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Yesterday I watched my zillionth tiny house show.  I can’t get enough.  I tell myself no more tiny house shows and then I end up sticking around to see where they hide the toaster or how big the bathroom is or the ingenious way they turn a bed into a couch and turn a couch into an entertainment center.

It’s addicting.

Last night the tiny house was amazing.  It was a luxury tiny house.  It had shiplap and farmhouse lighting and extra counter space.  I was kind of all about it.  I thought I could live there.  I could be a tiny house person.

And then I saw the loft.

And the bed.

You had to climb a ladder to get to this loft and crawl into bed in a space with a ceiling height of 2.5 inches.  I’d never make it.  I’d wake up in the middle of the night and forget I was in a tiny house and bump my head.

And that tiny space in that loft in that tiny house with its tiny roof?

It’s exactly like my rug budget.

(total aside:  just admit it….you were wondering how I was going to bring the story back around to the rug…right?) 🙂

living room spring tour

This is my living room back in the spring.

I’m not sure where one of the chairs went in this picture.  Probably hanging out with the ottoman drinking sweet tea in the other room.  This picture shows what the rug in the space looked like before.  Before we go any further, I have to tell you that I love this rug.  It’s inexpensive and hides dirt and looks kind of fancy and it still looks like this after seven years.

I know….right?

Seven years of kids and dogs and cats and kool-aid and Captain Crunch and it still looks like new.

But I was ready for a little change.

layered rug

Enter this rug.

I saw it over on Bre’s blog and fell in love at first sight.


Except when I looked at the price I was all like….YIKES.

Replacing the seagrass rug I had it was way more than my tiny rug budget could afford.

jute pumpkins

I was conflicted.

I was torn.

What if I got tired of all that blue and white?  What if it was too much after a season?  What if I splurged and then I was stuck staring at a rug that I was not all about for the next seven years.

Enter brilliant idea #517.

pattern rugs

I layered the blue and white rug on the seagrass rug on the wood floors.

It was SO much more affordable.

I bought a smaller rug that fit perfectly in my tiny rug budget.

fall living room

And now the room looks like this.

Let’s take one more look back to see the difference the rug made in the space.

A little before and after.

Living Room Decor

fall living room

One tip.  If you are going to layer the rug, go bold.  Turn it at an angle.

Don’t just layer a rug on another rug exactly over the top.

Own it.

Proclaim to the world that you are a rug layerer.

It’s a great idea for a new show.

Tiny rug budgets and the rooms that love them. 🙂

PS  Here’s a little more about the natural fiber rugs I have in my house.

PPS  Here’s another tiny rug budget idea.

diy tips and tricks

And now for some more tips and ideas from some of my favorite friends.

diy pinecone garland on sutton place

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diy-fall-decor diy tips and tricks

DIY Fall Decor

Cedar Hill Farmhouse

DECORATIVE ORBS-thumbnail-stonegableblog-2

DIY Decorative Orbs

Stone Gable

You can find that magnificent rug and other items similar to what you see here… 


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  1. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    Miz karianne I LOVE the way you do all that "stuff"! But I especially love those sea grass rugs. I don't have a single one of them. budget is tinier than yours! Lol Have a great and beautiful day, little one.

  2. Image for Jolyn Jolyn

    Great idea! I just bought the $$$$ big rug for my living room, but keeping this idea in the back of my head...

    1. Image for Linda Linda

      Does anyone have the link for the gorgeous rug and drapes. I am redoing my living room and have completely fallen in love with this look.

  3. Image for Ardith Ardith

    I hear you, Karianne. You brilliantly executed a practical yet lovely rug solution. Meanwhile, we've been living with a 4 x 6 natural rug in our living room for almost two years. Overstock just came to the rescue with a price we couldn't refuse for this Safavieh 6 x 9 rug I've had my eye on for many months ( Given the mixed reviews, I have fingers crossed that it will fulfill my dreams for it. Cheers, Ardith

  4. Image for Leslie Leslie

    Absolutely love that tiny rug on a tiny budget that screams---Big, Bold and Beautiful! It it the star who captured all the attention at the party. It could have its own romance novel. ;-)

  5. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    I saw your rug picture the other day and the first thing I did was poke my Honey in the arm and point to the picture. See, we have three seagrass rugs, one in the dining room, one in the family room, and one in the office. Kind of blah! I want color. I want excitement. I want rugs on top!! I think I'll start in the family room, it's the biggest -- not Thistlewood big, just a little bigger than the other rooms. We have a smallish house but not little as in a little house. Am I making any sense?? :-( Now I have to figure out what colors I want to add. I think my chartreuse/fuschia is out. I don't think I could match too many things with that and it would interfere with the flow. Do I sound like I know what I'm talking about because I don't? But you have given me inspiration!! Thank you, dear friend. Have a sunshine filled day.

