I love candles that smell like cookies.

It’s like baking them without the calories.

Fresh, hot sugar cookies right out of the oven with extra sprinkles.

Spicy cinnamon.  Buttery crust.  Hot gingerbread. Crunchy pistachio cookies with almonds and vanilla.

I wish you could smell my kitchen.  It’s almost like Santa’s elves are making an eight-course meal entirely made up of cookies.

I put together a fun photo shoot for Yankee Candle that helps to illustrate the smells of their yummy new candle line called Cookie Swap.  The scents are inspired by holiday cookie classics with six new fragrances that smell like a whole lot of wonderful.

The first new fragrance is called Magic Cookie Bar.

Have you ever walked in brownies when they were just about done?

That’s what this candle smells like mixed with cookie and chocolate and brown sugar and butterscotch.

Pair this scent with a cup of hot cocoa and tiny marshmallows.

The next scent is called Iced Gingerbread.

Yes, please.

It’s the perfect blend of cookie smells.  Sometimes I can smell gingerbread.  Sometimes I can smell cookie.  And every so often…I’ll get a whiff of vanilla.

Pair it with cinnamon coffee.

The next scent is called Candy Cane Meringue.

It’s the perfect Christmas blend.  It smells like featherweight meringue flavored with vanilla and peppermint.  There’s also an unexpected whiff of citrus every now and then.

Pair it with a good book and a latte.

The next scent is called Merry Berry Linzer.

I’ve never heard of a linzer cookie before.

It’s an almond shortbread filled with raspberry filling and topped with a vanilla glaze.

Pair it with a Christmas movie and a cup of hot tea.

I saved my favorite for last.

This scent is called Sprinkled Sugar Cookie.

The cookie that my grandmother used to make.  If I close my eyes I’m back in her kitchen with the smell of buttery, warm cookies swirling around me.

Memories with extra sprinkles.

The best scent of all. 🙂

disclaimer:  This post was written in collaboration with Yankee Candle.

Thank you for supporting the brands that help to make this blog possible.

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  1. Image for Suzy Suzy

    Yes! Cookies without the calories! Sounds delicious! Your suggested pairings sound yummy! Maybe having one burning in the kitchen while baking cookies will keep me from sampling too much! I will have to get some of these! Excuse me while I go get another cup of coffee!

  2. Image for NormaJean NormaJean

    Your photos and descriptions make me want to drop everything and hit the bakery and Yankee candle shop right now! Unfortunately, my boss (Don) won't release me from work!!!

  3. Image for Pat Pat

    Great photos and oh my goodness, having several of those delightful candles would make one think they were in a bakery....without the calories of course!♥

  4. Image for Sherrie Pfeiffer Sherrie Pfeiffer

    Sooooo pretty! I can't help thinking that these photos would make great Christmas cards. I didn't know that Yankee Candle had so many scents!

  5. Image for Linda Linda

    Yes Iam like you.....I love the candles that smell like cookies ! I think the candles that smell like " perfume " are just too strong for me. Enjoy !

  6. Image for Shirley Shirley

    Lovely photos Karianne. Congratulations on your pairing. I'll have to see if they have them in England. Merry Christmas !

  7. Image for Marianne Marianne

    I love Yankee candles. My favorite for this season is Mistletoe. Light it up, close your eyes and imagine yourself in an room filled with fresh cut Christmas trees??. KariAnne, your pictures are just gorgeous.

  8. Image for Mary Sue Megchelsen Chatfield Mary Sue Megchelsen Chatfield

    Okay, you've sold me ~ no problem! Now I need to go find these Yankee Candles, then will have to decide which one to try first!

  9. Image for Sherry Sherry

    I love Yankee Candles! However, when I light those that smell like cookies, I invariably nod up in the kitchen baking and eating too many!? Your photography is sooooo outstanding! That new lens is working!

  10. Image for ananda ananda

    ok karianne, did you bake those cookies and brownies?? OMG can i come over later today?? =) seriously, i hope to meet you one day, and have an afternoon hot cocoa! =) just want to wish you and your family a very merry christmas and a beautiful 2017!! xoxo

  11. Image for Pat Pat

    I am putting those candles on my Christmas list, and also putting them in my gift boxes for friends and family . Thanks for sharing those beautiful pics. Pat

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