogger conference I'm putting my backpack to hold my place in between you and Becca! You guys rock when it comes to style and your blogs are gorgeous eye candy. I'm am amazed at the talent in blogland. I have so much to learn and you guys raise the bar! Love your writing style Karianne. Thanks for your visit to my space. I'll be back to check out your use of the drop caps in your next posting. So glad that I discovered you!

  10. Image for yby5 yby5

    Ok, if there was a blog meeting somewhere, I'm sitting next to you :) Your post made me laugh and then on top of it you introduced a "new" blogger to me....Thanks you. Love her style and eye for re-creating. We'll be following you both along...

  11. Image for Shannon Fox Shannon Fox

    I'm trying to appear busy while the heater repairman is here so I am doing all my blog reading ;) I can't giggle though or I'll give myself away! Awesome tut on the eye chart! Love a good knock off. Thanks so much for sharing Becca at your blog Kari, heading over to here place next.

  12. Image for Jillian Jillian

    Really cool! She has not only craft talent but ingenuity! I'm super failing at my craft .... having craft fear, craft anxiety, crafty phobia. You name it! Ahhhhhhhhhh. This is why I sell antiques. :0) We'll see if I come up with SOMETHING tomorrow morning!

  13. Image for Laura Laura

    Oh wow. How come I don't come up with those things. I am definitely sitting next to you ( we're in the same state so I can get there the fastest) at the first blogger meeting. :)

  14. Image for Jo-Anne Jo-Anne

    Hello Becca what can I say except bloody hell I like your eye charts they are really cool and when I first looked at that wall I thought wow I like and I mean really like so bloody cool...........what talent and style you have I am now going over the check out your blog and I bet I will be hooked if this post is anything to go by.................

  15. Image for BethM@Under A Pile of Scrap! BethM@Under A Pile of Scrap!

    Ahhhh, if only I could have half of this fresh looking home! I have apparently inherited a dust bunny farm in my house and I don't feel like cleaning up after them either. I guess that would be my decorating for Easter, like Sharon above said. LOL!

  16. Image for Diana Diana

    What a fun post today. I always love when I get to learn something new. I love the eye chart replications that she made. Thanks for sharing Becca with us.

  17. Image for Andrea Andrea

    I can already tell that I'm going to want to be friends with Becca. What a great DIY project. I love to be inspired by talented bloggers. Thanks for introducing us.

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