// sequin bow black slides //

You know those towns you hear about in Christmas movies?

The ones where the coffee shop owner is married to the guy who builds furniture and makes the arches for the pumpkin festival all while running a Christmas tree lot and winning the ice sculpture contest at the local park?


Those towns.

I live in one of those.

I grew up here surrounded by 100-year-old homes and beautiful architecture and lamp posts that look like sculpture and a downtown square with a downtown parade for every holiday and one of the best Christmas tree lighting ceremonies you will ever see.

And in amazing news? I just heard there’s a cold front heading our way next week. Please don’t roll your cold-front eyes at me if you live up north in places that have snow in December, but around here cold is dipping down into the 50’s.

So to celebrate cold fronts and sweater weather, I have a few outfits I put together and photographed downtown at some of my favorite places.

And they are all so budget-friendly.

Here are 7 affordable fall outfits from Walmart.

Before I even get to the outfits, can we talk about the shoes. I wanted to show everything up close because sometimes it’s hard to see them in the pictures.

Let’s start with those bow mules? They are THE CUTEST on and they come in pink and black. They run slightly small, so if you are in between sizes I would size up.

I also love the slide on mule boots and they are under $25. The are so comfortable and the heel is the perfect height for walking around. I’m wearing the black mules in these photos with bell bottom pants and they make my legs look so much longer than they are.

These quilted ballet flats look like a high-end version that I’ve seen on social media and they are 1/4 of the price.

You can see all the shoes here:

// herringbone shacket // cropped black pants // striped shirt (in a different colorway) // similar black booties //

This shacket.

This shacket.

This shacket.

It’s brushed herringbone and feels and looks so high-end. It has the prettiest buttons that look kind of like tortoise shell. The material is heavier and thick and feels like a jacket rather than a shirt.

You can see the shacket here.

I added this striped knit shirt underneath (my colorway is sold out, but this other color would work perfectly, too) and the pull-on black pants I shared with you from the summer Walmart post. I’m still wearing them in the fall, I just paired them with high-heeled black boots instead.

You can see the cropped pants here.

// ribbed sweater cape // cropped black pants // similar black booties // black belt //

This ribbed sweater cape was the biggest surprise to me.

I love it so much.

I’ve tried similar vests/capes like this before and they kind of swallowed me up, but this vest is cut differently and it’s so flattering on. It’s the perfect layering piece, too.

For another outfit idea, I’d pair this same sweater cape with jeans and those bow slides or even a sweater dress and boots.

You can see the ribbed sweater cape here.

The belt is super cute and under $10 and it has double prongs which make it so unique.

You can see the belt here.

// sweater dress //

This sweater dress is so cozy.

The turtleneck is super generous and the knit is super stretchy so if you are in between sizes, I’d size down.

I’m five feet and it falls just at my knees.

It comes in four different colors including the prettiest maroon color, too.

You can see the sweater dress here.

// black ribbed turtleneck // black belt // coated black flare pants // heeled black mules //

These pants were way out of my comfort zone, but I LOVE THEM.

Just between us—I wear them with the sweater untucked (like in the next photo) but I wanted to show the belt in this picture.

These pants are perfect for someone who is taller than my five feet. I actually had four inches taken off the bottom so the pants would be the right length on me. They come in two colors and are a coated so they feel like leather.

You can see the flared pants here.

And the black ribbed turtleneck is so soft and stretchy and comfortable and comes in other colors.

You can see the black ribbed turtleneck here.

//tan coated flared pants // khaki ribbed mock turtleneck //

This mock turtleneck is so soft.  It’s ribbed and so flattering on.

It comes in six colors including the prettiest red for the holidays.

You can see the sweater here.

These pants are perfect for someone who is taller than my five feet. I actually had four inches taken off the bottom so the pants would be the right length on me. They come in two colors and are a coated so they feel like leather.

You can see the flared pants here.

// cropped black pants // striped sweater // quilted black flats //

The cut of this striped sweater is so flattering.

The waistband is very wide and accentuates the waist and the sleeves are puffed at the top.

It comes in two different colorways and this one has brown and black and gray and khaki.

You can see the striped sweater here.

I paired it with the same cropped black pants and those quilted ballet flats.

I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into our little downtown.

I hope you enjoyed the outfits.

Let me know if you have any questions on sizing or fit or anything I can help with.

It’s been fun shopping with you and now I’m ready for the frigid cold heading my way.

You know.

Those frigid cold 50 degree temperatures. 🙂

disclosure: affiliate links are used in this post.


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  1. Image for Linda Primeaux Linda Primeaux

    Kariann, You and your girls are so pretty. And your choice of clothing, color and style are spot on. I always look forward to reading your post and learning something new. Oh how I love small country towns with their amazing history. Please do tell the name of your country town in Texas. I might have driven through it. Linda

  2. Image for sandi sandi

    You bring joy to everything! You are the real deal---so comfy in your own skin. I love it that you represent Wallmart for some of us who are financially challenged! I also love your small town & living in Georgetown outside Austin makes me appreciate my own little town even more. Thank you for being such a role model to so many. Maybe one day I will run into you in Waco! May your day be as lovely as the aroma you share by your presence!

  3. Image for Debbie Debbie

    I loved seeing your very cute downtown especially with you looking so smart in your Fall clothes. You are so funny about the cooler temps. I didn’t roll my eyes but I am getting my snow tires put on soon.


    KariAnne, I love the pictures of you and your downtown square. You live in such a lovely part of Texas! Those Walmart outfits are so cute and you just look so beautiful in them! Thanks for sharing those cute pictures of you in your lovely new clothing! Have a blessed day!

  5. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Love the black cape outfit. All were pretty but that is my favorite. You looked lovely, stylish and classy in everything. Thank you

  6. Image for Maggie Rowe Maggie Rowe

    What a fun post! You make a great model, and I love the "on location" shots. Thanks for showing us that models that don't have to be 5' 10 - you look terrific in these outfits!

  7. Image for michelle michelle

    You appear to understand the importance of structure under clothes. I was wondering if you would consider a post on undergarments? I notice that you always look so smooth and supported and I would like to know how to do that for myself. If it isn't too personal, I think it would help some of us who struggle. You look great in everything!

    1. Image for Angie in NC Angie in NC

      I have actually been wanting to ask the exact same question! Thank you Michelle for being brave enough to ask 😊

  8. Image for Colleen Colleen

    Your town streets look very "Hallmark movie". My favorite outfit was the tan/caramel one and your hair looks amazing in all the photos!

  9. Image for Susan Susan

    Love the ribbed sweater cape too, sadly Walmart is out of stock…,, Darn! I just had major hand surgery and am in need of something warm , but without sleeves , since I can’t put this bulky splint through one. But do love the outfits…. Very cute!

  10. Image for Beth A. Christoff Beth A. Christoff

    Thank you for sharing. You are so brave and admirable. You love yourself just the way you are and I do, too! Did you know Wal-Mart is a "thing" now? I love it! My daughter, a native Hoosier, lives in Lubbock and cant wait for the "cold front". God bless you.

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