Random thoughts on the week before Christmas:

1. I’m half-way through the second season of the Crown.  If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s amazing.  It’s like an entire part of British history that you thought you knew, but you really didn’t.

2. We just pulled down the fence in the backyard.  My husband, my father-in-law, my two sons and a tractor were standing in the yard when I left yesterday for an ornament party.  It was a good time to make an exit.

3. I just noticed I always refer to “we” in these posts.  Truth?  This “we” is usually just supervising.

4. There is one week left until Christmas.  Seriously?  How did that happen?  Can we still be friends if I tell you I haven’t wrapped a single gift for my family?  I had such high hopes this year.  I even wrote a Christmas check-list.


I’m giving myself grace this year for Christmas. 🙂

And now for my favorite of favortists from around the web.

I am about to hang a chalkboard on our stairs.

Look at this cute chalkboard idea with the wreath and the bells.

Totally copying.

You can see the rest of the room here.

Love this post.

It’s all about pressing pause to enjoy the week before Christmas.

Read the entire post here.

Love this simple idea.

I’ve tied wreaths on the back of chairs, but never a stocking.

Such a cute idea for Christmas dinner.

See the rest of the room here.

Great article on transitioning from Christmas to the new year.

And I loved this trophy display.

Read the rest of the article here.


And in random news this week:

This DIY leather basket

These cute gift wrapping ideas

This cookbook round up

An actual breakfast at Tiffany’s

This kitchen

This made me laugh out loud

These beautiful Christmas decorations

These design tips (including that gold footrest on the island)

This is me on Christmas morning.

Every.  Single.  Time.

And one more for the road:

This is a post I wrote last year on how to get organized after Christmas.

I’m trying to take my own advice this year.

Article found here.

Merry Christmas to you.

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  1. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    Already had our Christmas, as they had other places to go. They all spent the night and got up and we had a big breakfast. It was wonderful!!! Hope everyone out there has the same feeling as we do!!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

  2. Image for Laura Ingalls Gunn Laura Ingalls Gunn

    The wee box I gave you at the blogger's luncheon was made from fencing that we reclaimed after a tornado made a surprise visit to our backyard last May. So don't let that wood go to waste. Wait a minute...who am I talking to? You already have a plan I am sure. Also, tucked into the box was a teapot cozy. NOT a replica of the pope's hat. Which is what the other part of my "we" thought it was. I continue to keep you and your sweet family in my thoughts as you treasure the days with your furry family member. I am here for you if you need some comfort food quietly dropped off on your porch. Or I can pull weeds, remove wallpaper....whatever you need.

  3. Image for Kris Kris

    Where do you watch The Crown? Is it a Netflix thing? We seem to have similar taste in tv/movies so I consider your suggestions to be worthy of exploring. :) And if you're looking for a terrific movie to see at the theaters, we just got back from seeing Wonder. I was not a crazy, teary, sobbing woman while we were there. OK, I was, but in a really really good way.

  4. Image for Julie Briones Julie Briones

    Okay... so Victoria Elizabeth Barnes... yeah (pointing at you and the monitor with her post on it)... two peas, girlfriend, two itty-bitty-peas! ;-) I smiled through the whole post! And, Jamie's house... Oh my! Her Christmas decor is just so perfect!

  5. Image for Lee Lee

    I'm so glad you read Victoria Elizabeth Barnes. I think she is hilarious....well, no wonder you read her! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  6. Image for Ananda Ananda

    merry christmas karianne!! don't feel guilty about "haven’t wrapped a single gift ", beside being busy people, we are also bloggers, which means right now we are already thinking about spring flowers, right? ;) just read that you moved to TX!! so excited for you! wish you a beautiful holiday season and an amazing 2018!!

  7. Image for Michelle K Michelle K

    Oh karianne, it’s so nice to hear you say you’re giving yourself grace this year. I’ve been thinking that word all week, such a difficult time of year for so many reasons. Wishing you peace this holiday season and yes, more grace to all of us as we start the new year! ~Michelle~

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