Raise your hand if you like color.

I raised mine and then I changed my mind and took it down.

And then raised it up again.

I can’t decide.

That’s why I don’t want to be in a committed relationship with color.  It’s too much pressure.  I just want to date and hang out and maybe watch a movie with popcorn.

Color without commitment is number 12 of or 14 day short cuts.

14 days full of tips to make your decorating life a little easier.

We’ve discussed the one thing every lamp needs and how to transform a builder-grade door for under $10 and an easy way to makeover furniture and a unique hardware DIY. and budget centerpiece ideas and how to pick paint colors that make your room smile and how to decorate with thrift store finds and a 10-minute project for each season and eight things to buy at a yard sale for under $5.00 and how to un-sag your couch cushion.

And today?

We are shortcutting our color relationship.

Here is are easy tips to add color to your home without commitment.

I just found this old post of the gatehouse decked out for Christmas.

Can we talk for just a second?


I like color.  I like pattern. But color with pattern and pink and black and chevron and that patterned wallpaper?  I seriously had to blink once or twice to make sure it was all actually in the same room.


Do what I say.

Not what I did.

Here are a few ways to add color to your home without commitment.


Have neutrals in your home?

Want a little color to make your day brighter?

Add a pop of color to the space with flowers.  Don’t overthink it.  Don’t worry if the arrangement is perfect.

And the best part?  You can streeeettttttccccchhhhh that $5 flower bundle from the grocery store with greenery from your yard.

PPS  Here’s a great flower arranging tip.


Sometimes all you need to add a little pop to a space is a rug full of color.

If you took the rug out of this space it would be a whole lot of neutral.

But adding that blue into the porch makes the space feel full of color without a lot of commitment.

PS  Here’s a great tip to stretch your rug budget.


Here is a whole lot of pattern going on.

That’s some brown mixed with some pink mixed with some orange mixed with some blue mixed with a bird.

But in a pillow?

It’s just a little commitment.

Pillows are also a great way to try out colors in a room before you go all in and paint.

PS  Here are some great pillow projects.

Painted furniture

Painting furniture is a little more commitment than pillows or flowers.

(total aside:  see how I led you gently down the commitment road)

But repainting a piece of furniture is so much easier than repainting a wall.

Paint a wall

And sometimes not even the whole wall.

Here, I just painted part of it.

But that beautiful wonderful SW Coral Reef pops the room out without a lot of color in the rest of the space.

PS  You can see how to build this raised panel wall here.

Here’s an example of a room that’s secretly neutral.

Look at the walls–white.

Look at the furniture–white.

Look at the lamp—white with a hint of gray.

Look at the rug–gray and white.

But when you look at the overall space?  It feels FULL of color.

Extra color with color sprinkled on top.

Color without any of the commitment, so just in case pink and orange start getting on your last nerve….

…you can always break up. 🙂

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  1. Image for Kathryn Henley Kathryn Henley

    This post speaks to me. I've been accused of being afraid of color. I like color but I love a base of neutrals with a touch of color, that is what I'm drawn to and feel comfortable with. I really enjoy reading your posts. Thank you.

  2. Image for Deanna Deanna

    These fourteen days of decorating and design tips have been fabulous! I'm using quite of few. And...I'm so looking forward to you book! Have a beautiful Sunday!

  3. Image for S. Whitten S. Whitten

    I look for your posts each day in my email and you never fail to impress and make me laugh. I pre-ordered your book and it came a few days ago (this suprised me!) but I read it and didn't stop until I was finished. LOVED IT!!!! Best of luck to you with your book, it is a "keeper" to be enjoyed many times. Thank You.

  4. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    I love color!!! Four walls teal and one wall red just ain't enough! My pillows, curtains, etc., etc., just have to blend in 'cause I live here!!!

  5. Image for PJ PJ

    KariAnne, I have been away and have not been checking email, etc. Imagine my joy when I opened up my email to find that my audio book is on its way, and just in time for a road trip to see my nieces, great niece, and the newest member of our family, my great great nephew. (I promise you that I am not as old as that makes me sound!) All best wishes to you! PJ

  6. Image for Paula Ritenour Paula Ritenour

    You are gonna laugh, but I actually love that (I call it rag) pillow! We are doing flexible seating at my school in our classrooms. My kiddos love the rag rugs from 5 and Below. They would love such pillows to lean on, on the floor or per against a wall to read with. Where did you get that pillow?!

  7. Image for Gail Gail

    Just found your beautiful blog. Your closed in verandah is just how I would like to do ours. You have wonderful taste and talent. Blessings

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