Sweet Tea Table Setting

Hello sunshine.

I have so much to tell you that I wish you could stop over for sweet tea and these yummy St. Patrick’s Day cookies with extra sprinkles I just got at the grocery store.

We have so many things to discuss.

Like that I just got a new coat of purple fingernail polish and I wanted to make a craft video, except I realized my hands were little and my fingers were really stubby and maybe I should hire a hand model instead.

Or that the daffodils are coming up all over the yard.

Or that Sunday night was sad television watching.  Masterpiece tried with a tribute to Downton Abbey, but it just wasn’t the same.  Now I’m counting the minutes until June and Poldark the second season.

Or that today is National Pi Day.  The 3.14 kind, not the one with the flaky crust.

Or that I’m about to launch my second fabric line.

And it’s all about the blue and white.

Sweet Tea Tablecloth

The first fabric line launched at the beginning of the year and it’s called Simply Eclectic.

It’s available online and in stores all across the country.

You can see a list of stores and all the fabrics in the line here.

It’s doing really well and it’s currently in its second printing.

Sweet Tea Napkin

I love the colors and patterns and geometric lines of Simply Eclectic, but my heart wanted something a little more farmhouse.

Enter the new fabric line.

Guess what it’s called?


Sweet Tea.

Back Porch Sweet Tea

It’s scheduled to be in stores by the end of the year.

And I’m headed to quilt/fabric market next month to promote it.

I love the stripes with the floral with the tiny thistle pattern.

Sweet Tea Blue With Thistles

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the patterns.

We even added thistles to the group.

I love how the different patterns and scale of the florals layer easily.

Sweet Tea Coral and Teal

We also added some of the patterns in coral and teal.

That large floral is so pretty.

There’s also coral stripes and teal birds to layer into this grouping.

Sweet Tea Dining Table

Yesterday I sewed up a table setting.

I made a runner and place mats and napkins and chair covers.

And added a little sweet tea to the table.


Sweet Tea by Thistlewood and Hoffman

And in super exciting news, I have a few appearances scheduled for the fabric.

You can see them on my event calendar here.

I’m going to be in Paducah, Kentucky for the quilt show and in a couple of weeks I’m going to be traveling to Texas for another party in downtown McKinney.

Simply Eclectic Party

If you are in the area, I would love to meet you!

We are having giveaways and patterns and home decor and DIY ideas.

And a food truck.

I’ll be the one with purple nails wearing red lipstick and drinking sweet tea. 🙂

PS  I’d love to schedule an appearance in your area, too!  Just e-mail me if you want to set one up.

PPS  Have a day as amazing as you are. 🙂

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  1. Image for Nancy @ slightly Coastal Nancy @ slightly Coastal

    Ohmygosh...can I just say I am so obvi about the blue and white too! I love your last line so much but there is just something about blue and white that feels fresh and crisp. I love those little chair covers. I would so have a St.Patty's day cookie with you but I think I'm one of the only people in the South who drink unsweetened tea. I know, blah! Right? Sweet is not my cup of tea...literally...but I do love my tea with a side of blue and white. Amazing right back at 'ya! Nancy

  2. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Fabric AND a food truck! I am so there! The new samples are divine! I can't wait to chat with you again. (I apologize about the excessive use of exclamation points) :) Lisa

  3. Image for Sherry Sherry

    Hi friend, watching my neighbor dogs drink from the open lake and know spring is here. Can't wait for your floral teal/coral -it's me and the blue series is my favorite sister 's style. Have a safe trip . Sherry

  4. Image for Nancy Carr Nancy Carr

    Congratulations on the new fabric patterns. I love blue and white and all your designs. You are terrific! Blessings

  5. Image for Gail Gail

    Ok, unfair, I cant wait until the end of the year. I need it now. I am planning on a bluish Christmas this year. Such torture. I love them all. I love what you did with the table setting also. Life is good. Gail

  6. Image for katherines corner katherines corner

    Squeal, Yippee, Hurray, Applause! Congratulations you've done it again my sweet friend, well done. The patterns are beautiful and I look forward to making some pillow covers for my shop with the lovely sweet tea collection .So truly excited and sincerely happy for you, it is wonderful to see your creativity realized in such a wonderful way.xo

  7. Image for Linda Linda

    Love the Blue/white fabrics. They are so crisp and dainty! Congrats on your success. Hoping to see even more fabric in the future BTW - my favorite color is yellow! Just sayin' Hugs from Colorado, Linda

  8. Image for Moriah C Moriah C

    Congrats on your success! I'm very happy hot you :) And the blue couldn't be more perfect for my Living Room/Dining Room. I just painted it last week and cannot wait until this line comes out! I'll look for it in Shipshewana, IN.

