Christmas table decorating ideas

Hello cold, wintry December morning.

The day ahead is full to the brim of activity and spilling over with to-do lists.

And what’s on the list?  Are you curious?

Here’s my mini list of what my December day brought to me (and a little Christmas decorating in the kitchen).

decorating for Christmas in the kitchen

Twelve Christmas gifts to be wrapped.

Eleven ornaments to be hung on the tree at the gatehouse (okay…totally more than eleven….but it fit the song).

Ten minutes spent picking up all the wet socks from the back door.

decorating ideas for the kitchen for Christmas

Nine projects to finish for our families handmade Christmas (hint:  it involves those wood pieces I found in the burn pile).

Eight Elvis Christmas carols to sing on my drive through the country.

Seven snacks to pack so I don’t spend a fortune at the concession stands.

kitchen Christmas ideas

Six beds to make.

Five rounds of academic meets to watch.

Four basketball games to cheer at.

Christmas mantel in the kitchen

Three sets of Christmas cards to mail out.

Two football games to watch.


….one amazing day to count my blessings.

Christmas decorating in the kitchen

But before the day begins.

Before all the busy and the coming and going and cheering and driving and wrapping and creating.

It’s just me and my kitchen and my coffee.

Christmas decorating ideas hutch

The house is quiet and still and silent.

The Christmas lights are twinkling on the tree and the kitchen smells like evergreen topped off with cinnamon.

The coffee is hot and there’s a second cup waiting.

Christmas decorating ideas sleigh

I know your day ahead is busy too and my wish for you is a moment before all the busy begins to celebrate the quiet.

Celebrate the stillness.

Celebrate the pressing the pause button to count your blessings.

And may your day be full of the joys and celebrations of the season…..

….now go take on what your December day brought to you.

PS  I just saw the sun peeking through the windows.

The day is looking brighter already. 🙂

decorating ideas for the kitchen for a merry Christmas


It’s day six of the twelve days of Christmas!

And here’s a little more Christmas decorating inspiration from some of my favorite people.

Click on the links below for the projects.

shanty 2 chic


Shanty 2 Chic

Monogram String Frame


Inspired by charm thumbnail

Inspired by Charm

Merry Entry Table

funky junk

Funky Junk

Shutter Christmas tool box



Christmas decorating ideas



Embroidered Reindeer

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  1. Image for Beverly Beverly

    Everything looks wonderful, KariAnne. Christmas in your kitchen is an extra special treat.♥ I hope you will share your post with us for Pink Saturday. We are doing seasonal posts through New Years, and this is perfect.

  2. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Good Morning! I guess we're drinking coffee together - just separated by a few miles. Today it still looks dreary but I have a happy heart. I'm packing biscotti to send to an elderly gentleman friend, he's 92 and as spunky as can be. Then I'll be baking bread and planning on our early Christmas dinner ( a week early) we wanted to get everyone together. Then I'm planning on a quick trip to Hobby Lobby to see what is going on. Hope your day is wonderful and I am counting my blessings for they are bountiful!!

  3. Image for Debbie Debbie

    First time visitor and this post put a big smile on my face! I love the way you counted down the day's events. Your kitchen is beautiful and I hope one of the college games is you pulling for Florida State! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Image for Teresa Teresa

    I absolutely LOVE your Christmas decorating and your style all together. I just read your wood piece Christmas tree and it cracked me up! I'm so happy to have found your blog and will be checking back in regularly.

  5. Image for Kay Kay

    Oh! Kari Anne, we know you're an incredibly talented decorator and now we learn you're a fabulous lyricist. I know when I click on your blog that I'm in for something delight-filled. xo

  6. Image for Christine Christine

    KariAnne, Coffee in the morning it's what I live for! Well, you know what I mean. Ha! Your house is lovely, cozy and fun! Christine

  7. Image for Soncie Soncie

    Kariane, You are such a rock star..Love! Love! Love! The handmade typewriter font wrapping paper is to live for!!! In fact, everything is so beautiful I don't know where to look or which of your projects I should attempt to recreate first! Tis the season to D.I.Y.

  8. Image for Maria Kamara Maria Kamara

    What a great post!! We spend most of our time in the kitchen anyways so of course we should decorate it at Christmas. We only started doing this after our kitchen renovation but kitchens should hold art and beauty just as the other rooms of our home.

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