Have you ever been talked into buying something at a store before?

Something that you knew you really didn’t need.

Something you didn’t really even want.



Except…..there was this saleslady.

Do I even need to go any further?

Tree Centerpiece Dining room


And she was really nice and smiley and well-dressed in the cutest outfit and looked so put-together and perfect and she was wearing that Merle Norman make-up.  You know….that perfect make-up that makes your face look smooth…..like it never even saw a blemish or a wrinkle.

Not a hair out-of-place.

And you were wearing jogging pants and dollar store lipstick and a t-shirt that said Octoberfest.





And when she approached you in the Christmas store and started suggesting decorations….you were so distracted by her Merle Norman perfection.

And then you started wondering how long it took to apply all those layers and if she sent her clothes to the dry cleaners and how she learned to speak in such a perfectly modulated tone ….that you got kind of sidetracked.

Side-tracked into buying this.


Dining Room Decorations Christmas


Did you see it?

Up there on the top of the tree.

The big bunch of silver foolishness.


It looks like the tree needs a haircut.


Tree Centerpiece


It looked so pretty in the store.  That tree top was covered in those silver wavy things with ornaments and ribbons and burlap…..and branches and branches of ornaments.  But on this tree…well….it just looked a little sad.

I tried to disguise it with a snowflake and draw your attention away with strings of chandelier crystals and silver trays.


Nothing helped…..that tree topper was still waving around like a bad comb-over.


Dining Room Christmas

What was I thinking?

How did I let myself become so easily swayed by all that Merle Norman perfection?

It won’t happen again.

Next time I’m holding firm.

Next time I’m not going to be talked into anything.

Next time I’m going to remember…..that the person wearing the Ocoberfest t-shirt is the one in charge.


Next time….


PS  And if you believe that….I know a really good Christmas hair piece I could sell you.  🙂

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  1. Image for Marianne@Songbird Marianne@Songbird

    I think your dining room looks gorgeous, comb-over and all. And if you hadn't written a whole post about it I wouldn't even have noticed the tree topper ;-) You home is so incredibly swoon worthy!

  2. Image for Barbara Barbara

    I soooo enjoy my morning coffee while scrolling through my favorite blogs, yours being one of the top 2 on my list. My husband and I have always had a real tree since we were married 23 years agao. Started taking our son in the child carrier at 10 months and 20 years later, insisted he come home from college this past weekend to go cut the tree down. Christmas is my favorite time of the year and that tree cutting starts it all.....Have a wonderful day!

  3. Image for Colleen Colleen

    You are too funny! I kind of like the sassy tree topper! Your dining room is spectacular. We put up a real tree every year. We tried artificial ones few times but there was a mutiny. I will be curious to see what they put up in there own homes when they are grown and have to pick up every stray needle they find until Easter! Have a great one.

  4. Image for Christi {Jealous Hands} Christi {Jealous Hands}

    Your dining room decorations are lovely; I especially like the trees on the table. I have artificial trees - and 3 tiny real cedar trees on my breakfast room table. My boys "picked" them for me... how could I resist?

  5. Image for Karen Karen

    The silver hairy thing reminds me of peacock tail feathers. I have only 2 small (very) feather trees up this year. We are going to start a remodle job on our house shortly after Christmas so I did not want to be faced with putting away massive amounts of Christmas decorations.

  6. Image for Catherine Catherine

    I believe I've met your saleslady and I have some lovelies {not} in my house to go with your comb-over. Thanks for keeping it real, just like my Christmas tree!

  7. Image for Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique

    Oh that's funny!! I have both real and artificial trees. I'd have all real if we weren't in the middle of our hot and humid summer... but I think you can guess what happens to my fresh greenery after a day or two in the tropical heat. Congratulations on your one year anniversary. It is always a pleasure to pop in to visit at Thistlewood Farm.

  8. Image for Bethanie Henry Bethanie Henry

    Oh Karianne....you're such a trip. I think you could spray paint a real hair piece and somehow make it look cute on top of your tree. Since we're going to the monster-in-laws in FL for Christmas (now ya wanna see some REAL tackiness, I could send you some pictures from there!) we have fake trees... I wanted a real one, then I thought of the pile of needles I'd have to clean up when we got home ... went with the old stand by fake-a-roo....

  9. Image for Christy Christy

    Ahhh, that Meryl Norman perfection gets me too! :) I love a real tree, but alas, my eyes swell and my nose runs sadly in their presence. So, I use those sweet artificial trees(kinda sweet like artificial sweetener). I absolutely love the color scheme you have going in there. Makes me smile.

  10. Image for Sharon Sharon

    You crack me up each morning! We always have a real tree....the kids all insist on it! We trek out to the back 40 and try to find the perfect tree that would fit through the doorway. This year we need some pines moved to expand our large garden....so we are stuck with one of a gangly, sparse, few branches tree. But we don't care....it's just hard to cut the decorations down to the bare minimum when you only have 5 puny branches!

  11. Image for Gina Gina

    You are so funny! At first I thought the giveaway was the topper! Your tree is gorgeous even with the comb over! We will have a real tree again. I have been wanting to get a faux tree for years but the hubs says it has to be real for the scent...which fades away quickly. Problem is nobody helps me decorate and the lights are such a hassle. I may just surprise the family and get a pre-lit tree and have everything done while my husband is at work and before the kids come home from college. Love your stamped spoons...what a great giveaway!

  12. Image for Gina Gina

    we have a big artificial one with all the lights attached found on clearance from target. i call her the beast. she's quite heavy to drag out!

  13. Image for Kathy Kathy

    Although I would love to have a real tree, we use an artificial prelit tree. It's just easier and so much less mess.

  14. Image for LindaSonia LindaSonia

    Your decorated home is absolutely beautiful and I love your comments about the tree topper! LOL. I've been using artificial trees for the past several years now with pine scent! LOL ... have to say i don't miss the needles.

  15. Image for Alaina Alaina

    Fake, fake, fake all twelve of them. I wish that I could get back into the days of the real ones. Then I wouldn't be able to put one in each of the kids rooms and they are not going to let that happen. I too have talked myself into foolishness when shopping in a highly decorated shop, trying to recreate what they did. Oh well. ALaina

  16. Image for Gloria Gloria

    Real or artificial? I like to think of our tree as FAUX blue spruce. Fake sounds so sad. But the darn thing has so many hand painted ornaments on it that you barely see the faux. Definitely needing stamped spoons. I've hammered and hammered and NaDa results. Yet another UFO, unfinished object on the pile.

  17. Image for carol jane carol jane

    You are hilarious. I dont think that your tree topper looks bad. Its kinda fun! Im not sure . I had a real tree last year amd it made such a mess. It really didnt even smell so much. I think I will do an artificial one this year.

  18. Image for Adrienne Adrienne

    Oh Karianne, the hairpiece! I know they always look so fashionable in the stores. I need a star on my fake Christmas tree. A Waterford tree topper that was a wedding gift from my BFF all those years ago. It fits right over a few of the lights and with its etching, it showers the ceiling with lots of little stars. I just love it~and my little fake tree!

  19. Image for Beverly Beverly

    I've never been swayed by a sales person, but I have been swayed by my husband. Usually it is because he likes something so much, and I don't want to tell him I don't like it. It makes me crazy. But this, KariAnne. I think I like it. Can you show us a close up photo? Anyway, your dining room looks like a winter wonderland. You know I love it. Did you remember to take the pumpkins off the shelf this year? :) Artificial trees for us because of allergies for me.

  20. Image for Deb @Lake Girl Paints Deb @Lake Girl Paints

    Thank you KariAnne for a chance to win your charming spoons! I look forward to all of your posts. My tree is artificial...all 12 foot of it! Storage is the main issue. Something so inviting about your Dining Room. I can picture people gathered! Deb@LakeGirlPaints

  21. Image for Amy Amy

    My "fake" tree is in the living room, it is very embellished so I pretend no one can tell that it's not real. Santa comes to a fake tree in the basement. It has taken on many special traditions...the best is that the presents don't have to be put away too soon!

  22. Image for Michelle Michelle

    I will have my faux tree in the den and a live cedar in the parlour! So love your blog! Thank you for bringing me inspiration!!

  23. Image for Christy Christy

    We jumped on the fake pre-lit bandwagon a few years ago, but after just a couple of seasons of use most of the lights were burned out! Boo! Now we're back to real all the way, and never going back!

  24. Image for Becky Becky

    Karianne ~ I love your home and all of your beautiful Christmas decorations. I am originally from KY and after discovering your blog I am slowly convincing my husband more and more each day to move back down to KY when we "retire". Keep up the beautiful blog and my wish just may come true. We use artificial trees in our home due to allergies ~ I have to say over the years I have really come to appreciate the ease of these fake trees...

  25. Image for Tracy J Tracy J

    I recently had the same experience but at a clothing store. "Perfect" saleslady would not let me leave without buying a particular shirt! Artificial trees with a live wreath.

  26. Image for Peggy Peggy

    You always bring some sunshine to my day.....love your blog, your beautiful home and even your tree topper! Unfortunately we left real trees behind several years ago when we had sappy water all over new carpet. We now enjoy two fake trees. One over decorated in the family room with all our past christmas memories and a skinny pre-lit tree (half the bulbs don't work, boo hoo) hanging out next to our fireplace in the living room. This year I'm filling that one with black and white pictures on our 4 children and 12 grandchildren.....I'm sure I will be lingering around that tree often.....love those kiddos! Blessings on your Christmas holiday!

  27. Image for Amy Amy

    Too funny... You have to watch out for those sales girls! I insist on a real tree from a local farm... I love the tradition.

  28. Image for Judy Harris Judy Harris

    Your tree topper is different, kind of fun. Have you thought of making it into a centerpiece for the table? We put up one big tree in the living room, one tall skinny tree in the kitchen, a small floor tree in the den, and three little desk trees in various rooms. All have lots of ornaments and all are fake. I love Christmas!

  29. Image for Marian Marian

    A silver comb over? Ok that one cracked me up. I think it reminds me more of rooster comb than pathetic middle aged man. And you're on a farm, so rooster comb could work, right? Actually, I have had that same experience before. But not so much due to Meryl Norman Makeup. How do women have that kind of time? And does pretty make up sell stuff? If so, I need to get me some better make up for the barn sale. Because I'm sure that's what all my friends are coming to see. Me all tricked out in expensive make up. That would be a first, I must say. We head out to a local tree farm each year and then stop by the nearby (to the farm) Amish market and eat the world's best fried chicken for lunch. It makes for such a lovely family day. I think it's so good for kids from the burbs to get outside the city as often as possible and see that there are other lifestyles out there, if they want them. And my city actually recycled the trees into mulch at the end of the season. Little cycle of life thing, I guess. OK, now I have to think of good things to have stamped on spoons.......

  30. Image for joy smith joy smith

    I really enjoy your blog. your decorations look so pretty. I will be using an artificial christmas tree. It is just easier for me to decorate.

  31. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Oh I just spent an hour putting that "foolishness" on top of the media room tree!...I feel your pain! :) Your dining room is gorgeous....every spec and foolishness of it!!... I decorate for Christmas so early that I am really forced to buy artificial trees...and they are really perfect for decorating...bending the branches any way you want it to go.....so great for placing "foolishness" on top of the tree....Just love your story Kari...as always!!! Great giveaway!!!

