Looking for a fun place to stay in Waco? Hotel 1928 is so well-appointed. Take a tour of a Hotel 1928 hotel room and all its amenities.

Yesterday we discussed visits and spur-of-the-moment and celebrating 1928.

Hotel 1928 that is.

It’s the most well-appointed hotel that I’ve ever been lucky to visit.

There’s a rooftop bar and a restaurant that serves burgers with cheese in the middle of them and a signature coffee blend that’s designed for the hotel (we took a bag of coffee beans home with us) and a library with two winding staircases on either side of it.

Yesterday I showed you the main spaces in the hotel.

You can start the tour here.

But today?

Today I want to show you all the details of our room—starting with the bathroom floor.


This beautiful 1928 is in the tile in the middle of the bathroom.

Want to see the rest?


1928 is waiting.

We stayed in one of the smaller rooms (it was easier on our budget).

Our room was up on the third floor so we had an amazing view of the Capital building.

There are 33 rooms and from what I can tell each room is slightly different. Our room had a large entrance with a bathroom on the left and a large bedroom with a smaller sitting room with a velvet couch.

There’s also a suite called the The Washington. It’s Hotel 1928’s largest suite and it’s designed to hold up to 12 guests.

When we checked in they asked us if we wanted to have coffee service in the morning.


Coffee service?

Is Christmas the happiest time of the year?

Is red lipstick the best way to start the day?

Are stirrup pants making a comeback?




Yes with extra yes on top.

And when I tell you that this coffee is next level? It has hints of cinnamon and spice in it with a dark roast flavor.

Here’s what the bathroom looks like.

It has sparkling green subway tile and white marble countertops and white marble tile floors with black tile accents.

There was the prettiest gold towel bar and the light switches all over the room were brass with buttons that twisted to dim the lights and you clicked them to turn the lights on and off.

Every little detail was complete luxury.

The shampoo and conditioner.

The washcloths.

The towels were so soft and large and fluffy. There’s also a gold mirror that pulls out from the wall and a gold towel bar on the front of the marble console.

Here’s the view of the bedroom from the front entrance.

The king bed mattress was SO COMFORTABLE.

And the sheets.

Seriously next level.

Here’s the view from the sitting room back to the bedroom.

There were so many vintage details in the room.

This vintage radio was next to the bed and these art deco lights were so beautiful in person. The best way I can convey the details of the room is that everything in the space—from the light switches down to the side table—everything felt so well-appointed and luxurious.

Everything was designed down to the very last luxurious detail.

Here’s the view out the window.

At night it was so pretty.

When I booked the hotel on the spur-of-the-moment I had no idea that there was an entire television series about Chip and Joanna building the hotel and planning out all the details.

I’m going to watch the series now that I’ve stayed at the hotel so I can see how it all came together.

You can see all the details on the television show here.

We can celebrate 1928 together. 🙂

PS If you follow me on Instagram-–I’m also sharing TONS of videos of the rooms that I took, too.

PPS You can see all the details and even more information about the Hotel 1928 here.

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  1. Image for Diana Diana

    What a beautiful room and I love the black and white floor in the bathroom. What I need is that rotary phone, yes I do. Thank you for taking this trip and showing us a hotel from long a go.

  2. Image for Jeanine Kesey Jeanine Kesey

    Stunning! Thank you for sharing! I just read what the 2024 Pantone color for 2024 has been selected and it appears to be the color of the velvet sofa and ottomans in your room, or very similar. I love it with the greys. So glad you were able to experience in person.

  3. Image for Jo Jo

    Always love to see a special place, but especially love your fresh and inspiring take on things. Wishing you a lovely week after such an exciting adventure!

  4. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Oh my gosh, KA. All I can do is keep sighing. WOW. Boy of boy, Magnolia is just hitting it out of the park. Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!

  5. Image for Alice Hanson Alice Hanson

    What a fabulous spot! That bathroom is truly beautiful! I so enjoyed your visit! I hope to make one too! Smiles, alice

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