  6. Image for Becky Becky

    I think the rug looks great. It's a beautiful pop of color. I've always wanted to try and layer area rugs. I was never sure if I could pull it off. I'm with you on the tiny houses. Those bedroom lofts would never work for me.

  7. Image for Stephanie Brown Stephanie Brown

    Love how you tell a story like I do.. Kind of like a jack rabbit but will get back on track. Never was worried you would not. Love all the twists and turns in your stories. Oh my you know how I feel about blue n white so you already know I love. But that rug deal impressed me as I am Needing new one n scares willies out of me as you know Martha Stewart I am not. But Need to tie in blue n white n lighten up Brown leather couches. Love the layering smart cookie you are. Could not believe how much it opened up Your room and yes for some reason the room looks a lot longer. Great job!

  8. Image for Amy W. Amy W.

    Brilliant You Are!! So Admire Your New Rug! As Always, You've Placed It In The Perfect Spot And In The Perfect Room! Thanks So Much For Sharing Your Inspiration With Us.....As It Fuels Us All Reading With The Same! Wishing You A Super Great Summer/Fall Day! :)

  9. Image for Colleen@LilacDriveDesigns Colleen@LilacDriveDesigns

    The first time I saw layered rugs on hardwood was about 20 years ago in a bungalow style house. I walked in and saw the two large rugs layered one on the other, the top one angled, both about the size of an was stylish and clever with overstuffed leather chairs creating a seating area, but I remember the room was dark and the colors of the rugs were dark as well. I prefer the white and bright room you have created, it's fresh. I like the blue and white rug too, it's very pretty :)

  10. Image for Charley Charley

    Tiny houses make me claustrophobic & unable to breathe, just watching the show. People never count in land and utility improvements, etc. I love the look of these rugs but can't do rough. I thought I was buying a rug from Wal Mart but it was really Overstock. They were horrible about the return. Sometimes they don't even answer the phone After I got Wal Mart involved they cooperated a little more. The rug look NOTHING like the pix, instead of off white and coral it was dirty tan and rust and very poor quality that shed like crazy. They finally agreed to the return and sending UPS (very large rug!). Then they did not refund the entire amount, charging $72 for the return. I had been told it would be a full refund after Wal Mart got involved. After many calls and frustration, I finally got a full refund. DO NOT USE THIS VENDOR!

  11. Image for jena jena

    Hi....What is the brand of the sea grass rug that you have had for the past 7yrs? or was it 5? Anyway, I love it and the new happy colored rug on top.

  12. Image for Jeanne Jeanne

    I laugh every time I read one of your posts...tiny house to layering rugs...brilliant crossover/transition/writing. Oh, and the room looks great....a liveable designer showroom that such a thing? It's Perfect!

  13. Image for Linda K Linda K

    I love reading your stories! Why Yes I was wondering how you were going to bring the tiny home story back to about a rug!!!!! LOL

  14. Image for Ann Ann

    This might be the smartest idea ever! I am sort of rug obsessed anyway...I think they are one of the best ways to add color and interest to a room. You definitely did that!


    KariAnne, what a lovely blue and white rug! Love the idea of putting it over your existing carpet! You just never cease to amaze your readers! You have such wonderful ideas! I'm sure a lot of us will be doing this with a "new" carpet! Have a blessed day, KariAnne!

  16. Image for Nancy @ Slightly Coastal Nancy @ Slightly Coastal

    It's so hard to have big rug dreams and a tiny rug pocket book. This is a great solution. The difference in price from an 8x10 to a larger size is staggering. What a great way to fulfill your rug dreams without the wallet strain. Have a great day!

  17. Image for Susan Susan

    I've often wondered if you can layer a rug on top of carpet? What to you think? I've seen that rug before and I love it!! Looks beautiful ?

  18. Image for Michelle Michelle

    First, about the Tiny House thing...I'm seriously considering being a tiny house person. I've been considering it for about two years now. But, of course, mine would have to have a bed on the ground floor...maybe something that slides out from under a raised kitchen floor, or a good old fashioned murphy bed sort of thing that dropped down from the wall, or a couch that converts into a bed...because I'm not a loft person either. The BIGGEST drawback of owning a tiny house is finding a place to park it. Second, about the saving money on and layering the rugs? Brilliant!! And beautiful!!! I think the layering over the natural fiber rug makes the blue and white rug stand out even more. I just love blue and white. I fell in love with it when my husband started bringing me back blue and white pottery from his Aruba business trips. Aruba, you may ask? (Which is what I asked when he brought back the first piece.) Yes, because it was settled by the Dutch. :-)

  19. Image for Mindy Mindy

    I love the cozy feel of layered rugs and such a great idea going small both for a budget and because we do tend to change our minds :) Great look and great post!

