I can’t EVEN.

Today is THE DAY.

The day of CAPITAL LETTERS and cartwheels and joy and FINALLY getting to share with you what I’ve been working on.

Remember when I told you that the amazing tile brand Jeffrey Court came out to my house and we worked for a week solid with a team of about 12 people and created a project that I was OVER-THE-MOON about?

Remember how excited I was?

Remember how I told you that I wanted you all to be a part of it too?

Remeber how I couldn’t wait to share?


Are you ready?

Are you set?

Are you sitting down?

Meet my…..


It’s all me.

And my house.

And my favorite tiles.

And inspiration boards for projects for every type of design style.

32 amazing, incredible, awesome pages full of beautiful color photographs and design boards and inspiration that we photographed right here at the new Thistlewood.

Jeffrey Court and I put this together for anyone who’s ever looked at tile and hoped and dreamed and wanted to create a new space and a new look—but didn’t know where to start.

It’s like I wrote in the introduction to this book:

I once spent an entire weekend styling my dollhouse.  I cut out pieces of bright, vividly colored wallpaper and taped it to the walls.  I made furniture out of twigs and snipped pictures out of magazines, framing them with ribbon.  I filled the tiny dollhouse kitchen with salt-dough food, added rugs made out of woven construction paper and cut tiny white tiles out of typing paper.  I spent hours gluing them into a mosaic on the bathroom floor.

And when I was done?

Somehow all of those tiny pieces of paper and salt-dough and ribbon transformed themselves into something amazing.

That’s the thing about decorating.  Step-by-step, piece-by-piece, room-by-room—it transforms a house into a home.

But in truth?

Sometimes decorating can be a little challenging.  The entire process can be a little overwhelming.  We look at our bathroom or our kitchen and ask ourselves:  Where do I begin?  How do I get started?

That’s exactly why we put together this lookbook.

To give you a start.

To give you inspiration.

No matter your style or where you are on the journey—there’s a project for you.

I put together inspiration boards like this one.

And then we transformed them into projects like this one.

It’s the hutch in my kitchen with a new look from simple pieces of tile.

But here’s the BEST PART OF THE STORY.

We want to give you the lookbook for FREE.

All for you.


I know, right?

(total aside:  now do you see why I told you that you had to be sitting down?)

All you have to do is visit my page over on Jeffrey Court.

Just click here to access the page.

There’s a welcome video and some other projects and then at the bottom you’ll see a form like this.

Simply fill out your address and we’ll mail out a lookbook to you for FREE.

We only have a limited quantity to mail out.

So hurry to get yours today.

After that, we’ll have it available by PDF online.

I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did creating it.

Happy decorating.

edited to add:

I am so thankful for each of you.  The response to the lookbook has been so amazing.  We thought we had enough lookbooks to last a month—but we gave away our entire available supply of lookbooks in less than 10 hours.

No worries.  We will have PDF’s of the lookbook available in about a week.  And there will be special bonus features including additional projects and even more inspiration.

Until then thank you.

Thank you for sharing my joy.

Thank you for making this project such a success.

But most of all—thank you for being you.

PS  We released the Lookbook at Haven in the Jeffrey Court booth.  There was standing room only and we had a giant countdown to release it and I may or may not have danced around with it holding over my head.


What happens at Haven stays at Haven. 🙂

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    1. Image for Christine Yost Christine Yost

      Boo, hoo! Tried to get your free Look Book ! I live in a small town in Canada , Osoyoos, B. C. And follow your blog. Love, love it and you of course. So sorry you can’t send to Canada . You have a wonderful way ! I enjoy bringing vintage finds myself ! Love the new / old home you have moved too! Look forward to all you are doing and going to do going forward.

  1. Image for Leen Leen

    Congratulations! How exciting! Can't wait to check it out. I almost called you over the weekend, I am struggling HARD with my new office space. It seems to want to fight with me!

  2. Image for Robin W. Robin W.

    Thanks so much, Kari, for being you!! Love your relationship with JC! You make it all seem so doable and fun! You rock!!

  3. Image for Sharon Sharon

    I am so excited! We are completely redecorating our house and to have this treasure will be amazing. Thank you so much!

  4. Image for Julie Julie

    Wonderful! I think the lookbook is going to be a "bestseller", thank you for making it so easy to sign up for all this inspiration.

