Hello Monday.

Nice to meet you.

Just a few random thoughts I’ve collected today.

1.  I cannot even with how beautiful North Carolina is.  I spent the weekend there speaking at the Becoming Conference and my soul is happy.

2.  I am always late.  I used to think I be on time if I just planned a little better.  But here’s the thing—I’ve tried and tried and tried, but somehow, someway, I late myself every time.

Are there any other late people that have fixed it?  If so, please let me know how.

3.  Does anyone have an opinion on thumb rings?  I watched the cutest craft video and she had a thumb ring and that I liked.  But then I was worried it might get in the way?  Thoughts?

4.  Somehow I just saw the winter issue of the Magnolia Journal (from last year).  Did you see it?  The one with Jo in that dress (or maybe a top and skirt).  Seriously.  She looks so pretty.  Like she just stepped through the wardrobe into Narnia.

5.  And in super exciting news?

Life changing for me.

A brilliant lady at the conference told me that you can buy a giant family-sized bowl of Wendy’s chili for only $9.99.

Hello Sunday night baked potato bar dinners.

These spring branches.


She made them to look like this.

Total easy, simple DIY found here.

This bathroom reno.

I love the white with the wood.

See the entire before and after here.

This simple DIY.

It’s perfect for my kitchen.

And the iron-on printables are FREE.

Check them out here.

Have you ever tried to style a coffee table and everything is the same height?

You need a riser.

And these riser decorating tips.


And in random news this week:

This basement before and after

This brilliant DIY tip

This happy spring table

The 50 most beautiful cities in the world

This blue and white lake house

5 things you can organize this weekend

This studio

These spring flower arrangements

My porch needs this

And I love the spring decor in this shop

One more for the road.

I have a senior about to graduate in the house.

And I’m trying to hold on to all the stories.

Like this one.

Happy Monday to you. 🙂

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  1. Image for Sarah Sarah

    Girlfriend!!! First of all, you’re just “fashionably late” 😉😄 And second of all, how sweet are you to feature my branches!! All the hugs and kissy faces! And I’m not even going to think about one of my children graduating....I’ll totally be picking your brain for all the “holding it together” tips when my time comes!😉 You got this, girl! It’ll be amazing...

  2. Image for Cindy D Cindy D

    Okay, this is my theory on being late. I am a fellow bubbly person as well. My daughter has made fun of me (and angry when it happens on her watch) for years. Just last year I blurted out...."I don't want to be the first one there. I want to be the one to get the party started". You know how you say something without thinking and you pause afterwards....that's exactly how I feel. lol Love your writings girlfriend. Cindy

  3. Image for Shirley Moore Shirley Moore

    Love that bathroom makeover! And I've made many a tissue paper flower, but not in the rose shape, so thank you! I too, have one about to graduate, and am trying desperately hard to hold on gently. We have both made huge efforts to talk, and explain, and trust. She is a beautiful soul, I'm so lucky to be a part of her journey. Have a blessed week!


    I was ALWAYS late, until I had children. I wasn't perfect afterward, but I got better. Here's how I did it: work backwards from the time of your appointment to the very beginning of getting ready. Write down the time you need...like this: 12:30. Lunch with Alice at Luna, then get new shoes, go grocery shopping, return library book 12:00. Leave for restaurant. Note, you know this but...ensure time allowed to arrive at restaurant in a timely manner EQUALS the time allotted here! This is pretty critical so adjust if necessary. 11:45. Check for keys, wallet, coupons, shopping list, etc in handbag. Got library book?? 11:30. Turn on slow cooker if using, check for windows/doors locked (ok, too crazy, but it's my bete noir since we had a break in once upon a time so I'm kind of fanatacial), check hair, face, teeth whatever... 10:45 complete attire and makeup...STOP at 11:30 no matter what! 9:45 choose clothes, discard choice, choose again, repeat until satisfied. STOP at 10:45, no matter what! 9:05. Into the shower, wash hair! Dry and style hair!! 8:30 1/2 hour sweep of house: laundry in washer, laundry in dryer, kitchen clean up, prep slow cooker for dinner (or make a list of items to pick up for fast and easy dinner) 8:00 kiss children as they leave for school or whatever...

