Looking for easy and simple fall decorating ideas? Here are some creative ways to decorate your space for fall in minutes.

In all the posts in all the world, I think this post was one of the most fun I’ve ever written. There’s something about looking back that makes you appreciate where you are now. I’m going to turn off comments on the post and end the giveaway tonight at 11:59 CST tonight, October 6.

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And speaking of looking back? This is what the office looked like when we moved in.

This is where it all began.

That wood desk has heard it all.  My stories.  My laughter.  My tears.

Whenever I had a problem or news that had to immediately be shared or when I just wanted to talk, I’d walk into my dad’s study and plop down across from him on the other side of this desk and share my heart.

I remember when I was sixteen and started my first job at Dairy Queen.  I wanted to quit after the first day.  I dumped a Blizzard on someone’s car in the drive-through and my ice cream fell off the cone and my apron was not cute and I was sticky and dirty and tired.

I walked into this office and announced I was quitting.

I was done.

I was finished.

My father looked at me over the top of his glasses with a twinkle in his eye and told me something I’ve never forgotten.

“When the going gets tough–the tough get going.”

I’m not sure I’m tough.

But guess what? I’m still going.

I’m still growing and learning new things (I’m about to learn how to play Mah Jong) and DIY’ing and creating and painting and decorating.

So in honor of the desk and all the stories it has to tell? I thought it would be fun to add a little fall to this blue and white space.

// spindle side table // spindle chairs  // blue and white rug // similar blue and white curtains //

Just in case you read this blog and you want to picture where I am when I write all my books and stories?

See that chair behind the desk?

(total aside: can I thank you one more time for talking me out of painting that desk.)

Picture a person with a messy bun and glasses and empty coffee mugs and a golden retriever at her feet typing away on a laptop.

And now? It’s ready for fall.

// similar blue and white curtains //

I didn’t really change up much.

But I decided I had to do something.

The rest of the house is so fall and then I’d walk in here and it felt like July. Do you ever feel like that? Do you add fall all over the house or just in one room?


It’s like I only plan on decorating the front porch. And then? Somehow fall and pumpkins and orange and things that smell like apple cider work their way into my heart.

// hooked pumpkin pillow // white spindle chair // blue and white rug // similar blue and white curtains //

There’s a lot of blue and white going on in here and I thought a little bit of orange might pop it out and make it feel a little more like fall.

Look at that pumpkin pillow.

I try and add one fun pillow each season and this one was the winner.

// hooked pumpkin pillow // white spindle chair //

Here’s a close-up of it.

I love hooked pillows like this. They are just fancier than other pillows—like that cousin who shows up to the family reunion telling everyone how they made it big in cryptocurrency.

The pumpkin pillow is so cute and it’s smaller 10″ x 10″ so it’s the perfect little accent pillow to tuck next to a bigger pillow like this one.

You can see the pillow here.

// hooked pumpkin pillow // white spindle chair // blue and white rug // similar blue and white curtains //

// blue and white rug //

This blue and white rug is having a moment.

Look at that pattern.

Remember when I found it and couldn’t decide between the rug in the front room and this rug so I kept them both and designed the entire office around it?

You all helped me with that decision, too.

What would I do without you?

You can see the blue and white rug here.

// fall ficus tree //

I moved the fall ficus tree from the front room into here to replace the fiddle leaf fig I had here originally and moved that to the front room.

Then I added a few pumpkins and some leaves and that’s it.

My office is ready for fall.

In retrospect, do you know how happy I am that I didn’t quit my summer job at Dairy Queen?

At the time it was so hard.

I stood at the counter and watched out the window as my friends drove by on the way to the lake and over to the pool and to parties on those long-ago summer afternoons.

All while I wore an apron and mopped floors and served hamburgers.

But truth?

My dad was so right. Sticking to something you committed to makes you so much stronger. I am the person I am today because of that Dairy Queen summer.

And when the going got tough?

The tough made Blizzards. 🙂

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  1. Image for Lee Stearns Lee Stearns

    Those blizzards changed your life! And OURS! You inspire us, entertain us, challenge us, encourage us, humor us… to make our own blizzards! My dad told me the same thing as a waitress back when they wore a white uniform, apron and those awful white shoes! Thank God for dads and “ service jobs”! And YOU!

