Make a pom pom pillow with a fabric glue and pom poms. Easy gift idea and fun way to decorate for Christmas. Complete instructions on how to make it.

pom pom pillow on chair

Before we discuss this pom pom pillow, can we discuss the Elf on the Shelf?

The twins came running in the other day and promptly announced that Jingle….our elf on the shelf….

….was boring.

“Mom….umm….why does Jingle just sit there on the bookshelf?” they asked in unison.

I looked at them in confusion.

“Jingle doesn’t just sit in one place,” I said.  “He moves around.”

“I mean yesterday he was up in one of the kitchen cabinets and today he was hiding behind the basket on the bookshelf.”

Please know that I said this proudly…..with an air of someone who was truly thankful that Jingle had not only remembered to show up….but that he had traveled around the house in only two short days.

Jingle had done his part.

End of discussion.


Until one of the twins continued with, “But he just sits there.  That’s it.  Other people’s elves are wearing superman capes and hanging from the ceiling and getting into the refrigerator walking on the butter and riding roller coasters and eating all the left-over Halloween candy.”


pom poms for pom pom pillow

I said nothing.

If I wasn’t mom of the year…..actually what I wanted to say was….


Isn’t it called ELF ON A SHELF?

Not “ELF wearing a superman cape”.

Or “ELF leaving footprints in the butter”.

Or “ELF on a roller coaster”.


And where did all these over-achieving elves come from?

So I stood there silently while the twins exchanged a look that spoke volumes and sounded like……why is our elf so lame and our mother doesn’t get it and why do we have to live in the same house with a book-shelf-sitting-elf…

….and I thought it was the end of it.


Until I found a hand-written note in the kitchen addressed to Jingle next to a plate of snacks and a Snicker’s bar that read:

Dear Jingle,

Here are some snacks for you in case you get hungry and don’t want to sit on the shelf anymore.

It might be fun if you tried to do something silly.

Check with your friends.


the twins

Looks like Jingle might be tiptoeing through the butter after all. 🙂

Hope your elf on a shelf is behaving and you are looking for a fun Christmas project!

Here are instructions on

how to make a pom pom pillow with a Christmas tree.


Pom Pom pillow with Christmas Tree


white pillow case (I bought mine at IKEA)

pink pom poms

fabric glue


pink thread

Step 1:  Glue the pom poms to the pillow

Stagger the pom poms in a triangle pattern.

Glue with fabric glue.

You could also sew them on if you were feeling a little more industrious.

But mine held up fine with the glue (use extra glue just to be sure).

Step 2:  Sew on a spool

Continue gluing the pom poms until the tree is the size you want.

Let dry according to directions.

Sew a wooden spool on for the trunk.

Insert pillow form.

That’s it.

Your pillow is ready to decorate.

My sister actually created the first Christmas tree pom pom pillow.

She used burlap and tea-stained pom poms.

A little more neutral….but just as fun!  🙂

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  1. Image for Debbie Debbie

    My kids have been grown & gone for quite a while, so I've never been able to 'play' Elf on a Shelf. I feel like I've been missing something! But my 'kids' play it with their young ones. I love your pom pom tree pillow...but have to admit I really love the one your sister did, I love the neutral & rustic look of it. Debbie :)

  2. Image for Gina Gina

    Love both of the pillows! My kids are grown and I'm so glad Elf on the Shelf wasn't around when they were little......I'd be just like you moving it around every so often but no way would I allow him to bake cookies in the middle of the night leaving flour over all surfaces!

  3. Image for Jenna Jenna

    Too adorable! I am PINK with envy over everything you've done at the gatehouse, fabric designed just for you and it's all TDF you know to die for! Merry Merry

  4. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Really...Elf on a Shelf is supposed to move about....Did Not Know! My kids where never into that, thank goodness. As if you or any mom doesn't already have enough to do! Who thinks up these things, LOL? Cute pillow too! ;)

  5. Image for Shannon Shannon

    So cute. Thanks for explaining this whole elf on a shelf. My kids are older and I've been trying to figure it out and the point to it all. Have fun dreaming up new places for him to be. Mine just might have ended up pulling my kids hair the next morning, because I'm sure you felt like pulling yours during all this.

  6. Image for Courtenay @ The Creek Line House Courtenay @ The Creek Line House

    Seriously, we don't even HAVE an elf on the shelf. I was hoping no one at school would mention them this year, so I could get out of having to come up with a cute/silly/fun idea every night for what kind of mess he was going to make for me to clean up, but of course now I'm a terrible parent again this year. :) Oh well, better luck to me next Christmas! You're miles ahead of me, even if yours is just sitting there.

  7. Image for Sandy Sandy

    Christopher is my grandkids Elf on the Shelf this year...Felix, last year. He only visits at grandma's house, and being retired, I have fun with notes he brings and places he hides. Your Gatehouse ROCKS!