  5. Image for Gina Gina

    Congratulations to the graduate! Mine has one more year to go. And congratulations to you for all your accomplishments!

  6. Image for Reta Rupp Reta Rupp

    It's soooo good to be back on your mailing list. You bring a breath of springtime to my day no matter what the season!

  7. Image for Polly Polly

    Yes to thumb rings!!! I've worn one for years, make sure it fits and nice and smooth:) I used my first thin wedding band and have added one or more since then! (Rings not weddings!) Have a great day and love reading your posts❤️

  8. Image for Jill Moore Jill Moore

    With regards to being late....here's how I took ahold of that problem. I cannot stand the thought of someone having to wait for me! There have been times when I had to wait endlessly for someone who was late (for not a good reason!) and I did not like the way it made me feel so that thought has stuck with me and I do everything I can to not be late if someone is waiting for me. It's just consideration for the other person.

  9. Image for Cindy Cindy

    Yes!!! NC is beautiful! I am so blessed to have been born and raised in western NC! I so wanted to attend the conference, it was like 10min from my home! I had to be out of town, maybe next year! I always look forward to reading your posts, they always make me smile, or cry! LOL

  10. Image for Carrie Carrie

    I wear a plain, sterling silver thumb ring that I never take off. I don't even notice it. I work at a college and I get compliments from the girls. So if you want to be "the super cool chick", I would try one - LOL!

  11. Image for Diane Diane

    Done know if you were a fan of the late Barbara Bush, but one of her pet peeves was people being late. She said it was rude. As a result, her son,George was never late while in the White House. My son-Inlaw is always late and it makes me crazy, especially when I have cooked dinner and specified the time it will be ready and we have to wait for him.

  12. Image for Marty Oravetz Marty Oravetz

    When they go off to college it is so bitter sweet. Pride at how accomplished they are and sad to have to enter a new phase of life - empty nesting.

  13. Image for Leila Jane Leila Jane

    Hi KariAnne ~ So, here's the thing ~ actually 2 things ~ I've learned about MY lifelong habit of being late ~ and I'm 73 so I've had lots of practice of trying to change it around, LOL! I used to be late for school as a teenager, too, so it really is a lifelong issue. One thing about the remedy is mental and one is physical. The mental thing involves confronting the idea that maybe part of me does not really want to show up. That idea used to insult me (!) but I gradually learned that there was some truth to it. I'm an introvert by nature, after all. No matter what the event or occasion, there is a part of me that's more comfortable with sitting at home in my pajamas. So, I learned to accept the truth to this theory which helps me rally against it when I need to. The second thing that is the physical part of dealing with it is ~ I know I need to start getting ready WAY ahead of the time that I normally think I need to. I know now that I need to plan and put all of my attention into getting there and not wing it at the last minute thinking it will come out okay. It's still hard and I still have my old tendencies but I can make it work when I need to. Good luck with it, KariAnne! I love all of your stories so let us know how it goes!!! Your sharing your life with us is both generous and beautiful!

  14. Image for jjillian jjillian

    I can't support the late thing. It is a pet peeve of mine as well and it is rude to let other people wait for you. Although at a party I would show up about 10 minutes past just not to be too early. For scheduled appointments I am five minutes early. My friends know I will wait ten minutes for them or they better call with a reasonable excuse. I am older like your mom and feel strongly about manners, otherwise pretty easy going. Being on time is a choice. So are thank you cards and gratitude. Table manners..Politeness, and respectfulness of others feelings. That's just me tho".