  9. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    Miz karinne, that is simply awesome! congratulations little one. You really don't waste a single minute of your days, do you! I love the crisp, clean feel of blue and white, but there's not a bit of it in my house....LOL Wish could be driving through McKinney on Tuesday nite....I'd drop in to see what all will be going on. Have a great tour!

  10. Image for Laura Ingalls Gunn Laura Ingalls Gunn

    This time I will make sure I am the when you come to Texas. Last time I had a house guest who was not interested in amazing fabric, red lipstick and pure delights of the soul. I can't wait!

  11. Image for jae jae

    You have done it again, girl! Beautiful patterns. And I really like how you styled your table with the blue and lemons and all...looks like the definition of Spring!

  12. Image for Peggy Peggy

    Simply gorgeous! And just in time for summer! Nothing like blue and white and sweet tea. I see some pinafores out of that thistle print for my sweet nieces.

  13. Image for Michelle Rudis Michelle Rudis

    Been feeling a bit under the weather lately but definitely wanted to take time to pop in and say congratulations on the new fabric line! I've been a big fan of blue and white for...well, forever, actually! Plus I just missed popping in and saying hello ;-) The blue and white looks so Spring with the very adorable table runner and chair covers you stitched up, not to mention that it's adorableness is only enhanced by all that lovely milk glass. Frankly, I love all the colors! Hmmm...I'm feeling color adventurous now....

  14. Image for Cheri Cheri

    I am so excited for you! I love this new line. I am a quilter and can think of many lovely things to make with these fabrics. I can't wait for them to become available at the end of the year.

  15. Image for Yvonne @ StoneGable Yvonne @ StoneGable

    I love love love your first collection and I'm also swooning over your new Sweet Tea collection. Oh you chose such gorgeous fabrics! Swoon. I would love to create something pretty for spring with them. xo

  16. Image for Cassandra E Cassandra E

    Oh hooray, thistles! I super love. All of the new line. Can I just say, I saw California on the ribbon, and got super excited? Then I realized it's the company. If only I had the resources... Congratulations.

  17. Image for Kris Kris

    You do realize that none of these locations is remotely close to Michigan, right? I have always had a soft spot for blues and whites. Very pretty fabric. So my first thought when I saw "exciting announcement" was "is she pregnant??" Ha!

  18. Image for Lisa at celebrate creativity Lisa at celebrate creativity

    Hi KariAnne, Congrats on the second printing of your debut line. The blue and white fabrics are just as beautiful and look just lovely on your porch. Very crisp and Summer-y (that's a word, right?). So many lovely irons in the fire. Good for you. Have a wonderful day!

  19. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Okay, I'm going to start whining -- and an Italian whining is not a pretty thing to behold. In fact it is very pathetic!! I want to purchase your fabric and none of the places we stay are close to where you sell :-( Do you think you could have some kind of Internet business?? I used to buy LOTS of fabric on line. I love the prints I can see making all sorts of this with the darling prints. SO!! Congratulations on your expansion and I'm hoping you get so big that you'll expand over to my way. And small stubby hands are cute!! I can't grow nails to save my soul so my nails are always without polish -- I don't want to bring attention to the short ugly nails. :-( Hugs!!

  20. Image for Pamela A Pamela A

    KariAnne - Congrats to you on the new fabric line. Be still my heart with the blue and white, what's not to love?!? Love the floral print - simply beautiful. Could I put in a request just for a visit? I'll provide the sweet tea and treats and be sure that you bring along your fabrics so that it would "truly" be a business trip!