  32. Image for Tambur McDonald Tambur McDonald

    Your tree is lovely. Our tree is an artificial tree. The kind that you have to put every single branch on yourself and then string lights. It is so much fun to put up every year.... well the 3 years we have had it.

  33. Image for Megan P. Megan P.

    This is too funny! Maybe that comb-over is not supposed to be a tree topper and that lady didn't know what she was talking about. We always have a real tree, I just won't compromise on that.

  34. Image for Carla Carla

    Four fake trees....one has a lime green "hairpiece". I wanted to throw it out but had compliments on it just last weekend so now I'm rethinking it....hmmm. Love your home--gorgeousness!

  35. Image for Tarrah Tarrah

    I would absolutely, 100%, without.a.doubt! love to win those spoons!!! :) I have a 10 1/2 foot real frasier fur, that is up and decorated! :)

  36. Image for Mary Kay Mary Kay

    We will have both in our house. I have a real tree for all the "pretty" ornaments. And then we have an artificial that we call the family tree. This tree is decorated with all the ornaments my daughter has made me over the years, my grandmother's antique ornaments and the ornaments my father gave me. Every year for years he would have a McDonald tree that was decorated with whatever ornaments McDonalds was giving out with their happy meals. I love decorating both of these trees, I get all my prettiness out on the real tree and get to remember all those in our family that have gone on and honor their memories. I LOVE Christmas!!

  37. Image for Susan M. Susan M.

    I worked with a gal like your "Ms. Meryl"! She could eat breakfast, lunch, dinner AND a ton of snacks and still her lipstick stayed on... how DO they do that? ;>) We've got a Charlie Brown fake -- but he's really cute! No trees this year due to a crawling infant.

  38. Image for jane jane

    Thoroughly enjoy your blog!! You have the best sense of humor and your home is GORGEOUS!! Love seeing pictures of your rooms! The stamped spoons are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO PRETTY!! I use artificial trees !

  39. Image for Donna Kelly Donna Kelly

    1st of all....I think you are one of the best bloggers!!! Love that you are posting everyday!!! ok....now that I have buttered you up....I would LOVE to win your spoons!!! And yes, sadly, ALL of our trees are fake....I have one in every room, all different themed, And also, I do change themes, and decor, and colors most every year....cause I am like that. The past 2 years, I am pretty much shabby chic, and am kinda sticking to the white and silver theme, calling it my winter wonderland. The kitchen gets all the color with festive reds and greens. And sadly, I have tons of rubbermaid containers filled with colored ornaments not being used....oh heck....another year! Outside, I always did a Santa theme. This year we splurged and get MUCH needed sidewalks and a new front door, so I made a new wreath and the theme is changed to snowmen. Our 1930s home has been improved by 100% , and we couldnt be happier! And Merry Christmas to me!

  40. Image for Lori H Lori H

    You made me laugh out loud at your description of the sales lady and what you were wearing (I am so much more likely to be in the Octoberfest T-shirt!). When you said there was a giveaway, I thought maybe it was the tree topper :) We have a real tree every year.

  41. Image for Lori Lori

    Since I live in the tropics, our tree will be artificial. It is a tree that has travelled around the world with us. The gardenias on the buffet though will be real. This is the time of year (summer in the southern hemisphere) when gardenias bloom! I am new to your blog and have been thoroughly enjoying your sense of humour and beautiful home.

  42. Image for Amy @ The Avery House Amy @ The Avery House

    KariAnne! You make me giggle! A tree topper bad comb over indeed! Oh it's no wonder you have so many fans out there. You are simply a scream! Well, I wouldn't feel proper in taking advantage of your give away since I am new to your blog and all, but I will tell you that I have a totally fake tree that is half lit with it's original lights and half lit with a bad attempt at a quick fix by yours truly. THankfully we have a million ornaments to hide all of those bunched up wires on the side I wired :-). Next year I hope to have a real tree, but I am allergic to the needles and break out in hives so hopefully my sweet husband will string the lights. We'll see. Have a fabulous day! P.S. I think your topper looks great!

  43. Image for Marnita Parry Marnita Parry

    We will have a real tree. Although, the great debate will start all over again at Lowe's of "Why don't we just buy an artificial one, it's so much easier?!" Then we will walk around the store for 2 hours looking at trees, then head over to Hobby Lobby and look at trees, and then go to Wal-Mart and look at trees, then Target and Michael's..... Then we go back to Lowe's and buy a real one. Easier, yeah right. :)

  44. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    You know I kind of like your silver foolishness up top there....it's like earrings! Dining room again, is gorgeous....did you say you had kids...do they actually live in your home?? Now, we used to have a real tree, but sometime after the kids got too old for tramping through the snow, we finally bought a fake tree. I like it. You can dress it up just like a real tree, it comes apart, has it's own storage case, and lights up all by itself! I even found a way to make it smell real!! ;)

  45. Image for Anne Anne

    hahahahaha! A topper with a bad comb-over bwaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhahahahaha, you kill me! It does look a little odd... maybe you could take it apart and make something out of it or add an angel head to it and call it quits. lol. Love you! I have artificial, real, tin and wood trees in my house cause I'm nuts. They're all mini trees though so I can get away with my fetish without feeling like someone from a Hoarders episode. Have a happy week KariAnne!

  46. Image for Jean Jean

    I stopped entering blog giveaways a while back, but to get something handmade by you...well, I just had to jump in. We have used a fake tree since we lived in Alaska. Before then, it was a family tradition to tromp out in the snow and get a real tree. Unfortunately, the temps are so cold in Fairbanks, AK that the tree freezes and dies before you can ever get the thing home. It always sounded like it was raining on the presents when the dead needles fell. Your house and pictures are amazing...I know I've said that before, but it bears repeating!

  47. Image for Allison S. Allison S.

    We've always had real trees for as far back as I can remember, but for the past 3 years, we've made it a tradition to go with 2 other families and cut down our tree at a farm. We tailgate afterwards and have such a wonderful time. Your dining room hutch is to die for!

  48. Image for Diana Lentz Diana Lentz

    Your dinning room is so elegant! Your Tree topper may set a trend you never know? My mom sprayed branches white and tied on Turquoise and Avocado green glass balls in clusters ( this was in the 1960's). My mom was very artistic (my brother and I could have died). Mom was very ahead of her time. I went to artificial due to how many ornaments I put on the tree plus the watering issue and how long I keep the tree up. I admit I still love the fresh tress, North Carolina grows such beautiful ones!

  49. Image for Regena Fickes Regena Fickes

    When the children were small we always had real trees which we replanted on the property. Since my husband has gone home, I have a small prelit. I love your dining room, just beautiful. What more can be said about the "comb over"? Reminds me of a beloved uncle!!! :} Thanks.

  50. Image for Lori Lori

    We are going with a prelit artificial tree that we got last year. It would look outstanding with a set up stamped spoons on it. =D

  51. Image for Leen Leen

    you crack me up! all. the. time. I love you girl! We have an artificial tree. because I am cheap. But my son, who goes to college in Boone, NC said up there in Christmas Tree farm land you can get a real 8 foot tree for 20 bucks!! Of course I asked him why he didn't strap one on the roof of his Camry and bring it the 5 hours home. He just gave me the look. I think your tree looks cute. Right now, working in my jammies, my hair looks just like that :)

  52. Image for Amy Amy

    We use an artificial tree. I have 2 boys who are full of crazy antics and no fire hydrants near our farm....better safe than sorry.

  53. Image for Mimi Matthews Mimi Matthews

    OH, but it is sooo SILVERy~ Love anything silver! I'll take it off your hands..you can mail it with the four spoons. lol I have artificial trees because I keep them up two months.

  54. Image for Shari @ Turnstyle Vogue Shari @ Turnstyle Vogue

    Too funny. Yes, I have been talked into getting something that I didn't want....our SIXTEEN FOOT Christmas tree. A REAL Christmas tree. I had to give in to my kids - one just happens to be 21 years old! - and let them get the tree they wanted. You would roll on the floor laughing if you saw me trying to decorate this thing. Have a happy day!!

  55. Image for MB Bruder MB Bruder

    I love your blog--I am getting so much inspiration for decorating--thank you!! In our home we have one big real Christmas tree in the living room and an artificial tree--which is the kids' tree--in the Family room. That one is decorated with all of the ornaments my 3 children have made over the years and it is my favorite. We also have a very small artificial tree in the kitchen.

  56. Image for Teresa Teresa

    Most of the years we have cut our own tree but this year we purchased it already cut. We also have artificial trees, but love the real tree for the family room and the kids decorations they made throughout the years. This year we chose a "less than perfect" tree that needed some trimming off the "unshapely top...just to get it in the door and stand up without the top being bent over touching the ceiling. Love him! He is a reminder of our own human imperfections and how Christ redeems us and trims us to His likeness.

  57. Image for Theresa Ball Theresa Ball

    You made me "blow" coffee out of my nose. Are you a stand up comic disguised as a blogger? Too, too funny. I'm enjoying your home decorated for Christmas. All the home tours in blog land are marvelous - sit back, enjoy your coffee (after wiping down your computer screen of course), and oogle (such a word?). Thanks for being such a gracious hostess in your home.

  58. Image for Doreen Doreen

    This year we went to the tree farm and cut down ginormous Christmas tree that we cut two feet off to get in the living room! It was a fun day, but a real tree is not as easy to decorate! Fingers cross for those spoons! Have a wonderful day! Doreen

  59. Image for Lynn @thevintagenest Lynn @thevintagenest

    wellllll.......it's kind of real.....kind of Nordic like......but no tree trunk or anything....like that. I said I was going simple this year......so no big tree at all. Oh...I forgot...I did find some tiny living trees at Big Lots for $6 and $4. What a deal! and I can plant them after Christmas in the yard. After having not one, but two live trees drop all their needles one year I dedicated our Christmas to fake trees from then on. Have a whole shed full of 'em. And I love them. Since they're in the shed I don't even have to dismantle them or take the lights off. Love it! But like I said earlier, no trees this year. Wait and see! I love your dining room tree Karianne. It's gorgeous. Maybe if you smush that topper down further in the tree and then have some other stuff sticking out from the rest of the tree, like bare branches from outside, that might be the thing. xoxoxo

  60. Image for Mary@athomeonthebay Mary@athomeonthebay

    You crack me up! Everything is beautiful ... tree topper and all. We have always done real trees except for a few years were I decided I wanted to try a fake tree. It hasn't seen daylight for a while. :D

  61. Image for colleen from alabama colleen from alabama

    One Big live tree in the Den, smaller artificial throughout the house. I think we all can relate to buying something that isn't "us"! You can always use it as a white elephant gift at a Christmas party!

  62. Image for Mandolyn Mandolyn

    We just put up our fake tree last night, but we bought these little scentsicles things at Michael's that smell like a real fir tree and hide amongst our branches. Still have more decorations to put up, but at least the tree is up—I love the glow of Christmas lights. Love your blog!!!!

  63. Image for tiffani tiffani

    Love your home Karianne, its just beautiful but what keeps me coming back is your sense of humor! Your funny girl! Thanks for the chance to win those spoons. Great giveaway, Merry Christmas!

