Just in case you were wondering…..

….it’s still working.

Remember the Lutron Occupancy Switch?

Remember the lights that turned themselves off automatically?

And the hard-working laundry room?

And the cutest product testers on the planet?

They are all still here.


It’s been a month since we installed the Lutron Occupancy Sensor.

A month full of muddy clothes and load after load of stinky socks and baseball uniforms and picture day dresses and track shirts and load after load of laundry.

And every day….the laundry went in.

And the lights went on.

And every day….the laundry went out.

And the lights turned off all by themselves.

Every. Single. Time.


And after a month…..I wondered how I ever lived without it.

And when the lights turn on and off….it totally reminds of the Jetson’s.

If only their robot lived here….

….then the laundry would fold itself. 🙂

Happy laundry day to you. 🙂

disclosure:  I was compensated by Lutron for this post….however…..all opinions on the occupancy sensors are completely my own.  

For more information…please check out my disclosure policy….here

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  1. Image for MaKaela MaKaela

    I think any of us with babies and husbands would take a Rosie! I am going to install that light switch in the mudroom I'm adding onto my old farmhouse! It sounds wonderful!

  2. Image for Babette Babette

    LOL, I can so relate to the Jetsons! On the way to dance, my girl twin, Mikayla, asked me what my favorite cartoons were when I was a kid. I said The Jetsons, Captain Kangaroo, J.R. Puff n Stuff (sp?) the Flintstones, the Banana Splits! I know, I'm showing my age. It was fun reminiscing with her about those cartoons. Many of them can be seen on Boomerang. We will have to cozy up one night and watch them. Thanks, Karianne, I'm going to have to look into that light switch! ;)

  3. Image for Regina Regina

    Now if they would just come up with that "morning head" thing from the Jetsons, for when we "facetime!" Who knew that would be a "thing?" And then there's instant meals . . . . Did I mention that "The Jetsons" is one of my favorite cartoons, ever? :)

  4. Image for Gwen Gwen awe of light sensors. But do not stand still too long debating whose laundry goes next...the light goes out!! But you just wave your arms around, like you are saying hello and it comes right back on! I did have to learn that trick on my own, by the way. Standing up plus waving my arms. I suppose I was waving to The Jetson maid who keeps your laundry room so absolutely beautiful?!!!

  5. Image for Jen (Arriving) Jen (Arriving)

    You know what we have that I love? Timers on the bathroom and laundry room fans. Brilliant! PS - is that hook looking thing where you hang your perma-press things while you are doing laundry?

  6. Image for Beverly Beverly

    Just one you think a dog, a really big dog, walking into the room would turn the lights on?? If so, my lights would be a flashin' all of the time!!

  7. Image for Betsy(@coastal-colors) Betsy(@coastal-colors)

    I think laundry multiplies when the lights are off! When I was little, my parents built their first home. My Dad is an electrical engineer, so he had to have all the gadgets of the 1960's. We had light switches, in the bedrooms, that were timer operated. They gave you a minute to get in bed after you turned the light switch off! Your story reminds me of that! Have a great weekend!

  8. Image for Cathy farmer Cathy farmer

    I purchased one of these switches after reading about it on your blog, can I just say awesome! I have 8 grand kids running around my house and they NEVER turn off the Bathroom light, this is working out great.

  9. Image for Hilary Hilary

    Where did you get those wire baskets you have in the pictures on top of your washer/dryer. I have been looking for something just like that!

  10. Image for Christine Christine

    Beverly, that's one of my home protection items. I mentioned here I have over 15 motion sensors, some outside that are also light sensors (i.e. go on at dark, but dim without anyone around. I walk up and they brighten!) My cats jump on and off the bathroom counters to get to their motion sensing faucet. It turns the light on. As I live alone in the country, it gives the false impression that there's actually someone home with its lack of pattern. They run through my laundry room, or down the hallway, those lights go off and on as well. If they could get to the mudroom (dogs take care of that) or the attic? (probably the snakes, racoons and squirrels) they'd have those going off and on. You can set the timers on these babies. My hallway, for example, is 2 minutes, whereas my bathroom is 10, laundry room where I iron, 5. If I'm way low scooping cat litter, I, too, must wave the scooper in the air, or do a back bend trying to kick my foot up high enough to turn the light back on. Who says 35 years of teaching yoga doesn't come in handy!? and Karianne? Mine are going on 10 years or so, and I anticipate many more decades. I promise yours will, too. Lutron is THE best. You can tell 'em I said that.

  11. Image for deborah deborah

    I'm glad you're loving it so much! I keep thinking about your post every time I turn the light in our basement stairway off that has been left on again! :) We do really well at turning lights off, except for the basement stairway. I think it's because you kinda need the light and then your down the stairway so quickly and it doesn't seem like you should be turning the light off again already and once you get into the basement and turn on the lights there you're already past the lightswitch for the stairway and so it goes...........................................

  12. Image for Kim L. Kim L.

    Please let me know when someone comes up with something to fold laundry! That one ranks right up there with emptying the dishwasher with me! Also, I was wondering if the light sensor works on double pole switches? (there are two light switches, not just one)

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