  15. Image for Lenore Lenore

    I was always late, always rushing to work and hoping I didn't get a ticket, running in, sliding into my chair exhausted already. I spent way too much time getting ready, changing clothes, that last touch up on my hair, changing my clothes again. I wasn't usually late to work, I was always so c-l-o-s-e. My mother had a teacher tell her once that being on time is being late. WHAT? To me, being on time was a miracle! So you were supposed to get there early. My brothers are always early, one is so impatient he gets nuts waiting for anyone, and my sister is on time. My husband is always 1/2 hr to 15 minutes early. If you aren't there on the dot, he leaves. I always have to tell him to remember to wait until after the time someone is supposed to be there as not everyone is like you....ahem, like me! I used to pick up my mother for outings. I would be rushing to get ready, driving like a bat outta, and she would be standing outside by her driveway waiting for me. I can still see her standing there, not complaining. She was always early, she could be out there for a half hour or 45 minutes. She didn't want to make me have to get out of my car to go in and get her. And I did this to her?! It wasn't intentional but it wasn't mindful of me for her sake. I really didn't like myself for this fault but I somehow get lost in those getting ready moments thinking about this, changing that and that and bam, you're late. Then one day on Oprah, she was discussing being late. She said that being late means you don't respect the other person's time. Really, oh man. It never occured to me that I was doing that to the other person. Yes I felt very bad for being late, I had thousands of excuses, but I was doing that wasn't I.?! I did't want anyone to think I wasn't respecting them, I didn't feel like that but my actions showed that. This was all pre cell phones, etc. where you really were sitting twiddling your thumbs waiting for somebody. One thing I did was make sure I had a clock in the bathroom so I could see the time and hurry up. I am a senior citizen now and I get there on time. Sure I am not fussing with things I wear so much but I always have my hair and makeup, always, won't leave without that being done, my mother always put her "face" on but she was early. I had to just tell myself to stop, don't do whatever minuscule thing I thought was so important, just GO NOW! It still makes me feel good when I get there on time, ahead of time is better but on time works for me. Some people I used to work with would get there early, have coffee, read and you know, they always seemed so calm compared to this whirling dervish who would come running in. I never could do that one though, not in a million years, my best was on time! I do the counting back on time knowing I how long it should take me to do this and that and it has helped as well. Good luck, just think about the others waiting for you. It's just not fun to wait for someone.

  16. Image for Sheila Sheila

    I was recently fired from my job of 28 years for being late so #2 hit a nerve with me. My workplace changed to a new timekeeping system about 2 years ago where you can have up to ten "occurrences" a year. An occurrence happens when you are more than 7 minutes early or more than a minute late; also, an occurrence was counted if you needed to take an unscheduled PTO day for illness. I guess we were to schedule our illnesses. This was at a hospital and we were not to come to work sick. Also, an occurrence was counted if you punched out more than seven minutes after your shift. This rule change was implemented for the entire workplace but up to the individual department manager to enforce it. I had no warning and was walked out on a Friday afternoon two days before the "year" was up. I lost my vacation time and they kept almost 400 hours of extended illness time. My job was not a union job like most of the other jobs there. I was an excellent worker and this was unfair given my dedication and service. My coworkers were stunned and I was devastated. I'm not over it yet. At 58, I am trying to start over but it's rough.

  17. Image for Karen Prevette Karen Prevette

    First thing.....I'm a North Carolina girl born and raised, and I don't think there is anywhere in the world I've ever visited that I've liked any better. We have mountains, foothills, and ocean, and it's just....well....I can't even!!!!! And....as far as being late.....I'm the master! I could get up at 3 a.m. and still be late to an 8 a.m. appointment. Not that it takes me that long to get ready but because I do everything else but get ready! From cleaning, to folding laundry, or just picking up throughout the house. It's so bad that at church most of the time they don't even start until I get there! How bad is that! It's so nice to know that I'm not the only one!!! Love you and I love your homes.....just beautiful! I wish I had just a touch of the talent you do Karianne! You are awesome!

  18. Image for Randy Winship Randy Winship

    I have worn a thumb ring for over twenty years now. It started out as a joke with a friend and has become a permanent part of my life! Today I wear my husbands wedding band on my left thumb. He was involved in an industrial accident many moons ago and plastic surgery left him unable to wear his wedding band. So I picked it up from the dresser and it has been on my thumb from that day on. Oh, I do wish he could wear it! But love is still in our hearts for each other wither he wears his ring or not!

  19. Image for Jolyn Jolyn

    I'm seldom late, always rushing in at the last minute, but NEVER early... and it makes life hard. I wish I had some good advice for you, but I really liked some of the previous comments, so maybe I'll primp less, respect others' time more, and not hit the snooze button one more time. I wear a thumb ring, but I'm beginning to think I'm getting a little old for it. Love the Carolinas, too, especially this time of year.