  64. Image for Cynthia Cynthia

    Your dining room is just gorgeous. I love the touches of Christmas and that tree is fantastic. I love the black and ivory check fabric on the chairs. Cynthia

  65. Image for Traci Traci

    Yours is the one blog I look at everyday. Never fail, you amuse me with your stories and allow me to peek in to your beautiful home. Such classic beauty. Thank you :) Merry Christmas!

  66. Image for andrea andrea

    While I adore real trees, we go artficial every year. You see, my hubby's dad is a retired firefighter and a real tree was a BIG no no. I have to admit, though, the fake ones allow for me to put them up nice and early, and aren't as messy. I hang scented sticks on them and it still fills the room with that wonderful christmasy smell =)

  67. Image for Lynn in FL Lynn in FL

    Your tree is gorgeous! Haircut or not! But if you decide to give her one, I think a stylish bob would suit her well...she's a sparkly blonde tree, and she needs a chic hairdo! Mine is artificial, but chock full of 50 years of ornaments, each with a story to tell about our lives, so I love it! Thanks for the 12 Days of Christmas....just loving it! Lynn in Florida

  68. Image for Robbin Robbin

    You are too funny!!! I think your tree is gorgeous. Your HOUSE is gorgeous!!! Sadly, our tree (which isn't even up yet) is fake. The last time we had a real tree (probably 18 years ago) I too had water soaked through the carpet. I said never again and its been a fake tree ever since. I would LOVE to win the spoons!!! Blessings to you!!! And keep the pictures coming!!!

  69. Image for Stephanie @ The Hardscrabble Home Stephanie @ The Hardscrabble Home

    I have six trees. All fake ones! My floor plan is open and if I stand in the corner of the kitchen I can see five of them. The sixth one is hiding in the bathroom. THAT room isn't open to the rest of the house. lol. They range in size from 2 feet to 9 1/2 feet. That's funny - being pressured to buy your Christmas tree topper. haha. I've met salesclerks like that. I always hope they just let me browse.

  70. Image for talia talia

    Your tree is spectacular! I have an artificial tree filled with ornaments from my girls and my husband's kids - a blended tree of love, if you will. Each ornament holds a special story/memory. While it isn't necessarily a stunning tree, it does allow a trip down memory lane. I am really enjoying this series ~ so much fun and so many lovely photos and rooms!

  71. Image for Susan Susan

    Your home looks just like I wish mine did. I honestly don't even know where I would start. I really like the comb over. Looks pretty!

  72. Image for Claudia Claudia

    Your home is gorgeous, my friend. Simply beautiful. But what's even better? It is not just decorated - it exudes the warmth of the season. We have a real tree. Every year. Though, since Don will be away on Christmas, I might get a smaller one this year, one that I can maneuver on my own.

  73. Image for Becky J Becky J

    Thanks for the good belly laugh this morning...heehee..I love real trees, but my hubby doesn't so..we have a fake..ahem, I mean artificial tree..Merry Christmas!!

  74. Image for Dolores Dolores

    While I can't say that I really like the tree topper it does look gorgeous on your tree, your whole room is awesomeness so that makes it fit. Funny story though and I enjoyed it, maybe you can make some else out of it for next year if it still bothers you. We've had a faux tree here for many years although it looks pretty real. I decorate it will mostly all handmade ornaments so it looks good in the end. Would love a chance to win your pretty spoons.

  75. Image for Gloria Gloria

    I enjoy your website ~ especially this year. We are not putting up decorations inside this year because we are under construction. With all of the dust, we felt it was best to wait. I hope to win so I can have something fun to look forward to - besides the finished room - in progress. Thanks for the fun blog!

  76. Image for Sue Sue

    I loved your story! It made me laugh! Thank you for sharing it! I love your dining room!!!!! We have a real tree this year. My grandfather used to have a tree farm in Pennsylvania, so we have always been partial to real trees. Thank you for your blogs! They are so beautiful!,

  77. Image for Teri Teri

    OMG. I thought I was the only one who ever did that. LOVE is post. I really did laugh out loud. Thanks for the morning laugh. And I wouldn't have noticed the comb over if you hadnt' pointed it out...really... it looks so natural. :) We're getting our real tree this afternoon. I have 2 other little artifical trees for the girl's (3 and 6) rooms. They're decorated with ornaments we made together with leftover craft supplies. Crazy paper ring garland and all. The trees make me smile every day. Thanks for the 12 days of Christmas!

  78. Image for Kathy Woycik Kathy Woycik

    The Merle Norman lady probably had a bet with someone that she could sell the next person through the door that piece. I know when I worked in stores to make things more exciting, we used to do things like that. Well that lady won her bet! At east you have a great conversation piece! Merry Christmas!

  79. Image for Kim in VA Kim in VA

    I have a sweet artificial tree in my house...the result of the artificial tree shuffle. I went to my dad's to set up his tree for Christmas (he'd just gotten out of the hospital) and he offered his older, much (MUCH) larger artificial tree to me as he wanted to downsize. I jumped at the chance and loaded (actually, stuffed) that large tree in my car. Drove straight to my husband's veterinary clinic and set up that larger (MUCH) larger tree and decorated his clinic in beauty.....THEN, I took the last year's smaller (MUCH) smaller tree from the clinic and brought it home. It is very happy tucked into the corner of our family room...its new home, far enough from the woodstove but close enough to look "homey." Last year's articial tree (actually the tree from the past 5 years) is sulking in it's box in the basement. But, it was shamed into staying down there until it decides to actually start lighting more than half of it's prewired lights instead of being piggy and hoarding them in the dark! So, the incredible artificial tree shuffle is complete...beauty surrounds....and we await the arrival of St. Nick!

  80. Image for JP Phillips JP Phillips

    I'm throughly enjoying following you! This year, we'll be using small live trees (in vintage containers) that will go into the yard after Christmas. The trees will be dressed completely in vintage ornaments, fresh rosemary sprigs, grapevine and other fun 'stuff'. Your stamped spoons? Swoon ~ would love to have them! Heart heart JP in NC

  81. Image for Donna Donna

    lol...I love this post, and how often have we all been there?! As always your decorations make me catch my breath! Awww...and give me inspiration. We have already put up the "artificial" tree, looks real! It has electric candles on it, and tons of antique ornaments, handblown icicles, and sits in a cast iron urn my husband turned into a tree stand. And then there are the feather trees everywhere decorated in different themes. And I am loving this series...lots of ideas for my daughters and I!

  82. Image for Christine Christine

    Everything looks beautiful! I am so behind decorating this year and I am feeling the pressure! We always have a real tree. Growing up I always had an artifical. But when we got married it has been a tradition to have a real live tree. Even though it is a little messy it is well worth it. I love it! I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!!!

  83. Image for Veronica Roth Veronica Roth

    Lol, it doesn't look that bad...er... Maybe you can dismantle it and hide it in a vase full of fresh greens by the front door! Thanks for the lovely little chuckle. :)

  84. Image for Colette Rennier Colette Rennier

    I had a 'real' tree for years, when I was married to husband number one. (He was in charge). After the divorce I decided I wanted to change it up. Out with the real, and in with the fake!

  85. Image for Kisha - SunflowerGal Kisha - SunflowerGal

    oh my you make me laugh! Bad Combover! LOL LOL LOL Your dining room is gorgeous! The tree IS pretty, but I agree, that would make me crazy - I hope you find a happy solution :) Merry Christmas!

  86. Image for Tori Tori

    We have both! A slim seven-or-so foot artificial tree that is going on the front porch - TODAY! As well as a small artificial "snowman" tree that sits atop the corner cabinet in the kitchen. And a beautiful tall real Frazier Fir that will get her lights on tonight and then bedecked with all the ornaments, including the ones the kids (now 24 &20) made. We LOVE Christmas at our house and would be delighted to win spoons stamped especially for us! Love your decorations and hope you have the merriest of Christmases.

  87. Image for Tonya @ Love of Family & Home Tonya @ Love of Family & Home

    I love coming here each day & getting my daily dose of laughter!! You are cracking me up with your Octoberfest t-shirt! HA! As for your tree, I think it looks great either way!! Thank you so much for the giveaway!! I just entered via Rafflecopter!

  88. Image for Erin Buchanan Erin Buchanan

    I really truly enjoy reading your blog daily! Our 3 boys insist on having a real tree. They love going to the tree farm choosing & cutting it down. Maybe when they are grown we'll take the more simple road and go artificial. Maybe. ~

  89. Image for Michelle maddox Michelle maddox

    Artificial tree for me. I can't even keep house plants alive. I killed a cactus once. Really? I'm not trying my luck with a tree. : )

  90. Image for Danielle Danielle

    Karianne, gosh you make me laugh. "Like a bad combover." Hehe. So, I have an artificial tree. We got it when we started having babies. I wanted the simplicity of pre-lit and pulled out of a box and fluffed...but it hasn't been quite what I dreamed. I think it sheds worse than a real one, and this year it came out of the box only lighting up partially. Not so easy to check strands of lights that are wrapped and tied into branches in a seemingly spiderweb-sort-of pattern. Alas, I was too stubborn to give up on this tree, so I have hours into it so far. Striped of cheap lights, intricately re-wrapped with $70 worth of LED lights and still bare of ornaments even though it has been up for over a week. Nothing some hand-stamped spoons couldn't make me forget! :-)

  91. Image for Jamie Jamie

    I enjoy reading your blog, it always makes me smile. Your home is just beautiful! We used artificial trees this year, we used a real one two years ago and there was an "incident". ;)

  92. Image for Karen Moran Karen Moran

    Hi, love your blog and home, whenever I hear "comb over" I think of Donald Trump, so when I looked at the top of the tree it hit my funny bone, still looks better than Donald Trumps " comb over " Lol.................. This year in my home I deceided to make it very festive for my 3 children, we live on Fire island, and displaced for several weeks, home is everything to me and we were so lucky our gem of a home survived "Sandy".............. so lot's of trees for us, 2 real, and 3 small artificial in galvanized pots, for the childrens rooms, this Christmas is very special to us! Merry Christmas!

  93. Image for Kim L. Kim L.

    Love it! Your dining room is gorgeous! We will be having a real tree. Don't laugh, but we have a funny tradition that we always get our tree at Home Depot. Every year we look around and see a bunch of trees and think 'The trees at Home Depot are way nicer!' so back we go for another tree from them.

  94. Image for marce marce

    Seriously, your house is a show stopper. Perfection. What do you do with the everyday clutter and people that make the clutter? I have artificial and although it is a cute on purpose charlie brown tree, I would love a real tree. My husband is a debbie downer when it comes to real trees. I can't seem to get myself in the mood this year. I need help. ;) Spoons would help, I'm sure of it.

  95. Image for Marty Walden Marty Walden

    You're such a sweetie! Love your tree topper. Well, not really. But I'm glad to see a little imperfection in YOUR home. Just do what I do. Don't go shopping except at Wal-mart, Target or the grocery store. Then nobody will sell you anything! We have a real tree!

  96. Image for teri teri

    Trees are my "theme" this year, both on the kitchen windowsill and in the dining room. Altho we have many Christmas trees on our property, I think I'll stick with my little faux trees for 2012 decorating.