  8. Image for Suzi Suzi

    I'm still with you on him being called Elf on a shelf for a reason! I have the original 1960s elf that my mom bought for us after my dad was gone and $$ super tight. About 15 years ago i covered his faded and holey suit with new felt and made a cap to match. He is perfect just the way he is and doesn't have to perform...i just love him for who he is :-)

  9. Image for Regina Regina

    I'm SO GLAD I didn't have to go through the "Elf on the Shelf" stage . . . I would be totally lame. Actually, my girls think it's kinda creepy! LOL Pillows? wonderful. I can't decide which one I like better, the pink, or the neutral . . . Of course I would probably go with RED! LOL Which, now that I think of it, on a burlap pillow, would be absolutely beautiful . . . :)

  10. Image for Marty Walden Marty Walden

    Hmmm. I can't imagine where your girls get their sassiness! That is hysterically funny, by the way. I think I'm glad mine are too old for the Elf because that's a lot of pressure! Have a great day, my friend!

  11. Image for Cynthia Cynthia

    This is so adorable, I love it!!! Your story made me giggle. I can't wait until next year in our new home. I have so many ideas!! The hubby may be a busy elf next Christmas, LOL!!! Great that he doesn't mind. Cynthia

  12. Image for Kim Kim

    These pom pom pillows are so so cute! And easy enough for someone like me to take a crack at it. I, too, love the bright pink everywhere. The elf story is adorable. :)

  13. Image for Marianne L Marianne L

    I never heard of Elf on the Shelf when my children were little, now he seems to be all over the place. If Pinterest is to be believed (and who could doubt it?), the elf is quite adventuresome, but I think fishing in the toilet is a bit much!

  14. Image for Beverly Beverly

    Oh my! Don't we have enough to do already without worrying about what sort of event the elf will be doing?! I mean, he's not called Elf on the Shelf for nothing. Why do parents continually try to out do everyone else? Sorry but my elf is going to stay sitting.

  15. Image for HALEY HALEY

    Why Hello! I am sipping my coffee and once again enjoying your post (and am hiding from my children so it's only a mere matter of time before I'm found out) but thank you again for filling my afternoon with laughter, hours of adding ideas to my Pinterest Board and dreaming of a house, just like yours *smiling* Speaking of....can I ask you where you got the "eye chart" sign on your photo wall.....Simply lovely. A must have item on my Christmas list. (Which I pin to the seat of the toilet so my husband is sure to find it) LOL Happy Tuesday! Haley

  16. Image for Christine Christine

    Karianne, I'll love poms poms and this is beyond adorable!! I was alwasy the fun Mom, so doing the Elf pranks wouldve been right up my alley!! You children will remember this forever. They were really trying to tell you something. And they did a good job of it. So cute. With my imagination it could get out of control but oh how I'd love to be able to these things again! Oh but we get to see Chelsea our youngest today - We're making a trip to Chicago!!!! Macys store displays, and the Christkindlemarket with all the shops set up in the freezing cold - will still be fun and I can't wait. And eating...lots of that! Chicago has the best places to eat at. I'm excited! Enjoy your day Dear.

  17. Image for Wendy Wendy

    Gosh ... I adore your twins!! I sooo think they made my day with their note to the Elf ... & I agree ... although I've never seen, or even heard of an 'active' Elf sitter ... maybe he put on weight with all that butter, etc ... that he needs some exercise. Mind you, I'd love to catch him resting on the pink pom pom cusion ... under the pom pom tree! :) I can just see him being caught resting underneath it. On another note ... I wondered where the silver star is from the top of the pom pom tree?? I'm sure the twins will ask you about it soon ... that is if they haven't already! :) Any possibility of a silver pom pom on the top, or a little silver star? ... or perhaps an angel sitting behind the Elf?? Just a thought to add to your twin woes ... LOL Merry Christmas to you & your obviously wonderful twins ... Wendy ... from Australia .... where we have sand instead of snow at Christmas. Santa likes to spend his holidays here after working so hard all year making all the toys for good little girls & boys ... especially twin boys. Santa Clause loves to have his holidays here after he's delivered all the toys. He likes to warm up his bones .... & go surfing with the elves ... even the sitting Elves. They love to go surfing with Santa because they spend all year sitting while they are painting in the workshop. They usually go surfing when it's nightime in your country because that's when it's daytime in Ausralia ... & that's why they spend so much time just sitting around during the day in the USA. They are so very tired from surfing with Santa & building sand castles on the beach while all the little boys in the USA are sleeping. The Elves need holidays too .... They work very hard in the Toy workshop at the freezing cold North Pole all year too .... painting all the toys that Santa makes. Mrs Claus gets to have a holiday too. She also works very hard all year ... She cooks all the meals for the Elves & San ta Claus ... & she also makes all the uniforms for the toy soldiers & super-heroes ... as well as a ll the dresses for the dolls, the ballerinas & the fairies. While Santa & Mrs Claus are at the beach with the Elves, the reindeers love playing with all the kangaroos after their long trip. Sometimes, the kangaroos even pull Santas sleigh when he arrives in Australia to deliver all the toys to the boys & girls here ... so that the reindeers can have a little holiday when they arrive ... After all, it's very hot for them to be working so hard ... because they are used to a cold climate ....but when the kangaroos have delivered all the toys to the children in Australia, the kangaroos & the reindeers play lots & lots of games together. Now the twins know why the Elves usually just sit around doing nothing at your house during the day .... because they are just soooo tired out after spending all night building sand castles on the beach, surfing with Santa & Mrs Claus .... & having lots of kangarro rides ... :)

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