Do you know all the comments I get from people who don’t like the color orange?


Poor orange.

No one is friending it on Facebook.

And normally I would agree. Normally I would turn up my nose a little and invite blue and white and pink and red to sit down at the lunch table with me.

But this is fall.

The season of the pumpkin.

I just can’t turn orange away right now. Especially when it is the perfect little pop of color in a fall room. If you are not an orange fan can I try and change your mind and take you on a little tour of the living room?

Pull up a chair, orange.

I saved you a seat.

// faux hydrangeas //

//  room sources linked here //

Let’s start with the overall view of the room.

(total aside: There are a lot of design elements in this space. I tried to link what I could to be as helpful as possible. But if I missed something, just let me know in the comments.)

There is a LOT of blue and white in this space. I know. I’m here for it.

But blue and white at fall without any color is kind of—well–NOT really fall.

Enter orange.

Now—it’s important to note that it’s not a lot of orange. I didn’t order orange slipcovers or change out pillows for orange pillows or add orange curtains. I even thought about a throw over the back of the couch.

But here’s the thing with orange.

It. Is. A. Lot.

Just like Aqua Net hairspray. A little orange goes a long way.

Let’s look at all the places I added orange in the space.

The mantel is so simple to create.

It’s just a few blue and white pumpkins and these bittersweet branches.

I got the bittersweet branches at Hobby Lobby. They had some again this year at my local store, but you can’t link them online so I found some that are super similar here.

You can see the bittersweet branches here.

I already had blue and white on the mantel with these battery operated candle sticks. They are AMAZING. The candles are real wax and they operated on batteries and you can adjust the flame to make it look like a real flicker. I turn the candles on and off with a remote and set a timer. These candles are so perfect for cozy fall evenings and you can set them to come on every night.

You can see the candles here.

// low blue bowl // mini pumpkins // blue and white balls //

// blue and white striped chair is sold out // fall ficus tree //

I also added pops of color on this side of the room.

There’s a big round table in the middle of the bay window and I added more bittersweet branches in a glass vase and blue and white pumpkins.

The pumpkins I found are sold out—but look at this blue and white toile pumpkin I just found on sale at Grandin Road.

You can see it here.

//  room sources linked here //

// blue and white planter set// bittersweet branches //

The biggest change to the fall room this year?

And my favorite pop of orange?

This fall ficus tree.

Y’all. It is GOLD.

The leaves are so realistic and the colors are so brilliantly fall and it’s six feet tall.

You can see the ficus tree here.

See what I mean? It doesn’t take much orange to make a difference. If you count the pops of orange color in the room you will see there are only about five.

That’s it.

Just five pops of color are all the stand between a boring room and one that looks like it’s ready for fall.

//  room sources linked here //

// similar bittersweet branches //

// faux hydrangeas //

Do you decorate with orange for fall? Is it in your fall decorating wheelhouse?

And if not, did I convince you?

What do you think now?

Are you team orange or team I don’t think so.

Orange you going to give me an opinion?

(So so so so sorry. I just couldn’t resist. It was such low-hanging joke fruit. ) 🙂

//  room sources linked here //

PS I linked everything that I could over here on my Amazon page.

You can see everything here.

Let me know if I missed anything.

Especially if it’s orange. 🙂

disclosure: affiliate links are used in this post

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  1. Image for Tara Tara

    I think it can’t be fall without orange. I always bring out orange pumpkins, some solid, some plaid , some check, but must have orange in my fall decorations. I am working on decorating now for fall/ halloween. Your den looks beautiful! The orange goes nicely with the blue & white. If i look at my space and it makes me happy then there it stays! 🤗

  2. Image for Mary Ann Mary Ann

    Blue and orange are opposites on the color wheel, therefore complementary - and I LOVE the combo! Your fall decor is beautiful!

  3. Image for Doris Doris

    I love orange. I know everyone thinks I'm crazy, but it's my favorite color. Pops or orange are perfect with your blue and white. I think people make their mind up without trying it. Love what you've done.

  4. Image for Cindy Vojanec Cindy Vojanec

    I am definitely NOT one of those people. I love the color orange! I have all shades of it in my home for fall. I never tire of your posts! Happy Fall!

  5. Image for Joy Pinkerton Joy Pinkerton

    I love pops of orange in my blue living room! It really makes it feel like fall and who isn’t ready for that in Florida!!

  6. Image for Jan Fusco Jan Fusco

    Being the huge Bama fan that I am I can't do orange....except when Fall rolls in. Which here in the panhandle of Florida it's very brief. We're still sweating. Fall colors are my favorite for decorating. My large area rug has all the colors of Fall with a beautiful crimson (roll tide) chaise touching the edge of it. (However, I have a neutral rug and recliner coming from Pottery Barn arriving in December). Yes I'm going neutral with all the furniture pieces and accenting with color. I'm moving my rug and chaise to our sunroom. Anyway back to orange...I love decorating my home in November with lots of orange pumpkins and colors of Fall. September I decorate for football, October is major Halloween decorating as we have over 400 trick-or-treaters. We LOVE Halloween in our neighborhood. Then in November it's Fall and Thanksgiving. Wish I could send you pictures. So...I give in to the orange that I usually hate and welcome it in October and November.