  97. Image for Sharon Sharon

    I did that one year with those curly things , they didn't look anything like the tree in the store . So I feel for you . My tree is fake. I try to make up for it by having a "Sentsy "candle with a pine sent in it. My curly things looked a whole lot worse than your tree hairpiece .

  98. Image for Joan Joan

    Haha I had one similar. I tried many ways to disguise it for a few years and then I so neatly wrapped it and placed it in my Goodwill donation box for the month. I think I'm going with artificial, but may just go chop down a fresh one at a lot nearby.

  99. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Your home is stunning...I love forward to reading your blog every morning! Sadly, we started going with an artificial tree several years ago. I was a sight to behold in the Costco parking lot, trying to hoist my tannenbaum into the car. I really resisted going this route for the longest time. I love the scent of pine. But here in the Bay Area, our trees at the lot are not fresh, and they dry out too quickly. The happy end of my story though, is the tree is up and lit within a half hour! And we don't need to bring a chainsaw in the house to trim the trunk. True story, with tears. Merry Christmas, and really, your mass of silver is really quite lovely!

  100. Image for Dana Dana

    We have had an artificial tree for 3 years now and the kids are begging to go back to real. Still undecided...but I think we are leaning toward real this year.

  101. Image for Lisa Bonner Lisa Bonner

    That is a great story and I can so relate to being distracted by the makeup ... I had that happen to me in Dillard's a couple of years ago and ended up with a really strange looking comfortor lol -- but she was really nice and .... perfect! We cut our own tree in the beautiful mountains that surround Salmon, Idaho ... a tradition we look forward to every year!

  102. Image for Cynthia Toone Riley Cynthia Toone Riley

    We have 1 artificial and 2 real trees. I was sure that when you mentioned a giveaway, it was to be the topper! I am thrilled that it is the spoons(that doesn't sound grammatically correct!). Thanks for the smiles and the great giveaway!

  103. Image for Wendy Wendy

    Your house is gorgeous!! Can I say that I might not have a tree this year...I know, I know. Im horrified! I just bought a new house earlier this year (yay me) and I am starting from scratch. I want a pre-lit artificial tree, but dont have one yet. Maybe Santa will bring me one!!

  104. Image for Barb @ The Everyday Home Barb @ The Everyday Home

    Well, gf, look on the bright side. At least these pics have a tree skirt. :-D I don't think it looks as bad as a bad comb-over. Its kinda ruffly and cute, in fact. You're LR is gorgiferous. I would SOOOO love to win your spoons. That would be special only because they came from you! I have like 50 spoons to stamp, but these would be something from my sweet Kari. Hope you are having a great day. xxoo

  105. Image for Lesley mcquade Lesley mcquade

    Lol.. I'd to that too ! Fake.. But the best looking fake I have ever seen..I just bought it from Costco.

  106. Image for Laura Laura

    I used to be such a pushover, but with age I have learned to look them straight in their perfectly made up eyes and say no. I love your tree and your dining room is perfection. Hugs, Laura

  107. Image for Katie Epperson Katie Epperson

    We have 3 trees in our home. A tabletop artificial tree for our daughters' room, a real tree in the family room, and an artificial in the kitchen with all the kid's homemade ornaments on it. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  108. Image for Jen Jen

    This year its fake!! Every year we alternate..fake one this year...real one next year! My hubby thinks I'm crazy but he either had to agree or put up 2 trees every year which I am totally fine with!

  109. Image for Deborah Deborah

    Every year I tell myself I'm not going to put up that monstrosity of an artificial Christmas tree. Gonna get a really cute real tree, put it in a really cute urn, set it by my fireplace...today that monostrosity of an artificial Christmas tree, yet again, will be squeezed into my dining room. Oh well, maybe next year. PS. My sister in law put a tree topper like that on her tree too, couldn't decide if I liked it either, but don't tell her I said that!

  110. Image for Cathy J Cathy J

    We have had real christmas trees for 30 years. Since my children are all grown up and have homes of their own my husband and I are gladly putting up artificial trees. Four of them!

  111. Image for melinda melinda

    Who among us has not bought something that did not exactly "work" when we got it home?? I'll be throwing no stones this Christmas .... My trees are small & fake & everywhere: buffet, side tables, kitchen bar, everywhere!! Love them - get to play "decorate the tree" over & over with all my "toys" (as my hubby calls them - decorations to the rest of us!!). Love your blog... always a joy!

  112. Image for Karol I. Karol I.

    I love your blog and you great sense of humor. We won't be having a tree at all this year. My daughter will be having Christmas at her home.

  113. Image for Regina Regina

    You are hilarious! Honestly, if you hadn't pointed it out, I would have been convinced that it was SUPPOSED to look that way! ;) I think it's beautiful, whether you do or not! I will admit - I'm a little intimidated by the Merle Norman crowd, too . . . . but less-so the older I get! My trees are all fake. They drop no needles (OK, as they age, they do, but they don't burrow into the rugs like real ones do!), but they don't smell as good, either. It's a trade-off! I have my big living-room tree, small ones on my mantle, and a small one in my kitchen. Someday, I want a dining room tree! We're hosting 30-50 people in two Sunday School classes for a party, so space is at a premium this year! LOL

  114. Image for kathy kathy

    Love the dining room decorations. I don't think the topper shows up with all of the other gorgeousness going on, But I love the way you describe it. We have a big artificial tree that we got for a song on Craig's list a few years ago, but alas, we have moved, and no high ceilings in this house. I may use it anyway, and have it make a left turn at the ceiling. I have picked up a real tree that was calling my name at the gas station. I could have 10 trees, if I had the time, but not this year. I certainly have enough decorations and ideas. Cannot wait to see what you are up to tomorrow. Always a hoot!

  115. Image for Sheila Sheila

    I'm going with an artificial tree this year. Everyone will be gone so I will wait for next Christmas to go real. I am considering buying a small potted tree and planting it in the yard.

  116. Image for Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

    We have an artificial tree with a comb-over on top pretty much like yours, but ours is glittery red! - your tree is lovely! The hubby and kids looked at me like I was crazy when I arranged it up there - oh well - I Like It!!! - and let's face it - the one that actually decorates the tree gets to put on it what SHE (as in ME) wants! - those who sit on the couch and spectate don't get an opinion!

  117. Image for Christopher Christopher

    As usual, you are hilarious! We always use artifical. Someday, I will have a real flocked tree! This year it is our champagen colored tree with all vintage ornaments and decorations around the house. I love vintage and retro!

  118. Image for Sheila Thompson Sheila Thompson

    I actually like your tree topper! Maybe a little fluffing would help, but this year I am definitely liking sparkle! My tree is artificial (no live one in years!) and I decorated it in white, green, silver, mercury glass & anything sparkly! I'm loving the change this year. I've recently discovered your blog & am enjoying it...also a Facebook fan! : ) Merry Christmas!!!

  119. Image for Debbie Debbie

    I have both, fun small fake trees that I put up in early December with the rest of the decorations, then the "real" tree that is required by my grown children is joyfully covered with old bubble lights and family ornaments on Christmas Eve right before dinner. and just in time for Santa to come. It is a tradition that started before our children when my husband and I lived far from any family.

  120. Image for Wendy Wendy

    Your tree is gorgeous. You could put a carelessly positioned paper sack on the top of your tree and your readers/fans would want to be like you. I love, love, love your entire house. The lady with the layers of Merle Norman and (probably wearing a cowl neck and Youth Dew or Cashmere Bouquet) had you under her spell. We are getting a fresh tree. We had an artificial for years, but back to fresh.

  121. Image for Sharon Sharon

    I love your white dining room. I know what ya mean... there is this fancy store in Raleigh where all the salesladies are as you described. Sorta fake to me.. but anyway. I have a tall skinny fake tree which I have used the past 8 years. Our living room has space for only a skinny tree so this one fits the bill for us. I do love the smell of a real tree so I have a spray which I purchased from Pier I that has the fragrance of trees.... love it!! Ya'll have a blessed Christmas (even with the silver tree topper)!!!!

  122. Image for Chris Chris

    You're too funny, Kari. Yup, you're right......that sliver thingie is definitely not in your league. You could take it off the top and tuck it further down facing the window! That's where I put things that aren't exactly my cup of tea. Trees.....there will be peace in the home this year and trees both real and not. One for Bryn and one for Dolly (woofs), one for Maui to sleep beneath and lazily take a drink (meow), one for the Pawsie and one for the Nana. All will be very calm and bright.

  123. Image for Debbie Walker Debbie Walker

    Oops! I have one of those for one of my trees, lol. I think your tree is BEAUTIFUL! I didn't even notice the topper, the rest is so gorgeous! I will have artificial trees inside my home, and a real one for my front porch. Merry Christmas!

  124. Image for marti rippy marti rippy

    love, love, love thistlewood farms!!! You are sunshine on a cloudy day!! We have a faux tree now....really would like a real tree but our last real tree looked great but little did we know....lI spent forever decorating, you know how it is, getting everything just right...she looked gorgeous....however, after just a few days all you could hear were the sound of needles dropping on the floor . By Christmas Eve.... very few needles remained, she was pitiful...as soon as packages were opened....that once "gorgeous" tree went straight out the front door!!!! We can laugh about it now....then, not so much!!!

  125. Image for Funky Junk Interiors Funky Junk Interiors

    Oh my gosh, your commentary is so funny! I was snickering away while 'attempting' to drink my AM coffee! Your home is so amazing. AMAZING. Check out those trees! Oh my. Trust me, the Donald Trump Caught in a Wind Storm wouldn't even have registered if you hadn't whispered a word. :)

  126. Image for Debi Debi

    I prefer a real tree but since I can't seem to get the hang of putting lights on a tree......I've had to give in to a fake one.......new to your blog and loving it!

  127. Image for Judith Judith

    Funny you would ask that, Kari. I just took mine out of the linen closet. Several years ago I saw a runner in the PB Catalog. I really wanted the red with white polka dots runner. Went to the store. None left. Wait there was one underneath a massive display. I debated and the sales girl said she didn't think they could tear down their large Christmas table display. We went on shopping and I couldn't stop thinking about that runner. I decided to try again. The store was closing, but they let me in and locked the door after me. I pleaded and begged the manager to let me have the runner. She finally gave in and they dismantled the display. I went to the check out and the girl rang it up......79 dollars! I never even considered the price. What could I do. I was the only customer in the store, they were all looking at me smiling, they had just torn down their big display. I smiled, took out my debit card and prayed we had the money to cover the purchase of a runner that cost 79 dollars. I will be using that runner forever! And it has to be ironed!

  128. Image for kim kim

    I think that your home is beautiful, got that classic look. Love the tree topper. The home that I will be spending Christmas at this year, will have a fake tree. I personally would have a real tree with all the silvery icicles all over it like when I was a child, if I were spending Christmas at my own house. Watch out for Merle Norman in the future!

  129. Image for Kimberly Bruhn Kimberly Bruhn

    Hey. I'm the one in the 2011 Old Navy 4th of July shirt...at least yours was in the right season (it's not winter until later this month, right?!) Anywho, we now have two faux (a step up from fake) trees. One slim one upstairs in our front window with all the fancy, schmancy mercury glass and collectible ornies and the one downstairs (where our kid's bedrooms, family room, office are located) which, I hope, will have some family ornies and whatever the kid's deem appropos for "their" tree! We used to go cut down a tree. Then figured out 3 of the 5 family members are allergic to conifers...getting really sick at Christmas ruins everything! It's made a big difference in the last 6 holiday seasons. In fact, my 16-year-old went with his girl-who's-a-friend to cut down their tree and is now home with a bad cold or something. Coincidence? I think not! Love your style. I think the Dr. Suess tree-topper doo-dads are festive and keep the tree from looking "too" perfect!