  20. Image for Kris Kris

    I want to jump into your blueberry picture. So springlike. A week ago we were in the middle of an ice storm and today it's sunny and 70 degrees and I am welcoming all the spring loveliness I can get! Thistlekeeping is my favorite. :) Oh, on a different topic, while I've been to more beautiful cities than I had realized I had visited, I see I have more traveling to do!

  21. Image for Cheryl Foley Cheryl Foley

    North Carolina yes it is lovely. I live in the middle, between the mountains and coast. I love it here, out in the woods with a pretty view from every window. Thumb rings, yes! I have been wearing mine since 1994. I never take it off, and it never bothers me.

  22. Image for Sue Sue

    I’ve worn a loved one’s wedding ring on my thumb for years and I can honestly say it never gets in the way. And now, I would feel naked without it! Sue x

  23. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Well, I have a habitual problem. I'm always early. I mean I fret and fret that I won't be on time so I take a book with me and wait until it's time for whatever. Just think of all the minutes I could save if I didn't wake up 2 hours earlier and leave super early just to go sit and wait. *sigh* I've always been like this. Honey gets a little aggravated at me because I want to leave so early. I start thinking of all the things that could happen to make me late. 😱Flat tire? Starbucks was out of coffee and we had to wait? I had to stop at a rest station cuz breakfast didn't agree with me? There are hundreds of things that could go wrong!! So we leave early and sit. Now, as far as a thumb ring goes -- I'm still trying to get the whole thing with a toe ring. I guess I'm too old to ask. Sending hugs!! 🤗

  24. Image for karen karen

    Your Wendy's Chile Excitement reminds me of when I found out you can buy the tostada shells from El Pollo Loco for $1.09 each.... Tostada bar night!!! You are a hoot! Thanks for sharing your life with us! karen....

  25. Image for Audrey Johnson Audrey Johnson

    Seriously??? You can get a family size chili at Wendy's. Oh my goodness. I did not know that. THAT is exciting.

  26. Image for Pam Clark Pam Clark

    My vote is no to the thumb ring. I’m strictly a ring-finger-only girl. No pinkies, no pointers, mo middles, no thumbs.

  27. Image for Katie Heidinger Katie Heidinger

    I'm always 10 to 30 mins. late. ( sigh ) I'm a procrastinator, and a bit lazy. So I spend to much time on my computer or something when I know I should get moving. I too worry about getting a speeding ticket, or worse, causing an accident, because I don't want to let people down by being late. You, my dear, have such a busy schedule that you must be tired of going, going, going. Even though i know you love to do all these things it must get tiring. And then being srtessed by being late doesn't help I know. Many of your readers tips are helpful, I'm going to work on getting out the door sooner!! Would love to visit North Carolina, It's a long way from Oregon though.

  28. Image for Kathy M. Kathy M.

    I had a dear friend who was always late and I would get so aggravated by her rudness. She passed away four years ago from breast cancer and I would give anything to be waiting for her on any day. So just be yourself and if lateness gets in the way of your life ,work to change it, if not just go with it. Your good friends will wait for you and understand. I live in N..C. and spring has really arrived this week. It is so fresh and green after some rain and my Peonies and Iris are about to burst open. Beautiful!

  29. Image for Kathi Huffman Kathi Huffman

    My friend explained it this way—- The queen is never late. Everyone else is early. I’m running with it!😄

  30. Image for Amanda Amanda

    I don't know where your "lateness" originates, but mine was the result of "I have five minutes to do ... before I have to leave." Inevitably, the "five minutes" turned into 10, 15 or 20, and I was late again. An older, Christian lady, mentor of mine, had sat waiting for me at dinner one too many times, and said to me (in so many kind, love-filled words), "When you're late, you are telling me that your time is more important than mine, that you are more important than me." Stung me to my soul. Immediately, I thought of Phil 2:3, and saw that truly esteeming others didn't just mean in thought or word but also, and maybe more importantly, in deed. It has been years since then and, while my track record is not perfect, I'm no longer late because my agenda muscled its way in. As some others pointed out, I work the arrival time backwards and when it is time to leave, I drop everything for those who I (am always trying to) esteem higher than myself.

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