  5. Image for Patty Mearini Patty Mearini

    Hi Karianne... I am trying to signup for your lookbook... is this only for USA residents? Canadian provinces are not included in the state/region box :( I do have a copy of your DIY planner. Thank you, Patty

  6. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    WOO-HOO!!! Soooo awesome! So excited for you...again! May you be blessed with many more projects. And thank you! ❤

  7. Image for Deb Deb

    Oh my goodness! How awesome is this, Karianne. :-) Seriously, you are the Decorating Queen for sure. I cannot wait to get your book. It's gonna be a Dr. Pepper, Oreo Ice Cream and Doritios kind of afternoon when I do as I mill over all those pages of beautiful ideas. You are such an inspiration to many in all areas of your life. Thank you for taking us all along for the ride. BIG ((hugs))! :-) Deb

  8. Image for Janet Cole Janet Cole

    I LOVE IT! Congrats!!! I'll be demolishing the master bath shower to re-tile....this look book is just in time. Much love!

  9. Image for Ruth Anne Ruth Anne

    Thanks so much for the chance to have your new Lookbook! Went over to Jeffrey Court and signed right up! Looking forward to seeing how and where you used tile in your new/old home!

  10. Image for Shirley T. Shirley T.

    Oh my!!!! I love it and can’t wait. You are so awesome ❤️ You are such s great inspiration!!! Can’t wait to receive the Lookbook.

  11. Image for Libby Libby

    Perfect timing - we are beginning an addition and a renovation on our home and I need some tile inspiration! Can't wait to see what you've done!

  12. Image for Danielle Danielle

    Over the moon excited for you!!! I’m embarrassed to say that I only discovered you this year, and had no idea of all of your achievements!!!! Although, not surprising! I love that Jeffrey Court mentioned “saved by grace” amongst all of your accolades, but that is the most important one!!! Of all the people out there in blogger and IG Land, yours is the one I most look forward to reading in the morning over coffee. Can’t wait to get the look book!

  13. Image for Barbara Noore Barbara Noore

    You’re so stinking cute. I’ll be checking my mailbox eagerly until your Lookbook arrives. Thanks, friend!

  14. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    Now I know my problem... I think I only rearranged furniture and played with my doll house rather than designing/decorating it!! Actually WAY too many years ago to remember well, but I'm making up "playing house" and creating beauty in my old age!! Thank you for sharing all your beauty and inspiring us all, KariAnne, and congrats on your new collaboration!

  15. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Wow! This is beyond generous! I had a problem signing up for the lookbook though. The site keeps asking me to change my email address but the email I’m entering is my email address. I’ve re-entered it several times and I still can’t submit. Help please. Thank you!

  16. Image for CathyAnn CathyAnn

    YEAH!!! YOU GO GIRL!!! Thanks so much for the awesome freebie but. most of all, for just being YOU and sharing your creativity and inspiration with all of us!

  17. Image for Sue E Sondker Sue E Sondker

    You are so very generous!. Thank you. I have certainly used your others. Stay true to yourself, God is taking you in a perfect direction. He said He would honor the humble and you are. Hugs

  18. Image for Lindy Lindy

    Darn. We Canadians will have to wait to see all the inspiration. Congratulations for fulfilling such a huge goal. Just s wonderful to see a happy story in such times as these...

  19. Image for Evaline Evaline

    Hi KariAnne, The Jeffrey Court form does not have Canadian provines listed in its drop down options. Is it possible to have this updated please? I completed the form but picked the first state on the list as there were no provines. Thank you.

  20. Image for Erin Kaven Erin Kaven

    I would love to get the look book but it won’t accept my email address. Keeps saying it’s invalid. I get this sometimes because it’s a .net but it’s very frustrating. There’s no where listed for me to call.

  21. Image for Louise Caldwell Louise Caldwell

    I so enjoy your blog! Your inspiration and wonderful ideas encourage me to step out of my comfort zone to create a place of peaceful relaxation for my family. Is your new book available to Canadians? I would love to receive a copy!

  22. Image for Gale Eley Gale Eley

    Congratulations! Such exciting news. I've already signed up and can't wait to receive my copy. Happy for you but sure miss seeing you in western Kentucky.

  23. Image for Sherrie Sherrie

    Congratulations! It's a well deserved honor. I tried to sign up for the book, but it wouldn't accept my submission. In any case, I'll look forward to checking out the PDF when it's available. Happy dancing for you!

  24. Image for Linda Gregory Linda Gregory

    Of course your excited. Well deserved honor. You brighten my day. Every day. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with all your readers. Congratulations to Jeffrey Court also for landing you.

  25. Image for Gina Gina

    Grace is good. From the akward moments of your first Haven to being the star of the show! Grace is good, indeed. Shine, Rockstar!

