Random thoughts on a sunny fall football morning:

1. Two weeks until my newest book launches. It’s called “10-Minute Decorating Ideas” and it’s all about easy simple decorating ideas for every single season.

In amazing news? So many of you have pre-ordered the book and I can never thank you enough for all the support. Pre-orders are so important for an author. It tells the world (and Amazon) that people are excited about the book which helps so much with the overall success of the book.

You can see the book here.

2. Is there anything better than fall and football? We just had our first local varsity football game. Here we have high school football on Friday and then college football on Saturday and then the Cowboys on Sunday.

And since we are just starting? This is the part of the season where everyone has a winning season. 🙂

3. One of my favorite vocabulary words is PLETHORA. Just drop it in conversation and smile.

4. It was a great week on the blog. Here’s what we chatted about:

5. I have a new puzzle game for us. It’s called “Woodoku” and it’s all about puzzle pieces. You try and twist them to fit into the blocks on the game.

You can search for it on the app store on your phone.

And now? Here are some of my favorite ideas and inspirations I found for us this week.

This yummy salad looks perfect for fall.

All of my favorite things in one bowl.

See the recipe here.

This beautiful table.

Love these colors and there are recipes, too.

See it all here.

I think I’m going yard saling today.

And looking for bottles like these.

Here are all the inexpensive decorating ideas with glass bottles.

Decorating for fall doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Sometimes simplest is best.

Love this beautiful table setting.


And in random news:

This beautiful table setting

This English home tour

These late summer tasks for the garden

The importance of choosing rest

All the lighting questions answered

This home tour is one of my favorites

21 DIY cake stands (perfect for the holidays)

These yummy baked donuts

Did you know you can make your own mirror?

How to transition your home from fall to summer

8 antiques to collect for your fall decor

These 22 apple recipes

And this.

The best organizer if you are short on space. It’s on sale right now for 50% off. Use this secret coupon and the discount appears at checkout. It’s kind of confusing. It will look like it’s not on sale, but when you put it in the cart look right before you checkout and you’ll see it.

You can see it here.

One more for the road

This fun pumpkin project is made from twigs in the backyard.

You can see it here.

All my favorite finds from the week

You can see them here

Happy Random Saturday to You

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  1. Image for LeAnne LeAnne

    KariAnne, I am so excited about your new book! I'm on my way out the door but I just wanted to offer my hearty Congratulations to you before I go! Can't wait to pick up one for myself. You are a bright spot in my inbox every week! Biggest blessings on your book! LeAnne

  2. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    KariAnne Enjoy yard saling. I'm getting ready to have one in a few weeks. I need to lose some stuff. Thanks for all the great reads today.

  3. Image for Diana Diana

    Thank you for the book reminder KariAnne and reposting the stick pumpkin project. I'm going to do that now so it doesn't escape my memory :)

  4. Image for Connie Connie

    Happy Saturday! One week until the official Football weekend and we are ready for our annual family Labor Day Lake Football weekend. Go Dawgs! Love the post today and everything Fall. Would you post the link to the wreath in our “Finds”? I don’t see the link in the LTK shop. Thank you and have a wonderful Saturday!

  5. Image for JC JC

    I'm just about ready to go out the door too but wanted to say, CONGRATULATIONS on the new book!! We are all doing a happy dance about it and for you and with you!! 😁

  6. Image for Mary Mary

    Plethora is a great word and i actually use it often! However, I must say…when pronounced incorrectly it is a little “grating”🤣

  7. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    As always love the weekly wrap up! Ordered several copies of your new book! Can’t wait! Also love all the ideas in you blog! You are great!! ❤️

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