  130. Image for els manning els manning

    Artificial ... however i do have one of these little tiny trees i bought last winter at walmart on clearance. It used to have sparkles all over it. That is now gone... But i had bought it with the intent of putting it outside. Then i read the instructions. That it could only be in mild climate... and so it stayed in the house. It's cute. And proves i do have a green thumb!

  131. Image for Heather Heather

    Love everything about that room~even the tree topper! You have such beautiful taste. Could you tell me what the paint color is? I'm hoping to paint my dining room soon and I love that color! We have a real tree in the formal living room and a faux in the family room, two ceramic trees made by my Grandma, a small faux tree in one daughter's room and 2 bent branch trees with white lights in another~Merry Christmas to you!

  132. Image for Rhonda Rhonda

    Oh, your dining room is a lovely winter wonderland! And the tree topper? All it needs is to be pushed down further into the tree, and perhaps even separated a bit, with some of it pushed into a few of the branches just lower than the top. I have an angel on top of my tree, but also put some sprays of flowers just beneath the angel. If I don't get those sprays pushed far enough in, well, they look a little like a bad comb-over!

  133. Image for Barb Barb

    Yes, I am that shopper too. That is why when they ask if they can help me I gently and politely tell them , "I AM JUST LOOKING!" Little do they know I could be so easily swayed into "you must bring that home with you! It is one of a kind and the latest thing!" :) And yes, I must admit it looks like Christmas threw up all over my home. I just must tell the world I am addicted to decorating for Christmas and must make sure every room gets a splash of glitter and glimmer. The sparkle, the light and the beauty of it all brings me a warmth and a joy no other holiday does. My tree is a real fake! Last year my husband made me promise not to use our old favorite tree any more. He said it's time had come. The ole girl was tired and need to be retired. I loved that tree and hated to say goodbye. She was unique and looked more like a real tree than any I had ever seen. We all reluctantly agreed but knew it was time since the top of the tree had fallen off and broken only 10 minutes before my annual cookie swap party inwhich all attendees where about to attend. Yes, the top part of my tree. ornaments, topper and all were laying on the floor infront of the fireplace and all I could do was gasp. My knight in shining armour. my husband had my daughter distract me and quickly rigged it back on with the ornaments all caty wampus and no topper as it did not survive the falll.A cold sweat came over me as I imagined all was lost! A tradgic event which cause me to lose my mind and panic. Laughter and disbelief set in later as my friends arrived and began to distract me with spiritied beverages and sausage balls. Anyways, we survived the event and my mission was to find a replacement. An ultra fancy store that I often frequent but rarely purchase anything was decorated to the nines as usual last year. Their trees were extravagant and elegant. The lights were abundant and the ornamants and ribbons all beautifully blended to match one another. Oh how I yearned to have a tree like that. But alas, the price of several mortgage payments was more than my budget and my practical senses would allow. Besides, I am a bargain shopper and pride myself in the hunt of finding pricey things at bargain basement prices. These trees did not fall into that catagory at all! The after Christmas sales were in full swing and so my mother and I decided to put on our hunting gear, (comfy shoes, light weight purses and to go beverages for the car) and go on our regular girls day out hunting trip. We head out to see what additional Christmas items needed to be added to the manor. These items of course ,were usually items we did not need but could not pass up due the awesome bargains that were being offered. Mom and I headed all over consumer land and I didn't even realizeI had actually forgotten about my tree tradegy . I was easily distracted by all the shiny ornaments and glittery bells. We dug throught the unwanted ornament piles, we snatched up some tinsel for 25 cents a package and we of course stocked up on wrapping paper for next year. Later we even popped into my super fancy store because I wanted to show my mom my dream decorated tree and that is when I saw it. The overly elaborate tree that was several mortgage payments in price was on for sale. Could it be I might be able to procur one for myself? After talking to the super cute and very hip sales girl I found out that they had had another tree very similar to this :"Trump Tree:" and it was a floor model. It was 14 feet tall and pre lit. This tree was ,magnificent Only problem was the lights in the middle were burned out. Knowing that my husband, the KING of all Christmas, lights would have no problem replacing those I was interested. We agreed on a price and I was so excited. For only $300 I had the tree of all trees. Woo Hoo. This tree that had originally had been the price of a used car was now affordably and reasonably............mine! I had to take my mom home and come back for it because the two boxes were so big both her and the tree wouldn't fit in the car. I could hardly wait to show my husband the success we had and how much money we saved on getting the floor model tree! He was happy at the savings yet his lack of enthusisam made me think his thoughts were focused on the replacing of the middle lights. While he is excellent at light installation and decoration............he does not enjoy the process and grumbles during most of the process. He does get the "was a good trooper" award because he always agrees to do it and his work is stellar. So, fast forward to this year. The Tree of all Trees comes out of the attic and is ready to be adorned with all it's regalia and splendor. It takes brute strength to get the enormous boxes out of the attic. The pieces are fluffed and assembled and we are all so excited to see the tree we waited for all year. To our amazement and dismay not only did the middle section of lights not come on but something had shorted out and all the lights on the entire tree did not work. Needless to say my husband was not amused and went from Jolly ole Elf to the Grinch in a nano sec. He ended up having to rip off all the prestrung, prelit lights and I had to spend a small fortune on replacement lights at Target. It took him two weekends to restring our new glamorous tree and get it all ready for the ornaments and tinsel. 3500 lights take a long time to put on not to mention the sore fingers and nerves when all is said and done. I had alot of enouraging to do and brought him many of 'treats" and "loves' to aid in the dismay of getting our girl in shape for her big debut. My husband said he felt like he was in Christmas Tree H***! I don't blame him. It was brutal! So she is finally decked out and this year we welcome our new family member to the manor. We will sit around while we admire her branches and talk of her predecessor, the one who fell ill right before the party. She came to us wounded and dark . She was difficult and challenging ( like several other family members but we love them too despite their short comings) but we were determined to bring out her beauty. After some tender loving care and hours of grooming she sparkles and shines well into the evenings for all who will admire her. Our tinsel is no longer tangled and we are determined to take time to relax and breathe in all the season has to offer. May you have a peaceful and "uneventful decorating" season. May your trees be agreeable and sparkly and may you have a very Merry Christmas. Kari, at least your tree will not lose it's head over some tosselled comb over sparkle. Look forward to hugging your neck when I see you next. This time the "feast" is on me!

  134. Image for Sarah Sarah

    It's an artificial tree for us due to our location in HOT Texas. It's hard to fine a live pine tree here that doesn't shed its needles in 2 days!

  135. Image for Jenn Jenn

    Your house is so gorgeous even a Christmas hair piece looks beautiful! Hopefully the rain stops and we can go and cut down our tree today. Happy Holidays!! Jenn :)

  136. Image for kristi kristi

    As much as I would love a beautiful, already lit and decorated tree to magically appear from beneath the floorboards of my family room my husband will have no part in a fake tree. "The smell!" he says, "is needed to make me feel in the holiday spirit!" So, I give in to him for yet another year, but my time is coming, I tell ya!

  137. Image for Emilou Emilou

    Morning, I love your houndstooth dining chairs!! Nothing to do with Christmas, but love houndstooth!! Your whole room is wonderful and I sadly agree the top of your tree does not go with all the other decorations. Oh well, things like that tree topper just makes us appreciate other more beautiful items. My trees ( all nine of them) are all artificial. Between pollen allergies and asthma, phony is a lot healthier in my home. I do love going to other homes with real trees, and would dearly love one but, just like your tree topper, we are so blessed with what we do have. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. I am an avid fan of Funky Junk Interiors and have just discovered you thru the 12 days of Christmas. Am enjoying your style.

  138. Image for kristin kristin

    OK I would have thought it was perfect and gorgeous if you hadn't said anything but yup, I do see a little bit of a comb over happening :) Still, it's gorgeous. Hmmm...now you have me wondering about this Merle Norman makeup ha ha XO Kristin

  139. Image for Judy Judy

    With only 3 of us at home this Xmas, i'm doing a small fake tree and minimal decorating - cause the boys just don't care. I like to visit your site for the full Xmas experience - thanks so much Judy

  140. Image for Sharon L Smith Sharon L Smith

    I'm afraid they are artificial..........one of these years I will break down and buy a real one again..........I miss the smell!!! Love ALL of your decor!

  141. Image for Tricia Tricia

    Awww man, I thought we'd have a chance to win the Christmas tree combover : o ) Artificial. Texas. Hot. Humid. Fire. That about sums it up!

  142. Image for Cyndi Lohrmann Cyndi Lohrmann

    This is the first tree I have put up since I started my new life after divorce - 7 years ago! I was busy - going to grad school and getting settled. And perhaps, I didn't want to stir up any old memories. So, I'm starting new Christmas traditions for me and my little dog, finally, this year. A faux tree that is 5' tall -not a sad one that sits on a table, saying it's only me and I will make a stab at decorating - sigh. Nope, doing it right this year. Tree, lights, decorations inside and out! Your topper is lovely - the story very funny. Thank you!

  143. Image for Tammie Tammie

    Thank you. You just made my day. I'll be laughing all day long -- oh not at the purchase (I love everything you do) but at they way you describe. -- wiping tears from my eyes. :-)

  144. Image for Amanda Carpenter Amanda Carpenter

    You are too funny I was reading your blog while eating my cereal this morning and I almost spit milk all over my computer screen. I have bought may an item form a smooth talking salesman/saleswoman a matter of fact I used to be one of those (except the perfect make-up and hair part) We used to always laugh and say that I could sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in a white dress or in this case an Oktoberfest t-shirt LOL. We are having a Artificial 3 ft tree because 1. we have a new puppy 2. we have an indoor cat and 3. we have a toddler...I was not going to spend 10 hours putting my tree up to have one or all of them destroy it. : ) Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

  145. Image for Jenna C. Jenna C.

    We have 2 fake and prelit trees. So much easier and it means I can put them up the day after Thanksgiving and take them down....sometime before Easter?!?

  146. Image for Michigan Running Mom Michigan Running Mom

    I love your style of writing. It's very reminicent of Erma Bombeck. I loved her writing. Anyway, this year we were able to get a nice country artificial tree. Had to have real trees in the past - the cat would eat the fake ones and get sick. But we had to have the poor thing put down earlier this year - kidney disease. So now we have a 4 1/2 foot country tree that stands on an amish primitive bench next to our fireplace. Miss the cat, but don't miss picking up the needles from the real tree! Your house is lovely and I also have many white elephant items in my home that were purchased on a whim from a Merle Norman saleslady. I try to leave when I see one of them coming towards me in the store. Merry Christmas and keep up the lovely blog!

  147. Image for Ashley desmond Ashley desmond

    We also live in Texas so it's an artifial tree for us. I love your home. It is truly my inspiration for decorating my home. It also gives me hope of having a beautiful country home one day, when my husband finally gets his way , and we leave suburbia.