  21. Image for Shawn Shawn

    Well congrats to you KariAnne! I just read your blog about your first fabric line, the little fabric that could. How the heck does one get a fabric line!!?? Did you paint the patterns with watercolors or draw them or something first? and how did you find a company to print them? Are they printed overseas and do you have to travel there? Do you have to put out a lot of your own $? While I have a textile background, when I think about something like you just did, TWICE, it just seems so overwhelming. Plus you appeared on TV at least twice! I am truly, continually amazed by you and your blog that is so inspiring and LOL funny.

  22. Image for Shirley Shirley

    Congratulations on your second fabric line . Your table looks so pretty. I must tell you that I got the blusher from Amazon you recommended . It's amazing that you can mention something in your blog & a few days later I get it here in England. I really like it -looks very natural.

  23. Image for Linda Andersen Linda Andersen

    Karianne I love your new fabrics, I love blue always have. May I make a suggestion for your third fabric line? How about gingham and/or buffalo checks? I love both of those. I hope someday you can come all the way up here to Michigan or somewhere closer....Texas is a bit of a haul for me! Keep up the good work, and I got those St. Patrick Day cookies too :) Have a great week friend...

  24. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    KariAnne! This second new line is wonderful, too!!! Love them all, especially the "Thistles" piece! I adore your blog, but I often get tired just READing about all your activities and accomplishments, outside the many commitments that always come with having four "teens" and all their "stuff!" You are indeed amazing! (And I truly think you must never sleep!) Very happy for your success ~ Hugs & Smiles!!! kj p.s. I'd love to drive up to McKinney with my peeps for this event ~ fingers crossed it can happen!

  25. Image for NormaJean NormaJean

    Blue and white? Now we're talking! I love blue and white. Can't wait to check out your line. By the way, our Country Living tickets arrived today! See you soon.

  26. Image for Terri Terri

    Awww..... so excited for you!!!! One of these days... I am going to travel to the great state of Texas.... McKinney Has been on my dream list of "Small town " visits that I want to take for quite some time!!! New fabric line is GORGEOUS!!!!! Blue and white...it's my favorite combo!!!!! "Thistles" is a perfect little pattern !!!! NOW.... I am a little thirsty.... could you bring me a glass of sweet tea.. with lots of ice... I'll be on the porch!! :)

  27. Image for Erin Erin

    One, lovin' the thistle (aside...always have loved the word, so cute) Two, Downton friend, if you have Netflix you MUST watch The Paradise. OMG!!! So much better (character development, story line) than Downton and Selfridge (although it is cool that Selfridge is a true story). I'm telling you KariAnne you will fall in love!!! Series was on PBS in 2013 and received a much higher rating in rotten tomatoes and viewer ratings than any of the others. Let me know if you watch it. I feel like a pied piper since I binge watched it two weeks ago.

  28. Image for Stephanie Stephanie

    How exciting! I love the new fabrics. I’ll have to talk to my local quilt store owner and see if she’ll get it!

  29. Image for Jessica Jessica

    Oh my word! Those fabric patterns are just amazing! I am so loving the thistles and floral!! I need to redo our curtains in our master bedroom and these patterns are just perfect. Which means I have to wait until they are out!! Loving everything and hoping you will be making a visit to Chicago!!

  30. Image for Jean Jean

    I don't have a gig to offer you but you are always welcome for a visit and glass of sweet tea on my porch in Owensboro.

  31. Image for Ann weisman Ann weisman

    Love the fabric! Love, love blue and white and have loved it forever. Congratulations on one more great accomplishment! Go, purple nail girl! Have some more fun

  32. Image for Jessica Jessica

    Boooo - the only store in Texas that sells it is that McKinney store - I am in Houston and that is just not an easy drive. Would you please send me a link where I can buy fabric online? Thanks Jessica

    1. Image for Trish Flake Trish Flake

      Hi Jessica! You can purchase the fabric online here: https://www.hancocks-paducah.com/s.nl/sc.1/category./.f?search=simply+eclectic Let us know if you have any questions!

  33. Image for cindy cindy

    I'm so excited for you, Ms. Thistle! How awesome is that?! I do love the first line launched, but this is totally you I think;) I love all the colors too! Plus, the thistles!!! Btw, you and the purple nail polish are just completely iconic...you must show sometime;) Congrats:D

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