  20. Image for Gwen Gwen

    Kari Anne, Love your blog! It is indeed beautiful and charming and your way with words, what a talent! But, how in the world ( really wanted to use another word, but we ole southern gals were raised to never say the h-- word) do you have time to watch tiny houses with all you do? I am not a blogger but my wonderful daughter-in-law is, as well as an interior designer and that is how I found your wonderful blog. P.S. Ok, I admit to using the h word from time to time.

  21. Image for Susan Susan

    The way you layer your rugs is just sheer and utter brilliance as is the way you layer your stories, KariAnne! I do have to say, that new rug is a real rock star...she be shakin' like Shakira...she's really given the room a rock 'n' roll pop of colour! ;) There is a home show about tiny houses??? How am I missing out on this? I live in a little's not tiny, but I sure could use some inspiration to save on space! But I will also draw the line at waking up to bumping my head on the ceiling...I've already got enough damage to the old noggin without that happening every morning...hehe! :)

  22. Image for Judy Nelson Judy Nelson

    There is an "omission" of sorts. Where do you store all past decorations.? I'm currently dealing with (@ age 78) of years and years of accumulated décor (instead of 12 days of Christmas, I have 12 Totes of Christmas), not to mention Fall, Halloween, T'giving, Christmas, Easter, Spring, July 4, and summer! Help me get organized!

  23. Image for Jaime Jaime

    I love the way the layered rugs look in your room! Stunning! I love the blue and white with the natural, too. You'd find lots of blues and natural in my house, so I'm working to integrate more white. I love the bright, happy look of it all together! And the tiny houses show? It's the only HGTV show my boys will watch with me. They are enamored with those little homes!

  24. Image for Loryl Loryl

    I love how you weave a story together! Get it "weave" like in a rug? Tee hee. The rugs look great and I've done them on the angle too but my husband has trouble tripping over them?

  25. Image for polly polly

    Don't want to be rude but I totally don't understand how layering helps expand my rug budget. now I need2 rugs, in order to layer.

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      Polly, LOL! No worries friend. Maybe I should have explained it better. I was trying to say if you have an existing rug that's been there for a while and you are looking for something new, it can be really expensive to buy a big new rug (many times the cost of a larger rug can be double that of a smaller rug). Instead, you could just buy a smaller rug for half the price and layer it for a whole new look. karianne

  26. Image for Khadija Khadija

    Oh MY GOD! I just bought the exact same rug!!! LOL It looks gorgeous in your room. Where can I find the material your curtains are made of??? I wavered between the "silver" and the navy rug and decided on silver because I thought the navy would be too bossy. I am having a bit of buyer's remorse because the "silver" looks a tad lavender in certain lighting. Now seeing the navy in your room I feel I should have gotten navy instead. That aside, I love the quality of these rugs. I bought 2-2x3s a 10 ft runner, and a 10x14. The quality for the price is amazing. You will find these rugs sold at Safavieh,Target, overstock, ebay, Amazon and a few other places. My particular sizes and color were cheapest at Target. These rugs also have different names depending on where you buy them. They are 100% wool and have a thick pile, you can't beat the price! A slight word of warning, I have very low ceilings and they kind of make the ceilings feel lower, something to think about if you live in a smallish mid century modern ranch. But, they will also be very warm in winter and feel very soft underfoot.

    1. Image for Khadija Khadija

      I want to clarify something about this rug.... it does make the ceiling feel lower than it is to me but it does make the room look huge. I have mine in a small-ish ranch kitchen/den area and it really makes the space seem bigger, but with a slightly lower ceiling. Sorry for adding so much detail but when I was looking for the perfect rug, I loved the comments everyone made. It's hard to put down several hundred dollars on something sight unseen. HTH

  27. Image for Maria Maria

    May I please just complement you on the cleverness of this? All of your ideas and decor is just lovely, but I must say that I like the way this turned out even better than if you had simply bought the full-sized blue and white rug (a.k.a. the $$$ rug!). The subtle pops of blue and white in that room are gorgeous. I wish that I had your visualization skills.

  28. Image for Heather Heather

    I've been wanting to do layered rugs in my formal living/sitting area for months now! Unfortunately, I started with the tiny bold rug (that ended up being too tiny) and now I need the big not so bold rug and can't seem to find one that I love in our current budget. So I'm just going to have to wait and live with the too tiny rug a little bit longer until the tiny budget hopefully someday grows to a little bit less tiny budget so I can buy my not so tiny rug. :)

  29. Image for Yvonne Ester Yvonne Ester

    The first time I saw this room with the blue and white drapes, I fell in love with it!!! ( A blue Christmas). Then you painted the blue and white coffee table and now layered a blue and white area rug. I'm in blue and white's a classic!

  30. Image for Mary Crozier Mary Crozier

    Actually, I think you made an excellent choice. I think the blue and white rug alone might have been too much? Anyway, great idea to layer and have it look great and be affordable. I need you to re-do my family room which is aching for a new makeover!!!!

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