  148. Image for judy judy

    That is really funny. Now it can be your Christmas story. We have a real Christmas tree in the house but a cute little fake tree in the lavender house.

  149. Image for Elizabeth Elizabeth

    First of all that was hilarious!!! I'm celebrating Hanukkah, but I've always wanted to have a tree living in my home. So if I did celebrate Christmas, it would be living, though I have recently read articles about renting a live tree for the holiday instead of cutting a fresh one every year. Thankfully it's not an issue I have to grapple with. Happy Holidays!!

  150. Image for Joanne Lescas Joanne Lescas

    Artificial trees here. My son has an allergy to Pine trees. You have THE BEST BLOG. Love everything you do!

  151. Image for Tammy Boudreaux Tammy Boudreaux

    Hilarious!!!! Sounds like me-sweats and a t-shirt-your tree and dining room are beautiful-and you know what-I'll bet the fancy saleslady doesn't have anything as beautiful as your home!!!!

  152. Image for Ann Ann

    Living in the piney woods of east Texas, it has to be a real tree! But, how can I think of Christmas when it is 85 degrees and will be the remainder of the week. . . .

  153. Image for Natalie Natalie

    LOL! I liked the way the tree looked. You have a stunning set up. It's a tradition for us to buy a real tree every year. I had an artificial (hand me down) one year and I turned bah humbug. I think it's my Christmas Kryptonite ;-)

  154. Image for Pamela Baynton Pamela Baynton

    I wasn't going to bother with a tree this year. But then Sandy blew through and I decided I nedded a litlle Christmas! So we have a real tree and I'm glad I decided to put one up. It kind of reminds me that there's still hope.

  155. Image for Liz S. Liz S.

    Oh gosh! This is so funny, I couldn't help but laugh. Thanks for sharing this and bringing a smile on my face. I sure needed a good laugh. We have a pink 4ft artificial tree, but hoping it's only temporary until we can get a real one. I'm actually considering keeping both if we end up having two:)

  156. Image for Karen Karen

    I always find your blog very inspiring .....not only the decor and the great ideas but your wonderful humorous writing. We have always enjoyed the experience of cutting down our Christmas trees, that is until the children grew up and were more interested in the Baily's in their coffee. My husband and I still prefer the real ones but albeit bought on a lot! As we now have a new grand child our hopes are that we can bring back some Christmas tradition. There's nothing that is quite like the scent of a fresh tree when you enter a room. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOURS.

  157. Image for Sandy Sandy

    Love love love your blog, your farmhouse and your spectacular decorating style! We got an artificial tree last year for the first time in many years.. I love it because I can decorate so much earlier!

  158. Image for Linda Linda

    We always get a real tree....just love the smell and look of it. Ours is already decorated very simply with lights, silver garlands and pine cones.....heavenly! Would love to have a sat of your stamped spoons. Thanks for the giveaway!

  159. Image for Kendra Kendra

    We have several artificial trees. With two small children, it is just easier. I love your humor and decor even more. I am originally from KY but live in SC now. I have a magnolia in the back yard, so I am going to try and make a wreath soon!

  160. Image for Nanci LaRue Nanci LaRue

    I have several artificial trees & just added a new one in HOT PINK! Stumbled across the display company that does Macy's & he sells his extra goodies....this beauty is gouing to be the (very) unexpected centerpiece to a table of goodies at my Christmas party.......YUMMY! Your room looks fantastic......and who does NOT like Oktoberfest...really! Ho-Ho-Ho!

  161. Image for Maureen Maureen

    Hilarious as always! You never fail to make me giggle, sitting here at my desk all by myself!! Real tree for for our family. Got it up and lights on it. Decorating it tonight. Just keeping fingers crossed our 10 month old Golden Retriever doesn't decide it is a chew toy, like he has done to most of my shrubs in the yard!

  162. Image for Debbie Debbie

    I've got a love hate relationship with our artificial tree - love the easy set up (except when lights don't work) but sure miss the smell of a real Christmas tree - but sure don't miss the needles everywhere! You're dining room is gorgeous - actually I didn't even noticed the silver things - I was to busy admiring your drapes - love them!!! Must have - where did you find them - please share!

  163. Image for Colette Colette

    You are so adorable! I love reading your posts and your house is absolutely gorgeous!! We have a real tree. Every year we have the same debate about a faux tree and hear all of the pros and cons. Our house is split evenly 3 to 3!! I think the cost of a faux tree is what always wins in the end. After 10 years of this we could have an amazing faux tree. Maybe this is the year as we are running a little behind! We'll see! Thanks for sharing your home - I am so in love!!

  164. Image for Kelli Kelli

    I know exactly...and I'm talking EXACTLY what you mean. I was picturing myself at this little shop in town while reading your post. :)

  165. Image for Robin Robin

    I just discovered your blog this morning- have thoroughly loved going back to see your older posts. We will have an artificial tree- too many allergies to have a real one. ;)

  166. Image for Patty Patty

    phew! My fingers are tired from all the scrolling past the comments to get to the bottom to put my name in ( though I don't have a hope in hell of winning what wld be a cherished hand made prize made by you, Karianne)! How's that for a classic run-on sentence?! Our tree is fake, outta the box. Hubs works out of town and if he gets home for Christmas it was usually the day before and it was the Charlie Brown special needs tree we ended up with - so fake it is. Sigh. Just tell everyone your tree topper had too much nog, it looks fine, really. Patty/BC

  167. Image for Marty Marty

    Such a hoot! Real tree here in Texas. But with lots of water. 85 high temp today. Not much change coming our way. But who's complaintin'?

  168. Image for Diane Diane

    I really enjoy reading your blog as you always make me smile! You are really too funny. You write what we all have felt but never say out loud:) Along with everyone else, I would love to win the stamped spoons. We always purchase a real Nobel Fir tree, which we did on Saturday...love the smell. Thank you for your great blog. Merry Christmas!

  169. Image for Tammy Kelley Tammy Kelley

    I absolutely love reading your blog! We get a live Christmas tree each year. I love the smell it brings to the house. This year, my life has been forever altered by one simple tool: the Christmas tree funnel. I KNOW! It's a funnel that has a really long neck that goes into the tree stand so you don't have to get on your hands and knees to water the tree!!! It has been life changing! I'm much happier, my hubs is much happier, and my knees are oh so happy! We got ours at Home Depot for a mere $4.97...but it's worth its weight in gold!!

  170. Image for Cindy Cindy

    Your tree looks gorgeous! I don't know about the topper, hard to tell in a photo, but if you say it looks horrific, I believe you. I think the whole tree looks superb! I have three little tiny artificial trees. Hugs, Cindy

  171. Image for Robin Bonvino Robin Bonvino

    I look forward to your blog everyday. You have both a talent for writing and decorating. I have both an artificial tree and a real tree. I love them both for different reasons! rlb143(at)verizon(dot)net

  172. Image for Angel G Angel G

    Take it back! Take it back if you are not happy with your purchase!!!! It seems all too often 'WE' forget that we can take things back and get what we really want. So please do!!! As for me and my house... we do not put up a Christmas tree. I love them, truly I do... but we have cats. Cats who can not leave things alone. Cats who break things. Cats who would have the tree on it's side ALL THE TIME. Instead we decorate the rest of the house HIGH up where Cats can't reach. We will hang ornaments from red & white twine across the BIG (12'?) livingroom window. Gifts in all of their beautiful wrapping will rest on the Formal dining room table. Praying that CATS don't knock them off! ha ha Thankfully we go to my Sister's for Christmas celebration with a big glorious Smelly tree! Wishing you and yours a VERY Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ~Angel~ in Oregon

  173. Image for Brenda Brenda

    Oh my gosh! You are so funny and just made my day!! (By the way...you're entire dining room is gorgeous!) But it made me feel much better about my attempts at re-creating someone else's beautifully decorated space. I'm enjoying the 12 Days of Christmas with all of you talented bloggers. I've been following Inspired by Charm and might not have found you otherwise. I'll enjoy following your site now as well!! Thanks again for the smile!

  174. Image for Susan Susan

    Loved this post. You always find the perfect people when you look less than your best. Your tree topper gave you a chance for blog fodder. I will definitely have a real Christmas tree. If hubby finds a cedar in the woods while hunting, it will be a cedar. Otherwise, it might be whatever we can find to buy from a store. We had a local Christmas tree farm right behind our church and went there for years, but the owner got sick and had to close it down. Another Christmas tradition lost, but now we go way back to our childhoods and just cut a cedar from the woods when we can find one. In Mississippi, the very best cedars grow on state property along the highways!

  175. Image for Kathleen Chafin Kathleen Chafin

    I have a fake tree in my entry that is all gold glitz and glamour. I use a fake one there because I need the tall, narrow tree for the 2-story entry height, and it is too hard to find that size in a natural tree. But for my real tree, the familt tree in the living room, carefully centered in from of the slightly bayed window it has to be a real tree. This year, I gave thought to a fake tree for our REAL family tree. I am now 63, and it gets harder to get a real tree into the house and set up. Getting older means my joints are not as nimble to do such tasks. I spoke with my daughter and said "Is it time to get a fake tree for Christmas"? She said she and her husband would help and reminded me of the struggle when a string of lights go out on fake trees. So I bought another real tree this year, a tad smaller than the 9 foot, and more like 7 1/2 feet tall. Son-in-law brings the tree in and places it in the stand...the large room is filled with the scent of the Noble Fir Tree. It stands there with no decoration, but my eyes fill with tears as the scent triggers my memory brain to the first Christmas I had with my then young husband, then speeds to the memory of two little sisters playing at the base of the tree, then onward to dozens of memories, including my sweet granddaughter looking at her reflection in a bulb on the tree. As the scent and the memories surround me like a comfortable blanket, I realize that only a real tree will ever do as my true Family Tree.

  176. Image for Amy Watson Amy Watson

    Wow... I just found you onFB 2 days ago... I am over the moon with your page..I have NEVER followed a blog.......until now....You really should write a book.... I love the way you write.....I am a big reader and I recognize writing talent and you sure do have it....not to mention your home is fabulous...Sorry I was ramblin' on...Anyway..We have ALWAYS put up a live tree...even though we now live in Fla. because of my Hubbys job..I just crank up that AC and pretend we are in Georgia.....All of my ornaments are handmade and?or colllected from over 30 plus years of homemaking and as a southerner using what you have..I have never done a "theme" color Christmas... I leave that up to my sister..she changes hers every year!!!!...anyway mine is live and very country/traditional...( meaning I don't buy anything new) haha..I look forward to reading you everyday now..Thank You for all of your inspiration....

  177. Image for Becky Becky

    Oh, how I needed the grins this afternoon! You made me smile at your wit and cleverness!!! Yes, well, maybe the tree topper isn't quite what you had hoped, but you tell its story so well you have to keep it! We have to have artificial trees - daughter is highly allergic...

  178. Image for Annette Tracy Annette Tracy

    We went with a beauitful artificial a few years ago. Due to sickness in the family, it's too hard to go chop the fresh one down and get it in the stand. Will buy real wreaths to fill the air w/outdoors! Great give away! And your house looks lovely, so festive.

