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This is one of those moments in life where I remember that you don’t stop by every day for sweet tea.

I’m sorry.

I posted all about the room change-up and which room was going where and what we were using it for and while all those words were good….let’s be honest….

….a picture says a thousand words.

But today is a new day.

So let’s go all Julie Andrews and start at the very beginning…..

….with a floor plan.

floor planold

If you want to start at the very beginning….you can read all about the plans for the great change-up here.

Here’s the floor plan of some of the living space of the house.

It’s kind of drawn to scale.  Kind of.

The rooms are all about the same size, except the dining room is a little smaller.  In this picture it looks oddly smaller, but it’s not really.  That really is completely irrelevant, though because the dining is the one room we are leaving alone (except we borrowed some furniture from there).

floor plan old with pictures

Here’s the old floor plan with pictures.

That way you can see the old rooms and where they used to be.

It was a great floorplan.

But it didn’t really work.

floor plan old

It was a great layout and I loved the placement of all the rooms.  A while back the dining room was where the library was and the library was where the dining room was and the dining room used to have a red crystal chandelier with 12″ wallpaper border.

But I digress.  

That is a story for another day.

The challenge with the room layout above is that no one ever used the two front rooms.

We just kind of walked by and waved when we entered the house.

That was wonderful because the two front rooms always stayed clean.

That was terrible because we were not using HALF of the space.

new floorplan

Enter the new floor plan.

The dining room stayed the same.

The kitchen table and chairs and a few other random furniture friends all moved to the old family room which is now the dining/homework/gameroom.

The kitchen now has comfortable chairs and an ottoman and a coffee table that works amazingly well with coffee.

And the old library?

It’s the family room, the snuggle up by the fire and watch television room, the football game watching room.

farmhouse dining room

I’ve almost got all the rooms tweaked and I’ll be posting pictures later of the other rooms.

But in the middle of the great change-up, I wondered if it would work?

If all this furniture moving would be worth it?

Would we actually use all the rooms?

iron fireplace mantel

Then yesterday I walked through the house.

In the front room, the game was on.  In the kitchen someone was curled up in one of the chairs reading a book and in this room there were tiny blue and pink triangles all over the floor with gluesticks on the table.


The great change-up is a success.  Well…..except for cooking dinner and eating it in that dining room.

Maybe that will be the great change-up…..

….the second chapter. 🙂

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  1. Image for Vicki Vicki

    I think I love it - the diagrams helped us understand. I agree - better use of space and makes sense. Please come decorate my home! Lol PS - so not kidding!

  2. Image for Julie G Julie G

    I have always loved rethinking and changing rooms into another form. Your creativity has yet again not surprised us....keep on sharing and blogging!

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