  7. Image for Suzanne Nast Suzanne Nast

    I always decorate for fall. I do not care for orange but in the fall its nice. Your living room looks lovely. Love your style. Suzanne


    For fall at my house, orange is added quite heavily; however, it's in so many shades and how it comes in nature. Summer has been so hot that by about mid-August, I was done with it, so it was time to bring on the pumpkins. My bedroom is all black and white pumpkins to compliment t toile quilt. It is still hot; however, the many shades and intensities of orange are so cooling and calming. And God knows I need to calm the hell down. The only thing that is going to bounce the orange fall stuff is my fabulous Christmas collected over the years.

  9. Image for Diana Diana

    I love the orange with your decor, but I like golds and creams for fall. I have more neutral and pastels and I use golden yellow as a pop.

  10. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    You know me. I'm the dissenter in the crowd. I don't like orange. However...I really like bittersweet/burnt orange. Looks so great in your living room. Love those branches! Whether I like orange or not, you always make your surroundings look wonderful! 😍

  11. Image for Beth Minger Beth Minger

    Karianne!! I bought the pretty tree on your recommendation and really love it!😘 However I do have a question I've figured out how to fluff the branches out but am having a few problems uncurling some of the leaves. Was wondering if you had any tips? I've tried reverse rolling some of them and that works on some of them but not others - would a little steam from my steamer help? Thanks again for finding it!!!!

    1. Image for Michelle Crowley Michelle Crowley

      Try Downy Wrinkle release. I just barely made a little tutorial on this. It works SO great for un-wrinkling crunched up faux florals!

  12. Image for Linda Linda

    I have begun pulling out the orange for fall. Here in the country I am surrounded by stacks of orange pumpkins at the fall harvests events and farm stands, and the trees behind my farm will be beautiful with orange leaves in a few weeks. It just says "fall" to me. I'm not so much the "red and green" at the holidays anymore, but orange is showing up here at my house more every day. ;-) Love your (always) beautiful home!

  13. Image for Katy Katy

    For me, orange is “fall”! Having lived in the North and Southeast, fall colors signify that beautiful change of seasons that so many of us look forward to. The greens, reds, yellows and for me, the vibrant oranges herald all the glory of Autumn. I think your home looks amazing and beautiful as you have added the orange to your blue and white haven KariAnne. Inspiring as ever, your combination of colors is stunning! Happy Fall Styling Diva!

  14. Image for Rizae Rizae

    I love, love , love orange! I use all shades of orange, yellow and amber with copper and wood for fall. I add in natural items such as leaves, dried floral, etc. I am definitely for orange!!!

  15. Image for Teddee Grace Teddee Grace

    Thanks so much for that link to the bittersweet, which took me to House Floral. They certainly have a wonderful selection of faux florals and I love their website photo...the three happy guys rolling in flowers! And I like your use of orange. Just the right amount! I like to mix it up and am not sure which direction I'm going in this year. Where I grew up, bittersweet grew wild in the fence rows, but I think it has, unfortunately, been eradicated in many places. This faux looks great, though, and will be much easier to store.

  16. Image for AnnTN AnnTN

    Always some orange in the fall. Throw pillows, throws, the fall picture above my couch (that I switch out for the seasons), some brown and orange in my hutch. I love fall and Christmas decorating the best!!

  17. Image for Donna Donna

    My mother recently passed away and my siblings are encouraging me to purchase the home where we all grew up in. How do you make your home not feel like it’s still your parents home. I’m afraid it will never feel like my home.

  18. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    KariAnne orange is my favorite accent color anytime. I am not sure why I didn't get this email post but I saw it on google and read it. I love the pops of color. Love the tree.

  19. Image for Michelle Crowley Michelle Crowley

    I'm a BIG orange fan all year round! Take it in small doses, a little goes a loooong way, but it does look amazing with blues and it creates a fun vibe in my summer pool house! I'm going allll out with orange for my Halloween decor this year.

  20. Image for Linda Johnston Linda Johnston

    Orange is Moither Nature's color along with other rich ones like russet red. So many options to decorate for fall! Plus I went to Tennessee and daughter is a Syracuse much true orange

  21. Image for Pinky Pinky

    Do you have a link for the artwork over the mantle?? I LOVE it and it would be perfect in my living room too! I ALWAYS pair orange with blue and white but especially in the Fall! I LOVE it, my favorite. And orange is opposite blue on the color wheel so PERFECT with it!

  22. Image for Susan Susan

    Hi Karianne, love. Your home! I was wondering if you would share where you purchased your art above your fireplace? Love it, and we have the same colors in my house. Thank you!

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