This is one of the most fun posts I’ve written in a while.

I gave myself a challenge.


I gave my pocketbook a challenge.

I told my pocketbook to create a capsule wardrobe for fall with affordable pieces where every piece mixed and matched with each other so I could create different looks every day. The pieces had to be comfortable and quality with details and pieces that were budget-friendly, but the pieces had to look high-end.

And I gave myself a budget of $125.


Do you think I could make it work?

Do you think I could find pieces that fit my budget?

Do you think I could mix and match the pieces to create at least 10 different outfits.


My pocketbook and I did even better than that. We found seven affordable, super cute, comfortable, high-end-looking pieces that created 11 outfits.

And COST UNDER $115 for all seven pieces.

Want to see what I found?


Let’s start with the seven pieces I found. Have you seen the fashion at Walmart lately? It is next level. So many of my favorite brands like Scoop and Time and Tru and Free Assembly just dropped their new fall lines. Just in time for some fun fall shopping.

I’ll list them here and then I’ll show you how I mixed and matched them.


Let’s see the combinations I came up with and how I wore them.

See what I mean?

They seriously all just flow together and they look SO CUTE. And did I mention I got ALL these pieces for under $115?

This dress has a contrasting pattern on the front next to the collar.

The knit is high quality with a little stretch and runs true to size and it’s on sale right now for under $12.00.

It comes in several different colors, but I went with the classic black and white to mix and match with any of the sweaters.

You could wrap any of the sweaters I listed over your shoulders with this dress or wear them over the dress to create the look of a skirt and top. The sweaters are lightweight enough to work perfectly with the dress.

The dress runs true to size and would look cute with sneakers or sandals or even a blue jean jacket when it gets colder.

If you only buy one thing this fall?

Add these pants to your cart.


I ordered them in every color. They are stretchy cotton/rayon/spandex blend and they fit like a glove. I’ve washed them several times and they held up perfectly in the wash. Here I paired them with this black sweater.

You can see the black sweater here and the black and white checked pants here.

Here are the same pants except in white.

Do you wear white pants after Labor Day? I just started wearing white in fall and winter and I love it.

I paired the pants with two different options.

This black sweater and the prettiest light purple sweater.

You can see the purple sweater here and the white pants here.

Here are two different combinations with these kick-flare black pants.

They are stretchy cotton/rayon/spandex blend and they fit like a glove. I actually bought a pair for my sister, too. I paired them with

You can see the purple sweater here and the black pants here.


Can you see why I had so much fun with this post?

It was so much fun to challenge my pocketbook and come up with all of these combinations and stay under budget.

Who knew my pocketbook was such a good shopper? 🙂

disclosure: This post is sponsored by Walmart. All opinions are my own.

Please see my disclosure page here.

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  1. Image for UMZ UMZ

    LOVE these kinds of posts! we all want to save money and look amazing. And Walmart has DEFINITELY stepped up its game! But give us some deets on the shoes!! I love all of them in this post, but really got to have the ones in the first outfit! Thanks for all you do!

  2. Image for Jilly Jilly

    I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe and these are great pieces! They all look great on you, and I love the accessories, they really complete the looks! And yes on the shoes, they are so cute!

  3. Image for Vaughna Kromann Vaughna Kromann

    Adorable! As my mom always said, “the most important thing we wear is a smile!” You’ve got that down, Girl!

  4. Image for JJ Jacobs JJ Jacobs

    I absolutely love these looks - they're stylish and elegant and perfect for casual or office. I have been looking for a wardrobe overhaul and am off to do some retail therapy right now. Thank you, KariAnne!!

  5. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    We love it when you model for us. I may get the check paint. I like patterned bottoms. You look so pretty. Thanks

  6. Image for Debbie Debbie

    Love these 7 outfits and all of the combinations!! We are going to the Mediterranean next spring. I VOWED that I am taking a capsule wardrobe!! 😳😬 I remind myself of the time that my luggage traveled around Europe by itself and I did just fine with 2 outfits because I refused to by new clothes because my new clothes were already in my luggage seeing Europe without me 10 yrs ago. Little did I know I was vacationing with a mini capsule wardrobe and I was happy with it. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  7. Image for Tara Tara

    I think they look great on you and i am going to give them a try! I’d love to know where the shoes were purchased too. I like the beige tone ones! If you can send all the info that would be great. Have a happy day.

  8. Image for Mary Ellen Tascoe Mary Ellen Tascoe

    I love all your looks! So pulled together! I really love the black checked pants. Great items at a great price. Thanks for all the fabulous ideas! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Image for Alicia Tant Alicia Tant

    Fabulous capsule!!! I also would like all the shoe info PLEASE!! Great job, Karianne! A beautiful smile is the best accessory!

  10. Image for Sugar Estes Sugar Estes

    I shop Walmart all the time. Now I have a better idea of some pieces to look for. I follow you faithfully and will continue to do so! We are in the process of painting our downstairs following a gas leak in our house. Painting the walls a soothing light blue. So I pay attention to your rooms. Thank you!

  11. Image for Tudy Tudy

    You look lovely, I love the mix-and-match, and wow what a deal. The best part is your beautiful smile, Thank you so much for sharing

  12. Image for Lana guill Lana guill

    Oh my goodness these all look great! I’m Going today to see what I can find. You look good though in anything you wear!

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