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Did you take the tour of the gatehouse yesterday?

Color….color….wonderful color and more.

I was actually a little nervous about going so bold.  It’s a lot of color for a neutral loving girl.

But I couldn’t help myself this year….because over at the Gatehouse….

…..I let my heart do the decorating.


Did you see my house tour from last year?

Neutral and gray and silver and textures and pine cones and burlap and the occasional monogram for the door.

I’m still decorating the main house with similar colors…..just a more metallic version.

But the gatehouse?

Umm…..not so much.

Over here….it’s all about color.  Vibrant pink and turquoise and silver and vivid patterns and bold geometric shapes….

….and fun.

Gatehouse Christmas

And to help me plan my bold colors and patterns….I put together a collection on ebay called “Christmas at the Gatehouse”.

It’s where I got the inspiration for the silver disco balls for the tree.

And black and white gift wrap for the living room with hot pink ribbon.

And the bright-colored ornaments for the living room.

I found a similar hot pink tree for the side table and paired it with silver and turquoise ornaments.

Gatehouse Christmas Board

I have two white trees filled to the brim with hot pink, turquoise and silver ornaments…..and even some pink peacocks.

And I filled the space over the dining room table with pink and silver poms.

I love the look that it creates and it was such an inexpensive idea to add color to the space.


Just in case you missed the tour yesterday….you can click here to visit…..

…..and I can’t wait for you to see it!

(Just between us….you may want to bring sunglasses….because it’s going to be bright)!

If you are interested in what I’ve been collecting with the gatehouse in mind…..

…..you can see the rest of my Collections….here.

You can follow along with me….here. #FOLLOWITFINDIT

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But all Collections and general opinions are 100% mine.

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    You know I loved your home tour last year - wow was that a year ago already? SHEESH. It is so cute. I love you broke the rules, haha. This year's gatehouse is bold crazy and fun - a neat thing to see and experience.

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