Hello black Friday.

It’s so nice to meet you and all your sales.

Are you and your house shopping?

Oh, good.

Me, too.

Today I’m going all Sound of Music and sharing some of my favorite things that would make AMAZING gifts.

I love raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, but I also love this incredible gift for my mother-in-law that I found (it’s the perfect thing for anyone on your list that has everything) and the softest set of sheets and the cutest reindeer sweater and on and on and shopping on.

I had to share.

I couldn’t help it.

Because all of my favorite things are all on sale right now. I have personally ordered every one of these and recommend them all the time.

I’ll wait a minute for you to grab a beverage.

You might need a little refreshment for this post.



Let’s go shopping.

1. This puzzle mat

This puzzle mat is the perfect gift for my MIL.

You know how you work on a puzzle and then you have to move it for something and start all over?

With this puzzle mat, you just ROLL IT UP and move on.


That’s it.

Puzzle moving problem solved.

You can see the puzzle mat here.

2. These personalized necklaces

I ordered these as gifts and I ordered one for myself.

I’d been searching for a necklace similar to this one and it’s under $20 right now.

It comes in different fonts and you can personalize it and get it before Christmas.

You can see the necklace here.

3. These disposable masks

Westleigh and I were searching for cute disposable masks and we found these.

They are disposable and cute.

The perfect combination.

You can see the masks here.

4. This reindeer sweater

I ordered this.

My mother ordered this.

It is THE CUTEST and the softest and really flattering and it would make a perfect gift for someone special (or a gift for you).

It’s on sale right now for under $17.

You can see the reindeer sweater here.

5. These car organizers

I ordered these to organize the covered console in between the seats in the front of our car.

The top one fits down into the center and organizes the entire space.

Then, the smaller one fits on top and holds pens and hand sanitizer and coins. They make them for every make and model of vehicle and they are designed to fit your specfic car.

See the car organizers here.

6. These sheets

These sheets have over 166,000 reviews on Amazon.

And I see why.

I was trying to get everyone to order these at Thanksgiving yesterday.

I ordered them for our bed and they are the perfect combination of soft and cozy. They are my favorite sheets I’ve ever ordered and they come in tons of different colors (I have the white).

You can see the sheets here.

7. This bubble bath

I have ordered this three times now.

It’s the perfect scent to help calm and relax at the end of the day. It also has just the right amount of bubbles so it doesn’t bubble overwhelm you.

I order it this set of two because it’s cheaper (and it’s on sale now, too).

You can see the lavender chamomile bubble bath here.

8. These slippers

I have these on my feet right now.

And they are SO COZY.

They would make the perfect gift and come in tons of different colors and patterns.

You can see the slippers here.

9. This mini ring light

This would make the perfect stocking stuffer and it’s on major sale right now.

It clips on your phone or your laptop and has three different light settings to make you look even cuter in videos.

You can see the mini ring light here.

10. My favorite rug

And I saved the best for last.

This rug?


My favorite rug EVER in the history of EVER is on sale for the lowest I’ve ever seen it.

It originally listed for $64o for an 8′ x 10′.

But now? It’s on sale for under $130.

You can see the rug here.

I hope you had fun shopping today.

I hope your weekend is full of fun and relaxation.

And today?

I hope it’s as amazing as you are. 🙂

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  1. Image for Michele M / Finch Rest Michele M / Finch Rest

    My sister is going to order the puzzle wrap for her daughter I think - these are really GREAT ideas, KA! You look adorbz in your reindeer sweater. Lookin' good, kiddo. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Time for the Merry! Whoo hoo!!!!

  2. Image for Jenn Jenn

    Whoa Mama! You look AMAZING!! Good for you! You are going to have to start a second blog for fashion! I am on the fence on the Amazon sweater is it as oversized as it looks? I think I like it. Happy weekend!

  3. Image for Karen Karen

    A + A couple things we already have. The rug in a giant size 12x18. Love the sheets except cant do.microfiber too hot and there is teeny tiny bits of plastic in that fabric . The puzzle keeper is brilliant all winter we do puzzles like cra cra. ( crazy peeps).I You are looking really good girlfriend.

  4. Image for Carrie Albright Carrie Albright

    Love your ideas!!! Where did you find those little stuffed red houses on your shelves? They are so cute!

  5. Image for Jan McKenzie Jan McKenzie

    I missed the gifts for teen girls. Where was that, all I saw was the necklace. I'm looking for ideas for my pre-teen granddaughter who only wants clothes but I want to send other things. Can you help? Thanks, Jan

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