I have decorated a zillion Christmas trees in my lifetime.

Red and white Christmas trees.

Handmade Christmas trees.

Neutral Christmas trees.

Sparkly Christmas trees.

But I’ve never ever ever in the history of ever decorated an upside-down Christmas tree.


Until this showed up at my front door.

I opened the door to find an upside-down Christmas tree wrapped in gold ribbon and tied with this note that read:

“KariAnne, I am an upside down Christmas tree without a home and I choose you!  PS  I really do prefer white ornaments.”

Hello friend.

Nice to meet you.

Can we begin by addressing all that is right and good with this note?

1. The tree was homeless and it knew we would take it in and shower it with love.

2. It introduced itself with an exclamation point.

3. It chose me.

4. It showed up with a big opinion.

Please come sit by me.

I unwrapped the tree and hung it right by the back door.

There was a hook there that was made for it.

I fluffed the branches and then it was ready to decorate.

I’ve never decorated an upside-down Christmas tree before.

So I started at the bottom.

I tied on a glitter snowflake that sends sparkles across the 100-year old wood floors.

Then I added the ornaments.

I hung up glitter birds and merry signs and snowflake ornaments and sparkly reindeer and vintage glitter ornaments.

Most of the ornaments were white.

I tried to follow the note.

Truly I did.

But a few galvanized and black ornaments showed up along the way.

I couldn’t help it, Christmas tree.

I have a big opinion, too. 🙂

PS  A giant thank you to the mysterious Santa who left the tree at my door.

You’ve turned my world upside down. 🙂

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  1. Image for Charley Charley

    Truly there was a hook already there??? and you didn't remove the hook when you painted everything??? The tree needs battery operated lights to shine thru that perfectly positioned window to welcome you all home at night. Where did the Paris sign come from??? Celebrated our 50th anniversary there in August and we have added Paris things here and there to our decor & on our tree. So everything Paris catches my eye.. Love the tree and your back foyer. PERFECT!

    1. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

      I got it in the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby! Here's the story. :) https://thistlewoodfarms.com/what-i-never-knew-i-needed-from-the-clearance-aisle/ Merry Christmas friend! karianne

  2. Image for Suzanne Benner Suzanne Benner

    Upside down trees were used in colonial taverns because they trimmed their trees w/ food items such as cookies, home made pretzels , etc. This was to keep animals and rodents away from the tree. And any lighting would be candles.

    1. Image for Jill Jill

      I'm of Polish descent and Poles in poorer communities would hang their trees upside down simply because there was no floor space for a large tree in their humble-sized homes. I put up my first upside down tree this year and loved it!

  3. Image for Babette Babette

    Hi KariAnne, I too would like to know where the Paris sign came from! Gorgeous! On second thought, knowing your family, one of your siblings probably made it! Ha! I'm not a fan of upside down trees at all! However, I do love how you decorated it. Merry Christmas and I'm having a blast following you as you make your "new" house over in your own style!

    1. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

      Babette, I got it in the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby! Here's the story. :) https://thistlewoodfarms.com/what-i-never-knew-i-needed-from-the-clearance-aisle/ Merry Christmas friend! karianne

  4. Image for Shelly Mathes Shelly Mathes

    Hello Karianne, oh my, I love this little tree! Cute as can be, perfect place, perfect hook! Happy holidays!

  5. Image for Carrie Carrie

    What a great idea~ Surprise Santa's bringing "extra"!! Merry Christmas ~ all in metal, black and white splendor

  6. Image for Ann Baird Ann Baird

    On a Christmas home tour in our neighborhood, I saw one. So cute. The owners had lived in Texas a long time and said it was a Texas thing to have an upside down tree. Who knew?

  7. Image for Nancy Nancy

    Ummmm...yes, yes, and yes!! Double exclamation point. Too cute. The back entryway looks so fresh and bright and clean and says..." casual world traveling out of the box thinkers live here." Do you know what my back entryway currently says? "kinda fancy people who have smelly feet (boy tennis shoes) and a dog that wipes her paws on her mama's sisal rug live here." Clearly, I need to revamp. Have a great day karianne. Nancy

  8. Image for Gina Gina

    The tree chose you! And the hook was already there! Someone might steal this as storyline in a Hallmark movie! And you may just have to edit the post to include a link to the Paris sign! Enjoy these days leading up to Christmas!

  9. Image for Jennifer Jennifer

    How exciting to find a gift on your porch!! That is the kind of thing that makes Christmas soooo much fun! ❤️ I can not wait to see this years homemade gifts! I wish I could get my family to do that.....well they aren't very handy so maybe not! 😂 I will just ooh and ahhh over your family talent! Merry Christmas!

  10. Image for Ann Ann

    I luv this, it would be cute too thru Valentines Day with hearts ♥️ on it. How fun is this? Even into Easter with Easter eggs, too much?😉

  11. Image for Michelle Michelle

    For a while now, I haven't been a fan of upside down Christmas trees. But then I read the comment regarding how it came about and, most importantly, how long its been around. Makes sense and actually changed my mind. Regardless of whether I like them or don't, the ornaments are too cute.