  2. Image for Diana Diana

    Throughout life we find ourselves in these positions and I find myself telling self to "suck it up buttercup". It always works and no I don't like it, but I've found you can't love everything. I also go with "what doesn't kill you will make you stronger". Then I roll my eyes and move forward. Life is a roller coaster...LOL

  3. Image for Lara Lara

    Love your Dad’s advice! And I absolutely LOVE the office with the fall decor! Fall is my favorite time of year…can’t get too many pumpkins and orange🧡

  4. Image for Cheri Cheri

    What you wrote.... "I'm not sure I'm tough.... But guess what. I'm still going" Wow, just what I needed to read. Recent injury has me down for the count until Dr says I'm healed. I'm missing Fall, decorating, going to fun events. Right now I'm not tough. But, you inspired me to get going with what I can do. Thank you. ps. That would make a good t-shirt or sign.

  5. Image for Rita Rita

    Commitment. It's a big word. Thankfully your dad helped you keep your commitment to that job and now you have no regrets. The Lord helpede my husband and myself to commit to each other and now he is gone, but I am thankful for that commitment. May God bless you as you continue to grow and commit to many more things.

  6. Image for Peg Peg

    I recently heard someone say that it takes courage to stick with your commitments. I think that's a great way to think about it. Very empowering. Love the office!! xoxo

  7. Image for Tara Tara

    I love the fall colors added in with the blue & white! I like adding a touch of fall in each room. Your Daddy was right. Those first jobs we have really do teach us a lot. When something is hard and we push through it and get it done we always feel so much better knowing we did it! 😃 Happy Fall!

  8. Image for Mary Mary

    Dad was a wise one ! 😉 love the blue and white! Have to say the desk kind of steals the show in that room! Love it all!

  9. Image for Rizae Rizae

    Same here! Start with one room and end up adding fall to everything! Some rooms more than others... but still has the color and the feeling!

  10. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Oh KariAnne I love a good parent story, and when they hold true for eternity, even better. Your office looks so Autumn, so pretty. And yes I put some decorations in every room including the laundry room. I had to start embracing Autum, it's here and I can't change that. If you can't beat em, join em. Other words from the wise.

  11. Image for Marlene Marlene

    I love your story and I was told the same thing. I remember so many sayings my father told me that made me tough when I needed it. Your office is so ready for Fall and is a great place for memories that make you feel hugged.

  12. Image for Kris Kris

    You ARE tough. You just hide it with gentle humor. Love your office and I am so glad you didn't paint the desk!

  13. Image for carol cupp carol cupp

    KA When I am tempted to do an impulsive thing (i.e. 'paint something an odd color') I say to myself, 'take a deep breath, wait five minutes, things will look differently', and my answer will appear! Love your dad's desk just as it has always been. C

  14. Image for Kimberly Westby Kimberly Westby

    Ha-ha-aha Actually had a Blizzard on the way home from work, too funny. Is it me, or, are the kids behind the counter looking younger and younger? Kim

  15. Image for LeAnne LeAnne

    I love this! I love your office anyway, but the oranges take it to a whole new level. Orange is not my favorite, but you have opened my eyes to how amazing it looks with blue. Can't wait to see the office in Christmas reds!

  16. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    LMAO! I remember feeling just like that AND my first non- babysitting job was at Dairy Queen! Maybe our thing for milkglass is from that experience 😃all those vanilla cones😂. Thank you for that memory❤️ you know how few I have anymore. Love the autumn touches in your office. Orange and blue complement each other. Yes I remember voting on the rug😃. Looks You are the best!❤️🍁😞🪶

  17. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    I really can't believe how far that room has come. WOW! Your touches of autumn are just right. And I still am soooo glad you didn't paint your father's desk. It stands proud and anchored in that blue and white room. Well done, KA. And oh my golly do I want a Blizzard now! Bless your heart. ♥

  18. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    Oh, the jobs that made us stronger! I’m remembering bbq sauce and the smell of smoke to what made me stronger! Thanks for reminding me!

  19. Image for Tammy Tammy

    I am so behind on blog posts and Facebook posts. My sweet eldest and two of her kiddos left this morning and headed back North. My first job was Dairy Queen, too. Although our location didn't make Blizzards, I made my fair share of dipped cones, Dilly Bars, banana splits, and sundaes. I received my first stitches after a mishap while making Buster Bars. I worked their about 2-1/2 years. Those were fun times for sure!

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