  179. Image for Jodi Stuber Jodi Stuber

    this post is too funny!! I think the dining room looks fantastic- I love the items hanging down over the cabinet openings. we will be getting a real tree- hopefully early next week :) i love the smell and can't bear to be without it

  180. Image for Mercedes Mercedes

    We belong to the go out in the woods and cu a tree down crowd. And thank YOU for the daily giggle/snort. You've brightened many of my days!

  181. Image for Malinda Clay Malinda Clay

    Your decorations look awesome! My daughter-in-law would love your houndstooth chair seats. She is a total Alabama fan. Thanks for the chance to win. Have a Merry Christmas.

  182. Image for Gwen Gwen

    Oh, it's not so bad... just stick some pink sponge rollers in it and tell everyone she's just waking up from a long winter's nap... :)

  183. Image for Katie Katie

    Too funny! It sort of reminds me of those fiber optic lights like this: https://sell.lulusoso.com/selling-leads/943900/Fiber-Optic-Spray-Light-for-Decoration-amp-Promotion.html Regardless though, your tree looks amazing and had you not said anything you probably would've started a tree-topper trend amongst all your followers :)

  184. Image for Susan Susan

    Your tree looks lovely. Just think, you'll always remember that tree topper. Karianne ,you are just to funny! You always make me smile! I have two artificial trees and one real tree with a dollar store tree topper that is missing one bead and will not sit straight, it's so me.

  185. Image for Kathy Kathy

    I still like your tree topper but just adore your writing style & can so relate to this story! :) We are using an artificial tree this year---our vintage silver aluminum tree decked out with all vintage ornaments & of course, the color wheel! Blessings!

  186. Image for Cathy Cathy

    Hi, Your Christmas tree topper is just fine! Your home is beautiful and festive! The last four years my Mom and sister were alive we convinced the parents to get a real tree - hadn't had one since I was a kid (a looooong time ago). Loved it! Smelled great! But now I have artificial trees! One 4-1/2 foot that I decorate with all the vintage ornaments I inherited. And one red and silver, one blue and one white that are table-top trees that I decorate any way I want and put in different places in the apartment. All the best, Cathy P.S. Many thanks for the giveaway.

  187. Image for Maria @ Inspiration Affirmation Maria @ Inspiration Affirmation

    I love your dining room tree's hair piece! ;-) It's different, yes...but in a really good way. And you just can't go wrong with silvery decor this time of year. We have an artificial tree this year. We like to put up our tree pretty early, and a real one just wouldn't last that long! :-)

  188. Image for Donna Donna

    Artificial - in white. OK -- antiqued white. It is a really old tree. Just the top, because I lost the rest somewhere during a move. I just plopped it into a decorative pot. So far I have lights and one hand made star on the top. And, at some point I just might finish making the rest of the ornaments by the Twelfth Night. By the way, your home is beautiful!

  189. Image for Linda S Linda S

    I'm so glad to have found your site through the 12 Days of Christmas that you are doing with Donna from Funky Junk Interiors. Your home is beautiful. Your tree topper is Interesting, different, unique. Our tree is artificial, and I just love it.

  190. Image for Robin Robin

    This year I will be having an artificial tree. After 27 years of marriage I finally told my husband I was tired of dealing with the hassle of a real tree. We live on a farm and he usually just brings in a pasture tree. That is great because they are free but the needle dropping and remembering to water are sometimes a pain. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  191. Image for Wednesday Chance Wednesday Chance

    For years we've had the real tree, even as kids, we both have had them,along with the wonderful memories of the outing it took to get the "perfect" tree. A few years back, my grandmother from back east came to stay with us over the Christmas season, but she was allergic to the trees. So we broke down and bought the prelight aritficial tree. She has since passed away, on Christmas day no less, so we keep displaying out tree every year in honor of Grandma. I think if we still would even if our household voted on a real tree. :) Your house is so beautifully decorated, it would take a while before someone noticed the top of that tree! But thank you for the chuckle as I read your blog and had to go back and check it out closer!

  192. Image for Jill Jill

    Real and fake. Real because they're my favorite; fake because my 3 year old insists on having a pink tree in her purple room, and none of the tree lots around here were selling pink trees. Not this year, at least :) Love your home. Merry Christmas!

  193. Image for alaurajane alaurajane

    Believe it or not,,, the first thing I thought of was the gorgeous tree skirt..... not the topper,,,, I know silly me.... but really I did not see it until I read more.... I love your dinning room tree it is beautiful..... I have been trapped by one of those ladies too,,,, I think they go to school for that learning how to get you to buy what you don't really need,,,,, lol any way I have always had artificial trees,, except for a few times that were real... I would love to have one again,,,,, so enjoying your 12 days of Christmas..... thanks.. Hugs; Alaura

  194. Image for Donna Bogert Donna Bogert

    Just like the purchase of a hat - looks fabulous in the store and then once you put it on at home: disaster!

  195. Image for Laura Branson Laura Branson

    I have a real tree in my great room with my collection of vintage Santa ornaments and I have a fake tree in my family room with all of our years of family ornaments hung in every which direction all over the poor thing. Last year I didn't even disassemble it. I just picked the whole things up and SQUEEZED it through the door to our furnace room where it sat all year waiting to come out again. Perfect!

  196. Image for Suzy @ Worthing Court Suzy @ Worthing Court

    It's artificial for us! I only had live trees til I hit my 50th, when my new hubby talked me into going down the faux lane. I miss the wonderful aroma, but I have to admit that the artificial tree is so much more practical. BTW - I'm kind of loving your bit of silver foolishness! And it should go without saying that I think the rest of your dining room is divine!

  197. Image for Jo-Anne Jo-Anne

    Awesome photos of so many pretty things and yeah I have been that person talked into buying things I didn't need or want more so when I was younger before I found my voice...........

  198. Image for Zolane Zolane

    I don't think your dining room, tree topper and all, could look anymore beautiful than it does right now, KariAnne. It's magnificent! I'm so enjoying your 12 Days of Christmas!! And what a lovely giveaway :) Thanks so much for the opportunity! We have an artificial tree for the family room, an artificial German twig tree for the living room and a 4ish foot real tree in the dining room for our grandchildren.

  199. Image for Barbara Furry Barbara Furry

    I love real trees but after living in Arizona for half my life, I now have a fake one. The real ones just don't last here with the sun always shining. Large fire hazard. Love your tree and comb over.

  200. Image for Barbara F. Barbara F.

    I love your stunning tree, and if that's a bad comb-over, I'll take it! Seriously, your living room is gorgeous!!

  201. Image for Mary Beth Schwarz Mary Beth Schwarz

    What a gorgeous dining room! You have nothing to "cover up" and worry about. Since I like to put soapsuds "snow" on our tree, I have a real one (just not yet!), but I think each person should have what is easiest/best for them and they are ALL beautiful! Mary Beth

  202. Image for Sharon Sharon

    I had the pleasure of hearing you speak at the Southern Bloggers Conference. Loved those sparkley earrings. Girl you are a hoot. I plan to have five small trees living room, dining room, kitchen, family room, and master bedroom. I've always had a least two trees one large and one small but decided to go for all small high impact trees this year. Love your blog!!

  203. Image for Michelle Michelle

    I love your dinning room and your tree with the bad comb-over looks amazing. I or should I say we put up artificial trees. This year it is five. We use to do the whole trek out into the woods in the freezing cold and chop the perfect tree down. That ended five years ago when that oh so perfect tree had Bugs! I woke one morning to find our sun room covered in bugs. Down went the fresh out came the fake.Every year our youngest will ask if we can get a real tree and before I can say no he responds I know I know the bugs, the bugs were everywhere. Because of that freakish nightmare I don't think we will ever have a fresh tree again. Thank you! Thank you for brightening my day with your witty post and pictures of your beautiful house. What a thoughtful giveaway. I'm looking forward to finding out who the lucky winner will be. Merry Christmas!

  204. Image for Stacy Stacy

    I love all the different things you do in your house. Love reading your blog. I use an artificial tree but change it up a little each year

  205. Image for Therese Therese

    A real tree...it is a tradition for us to go as a family to pick out the right tree (one year we couldn't agree and had two), then we take it home, make hot apple cider and cookies and decorate and...well we have fun:-) I love the colors you used on your tree!

  206. Image for Cheri Cheri

    Its artificial for this house ! I love your dining room, and your blog.We can never find the perfect tree topper, at least you gave it a try!

  207. Image for Lonna Lonna

    Always a real tree! My children, even though grown and not living at home, would be very disappointed if we had an artificial tree. Just helped our daughter cut down her tree this afternoon while visiting her in CA. The aroma is heavenly!

  208. Image for Cheryl Thomas Cheryl Thomas

    You are just so funny!!!I love reading your blog (the pictures are awesome too) I have 2 artificial trees--my guys are grown up and really have never "LOVED" decorating the tree , so it is just me and the dog to do it. Your house the awesome and I know you would be fun to talk to and have coffee with. Enjoy your Christmas!!f rom a A tired art teacher in MD

  209. Image for Linda C Linda C

    Thirty years ago we discovered that our young son was allergic to cedar, pine, etc. so we purchased a small artificial tree. Now our son is 31, lives on his own, and we still have an artificial tree.....but it's 10 feet tall and pre-lit! I enjoy reading your blog! LC

  210. Image for Linda Kay Linda Kay

    I think the whole room looks lovely but if you really hate the topper....take it apart and add it to a wreath! That's my solution to everything! We always have a real tree!

  211. Image for HRH Sarah HRH Sarah

    We have an artificial tree, but next year we'll be in a new (to us) house, so hopefully we'll have a big gorgeous real tree. Our artificial is looking a little sad these days, but there was no way I could justify the real thing this year. Too much going on with getting the house ready to sell!

  212. Image for Janice Janice

    I've fallen for those sales people who have those home parties and you must buy something. I've got a fancy smancy overpriced pizza pan from the recent episode. I have a small artificial tree sitting on my antique sewing machine, but I like to bring in fresh greenery into the house.

  213. Image for dj dj

    Real tree, native cedar, cut from Daddy's farm. The tree's never perfect, but it's a long-standing family tradition handed down from my grandparents and great-grandparents, and I'm not going to be the one to break the line!

  214. Image for Dana Nichols Dana Nichols

    I have really enjoyed getting to know your blog and have taken some wonderful inspiration from it in to our own home. I grew up in a home with real trees, but due to husband allergies we have an artificial one!

  215. Image for Mary Mary

    I would love a real tree, but since I like to put it up the day after Thanksgiving, it can't happen. I actually have my parents Christmas tree, a "Mountain King" one they bought back in 1974 the day after Christmas. It was expensive for them, even at half off, but a good quality tree. When my dad passed away at the early age of 58, my mom moved into a small town home and the tree became mine. It still looks great! I did buy fresh garland for the mantle so I can have the smell of evergreen in my home.

  216. Image for Cathy Cathy

    I think your home is beautiful. Love reading your blog and seeing all your wonderful ideas. We are going to have an artifical tree this year.

  217. Image for Cindy Jones Cindy Jones

    I love the smell of real trees, but one of my son-in-laws has severe allergies so real ones are out. Fortunately the newer faux trees look so real. I still miss the wonderful smell. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  218. Image for Sheila Belveal Sheila Belveal

    I love your whole room it's so beautiful! My husband Barry and I had real trees when the kids were little but when we moved to a smaller place after the kids left, we only have a table top fake one. We are currently looking for a house to buy and we have decided that a real Christmas tree is a must! We miss the freshness and the smell.

