I’m so happy you are here.


More happy than the time I found an entire congregation of tiny paper birds with glitter wings on sale after Christmas for .19 each.

And that’s happy with sprinkles on top.

Today is the day for Deck the Halls Christmas Home Tour–the kitchen edition.

If you stopped by from A Thoughtful Place it is super nice to meet you.

I’m KariAnne and I live in the middle of nowhere with a farmhouse as my best friend and….

…. I’d like to introduce you to my kitchen.

It got its floor polished just for you.

I’m not sure what it is about this Christmas, but I think it’s my favorite so far.

Maybe its because it hasn’t taken itself too seriously, yet.

I know this might seem almost unbelievable to you…

…but I can go a bit overboard at times.

(I see you laughing over there behind the rim of your coffee cup)

There was the year of the 28 Christmas trees.

And the year I color coordinated every room with matching window decorations.

The year the outdoor reindeer wore ugly Christmas sweaters and coordinating red noses.

And let’s not forget the year I made my own monogrammed paper and wrapped the presents with burlap ribbon I wrote carols on.

Or the year I decided we needed a wreath on every single window on every single story of our house.

Or the year I invited the entire church over to our house that evening from the choir loft.

They were all great years.

Each and every one.

But this year stands apart.

This is the year I relaxed.

I know that might seem like an oxymoron to introduce relaxation in the middle of a post about decorating, but it’s true.

I’ve taken each day as it comes along.

I’ve made no-bake cookies with the twins instead of stressing about trying to be a baker.

I’ve made an advent calendar that left a joy trail.

I’ve decorated with handmade things.

I’ve shopped on the dollar aisle.

I’ve made handmade ornaments for my tree.

I’ve walked the dogs and sung Christmas carols at the top of my lungs and danced in the middle of the aisles at Hobby Lobby and sat in the quiet with coffee and twinkling lights.

And in the middle of all that simplicity and handmade and coffee and pausing, something amazing happened.

Fun showed up instead of stress.

I know, right?

Can you even believe it?

All this slowing down helped me remember what is truly important.

What I adore.

What will be there after the tinsel and ornaments and trees and stockings and reindeer with Christmas sweaters are gone.

This Christmas season I’m thankful for:

Six pairs of sparkling eyes.

Five twinkly mornings.

Four laughing children.

Three cold noses from walks in the snow.

Two sets of furry paws.

And joy in a pear tree. 🙂

And now be sure and stop by Maison De Pax for some more Christmas inspiration.

And you can see the rest of the tour below.

Merry Christmas friends. 🙂

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  1. Image for gina gina

    Really great photos! Tour looks like a lot of eye candy! Enjoy the entire season! The twelve days of Christmas starts Christmas day until the Epiphany, January 6. Relax and enjoy!

  2. Image for Shannon Shannon

    Thank you!! I needed this message this morning as I set stressing about my to do list and all the things that "should" get done. Time to slow down, appreciate the imperfections, and enjoy the moments. :) I love the simple elegance of your decorations!

  3. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Your house is singing right along with you -- you're a room whisperer and it tells you just what it needs. Happiness and peace are oozing out of every crevice! And your kitchen floor looks fantastic -- but I wouldn't have noticed because every time I walk around your house my mouth is wide open in awe. I believe part of what made your stress level less is having your precious family healthy and happy. This fall was pretty and scarey for you and now you can RELAX!! Have a wonderful day, my friend!! Your house is glowing!

  4. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    Everything looks lovely, KariAnne! I love the wide shots that show how your house flows together; I love the close ups which show the attention to detail; I love your story....wait. Did you say you dressed the reindeer in ugly sweaters? Lol. I'd love to see that! Hahaha. Glad you are having a relaxed and fun Christmas season! Hugs, Cecilia

  5. Image for Carole @ Garden Up Green Carole @ Garden Up Green

    Beautiful home but I have to say that sunshine bursting through the windows is fantastic. Love those wooden cut out trees - neat idea. Enjoy your happy place, any thing good cooking in that kitchen this week?

  6. Image for Jeanne Jeanne

    I love reading what you write! I needed a smile this am as I care for my sweet 15 year old pup that just got a diagnosis that will end his life soon. You remind me of myself and other holidays when a did a little too much (the Thanksgiving centerpiece that had a pilgrim ship floating in water with dry ice- sheesh!) I've learned to relax more myself and enjoy the process and not just the result.

  7. Image for Claudia A. Claudia A.

    Ah your home looks really nice...I'm really liking the less stressed look. Can you believe we are what 10 days away, I've done no, zero zilch decorating. This year has been awesome for us. I usually get depressed around Thanksgiving and it runs through the New Year, sad but true. For the last two years my daughter and son in law have worked with a friend and her family at their local Christmas Tree Farm. This year we joined them. My daughter and sil work at the farm cutting trees, making garland, wreaths, giving tours and even helping Santa. The Hubs and I took on the job of feeding the crew! There were anywhere from 20 - 30+ people to prepare lunch for, it was so much fun. All the shopping and preparation keeps you so busy it takes your mind off all those depressing thoughts. I'm still hoping to do something but I'm more focused on finding or making the Christmas gifts at this point so who knows if I'll make it.

  8. Image for Julie Julie

    Kari Anne, I love your 'not-so-serious' theme in Christmas decorating this year. And you are an inspiration for what is truly important in life. Happy Holidays to you!