  12. Image for Peg Peg

    What a wonderful act of kindness!! Someone just knew you would embrace this little, homeless tree. Merry Christmas!!! xoxo

  13. Image for Pam Kaufman Pam Kaufman

    Everything you do is beautiful. Such talent! The tree looks like it was meant to be right where you put it. Absolutely gorgeous!

  14. Image for Deb Kelley Deb Kelley

    Oh. My. Goodness!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE the upside down tree, Karianne. And if anyone can pull this off and make it a beautiful, decorative statement, it is wonderful YOU, my friend. I am simply sitting on pins and needles as to what is in store for your new home in the new year. Please keep us in the loop with lots of pictures. Have a blessed CHRISTmas!!!! :-) Deb

  15. Image for Rebecca Turner Rebecca Turner

    KariAnne, It is sweet that you were surprised with a gift, and that you accepted it in the festive spirit that it was offered...but I hope that this doesn’t become a trend. I actually have a viseral reaction when I see an upside down tree. Maybe I’m not the only one? To me it seems disrespectful and sac religious. Yes, I know that many people consider Christmas trees pagan to begin with, so to them it would be immaterial. But I believe that the evergreen is symbolic of eternal life, which was obtained for us by the shedding of Christ’s blood, hence the red ornaments. This will probably be an unpopular opinion but it’s how I view it.

  16. Image for Gail Gail

    Love it.. I was so glad to see upside down trees being done again.. I loved mine when i did them years ago... People just thought they were weird then though. I love them. So pretty, you did great.

  17. Image for BethB BethB

    Keri , This is the first upside down tree I've thought was attractive and tasteful. So many are overdone. You have such a talent to make everything just right, and this is such a warm entry. Thank you for this bit of holiday spirit and treasure.

    1. Image for Janet Janet

      You did your usual terrific job of decorating. Still...the idea of an upside down Chistmas tree seems a bit convoluted to me. At our house the Chrstmas tree symbolizes many things in our Christan life. A green tree represents the cross Christ died on to give us eternal life with Him. Red ornaments and bows for Christ's blood shed for our salvation. An angel at the top (and some angel ornaments) representing the multitude of angels announcing Christ's birth to the shepherds. Lights symbolizing Christ the light of the world. Ornaments of different colors and shapes symbolizing the different fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit that enrich our lives and work through us to bless others. A few crocheted snowflakes that remind us God not only made us all different, but also beautiful.

  18. Image for Sherry Sherry

    Adorable!!! A million years ago when I was in high school I went to dinner at a restaurant in Tustin called the Revere House and they had a full size flocked live tree upside down in the corner. It was unexpected and unbelievably beautiful. I have never seen another till now. Wonderful!!! We need more upside down trees. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family.

  19. Image for tammy tammy

    Hi KariAnne, the house and the tree are lovely together. Im good with the upside down tree, its perfect for an active spot, out of the way, but still beautiful. I hope you don't mind, but Im curious, with your very busy schedule, how do you keep your home photo ready at all times? Are you blessed with outside help, or just wonderfully organized? I am neither, but would love to know your strategy. Thank you for sharing your home with all of us, and may your holiday be filled with love.

  20. Image for Joy Shanor Joy Shanor

    This is what I found on Mashable.com regarding upside down Christmas trees: "Turns out, upside-down Christmas trees aren't a new thing at all, despite being a very ~2017~ trend. In fact, per The Spruce, their roots are in the Middle Ages, when people would display them to signify the Holy Trinity." Just food for thought for those who think it is sacrilegious or dumb.

  21. Image for Susan B Susan B

    Karianne, the tree is as cute as you are! No wonder it chose you to come home to! You styled it so perfectly - I'm sure it embraces the galvanized and black accents that it didn't even realize that it wanted! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  22. Image for jean jean

    A few years ago, a friend of mine stripped her tree of needles , painted it white , and next year , hung it upside down in one room, It continues to be a showstopper.

  23. Image for Colleen Colleen

    Cute, but not sure how long it will survive without water! Like how do you water an upside tree? Gorgeous tho!

  24. Image for Jo Jo

    Never liked the upside down tree concept....until now. You and your wiley ways, Miss Karianne bringing your brand of fun and joy! Nicely done (not overdone)!!!

  25. Image for Nancy Nancy

    We did an upside down Cmas tree last year in my friend's wine cellar . The high ceiling really helped and we hung miniature wine bottles ( ornaments ) all over it! Such fun 🍷

  26. Image for Katherines Corner Katherines Corner

    so cute! We had a neighbor in our old neighborhood who had a white 6 foot tree that they decorated and yes, it was upside down. I thought it was a bit odd. But it made them happy and that is all that counts. Enjoy your little upside down tree. I now have the song lyrics from DIana Ross' song Upside down stuck in my head, LOL xo Boy, you turn me Inside out And round and round Upside down Boy, you turn me Inside out And round and round upside down P.S. I hope you will be able to join the TFT party again in the new year

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