  219. Image for Gwen Gwen

    Last year was our first year of being empty nesters. The youngest didn't marry the guy who really helped with the tree!!! So being handicapped, I switched to a small tree pre lit, which my husband anchors in an urn so it appears tall. Lots less time to do. I love the hunts for the perfect live trees though. Fun memories.

  220. Image for Sharon Sharon

    Kari, your dining room is stunning! I love everything about it. I giggled at the mention of the Octoberfest t-shirt....laughing with you, of course. I'd never laugh at you or your comb over tree topper which I didn't even notice till you pointed it out. I'd love to have room for a tree in my dining room. But, my artificial tree in the living room can be seen from most rooms, so it's all good. xo

  221. Image for Linda Adams Linda Adams

    Karianne, Here I am at the bottom of a long list. I loved your tree topper post. You always make me laugh. I love the way you write. I will tell you that I would not want that topper for my tree but I would love a chance to win your give away gift. I do love your pine cone trees and the wire bird trees on display. The tree does look beautiful! We have an artificial tree this year. Joyous Wishes, Linda

  222. Image for maryJean maryJean

    Did I ever laugh out loud karianne! I had just been to the mall (a very frightful place to go) had just been to P.T. for a post surgery appt. dressed in those really cool knicker type sweat pants. jogging shoes. and my new cozy, dressy little coat I had just landed at a cosignment shop. stylish. I love your home. so pretty and artsy and my taste. But even more, I love your writing. You seem so real, wish Kentucky was a little closer to Colorado. maryJean

  223. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    Your house is amazing! I love how bright and white it is. I feel like my house is so dark now. You are so talented and creative. Thanks for the opportunity to win stamped spoons made by you. We have two artificial trees. One is traditional with all the ornaments we collect, plus about 100 Dalmatian ornaments and my quilted tree skirt that I made, and we have another tree with all silver/white/clear glass ornaments.

  224. Image for Terri Terri

    We have a fake tree. I swore I never would but after the year every needle came off along with all the ornaments I changed my mind. Woman can do that, you know. Did you paint your bitch or purchase it that color? What color is it? Love your blog. Merry Christmas!

  225. Image for Jessica Jessica

    Turns out my anniversary is this week - YEAH a stamped spoon would be so awesome to have. We are putting up an artificial tree. We always had a real tree until the twins were born 8 years ago (Dec 2). The little girl was very sick (her brother was fine). So that year I put up an artificial tree because I just could not hassle with a real tree. Turns out Lilly has Cerebral Palsy and we have been so busy every year with Dr.'s and therapy - no time for a real tree. This year I really really wanted a real tree - but we just could not carve out the time to do it. BUT I did get a commitment from the husband that next year, we are going to the tree farm and getting a REAL tree! I will finally get my real tree again! :)

  226. Image for laurie laurie

    Personally, I think your tree looks beautiful! Your entire d.r. looks beautiful. But, I did enjoy reading about the M.N. lady. You had me laughing. We always have 2 real Christmas trees. Not sure about this year, because we have a new 1 lb. 12 oz grandson in the hospital 3 hours from our home, and I am taking care of his two sisters. We might end up with no tree this year! laurie

  227. Image for BamaCarol BamaCarol

    Fake tree...same one we have used for about 15 years now. It is still holding up and my husband helps me put it up every year since you have to insert each branch one at a time. Unpack, fluff, insert...it takes forever. But it has become a source of pride for us to reuse it now and it is a very full tree. If it can survive the new kitten chewing on it this year it will be a miracle. Love your dining room and the buzz cut at thte top of the tree!

  228. Image for Sandy Sandy

    We have an artificial tree. I totally relate and I'm really bad about being influenced by sales people. I personally love the tree topper and think that it adds sparkle and fun and a totally interesting look. Can I please come take a Christmas tour of your house? I am loving all of your decor and I'm too lazy to try to decorate my whole house because then I would just have to undecorate it.

  229. Image for Cristy Morton Cristy Morton

    You have the most beautiful home! Even things you think are ugly....totally work for your space! (Its not ugly btw) We have an artificial tree. I love not having to water it, but I do miss the smell of a real tree:) Enjoy your evening.

  230. Image for Polly Walters Polly Walters

    All 8, yes 8, of our trees are artificial. We put them up too early for them to be real. Your house looks amazing...love everything..

  231. Image for Mia Marshall Mia Marshall

    This will be the first Christmas that me and my honey are sharing a home together, so, we will have both....we will be using his Charlie Brown artificial tree that has been hiding in the attic out on the front porch (after it gets a makeover!) and a live tree for the family room. :)

  232. Image for Lisa Huff Kroll Lisa Huff Kroll

    Hi how are you? I recently found your blog and am LOVING it. I love your tree topper, I love anything blingy. It looks great. We are in a new 88 year old cottage. Got married last year and moved in over new years so my husband kept saying we would have a real tree. We even left out old fake tree on the curb last year and someone scooped it right up. Long story short I found another fake tree and put it up day after Thanksgiving and told him we'll get the real tree in a couple weeks. We have seven fake trees in our home. You have to have them in almost every room right. So we'll see if we end up getting a real one after all. Anyway I will tune in again tomorrow. have a great night. Lisa

  233. Image for courtney courtney

    1 real and 2 fake (purchsed at the 85% close out sale last Spring for mere dollars). One elegant (and GIRLIE), one woodsy, and one decorated in heirloom ornaments, and the priceless works of art from my 4 son's grade school days. I turned 50 in November, and splurged on mega-decorations for the two fake trees, but failed to get direction from a Merle Norman bot, so alas, my tree toppers do not compare to yours! Your home is lovely and decorated beautifully (bad hair day and all).

  234. Image for Rachel Colleary Rachel Colleary

    The jogging pants and Octoberfest tshirt.....hilarious. I'm right there with you, sister. Thanks for the laugh as well as the beautiful pics. Despite the "treepiece" the room is spectacular. And truth be told, the tree topper isn't so bad. While I have fake topiary style mini trees (in french wire baskets) on either side of my mantel, we still go for the real deal when it comes to our main tree. The smell, natural grace & simplicity of a real tree trumps my yearning for an easier set up and clean up solution. Merry Christmas.

  235. Image for Sarah H Sarah H

    I found your blog via Funky Junk and have been an addict ever since. Your ability to put things together and photograph them so masterfully is inspirational. Even things, like tree comb-overs, look like they've stepped out of an incredibly delicious designer magazine. Bless YOUR heart! As a single mom of four young kids, we are having an artificial pre-lit tree this year, smothered in my favorite brown, bells, burlap and birds theme with touches of silver. It's nowhere near as stupendous as your magnificent creations, but it's ours and we love it. It will be the last year our tree looks like this though because, after being here for 12 years and as a single mother for the last 3, we hope to be back in Australia for next Christmas and know that Australian border patrol (customs) won't let us take any natural, vine, nest and twig decorations into the country. I'm beyond excited to go home to my family and watch as my kids interact with their cousins and extended family - a privilege that was not afforded them here in the USA. I won't be able to take my furniture with me either, because of the expense associated with shipping between the countries. I'm will take my favorite decorator items and will have the challenge of trying to rebuild and replicate my style there, using sites like your own for inspiration. I'm so glad I found you! If I won the spoons, I'd have them stamped with words that captivate the essence and emotion of my journey and my gratitude to God for the opportunity. They'd become instant treasures and at some point, each one would be passed down to my four children as they were old enough to appreciate what it meant.

  236. Image for Krystal Krystal

    Real or artificial......that is my dilemma!!! I have always grown up with an artificial tree.....and I've never liked litle pine needles all over the place. But.....the idea of going out and cutting one down seems so festive! And I just might like the idea of the smell of fresh pine. But......I have always put a tree up the first weekend of Dec. and if I get a real one it will probably be dead by the time Christmas rolls around :S. This is still an ongoing debate as I have not seen a really nice artificial one either ( had to throw mine out last year ). This weekend is D-day ( decision day ).

  237. Image for Kate Kate

    HA! The Merle Norman lady at the Christmas store! Do they clone those? SHE IS IN MY TOWN TOO!!! I fell for her shenanigans last year and bought the exact same THING you have and it bothered me the entire holiday season - though it stayed there on top of my tree for the principle of it all.. Needless to say, it's gone to charity with other old shopping mishaps and good riddance! We have a Christmas tree farm near us where we get our Christmas tree and any scraps they let me have go into artificial wreaths from the dollar store (they make WONDERFUL wreath forms).. We use a mix of both...

  238. Image for Kim Hites Kim Hites

    I laughed so hard while reading this I couldn't hardly get to the end. All I could picture was "The Donald" on your treetop. I'm using artificial and live trees...that way, I don't have to decide.

  239. Image for Sandra @Beneath this Roof, Within these Walls Sandra @Beneath this Roof, Within these Walls

    You shop in stores that have salesladies? Salesladies in nice clothes, and Merle Norman makeup? The only store with salesladies that I have been in the past 25 years were bridal gown shops. For my girls, not for me, obviously. Well, I suppose I COULD remarry, but if I did, I would not buy a dress in a bridal shop. But I digress. Your tree is lovely. I cannot imagine paying that much for a tree, but, then again, I don't shop in nice stores. I am more the "run down to Goodwill and see what they have" kinda shopper. Which might explain why your house looks gorgeous and mine looks like something you might have seen on the Roseanne Barr show. Artificial tree and all. Not even a sparkly topper to perk it up. Sigh.

  240. Image for Kelly@NaturallyWhite Kelly@NaturallyWhite

    Love your whitty-ness...keeps me chuckling and relating! We always get a real tree! It is a family tradition to go with my children! I just wouldn't have it any other way! Isn't it funny how easily we get talked into something we "need" . I fell for it too... I now have white "bug zapper" glowing lights on my tree. sigh.... we get a big laugh everytime we walk in the livingroom. :)

  241. Image for grace grace

    I love real tree but for the sake of love - since my husband is allergic to it - we have been using artificial tree and that was fine for years :-)

  242. Image for Jan Jan

    Always had real...now as empty nesters we have a beautiful artificial. Only miss the scent of pine! Love your blog & decorating style!

  243. Image for karen@somewhatquirky karen@somewhatquirky

    All 37 of my trees really exist so I guess you could say they are all real. However none of them are real in the sense of being a fir, or spruce, or pine, etc. Let's be nice and say my trees live an alternative lifestyle.

  244. Image for Teresa Forte Teresa Forte

    I'm playing catch up but this one seriously cracked me up seeing as I have my own humerus tree story and the fact that I'm a Hairdresser by trade....I use all artificial trees but I use fresh greenery on my Mantle and to make wreaths and arrangements for outdoors....Thank you for bringing a smile to my face and no I don't wear Merle Norman....Lol

  245. Image for Regina Regina

    The first few years of our marriage (it's been 35 now) we went to a Christmas tree farm and cut down a real tree every Thanksgiving weekend. Setting up that real tree was a source of distress between us every year - it's not straight, move it to the right, it's still not straight, it's too close to the wall, it's still not straight! Do you get the picture? After several years of this we decided real vs. artificial wasn't worth getting into an argument over. It's been artificial and peace and happiness ever since!

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