  9. Image for Sandra Vigil Sandra Vigil

    Miss KariAnne, I love the tour;you are truly gifted. I found your blog many months ago while searching online for burlap curtains and have enjoyed reading ever since. God bless you and your family this Christmas!

  10. Image for Ellen Ellen

    SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!! I really love your approach to the decorating this year- it is so easy to get carried away isn't it? I adore those little reindeer on the shelves, too cute. Your photos are fantastic and provide the perfect tour of the kitchen- which is fabulous! Thank-you for this delightful post.

  11. Image for Terri Terri

    Laughing over the rim of my cup???? lololol... How about spewing coffee out as I busted into laughter!!! Ummmm..... Isn't going overboard your Blog's Middle Name??? lolololol... oh Karianne.. you do make me smile !!!!! I love the kitchen and could just give those gorgeous old floors a kiss !!! Very nice touch with the little wreaths on the chairs !!! Merry Christmas and BLESSINGS !!!!!!!! Now... to enjoy the "Laid back" way .. :)

  12. Image for Terri Terri

    As always, beautiful. Yes, your home, of course, but I'm talking about your message to all of us. In this day of "busyness" I find myself craving peace and time for relaxing and puttering (is that still a word?!). But this life just wouldn't be rich without our family and friends. Thank you for inspiring us to make our homes a place of beauty, but mostly, for opening ourselves to the beauty of all of the people in our lives.

  13. Image for Michelle Michelle

    You know how much I love your farmhouse and the kitchen is simply gorgeous! But I really, really, really love your message this season. Slow. Down. Eliminate the stress. I'll have to tell you sometime about the Kitchen Monster I used to morph into during the holidays, trying to make everything from scratch, inadvertently pulling a chair out from under a friend one holiday (we're still friend :-)), standing on a ladder and picking stuffing out of a ceiling light fixture another holiday... I made myself and everyone around me frantic. That is, until my sweet hubby talked me into ordering the holiday meals. No more Kitchen Monster and I actually got to relax (so did everyone around me) and enjoy the holidays with those dearest to me.

  14. Image for Michelle Michelle

    OK, I forgot to add that yes, I told you I'm frantic this holiday sewing and studying, but everyone else is down in Texas so I'm just being frantic by myself. Which is better. I think. ;-)

  15. Image for Kris Kris

    I prefer simple decorating with a nod to the past. And while themed trees are beautiful, I enjoy our tree with anything and everything on it even more--ornaments that have been gifted to us which remind me of old friends .... handmade ornaments from my kids--those are priceless. Your kitchen is simply beautiful. No need to add anything else. :)

  16. Image for Randi Randi

    KariAnne I la la la la love your kitchen and your sweet perspective this season! You are such a sweetheart with amazing talent! Wishing you the merriest Christmas! Xo

  17. Image for Pinky Pinky

    You know, I really don't get stressed even though I TOTALLY decorate this house. It is almost like moving as I have to remove almost all of the decor, and I pack it up in the boxes the Christmas decor comes out of. I do love your no stress decorating this year and I too, love to sit and just take it all in. I also have our dear, sweet, gorgeous granddaughter to watch how she relates to Christmas each year. This year, she just turned 4 and it is a great age. Have a most wonderful, blessed Christmas!!!!!!!


    Enjoyed your lovely post so much this morning! You have everything so lovely. Have a blessed day, my friend!

  19. Image for Courtney Courtney

    Absolutely beautiful as always KariAnne! And your floors!!! Amazing!!! I hope your day has been good- I have been sending hugs your direction. We need to catch up soon! xo

  20. Image for Carissa Carissa

    KariAnne absolutely perfect! Every single inch of it. I love how you can see your Christmas tree through the window in the kitchen and that shot of your dining with all the gorgeous lighting come through was amazing!!! Loved taking your tour!

  21. Image for Jane Jane

    Love your home this holiday, KariAnne--always beautiful and even more now with your decorations blending in so perfectly. They actually pop! And your writing. Gosh, you are a true talent! Jane xxx

  22. Image for Preppy Mtn Farmer Preppy Mtn Farmer

    What a lovely post. My children and I were just discussing how easyit is to get caught up in the commercial busyness of this holiday, and how it takes a concerted effort to slow down and be at peace. I'm glad you've found your way of doing that this year. On a different note, I love the way your green wreaths pop against the clean white of your farmhouse kitchen.

  23. Image for Amy W. Amy W.

    It's those simple things in life which make HUGE blessings, especially for the holidays! You couldn't have written it any better today! Also, wanted to share with you how...through-out the few years I've been following your blog, you've inspired me so. As I was born with the inspiration to decorate...but really really really have to work diligently at it as ideas don't come naturally ooooozing out of me as yourself! For the past 4 years or so...I've been decorating my school christmas tree , doing okay and getting compliments....however, this year it went over the top for me to be asked by a teacher and her husband who operate a local successful restaurant here in town.... to decorate the establishment. In which I did....thinking of you often as I did! Thank-you for all the inspiration you give to us readers! You're Rock Star Awesome!!

  24. Image for Debbie - Mountain Mama Debbie - Mountain Mama

    Ahhhhh, as always your home looks amazing - I simply love your style! Merry Christmas to you, sweet friend!! You are truly blessed!

  25. Image for Marty Cotton Marty Cotton

    I just discovered your blog! I love your kitchen island and wondered if you have done a post about it? Would love to know where you bought it or if it was a DIY project. So happy I have discovered your blog!

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