  26. Image for Bobbie French Bobbie French

    Karianne, Thank you so much for this beautiful gift. I went right over to Jeffrey Court's site and signed up immediately for your gift. Can't wait to start reading it. I have been following your blog for about 3 months now and love everything about Thistlewood Farm. Keep up the good work!

  27. Image for Rosalie McCreary Rosalie McCreary

    CONGRATULATIONS Karianne! Thank you for the give away! I'm looking forward to seeing all your great ideas!

  28. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Wow, two of my most favorite things!! Exciting Announcement and Free Gift! Congratulations on the Look Book -- can't wait to get mine -- and, by the way, thank you so much for that. :-)

  29. Image for Kathryn Kathryn

    Congratulations Karianne! So exciting! And deserved! Love your writing, your story, your enthusiasm, and your style! Looking forward to seeing the Jeffery Court Look Book! Thank you!

  30. Image for Katherines Corner Katherines Corner

    Oh, my goodness, after I read this exciting news I hopped right over and as you started speaking on the video I got goosebumps, serious goosebumps, my heart skipped a beat and I had a grin from ear to ear ( I'm still smiling as I write this) .The many blessings you receive my daring friend bring me happy tears. Because they are received by an earth angel named KariAnne .Congratulations my friend and I pray your success will continue long, long, did I say long? into the future. Thank you for the lookbook I can't wait to receive it ( any chance it might be autographed? nudge nudge wink wink) I look forward to filling my bookshelves with more wonderful inspirations to come. Love K

  31. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    Congratulations Karianne!!! That is HUGE news :). I can’t wait to see the lookbook and also familiarize myself with Jeffrey Court. What a treat for all of your fans!! Thank you ❤️

  32. Image for Marianne Marianne

    It is so exciting! I tried filling out the form, for some reason it didn't like my email address, so I had to use one that I don't check very often . I'm not sure that went through either!


    Congratulations! KariAnne! So happy for you with your latest Lookbook! You are such an amazing gal and we can't thank you, enough, for the wonderful opportunity you gave us to receive a copy of your book! I really look forward to receiving this book! It is going to be filled with so much wonderful information, You are such a blessing to us, KariAnne. Thanks, so much, for your wonderful gift. Have a blessed week!

  34. Image for Shelly Powell Shelly Powell

    You deserve all of this goodness! Thank you for the free book! You are the best and we love you! Blessings

  35. Image for Roz Roz

    Congratulations, KariAnne! Always love your blog and now THIS! Of course, I signed up for your LookBook! Of course, I will LOVE it! Cannot WAIT for that day when I go to the Post Office and find that treasure in my box. THAT will be a day for cocoa and marshmallows......even in these boiling days of Texas Hill Country HEAT!!!!!!! Thank you, KariAnne.

  36. Image for Ruth Ruth

    I tried signing up and it says my email address is invalid. Help! I would really love the paper book. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’ve tried several different times today. Thanks!

  37. Image for Shelley Summerville Shelley Summerville

    So exciting! Congratulations!! Can’t wait to see all you have come up with. Hope you have a wonderful day!💕

  38. Image for Linda Andersen Linda Andersen

    OH Karianne, I am SO proud of you!!! Gee I knew you when...hahaha...you were always a rockstar, right from when I started following you way back. And now this! Yet through it all you remain our down to earth, next door neighbor kind of friend. I'm not alone in wishing you all the best to you and your family. Love, Linda

  39. Image for Angela Beam Angela Beam

    WOW!!! I'm super excited to receive your book!!! What a sweet gift! Thank you so much!!! You are indeed, AMAZING!!!! 😀

  40. Image for PJ PJ

    Congratulations, KariAnne! It is so fun to see your influence grow while you remain modest and funny. I could hear your voice in my head as I read your introduction. All best wishes...PJ

  41. Image for Joy Shanor Joy Shanor

    I want to order the Lookbook, HOWEVER, the Captcha won't let me. Apparently MORE THAN TWENTY attempts to verify I am NOT a computer just isn't enough I stopped after about 20 tries.

  42. Image for Stephanie Stephanie

    Do you possibly have any idea how excited I am for you??? No way!! That's right....no way. You are one amazing lady and I am so excited to be friends with you and a part of your blog!!! I love this...a look book!!! I cannot wait to receive mine!!! Congratulations KariAnne!! Another winner!!! Great things are happening to you and I could not think of a better person to be the receiver. Thank you for all that you do!!! xo

  43. Image for Sue Sue

    Thank you. With a recent kitchen remodel done (except for deciding on a backsplash tile) your look book will help me tremendously.

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